Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1570

Except for Lena who didn’t want to go, even Laura, who rarely came to the manor, Natasha hurried back in a spaceship.

After all, what William was talking about before was family activities. Since he doesn’t want to be separated from William, he doesn’t show up at this time. Doesn’t he mean he is no longer a member of the Devonshire family?

A line of ten supercars roared through the city of London, and after attracting the attention of countless people, it took twenty minutes to arrive at the golf course south of London.

At the stadium that was notified on Sunday, not only the manager appeared, but also more than 20 staff members greeted them in two rows. Even the shareholders of the stadium rushed over.

Unfortunately, there are more than 30 security personnel who belong to Lena who came here earlier than William.

Directly exclude all the people except the manager and the caddie. If you want to get close, you have no chance to get close.

William took Laura, who hadn’t seen her for more than two months, and then stared at Hela who had been squinting at Mia.

And Mia, the clever, was pulled by Ambrosio to prevent her from disturbing William and Laura, so she pulled her mother and Sister Athena together, not to mention, she took the initiative to hold only 20 Year-old Jean-Grey’s arm.

I have learned the piano of holy light, witchcraft, and spirit strength cultivation, but I am not afraid of Hela at all. On the contrary, she has personally faced Hela with the power of Phoenix released by William. She has many scruples about Qin Grey.

“My dear,” Laura said, clutching William’s hand, “I think you should look at that Hela, otherwise I and the others can’t play at ease.”

William thought for a few seconds, waited for Mia to walk into the main building of the golf course, let go of Laura’s hand, walked in front of Hela, and scented Hela with an inexplicable smile on her face. .

Ten seconds later, William said softly, “My dear, this is a family gathering. Even if it’s not for yourself, you have to actively integrate into this family for me and our future child, okay? “

Bei Xiang’s whole body is a little soft, Hela, when he hears William’s tone so soft, I feel happy at the same time, but at the same time I have to consider myself and William’s child, is there really no need for me Contact with other brother sisters.

Although it is foreseeable that if there is a child in the future, the fight will be greater than brothers and sisters, but Hela also understands that her own child is impossible to contend with all of William’s other children.

And now she really can’t imagine how hard her life would be if she angered William and didn’t see him for a long time.

Perhaps it will be more difficult than the days imprisoned in the underworld of Asgard.

So, in Angela’s stunned gaze, Hela gently nodded to William, “Then don’t forget, you have to go to Dark Space to stay with me for a week in a few days.”

“No problem”, William took a few moments in his heart. He could use both strength and emotion to defeat Hela’s defense, but he could not change her really strong character.

Don’t want Hela to become black, the only way is to do what she promised, so that she has no reason and no chance to think too much.

After a few scents with the smiling Hela, William led her and led Laura and Angela into the court.

I thought in my heart, since Ambrosio could be pregnant with Mia fifteen years ago, that means he must have hope.

When the family saw Wilson and Kate who were arriving slowly, William took Hela into the autumn pasture and looked at the big yellow trees in the distance. He suddenly thought that maybe he could go Ask Tree of Life Celia.

Although he will go to the fairy forest on planet X17 as usual every month to collect magical nectar from Cyria’s roots, but he has never asked Cyria about the issue of his offspring in the past few years. .

The only thing that makes it difficult for William to decide is that in case Celia says what he thinks is the same, it is because he is too strong, and like giant dragon, heirs are difficult.

William didn’t know whether he was willing to take the initiative to lower his strength and fight after he had the son of Mia.

As soon as this thought came out, he was thrown to the horizon within a few seconds. In his heart, his life is more important than anything else.

Moreover, once he has a problem, all existing forces will be affected, even Mother Lena, Mia, and Abigail will be affected by him.

Wait, William thought fiercely that in order to give birth to Cyria, which was just planted and only ten meters high, he absorbed the X17 planet several times in succession, and the massive natural forest of 8 million square kilometers Strength, and then poured into the Celia body within the body.

Although he did that, he greatly improved his lifespan, but he absorbed too much natural force, unconsciously it would be the opposite?

Recall carefully, when Ambrosio was pregnant, he had not been in contact with Celia, and he hadn’t let the huge natural force fill his body.

Thinking of this, William clenched his fists fiercely, and Hela instantly felt the tumultuous oppression.

“William, what’s the matter with you?”

William closed his eyes hurriedly when he heard Hela’s concerned voice.

Just now, because of an uncertain guess, he had already put his anger on Celia and Odin in his heart.

Then when I heard Hela’s voice, the anger in my heart moved to Hela for no reason.

Taking a few deep breaths, suppressing the anger in his heart, William has just opened his eyes.

Smiling women who have reached a certain level of strength, such as Angela, Athena, Artenis, Jean and Daddario, who have a sense of Hela and shook their heads.

“It’s okay”, reached out and rubbed the back of his hand on Hela’s face a few times, and sighed, “Don’t worry, no matter what happens, you are my wife.”

Herald is smart, and immediately thinks of his own father Odin when he hears this.

Otherwise no one is qualified, and there is no other reason for William to say this.

Hela thought he would be happy to stand on William’s side immediately, and then deal with Odin together.

Think about it carefully. Although you will definitely be on William’s side, the hatred for Odin seems to be less intense than when he was imprisoned in the underworld because of William’s appearance.

“I will stand behind you, but, my dear, Odin is always my father and Angela.”

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense”, William felt angry again, but didn’t lose his reason.

He didn’t believe that Odin could think that he would absorb the natural power of 8 million square kilometers of forest.

Even he would rather believe that Celia was playing a ghost for self-protection, rather than that Odin could predict the future.

If the old man could really predict the future, Angela wouldn’t be the king of Asgard at all.

However, you can’t help but stop, really speaking of which Hela ruled the Dark Space because of herself.

Aside from the grievances between Hela and Odin, Hela plus Angela means that Asgard’s power has far exceeded Odin’s heyday.

Thousands of years later, two women without offspring, Divine King, who will choose their successors?

Of course it is the descendant of Thor.

Even if Hela and Angela don’t like it, it’s impossible to let Sol’s own son and daughter sit on the throne, but what about grandson, great-grandson, great-great-grandson?

It’s natural for women in older grades to like children. Among Sol’s countless descendants, there will always be one that will win the favor of their sisters, right?

FK, William suddenly got a headache in his heart.

If we use outcome theory to calculate, the ultimate winner is not the Devonshire family, but his Odin family.


When William was feeling irritable, Mia’s words of “Daddy” seemed like the sound of nature.

Suddenly let him scold himself a few words, and then thought about going to TM’s plot against. He was a lot of plot against, and almost fainted.

He, William -Devonshire is not without descendants.

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