Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1566

William knew it was Wilson who was complaining when he heard it. He got off the horse with no sorry expression, and then reached out to hold Mia who jumped off the horse.

“Mia, don’t listen to your father’s nonsense.”

Looking at the standing Mia, Wilson said with a smile on his face, “These royal guards are loyal, brave, and fearless elite.

And every July military parade They are all adhering to the principle of voluntariness, and the royal family will not force the subjects to do things they don’t want to do.”

“Ah”, his own father said bad things behind his back, was caught by the current Mia sorry and covered his mouth.

She put her smile away to Wilson nodded, then raised her skirt with her hands slightly, bowed her head and gave a lady’s salute, and said solemnly, “I see, Wilson Uncle.”

“That’s good.” After Wilson also nodded to say hello, laughed and continued, “Don’t learn from your father, this guy is accustomed to domineering and never cares what people outside say about him.


But we Prince and Princess are not good, you have to think before you do anything, will this affect the reputation of the Devonshire family outside.”

After Mia thanked Wilson nodded and said, she looked at William with surprise in her heart.

Didn’t expect My father still has such a side. As a nobleman, he doesn’t care about the reputation of the family.

William rolled the eyes to Wilson, but didn’t intend to oppose him on this matter.

After all, Mia is not his first generation to fight the country, and her strength is now only an ordinary person. She is indeed unqualified and incapable of being a father like him, and doesn’t care much about many things.

Give Chitu and Duran to Strauss and other Paladin. William led Mia, took Wilson and walked to the golden carriage, opened the car door by himself, and helped Mother Lena to get out of the car. .

When Lena got out of the car, Wilson, who was almost 40, was actually the same as seventeen-eighteen years ago. He went straight to hold Lena’s hand and said hello with a smile, “aunt Lena, very happy You can come today”.

While William rolled his eyes again, he had to shrug his shoulders at the same surprised Mia, “Don’t worry about this guy, since he knew me, he has been pretending to be a child in front of your grandmother, and even told You are my father”.

“William”, Lena patted her son’s arm dissatisfied, “Can’t you save Wilson some face in front of Mia?”

“It’s okay, aunt Lena “, Wilson smiled at hehe and said indifferently, “Let Mia know something about William and me, and it can also dispel her strangeness to my Uncle.”

When Lena heard this, she couldn’t help laughing haha ​​nodded to Wilson. At this time, Mia was definitely the person she cared about and loved.

Whether it is Kwa Mia, or whether he takes the initiative to get closer to Mia, Lena is very happy.

And as a vested interest of the nobility, Lena can be said to be the most supportive member of the royal family in the Devonshire family.

After all, when Philip inherited the Earl in William, he did not set up any obstacles, and he tried his best to promote William to become a hereditary duke.

So, even if his son’s current status and strength are obviously higher than that of Wilson’s family, Lena is still friendly to Wilson as always.

Laughed patted Wilson’s hand, “Let’s go, child, lest your grandparents, father, mother, and others wait too long.”

The last time William entered Buckingham so formally was when he became the Duke, and sixteen years have passed.

Last time his status was inferior, but now not only the Philip couple, but the Char couple’s Unfettered Sect greeted him, all the people in England who came from England stood behind the Philip couple with a smile on their faces. Three of Devonshire grandparents.

Ritual music and the firing of salutes are even more important. Even the little Louis wears today not the royal Prince’s clothes, but black gold trim, a small military dress with Devonshire deer head hanging on his chest. .

But this action not only didn’t make the people present feel disrespectful, it was envious to death.

Although outer space is daunting, but the duke-level lord of the outer planet is secretly sighed by Louis.

Finally, there is an extra territory the same size as England. Not to mention the benefits of money and wealth, just being blessed by William means that no one can overthrow the Philip family.

Not to mention that in the unlikely event that there is something wrong with Earth, Louis and his descendants will have a wonderful retreat.

After some red tape that made William a little impatient, William couldn’t help but laughed and said, looking at the little bit who stood in front of him respectfully,

“didn’t expect ten Six years ago, you great-grandfather was knighted for me, today it is my turn to be knighted for you.”

William smiled and touched Louis’ little head, “Everything you can get today is your great-grandfather, grandfather, and father, earned for you.

So No matter how much you achieve in the future, you can’t forget them, you have to be filial to them, understand?”

Little Louis looked up at William, then lowered his head and said solemnly, “Yes, William Uncle , Louis remembered.”

The people around him suddenly smiled with satisfaction.

After all, for Louis, who is only 5 years old, it is better to let him care about his family and understand that everything he gets is hard-won.

And, really speaking of which, Louis only needs to remember these two points, it is actually enough.

No one would really think that a person with William’s personality would allow Louis to really hold real power.

At this time, the Phillips family also looked at the income of foreign territories, but they had more in their hearts, and they still got on William’s ship more closely.

“Very good”, William laughed haha ​​and patted Louis on the top of the head, extending the hand, and the Tianwen sword appeared in his hand with the sword and sheath.

He released a buffing magic for meditation and courage to Louis, “Don’t be afraid, Louis, William Uncle has a holy light magic sword in his hand.

Not only won’t hurt you, Holy light magic is still good for you, so be brave.

Besides, you were great-grandfather and didn’t force my knees to touch the ground. Today, I also allow you to be the only one. The nobles who received the grant from the Devonshire family”.

“Thanks, thank you, William Uncle”, Louis looked at the quaint long sword, and then his small face was firmly nodded.

The people around him looked at William in surprise, only Philip looked at William with nostalgia and joy, and at Louis with love.

As for the father and son of Charles and Wilson, the eyes of Philip at this time are full of admiration and admiration.

Back then, I thought that there would be a return, but didn’t expect the return would be so large and such a high standard.

Although the people present knew that William liked Little Brat like Louis, they didn’t expect that he would remind him on this occasion so that Louis should not be afraid.

If you don’t talk about your son, your nephew won’t receive this treatment, right?


As soon as the Tianwen Sword was pulled out, the dazzling holy light instantly flooded the entire great hall. Hundreds of people squinted in shock, trying to see clearly the long sword in William’s hand and what Divine Item it was.

But when I stared at the source of the holy light, I felt a blur.

Then I saw the light source of the sword body couldn’t be seen clearly, and touched Louis’s left and right shoulders twice.

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