Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1569

Seeing my father and grandmother say a word, he had to agree to let himself use the Yaka Arrow.

Mia happily kissed Lena on the face several times, making Lena laugh and holding herself in haha, Mia secretly raised her small fist, and the demonstrator shook William a few times.

While William rolled his eyes, Lena hurriedly pressed Mia’s fist down.

While William was going to ride a horse, Lena said to Mia earnestly, “My dear, don’t offend your father, or you will definitely be the one with bad luck in the end.”

“hmph, if Daddy punishes me, I will ignore him”.

“You are not smart anymore,” Lena said to Little Lass, whose head was resting on his shoulder, “William will punish you. The best thing you should do is admit your mistakes.

According to what I have seen for so many years, you only need to admit your mistakes, and your father will generally not care about it. If not, you will pretend to be pitiful in front of him from time to time.

He will forgive you soon.


Lena finished, when Mia was looking thoughtful, she couldn’t help thinking about Jesse and Nissa, a pair of living treasures. These years, there were very few big mistakes and a lot of small mistakes. To deal with William is to admit their mistakes and install them. Pathetic.

Of course, Lena also knows very well that what Jesse and Nissa committed did not exceed William’s bottom line.

So, while Lena warned Mia not to mess around, she couldn’t help thinking, and simply set some mistakes for Sunday that Mia could not make.

Before Mia made a mistake, she stopped her directly.

It’s like wine. It must be Mia until he reaches adulthood. According to England’s habit, it is 16 years old. According to the rules of Americans, it is 21 years old.

However, Lena agrees with the rules of the U.S. on this point. Although U.S. parents are at home, they actually don’t care too much about the 18 or 20-year-old child, whether they drink beer secretly at home. .

But for those who are not good at alcohol, it is of course best that the child can not drink.

As for white flour, and the same things, it must be absolutely and absolutely prohibited.

Furthermore, if someone exposes that thing in front of Mia, whether it is intentional or unintentional, Lena must have the same attitude as William and will send someone to secretly let that guy disappear.

Just do what you think. After returning to the manor on Garden Street, Lena saw Mia taking the initiative to laugh at Hehe and riding a unicorn, followed William to watch thousands of Paladins, and entered the spaceship that was used to cover the portal. .

I walked into the main building with a smile, and asked Sunday to list the things that minors are not allowed to do in all countries of the world.

Then delete some clauses that she doesn’t think necessary, such as hard and fast rules on what clothes to wear.

In the end, I summarized more than one hundred articles. Lena is absolutely prohibited according to what is absolutely forbidden. Those can be done on specific occasions, and those can be done with parents.

After setting the rules to five levels, Lena asked everyone in the family to call in the living room on Sunday to start discussing the loopholes and improprieties of the rules.

This made Mia, who was sitting on the sofa holding William’s arm and smiling hehe, burst into tears in an instant.

William laughed heartily’s teased, “Now you know who is the best in this family”.

Mia pouted and looked towards Lena sitting in the middle of the sofa area, and then only looked at each other for ten seconds before Little Lass retreated.

I lowered my head and complained, “Grandma, I have no problem with those things that are absolutely forbidden, but why is there a limit on the number of chocolate beans everyday all?”

Lena took a sip with her teacup, Just laughed and said, “Eating too much sweets can induce tooth decay, and choosing between the beautiful, beautiful and popular Princess or the chubby Princess, I think the answer is obvious, right?”

Mia suddenly looked at Mother Ambrosio, who was sitting opposite, but Ambrosio just shrugged and signaled that she could not help.

In the end, Mia could only find her own father, “Daddy…”.

William unbuttoned the military dress on his neck and thought for a few seconds before saying, “Or, it’s based on calorie intake and daily body consumption, as well as the amount of exercise.

If you are greedy, just jog, swim, ride a horse or practice fighting and so on to offset it.”

“No problem, no problem”, Mia quickly nodded, and then said with a smug expression on his face, “I used to eat that many snacks, I was still very slim.”

William gave his daughter a white look, “That’s because you are still growing, so I don’t think there is any problem.

When you become an adult, if you still follow the current How to eat, you will definitely lose weight, and even chew too much food, causing the jaw muscles to become more developed and wider.

If you exercise too much, not only the legs will become thicker, but also the arms Obvious muscle groups will also appear on the upper side.”

“Ah…”, when Mia thought that she might become a Vajra Barbie, she shuddered instantly.

But William’s words directly caused dissatisfaction with Athena, Serena, and even Abigail.

Artenis is better. She mainly uses bows and arrows when fighting. Although there are muscles in her arms, it is not obvious.

But Athena and Serena trained by everyday all are different. As long as the hands of the two are exerted, especially the deltoid muscles connecting the arms and shoulders, they will show tough muscles.

As for Abigail, the girl has obvious abdominal muscles, and of course she is also very dissatisfied with William’s words.

After hearing several coldly snorted sounds in succession, William instantly understood that he was scaring Mia, but was a little overwhelmed.

Touched his nose, walked back to the sofa, and began to pretend not to speak.

But he didn’t speak, and other people just stared at him without speaking.

Realizing that this is annoying, William stood up and said, “I am going to play golf, who is interested in going together?”

But except for Mia who stood up happily, everyone else had an expression of disinterest. William rolled his eyes and said, “It’s a family activity.”

After speaking, he went upstairs to change clothes each minding their own business.

Waiting for him to leave, Jesse, Nissa, Ambrosio and Artenis all looked at Abigail, or Serena and Athena with an expression of be eager to have a try.

The three angry women saw that their allies were watching, and they suddenly cursed William for being mean.

The internal division has been divided. In the end, what else can we do besides agreeing?

And when Athena’s eyes rolled, she suddenly thought, should I take Daddario, who is still dealing with the dominion of the Olympus Sea Territory, and Jean-Grey, who followed to help out of curiosity? Call back.

Since William said it was a family activity, even if Daddario and Jean Gray left Olympus and there was a problem, it was William’s fault. If there is a problem, let him solve it. .

Anyway, she just wants to take the opportunity to win over two women with very strong battle strength. It would be better if she could form an ally.

When Athena said that he wanted to call Daddario and Qin, Abigail instantly thought of calling Angela.

Having had the experience of accompanying William to work out together, Abigail is of course closer to Angela.

Half an hour later, the reporter outside the manor thought there was nothing news, and was about to leave with the people who had already left.

I saw ten sports cars driving out of the manor.

‘God, this must be big news again.’

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