Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1568

Since William has reached such a high level, he hasn’t forgotten about it, and his mind is so clear that even people who didn’t want to touch him in the past began to smile.

That is to say, the Devonshire family has not yet gone downhill, and will strengthen the relationship with William, even tied to his warship, now it seems that it is indeed a wise decision.

The only pity that Philip felt was that Louis was only 5 years old and couldn’t fight with William at all.

Although Wilson has a good relationship with William, he has known him for so many years.

He would never let Wilson replace Louis, and after following the Devonshire family’s warship, he would pick up the bargain and win awards. In the end, he wouldn’t be able to lose his tail, and he would not even give him a chance to grow stronger.

Otherwise, after so many years, William would have left Earth with Wilson a long time ago, instead of having to let Abigail intervene in the trade between Wilson and Sol.

Not only does it take away the benefits of the 5th layer, but it also has to control what and how much transactions are traded.

Philip now only hopes that William will be stable for ten or eight years.

Wait until Louis grows up a bit, and then look at Louis as he saw him grow up. When there is a new expedition, or something good, he will take Louis with him.

Unfortunately, this is just a matter of thinking about it. Philip sighed in his heart and looked kindly and kindly at Louis who was always with Mia, even holding Mia’s hand.

Forget it, to get an alien territory is actually a big advantage for William.

If Louis was really liked by William, and because of his young age, he would not be suspicious or guarded, otherwise William Impossible would be a real estate.

In this case, thinking about other things is too greedy.

Being greedy will definitely make William change his attitude towards Louis.

At this point, Philip can be said to be someone who knows William better than anyone except Odin.

This youngster, who looks polite and harmless to humans and animals, is sometimes chilling.

When I saw a few meters away, William, who was chatting with other people, glanced at himself. Philip hurriedly put away his thoughts, laughed and joined a group of chat teams that were at least dukes.

At noon at the Buckingham Palace, I had a boring, serious lunch.

William, who was a little impatient in his heart, was about to follow Lena to take Mia home, but saw Wilson walk over quickly, laughed and said, “Are you interested in playing golf?”

William looked at Wilson with an expectant expression on his face unexpectedly.

“You should know my golf level, the guys who encouraged you to ask me, are you trying to send me money?”

Wilson rolled the eyes, “God, golf It’s a gentleman’s sport, you can’t think of it as an outdoor activity, don’t just want to gamble.”

“If you don’t come to the lottery, who wants the next generation of nobles to play?”

Lena, who is not far away, saw Wilson’s smile a little wretched, and thought he was I want to pull William to participate in the secret activities of the nobles.

Looking down and talking to a few noble Young Lady, Mia said, “My dear, go tell you father, you are a little sleepy and want to go home and take a nap”.

Mia was taken aback, she was not sleepy.

In a few seconds, she turned to look for William’s silhouette, and then she saw Wilson whispering and what she was talking about with her own father.

Little Lass looked back at Lena, saw his grandmother nodded, and soon apologized to the people around him, frowns walked to William.

With both hands on his arms, “Daddy, I’m a little sleepy, can we go home?”


See you My daughter wanted to take a nap, and she was no longer angry with her voice. There was no reason for William to not agree.

“No problem, we will go home now”.

Holding Mia’s hand, I wanted to say goodbye to Philip.

“Wait”, Wilson is busy opening the mouth and said, “Mia, are you interested in playing golf with Wilson Uncle and your father?”

Originally pretending to be Tired, Mia, with her eyes slightly squinted, her eyes light up instantly when she heard this, and she looked up at her father.

If William doesn’t understand now that Mia is here to relieve him, he is a fool.

Lowed his head and asked gently, “Do you want to go?”

“Well, gracious”, Mia, who clicked her head, looked towards Lena not far away.

William smiled when he saw it, and said to Wilson, “I’ll take Mia back to change the jersey, where do we meet?”

After that, he shook his head again.” Forget it, I will take my family out to play by myself. I am not interested in seeing your friends.”

“Don’t, buddy”.

Wilson just finished speaking, when William glanced at him uncomfortably, he hurriedly changed his words, “Well, even if you don’t want to meet strangers and unfamiliar people, Kate and I can always join you. Family activities, right?”

It’s just Wilson and his wife, William certainly doesn’t mind, “In an hour, we will meet at Altaïr Stadium in the south of London”.

Wilson laughed nodded, “No problem, see you in an hour.”

After bidding farewell to the Phillips family, William walked out of the palace with Mia from chirp chirp twitter twitter, and mother who had never stopped smiling.

I supported Lena on the carriage. I thought Mia would continue riding, didn’t expect this Little Lass’s eyes rolled and waved to William and said,

“Daddy , I want to sit with my grandmother in the carriage so that she won’t be bored alone.”

Lena was of course very happy to hear this, but noticed that Mia’s eyes rolled around William a few times. Why didn’t she understand that her daughter was trying to please her grandmother.

Less Lena forgot to promise her Yaka Arrow when she went home.

“Ghost and clever”, William laughed watching Mia get in the car, but in his heart he wondered if Mia Yaka should be given an arrow.

What Yongdu gave him back then was not the finished Yaka Yaka Arrow, but the Yaka Metal.

The ten Yaka arrows are all blended with Ulu metal and made by dwarves.

After the finished product came out, William directly recognized the Master. Therefore, Lena, Jesse, and Nissa had no problem using the Yaka arrows themselves.

But as long as William wants to, he can not only take it back directly, but also make the Aka Arrow that Mia has obtained become a decoration that can only be seen and cannot be used.

Lena sat next to her while pulling Mia into the car. When she looked back, she saw what William was thinking. When she was a mother, she only thought about it, and she vaguely knew what her son was thinking.

“William, you won’t let my grandmother break the trust of her granddaughter, will you?”

Hearing this, William could only sigh helplessly and cover his ears and said to Sunday. “Give Mia’s inner armor, authorized to assist in the use of Aka Arrow”.

Replied soon on Sunday, “Understand, SIR”.

Then the necklace on Mia’s neck changed a while, adding Mia’s brainwaves to link the function of Yaka Arrow.

Of course, this is just equivalent to integrating the link device of the Yaka Arrow into the inner armor.

Mia herself is the one who can command Yaka Arrow.

After all, although William believed that Sunday’s intelligence has evolved to a level comparable to the ultimate wisdom of the Kerry people, it started from the moment Sunday was created.

He always guards against intelligence problems, or his mind of being cracked by others, and he has never changed.

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