Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1571

“I’m fine”, William cupped Mia’s cheeks in both hands, “Daddy, I’m fine, ha ha ha”.

After that, under everyone’s gaze, he bowed his head and kissed Mia on the forehead, and then, under Mia’s blushing and dissatisfied eyes, led Hela out of the main stadium.

Although I can’t wait to give Mia something good.

But he was also very clear in his heart that he really did not really love Mia, but pushed her to the cusp of the storm.

At least, Hela by her side will definitely regard Mia as a threat.

A group of dozens of people, sitting in a dozen golf carts, came to the teeing area, and William laughed to Hella, Angela, Athena and Artenis.

“Why do we join a team to play?”

Hella is fine, but Angela, who has been in London for many years, still have these During the years, Athena and Artenis who came to the manor frequently and knew many things about William.

Shaking his head without any hesitation, Artenis squatted his mouth and hugged William’s arm and said dissatisfied, “Don’t think we don’t know what you are thinking.

I want to win We, and the four of you will accompany you together and say clearly, I don’t mind anyway, but Athena’s elder sister is hard to say.”

Damn it.

William’s eyelids jumped a few times, and under the angry gazes of Hela, Angela and Athena, he rubbed his nose.

With a rolling eyeball, he said, “Then I will watch you play, and those who win, I will take them on a trip for three days.”


Athena and Artenis were surprised and looked at the two sisters, Hela and Angela.

Then Artenis gave William a thumbs up.

Being able to pull two dead opponents into bed together, I really have to admire my bastard husband.

Hela had a rare face slightly red, and then smiled and said to Athena, “Divine force, magic and other extraordinary powers are not allowed, and equipment is not allowed to assist, it’s okay.”

“No problem”, who is Athena, she is Goddess of victory and wisdom, she is not afraid of anyone fighting for intelligence.

Also, as a divine archer, Artenis not only won’t hold back, but instead is the main battle strength.

And the assassin-type warrior like Angela, in the long-range shooting skills, think about it, it is definitely not better than Artenis.

After putting three women who had the same enemy and hated them, William had the time to take care of his other women.

With Wilson who was also squeezed out by the women and was not allowed to enter the game, William laughed and followed Mia.

Looking at a 20-year-old girl caddie with a great body and a face that can definitely be called a big beauty, she is introducing Mia to the precautions of this track, as well as the flying and Drop point.

William, who had long gone out to find food and thoughtfulness, reminded Wilson, who was squinting his head, “Okay, you idiot, if you squint your eyes, anyone who knows you will know you. The idea of ​​playing that girl caddy”.

“Damn”, Wilson hurriedly calmed his mind, looked up towards Kate, saw that his wife hadn’t noticed him, and asked in a low voice in relief,

” So obvious?”

“What did you say?” William laughed after Mia kicked off the ball. He only looked at the flight trajectory and knew it was a good one.

Wilson, who was applauding together, said, “At least Natasha, Laura, Daddario, Serena and Nissa, they all see that you have thoughts about this beauty.


And, if it wasn’t for Abigail to help you take Kate to speak, do you think your wife would not look at your expression?”

Wilson’s forehead began to sweat slightly and his guilty conscience swept away Glance around.

Except for Abigail, Jesse and Ambrosio who are with Kate, the other women of William are faintly discernable watching them both.


Wilson instantly misunderstood that William was so honest because his women were too good.

Then suddenly laughed, “Ai, in this way, I don’t seem to envy you much anymore.”

“You’re looking for a fight, aren’t you?” William looked at Wilson who was smiling at hehe speechlessly, but an idiot would tell him about himself and his woman.

I can only roll the eyes and scold Wilson a few words in my heart. When Mia looked over, laughed a thumbs up.

Then after Mia was snorted happy, he followed the group to the middle of the grass.

It didn’t take long for him to stop when the sound of helicopter propellers interrupted his good mood.

I looked up and saw a Beep C interview helicopter a few kilometers away, flying towards the stadium.

I wanted to directly cut off the signal nearby, but I remembered that I had spread the story of the outer planet, and I should show some hard power.

Scare those flies and mice back, so as not to disgust yourself in your ears and eyes all day long.

Several seconds later, Wilson glanced at William helplessly, “These bastards are here really fast.”

tone barely fell, and saw a three hundred meters long spaceship, descending from in the sky, directly blocking the helicopter flight path.

Looking at a huge spaceship like a mountain, even the sun is blocked.

The helicopter pilot and the reporters and photographers on the same plane screamed in horror, and then only a few meters away, they hit the spaceship before turning the helicopter.

The audience in front of the TV was shocked by the heart-piercing screams of the female reporter. At the same time, they were also shocked by the close-up view of the spaceship taken by the camera several meters away. Get excited.

And this shot is definitely the most recent shot taken since spaceship appeared in the past 15 years.

Not only the audience was pleasantly surprised, but the media went crazy.

The other two interview helicopters following this helicopter, not only weren’t scared, but urged the pilot to reach the stadium as quickly as possible.

Everyone understands that if William takes the opportunity of taking the family out to play golf, I will take a close-up shot of spaceship again in the future. I don’t know when.

Waiting for the notification to William on Sunday, after it monitored the conversations of the reporters, William could only helplessly say to Sunday, “The release of electric ion waves will destroy the three without affecting the safety of the helicopter. Cameras”.

“Understood, SIR”, a few seconds later on Sunday actively suggested, “SIR, I suggest sending spider robots to destroy three cameras at close range.”

“Well”, William doesn’t care about the process, as long as the result is the result, but it is indeed the easiest and safest to do this on Sunday.

No matter how great he is, he can’t publicly destroy three helicopters and kill a dozen people from England.

Soon, the drone carrier flew out of the spaceship. Within a few seconds, William moved in his heart, secretly commanding three spider robots, facing the camera, rushing to the camera, and instantly releasing huge electric energy .

“zhi zhi zhi zhi”.

Everyone in front of the TV only saw an increasingly larger spider-shaped object appearing on the TV screen, sticking to the screen.

Then a dazzling electric light flashed and the screen began to turn into black and white snowflakes.


Damn William -Devonshire, he almost scared your dad out of a heart attack.

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