Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1574

Because of the spaceship, the outside world has been noisy at this time, and no one else is required to do the calculation. The television stations of various countries have already flew the spaceship away from Pluto and arrived at the Space Jump point. Came out.

Before everyone was shocked and didn’t know how to describe it, I saw the front of Spaceship, because of Space Jump, a colorful passage appeared.

A few seconds later, after a spaceship of 3.6 light-years, it appeared in the Centaur galaxy. The nearest star to the sun, Proxima Centauri, appeared on the TV.

Ten years ago, on Sunday, the interstellar communication equipment made according to Cree’s technology was able to transmit from the magic planet 12 light years away to Earth in 30 minutes.

More than ten years have passed, and Sunday has been able to contact Thanos’ Titan tens of thousands of light-years away in a short period of time. Therefore, the Centaur, 3.6 light-years away, can already communicate in real time.

Soon, after flying away from Proxima Centauri, audiences from all over the world suddenly saw a dozen large and small Plunderer spaceships appearing in the dark space, confronting a spaceship of the Bedouin. .

Yongdu-Udonta, a native who was born in Centaur and grew up on Centaur, but watched his planet being invaded by the Bedouns and had no choice but to A few clansman followed, boarding a Plunderer spaceship and wandering in the interstellar.

For hundreds of years, it is not that he never thought of regaining his home star, and even for this goal, he ventured back to Centaur with three of his clan.

At the expense of the death of two of the same clan, he risked his death to steal the metal of the Akka Arrow, and this has the courage of one of the later leaders of Plunderer.

But even if he becomes the leader of Plunderer who makes the whole universe business traveler, become terror-stricken at the news, what will happen?

Plunderer is just a loose alliance of a dozen large and small star thief.

All Plunderer has one purpose, and that is money.

To unite together, is nothing more than strengthening the strength so that it can rob the large-scale interstellar commercial spaceship.

I really encountered the regular fleet of three Great Empires, not to mention Yongdu and hundreds of his subordinates, all Plunderer was in one place, and they all had to escape.

Hundreds of years have passed, I have not been able to find the courage to regain the home planet, and even for money, I helped a member of the Heavenly God group called Yigo and arrested hundreds including children. The planet creatures.

Because of this, after being discovered by other Plunderer leaders, Yongdu was directly expelled from the Plunderer Alliance, and he could only lead his subordinates who would betray at any time to live a wandering life in the universe.

Fortunately, after Yongdu kidnapped a little Earth boy named Peter Quill, he finally found out in his conscience that he didn’t give Peter Quill, who was later nicknamed the Star Lord, to Igo’s murder. Heavenly God group madman of his own descendants.

Because of Xingjue, Yongdu got to know William.

This made his difficult days get better because of the magic healing charm.

The money I had earned was enough to provide for the elderly, but Yongdu, who was disappointed for hundreds of years, is already preparing for his retirement.

However, he didn’t expect to return to the centaur planet when he was about to give up.

After receiving William’s order, he had no hope of courage, and ecstasy agitated again.

If he can live in the centaur planet, Yongdu feels that even if he is going to die, he will have to fight for the last one.

What is surprising again is that William actually asked him to hire all Plunderers, as well as the star thief that he could hire.

With money in the unit of millions of energy crystals, and Nine Realms who belong to Asgard’s threat, go to negotiate with the enemy Bedouin.

If Yongdu didn’t know William too well, he would like to secretly talk about this negotiation, and take Plunderer and Star Pirates to fight the Bedouin first.

Then laughed haha ​​and hid on the side, watching the countless Asgardian elite and Olympus army attack the Centaur.

Return all the killings made by the Bedouns on the Centaur back then to the Bedouns.

Unfortunately, Thanos, the overlord of Universe level, had to hide from William and witnessed the courage of Thanos even his own base and the Titans dare not return.

After I heard that Thanos and his fourth Great General, their two daughters disappeared, the first thought was that William finally found and destroyed them.

Since then, under the preaching of Courage, the name William -Devonshire has become an existence that all Great Influences in the universe are unwilling to, let alone daring to provoke.

You must know that before Thanos snapped his fingers, he had brought his subordinates to the entire universe to commit a massacre.

Half of the population died because of him, and there are too many planet and interstellar groups that were finally destroyed.

William, who can kill Thanos himself, plus the core generals, can be imagined.

So, Yongdu did not dare to disobey William’s orders, and the Bedouen did not dare to say Asgard and add Olympus’s new Divine King William after Yongdu’s new Divine King William, risking annihilation of the race The risk of fighting with Plunderer.

Only obediently and honestly, the Bedouen fleet of the Plunderer fleet can be completely destroyed and retreated to the outer space of the centaur planet.

Enduring the feeling of being humiliated, sent a mission to negotiate with Yongdu and Plunderer.

As a reporter who was used by William to promote alien civilization and witness possible war scenes, Sini Ryder appeared in the negotiation meeting despite being handcuffed.

But he had forgotten even the fear at this time, and kept winking with an alien with spikes, hoping to get a chance to speak, witness himself, and even take pictures The picture of the negotiation is sent back to Earth.

If this is the case, then his name, Sini-Ryder, is not only known as a reporter, but as an explorer, recorded in history.

Unfortunately, Sini didn’t know that the scene of his negotiation with him had already appeared on Earth’s media.

At this moment in the world, at least 4 billion people are watching. This meeting feels unreal, but there is no reason to doubt it.

But while everyone was grateful to Sini, watching both of his hands’ feet being handcuffed and even the funny way his mouth was sealed, they already imagined him as the luckiest fool in the world.

As the talks officially began, the people on Earth were surprised and uneasy to discover that among the negotiators on the courage side, there were several members who were exactly the same as human beings.

Staka Ogd, Plunderer’s true boss and Yongdu’s mentor, nobody knows his origins, but looking at his appearance, this guy is indeed a complete human.

After being hired by Yongdu with a thousand magic healing charms, Starka Ogd summoned all Plunderer that could be summoned, and then participated in this negotiation as the general counsel.

“Are you sure whether your boss really wants to use money to buy the Centaur Star Domain, or is it delaying time, or using us as a bait to force the Bedouen to summon their fleet, and then take the opportunity Catch it all in one net?”

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