Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1573

Sini Raidel felt that this was the most difficult decision in his 35 years of life.

Jumping out of the helicopter, as long as this jump is photographed, it will definitely become the most memorable moment in the history of photography.

If it is really taken directly to the Centaur constellation by spaceship, Planet 3 of the Kingdom of Devonshire, will be judged.

Being locked up for a lifetime is probably the best ending.

As for the England’zheng’ mansion, will it fall out and go to lawsuit with William-Devonshire for his not-so-famous reporter?

Just think about it, and Sini thinks that in the end, it must be over.

After being a reporter for more than ten years, Sini knows very well that the group of people in Downing Street, including the media, are all clueless and double-standard enforcers.

I am pointing fingers at others and turning a blind eye to 1/4 people in England who are already at the poverty line.

Furthermore, the Devonshire Group controls the 2nd to 3rd floor of the economy of England. Who dares to really move William?

Not to mention, even if he knows that the order is from William, he doesn’t admit where you can find evidence.

Even William opened his eyes and said nonsense, saying that this spaceship is not his. Who can take him?

To solve this problem, it is too simple.

There is no need for William-Devonshire and the Devonshire Group to come forward and find some collaborators to reach some cooperation with the TV station behind him.

Shareholders of the TV station, 100% can only do superficial work, and then push everything to the incompleteness of the law in England.

Since the law is imperfect and cannot control the alien forces, no matter how Sini’s family sue, it will just be useless.

Thinking of his parents, who was almost 60, Sini started to regret for a moment.

But the world is well-known, and even by the media industry, the opportunity for all mankind to remember is right in front of him. Sini listened to the ten-second countdown, and it had come to the’three’ time.

clenched the teeth, exerting force on both legs, leaped forward, and rushed towards the platform of spaceship.

It’s a pity that the distance of three or four meters, plus the leg force is stepping on the helicopter’s landing gear, the helicopter is slightly sinking when he stepped on it, which offset some of his strength when he took off.

With great excitement and even courage, it only jumped more than 2 meters, and even tried to grasp the spaceship hatch platform.

I can only watch the spaceship farther and farther, and I quickly fall to the ground.


Seeing this scene, countless people all over the world covered their mouths, watching in horror at Sini, who was dancing and falling to the ground.

Even, this world is not all good people. At least when Sini fell to the ground, many paparazzi thought ecstatically that tomorrow’s news headline would use the “Sini of overestimate one’s capabilities”.

Or’A hundred years of history, the most worthless reporter who died? ‘

Or’ the most regrettable jump in human history? ‘

William scolded this reporter as a real idiot and rubbish, but he didn’t want to cause trouble, so he could only endure the awkwardness and nausea in his heart, planning to separate the sentry to save people.

But didn’t expect, Mia, a few meters away, was suddenly wrapped in Mark 50, her legs merged, and a blue flame burst out instantly, pushing Mia with a lady in Battle Armor and flying diagonally , Rushed into the sky.

And this scene happened to be taken by a photographer who was in a helicopter and was in charge of photography with a mobile phone.

Countless people were pleasantly surprised to see that a very fast pink silhouette appeared next to Sini in less than two seconds, holding his ankle in the air only twenty meters away from the ground, He carried him upside down to the side of the spaceship, and threw him into the spaceship whose hatch had been opened.

Countless people in front of TV sets, mobile phones and computers suddenly applauded Mia on the screen.

Then the screen stayed on Mia’s Battle Armor for a few seconds before turning to spaceship.

In the cabin door, there are rows of humanoid robots standing. Two robots walked out and picked up the fallen dizzy and eyes blurred Sini and stood there.

A shackle shining with energy light not only shackled Sini’s hands, but also stretched downwards, as well as his feet were locked.

Understanding that this is a real disaster, Sini hurriedly shouted to Mia, “Help me, please help me, Mia Young Lady”.

But as soon as he finished shouting, he saw the robot locked him and pressed a few times on his wrist.

The energy handcuffs unexpectedly once again extended a ball of light, covering his mouth, forming a metal mask with only the nostrils.

Sini can’t even make the voice of’wu wu wu’.

Seeing Sini’s face of fear, Mia, who was only 14 years old, was hesitating to plead with her father, when she heard an urgent cry from the noise of the helicopter’s huge propeller.

“The Devonshire family has no right to arrest people, and this is Earth, London, not your kingdom, you must release people.”

Mia in the mask couldn’t help but roll the eyes. When she heard this, she knew that if she pleaded, she would definitely make William unhappy.

Furthermore, in Mia’s subconscious mind, she actually just wanted to save people. Otherwise, why would she subconsciously throw Sini into the spaceship instead of landing about twenty meters and putting people on the ground? ?

So, Mia twitched his lips, turned around and flew back to the grass, lowered the Nano helmet, and waited for William to speak.

William just waved his hand, and the spaceship door closed automatically, and began to slowly rise straight up in the sky. After getting out of the range that would interfere with the helicopter, it instantly accelerated and disappeared into the sky within a few seconds. .

However, the thing that shocked, feared, and angry people all over the world didn’t expect, England Independent Television, which belongs to the Devonshire Group, suddenly began to scroll through the live broadcast of its own TV station. Advertisement for Ryder’s Interstellar Journey.

Three minutes later, after some communication, dozens of TV stations that had cooperated with independent TV stations for a long time began to put their pictures in the live broadcast rooms of independent TV stations.

The host took the manuscript that was rushed out, said the entire process of development of this incident, and finally emphasized spaceship and battleship, which represent the declaration of territory.

As the picture turns, a spaceship appears on the TV series screen, and the back of the spaceship is the giant Jupiter.

The countless people in front of TVs, mobile phones, and computers quickly focused on spaceship, and then some people were discussing it. Jupiter disappeared on the screen in a few seconds. Forget it, how fast is the spaceship?

As for Sini-Ryder, for the ordinary person who is drawn away, who cares who he is?

England, Americans, and other countries in the world, after seeing the live broadcast of spaceship, there is no such thing as a “regular” guest meeting at this time, let’s not worry about Sini.

Just a live broadcast, the whole world has reduced the accusation of William by 99.9%.

After the new first conversation with England, William turned upside down with a mocking expression.

The laughing haha ​​said “It’s okay” to Wilson, and took Mia’s hand and walked to the ball drop in the center of the grass.

Abigail and the others saw William bounce on Mia’s forehead, and then a series of attention should be paid to safety, don’t always want to be Savior talk.

But to everyone’s surprise, Mia actually allowed William to nag obediently and honestly, and everyone could only shook his head helplessly followed along.

Only Ambrosio was greatly relaxed, looking at Mia holding William’s arm with joy, and coquettishly asking William to ensure that she would never flick her forehead again.

For a time, there was no attention on the stadium, and I could finally enjoy some family fun.

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