Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1567

Used the Heaven Sword on the shoulder of little Louis, and patted it twice, which means that Louis has officially become his vassal of William-Devonshire.

It is also the first foreign noble of the Devonshire family. From now on, as long as Louis does not violate or betray him, and perform the duties of the noble minister, then William will also have the responsibility to protect him.

Waiting for William to put the Tianwen Sword into the scabbard, after the strong holy light disappeared, the people present slowed down and suddenly applauded.

Many people are thinking in their hearts that not only they have the opportunity, they may also be named the nobles of the Devonshire family.

Louis becoming a duke also means that the relationship between William and the nobility of England is closer. It can even be said that the country of England and William are more firmly connected.

So, the people present, whether noble or not, are sincerely willing to see this scene today.

Seeing Louis, who has been closing his eyes and clenching his fist tightly just now, has opened his eyes. Only then William laughed out a round shape that had been prepared in the morning without any water chestnut. The medal, leaning over the dress on Louis’s chest.

Philip, Charles, Wells and the others, the closest to William, soon discovered that the engraved patterns on the medal were the unicorn and lion.

The only difference from the royal family is that neither the lion nor the unicorn has a crown on their heads.

However, this is also normal. After all, Louis is only a Duke, and he did not inherit the throne of England. He is indeed not qualified to engrave the crown on the medal.

William patted Louis on the shoulder, “This is a holy light magic medal. It not only has the same functions as a holy light ring, but also automatically releases the holy light magic shield and the ability to prevent lethal attacks.

So, when you don’t want to hang it on your chest, wear a necklace on your neck, understand?”

Everyone looked at Little Brat in surprise and envy. Then he looked towards Lena and Mia.

Lena has no other expressions except for a smile, but Mia is involuntarily using her right hand thumb to touch her right hand ring finger with a pink diamond deer head ring.

Then he touched the holy light ring on the left hand with the thumb of his left hand, and then shook his wrist a few more times, with secretly happy expressions in his face and eyes.

The two Ulu metal magic bracelets that Sol gave a few days ago have been remade by William once, giving Mia and Ambrosio mother and daughter.

The new Ulu bracelet is not comparable to the shield of the’Medusa Three Sisters’, but it is definitely stronger than the inner and outer armor of Nano Zhenjin, and the combined defense is stronger.

On Earth, even Asgard is enough for Mia to protect herself.

These days, Mia has been familiar with the ability of Ulu bracelets for a long time, and she knows that the two rings her father gave her are not only magic rings, but also have the functions of positioning, teleportation and storage. .

The notion of running if you can’t win, or even running if you’re in danger, was also imprinted in Mia’s heart under the guidance of William, my father, and Lena, my grandmother.

Anyway, my father said that there are people in the family who are in charge of fighting and combat units. Even if my Princess is broken, it will be a loss.

even more how there are that many people at home, so I always have to give them some work.

If everything is done by yourself, those people will have to lose their jobs, or will they be buried in secret bases, special spaces forever?

I can’t tell anyone that Mia, who is all treasures, couldn’t help but focus on the Heavenly Sword that was squeezed on the ground by William’s left hand after congratulating Louis.

Looking at grandmother Lena, Mia squinted her eyes and stretched her hand to the sheath like a giant dragon seeing Gold Coin and jewelry.

But as soon as his hand touched the Tianwenjian, William’s gaze came over, and the flash of light made Mia step back in shock.


William shook his head helplessly as he looked at his daughter with her mouth cocked.

However, no matter how much he spoils Mia, she will not give her what she wants without a bottom line.

Furthermore, Tianwenjian was completely magicalized by him with holy light energy.

Never damage and the attribute of the holy light Divine Item make Tianwenjian the first Divine Item in the aspect of holy light although its attack ability is not strong, and it has always been in Angela’s hands.

On the one hand, to increase her battle strength, on the other hand, the Heavenly Sword can enhance the authority of Angela’s deputy commander of the Holy Light Knight regiment.

“No way”.

He teleported the Tianwenjian back to Angela’s hands instantly.


Mia, who was frightened by her own father for the first time, shook Lena’s arm and rubbed her head on Lena’s shoulder a few times, “Grandma, Daddy is too stingy” .

Lena couldn’t help being shaken, and she really liked Mia, she couldn’t help but look at William from behind and said, “William,,,”.

“If I say no, it won’t work.”

William without the slightest hesitation interrupted his mother’s plea, “girl, what do you want Holy Sword to do, vibrating the inner and outer armor is enough for you to attack most of the enemies”.

Lena reluctantly patted Mia’s face, and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry about your father, this kind of old-fashioned Old Antique.

After returning home, my grandmother will give you Yaka Arrow “.

William suddenly rolled the eyes when he heard this.

At first, I got Aka Metal from Yongdu, and finally built ten Aka Arrows.

Three to Lena, one to Jesse, and one to Nissa.

For so many years, Lena has long used Yaka Arrow not much worse than Courage.

If her spirit strength weren’t really strong, if the three were used at the same time, the speed of clearing the creeps would definitely be much stronger than the bravery.

Since I can’t use three of them, and now give one to Mia, Lena has no burden or reluctance in her heart.

Fortunately, Mia has really been depressed in her heart over the years, and Ambrosio, who puts all her hopes on her daughter, taught her very well.

Seeing that my father didn’t give it to him, he was just angry with William, but he didn’t make a fuss. He shook Lena’s arm a few times before kissing Lena’s face, “Daddy is cheapskate, or grandmother’s best love me”.

“haha”, Lena laughed and touched Mia’s face, “With you, you are the one that grandma loves the most. Of course I will give you something good.

As for your father, let him envy him on the sidelines.”

William’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t intend to expose his mother’s words.

Turn around and laughed and chat with Philip and the others.

And the people around, feel that William will refuse to parent children and mothers in such a direct way. They feel that they really can’t spoil the children too much, and at the same time they appreciate the strong personality of William.

On the contrary, I came into contact with William, and the three grandparents of Philip, who had been in his eighteen years, began to sigh in my heart.

When William was just a rich man, he was not his current character.

No, Philip understood in just a few seconds that it was not that William had changed, but that he had always been a person of this character.

Even if his strength was not as strong as it is now, his own king did not take advantage of him.

It will make outsiders and people who have not been in contact with him think that he is easy to talk, completely because this guy is good at disguising, forbearing and exchanging benefits.

However, after Philip came back to his senses, he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with William’s current attitude towards life.

On the contrary, I think he is approachable enough.

Otherwise, I don’t know how much it will expand.

Watching William laughed chatting with people he knew and didn’t know, talked about cooperation, and even changed his previous business affairs and gave Abigail the attitude, and he had a good relationship on the spot. Of people reach new cooperative projects.

Philip was envious of the Devonshire family, but at the same time he felt relieved.

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