Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1572

At least millions of curses were heard throughout England, as well as England people with scared hearts’peng peng’.

But when everyone feels a little slower, just think about it calmly and you will know that the spider-like thing must have been made by William.

After ten seconds, the live broadcast room and the host’s silhouette appeared on the TV screen.

Directly scold William, no TV station dared to do this.

Not to mention anything else, in recent years, Shida Office, just slander the lawsuit, bankrupted more than a dozen media.

The most frustrating thing for many media is that even if William’s lawyers fail to catch their reporting errors, they will find trouble in other matters.

As long as someone comes forward, the Devonshire Fund will jump out to provide financial assistance and let Yueshida take over.

Not only have to fight with you, but also in the spirit of bringing you down. The lawsuit lasts for several years.

In case the media finally wins the case, it doesn’t matter.

As long as someone jumps out with evidence and the lawsuit continues, the previous set of methods and procedures will continue again. Even the rich media will not be able to withstand such rascal methods by William.

Therefore, in the current media, no one will directly target William and his family.

Not to mention that William is not only a native of England and the Duke of England at this time.

He was the king of the Devonshire Kingdom, and it was reported from Buckingham Palace at noon.

What makes the people of England envy, jealous, and feels incredible is that he actually named Louis the Jr. Prince as the hereditary duke of the real estate.

And this territory is not only as big as England, the spokesperson also made it clear that this territory is outside the planet.

So, William is definitely the person in the world media who wants to interview most.

I saw William take his mother and daughter home. Everyone felt that the interview was definitely gone today.

What people didn’t expect was that William, who was similar to an otaku in the past, would bring his 13 women and daughters, as well as the Wilson couple, to play golf in South London.

Although the picture of the William family playing basketball hasn’t taken a few seconds, watching the 300-meter-long spaceship up close also attracted the attention of the whole world.

The first spaceship that appeared that year was only 35 meters away, but only fifteen years later, a giant spaceship of more than 300 meters has appeared. Let alone the audience, reporters want to see it in person. .

Then, although the camera was destroyed, a small spider robot that can release electric current suddenly appeared. Not only did the audience and reporters get angry, but instead they appeared in various TV stations. In the live broadcast room, there was a big discussion about spider robots.

In a few minutes, the media calculated that the spider robot should be only five millimeters long, but the main body, the spider’s body, is only 1.5 millimeters.

In other words, this thing can easily enter any place they want to enter.

Whether it is a secret base in the United States or a submarine, they can sneak in secretly, let alone the home of an ordinary person.

And if William wanted to, he could create the illusion that someone was electrocuted and died.

As soon as this topic comes out, let alone the audience in front of the TV, many TV hosts and guests have to be careful with their own words.

Even if most people are sure that William will not do that, who can guarantee that they will not be surprised.

Smart people know that William will expose spider robots, and they all say that he doesn’t care about that little thing so much, and since there is this kind of robot, can’t there be other means of killing?

Just letting spiders carry certain medicines can make people have a heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage. Even if you want to check it, you can’t find the problem.

A guest from a radio station in the U.S. stammered, saying that in case you go downstairs, just make your legs numb, and the stairs can become your life-death props.

That’s true and unconscious.

William smiled as he listened to the report on Sunday. He should be able to settle down for a while.

What he didn’t expect is that this world will never lack people who are not afraid of death.

There are many admirable existences among journalists, and some people despise, but whether they are good or bad, there is a probability that they are not afraid of death, or that they are famous for not wanting their lives. Far higher than other industries.

Only one of the three helicopters ran. The reporters and photographers of the other two actually took out their phones, showing fear expressions on their faces and distorted expressions of ecstasy, and snapped at the spaceship. .

Even, before one minute, I connected the camera’s transmission equipment with my mobile phone, and then connected to the TV station to broadcast the spaceship picture again.

William cursed secretly in his heart, covering his ears and saying to Sunday, “cut off the signal around here.”

It didn’t take long for him to curse’NM’s madman’ in his heart, and Wilson was even more shocked, his mouth closed does not raise.

Stuttered at William and said, “This, this, this guy, are you crazy?”

I saw a guy in his thirties who unfastened his seat belt and tied himself with a rescue seat belt with his head A helmet equipped with a miniature camera stands on the steel tube of the helicopter’s landing gear.

Holding the handrails firmly with both hands to stabilize the body, shouting to let the pilot fly to the side of the spaceship, intending to jump directly to the side of the spaceship, above the protruding hatch platform.

In this scene, even Hela, who had been irritating reporters for interrupting her game before, had to admire the reporter’s courage.

According to the law in space, forcibly boarding a ship without authorization is just like pirate jumping from a ship in the ocean. It is a war and piracy. No one can say anything if caught directly hanged.

William twitched the corners of his mouth for a few times, and his thoughts moved, perhaps to let the Earth people see how cruel the war between interstellars is, to cool down many people, and to dispel fanatical thoughts with a clear mind.

“On Sunday, link to the PA of spaceship and reopen the signal of this area.”

“Understand, SIR”.

As the helicopter approached the spaceship door a little bit, when the new picture signal appeared in front of the TV again, the spaceship made a sudden electronic sound.

“Warning, warning”.

A burst of red light swept over the reporter and the entire helicopter, “According to the interstellar convention, unauthorized landing is an act of star thief, and we have the right to impose any punishment including capital punishment.”

For the reporter who was famous and didn’t even want his life, his face instantly turned ugly when he heard this, and even became hideous.

When I think of this as Earth, no matter how powerful the interstellar convention is, it can’t be greater than the laws of Earth, right?

Looking at the spaceship hatch platform, which is only three or four meters away, clenched the teeth, untie the rescue seat belt.

“Finally warning, once forcibly logged in, Spaceship will escort the invaders to the Centaur constellation, and the Kingdom’s No. 3 planet will be tried.”

William finished speaking and quietly looked at the reporter whose expression was changing back and forth.

At this time, he really hoped that this guy would jump on the spaceship, and even prepared the other to jump and open the spaceship door.

Since they are willing to work hard, then they will be fulfilled.

But, is this a leap of faith? or for The famous crazy jump?

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