Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1575

Yongdu looked at his former leader and mentor like an idiot.

“Who do you think you are? Thanos?”

Instead of waiting for Starka Ogd to get angry, Yongdu continued to mock said with a smile, “My Boss is Olympus Divine Realm is the new Divine King.

Husband of Queen Angela of Asgard, husband of Dark Space new queen Hella Your Majesty, son-in-law of Odin, son of Sol-Odinson Brother-in-law.

Need to lie to you who said it’s Plunderer if it sounds good, or the leader of the interstellar pirates if it sounds bad?

Furthermore, you confiscate one hundred thousand energy crystals?

Give me work obediently and honestly when you receive it.”

Starka Ogd’s face was immediately ugly, but he didn’t dare to open his mouth to reprimand Courage.

After all, why Plunderer can get the title of Plunderer, isn’t it because they are interstellar pirates, but they are principled pirates.

As long as Plunderer’s principles are violated, you have to do things if you collect the money.

As for the principle of Plunderer, it is no problem to kill some adults anyway.

“After this matter is over, I will look for you to single out.”

Yongdu looked at Starkar Ogd like an idiot, “If I can complete the mission of Devonshire Your Majesty, even if I don’t retire and retire from the Centaur planet.

You can definitely get a position on planet, and even get reused by Asgard or Olympus. Are you sure you want to fight me?”


Starka Ogd scolded the cowardly, but he could only give up his plan to fight.

If you really kill Yongdu, the ghost knows that the Divine Realm, who rules Olympus, and William -Devonshire, who is the husband of the two queens, will use the name of killing the minister.

One hundred thousand and one million energy crystals are released, and the universe wants him.

There are really 1 million energy crystals, let alone star thief, even Plunderer, the regular army of the Great Empire in the universe, will chase him until he gets a commission.

In the end, Starka Ogd could only hold back the anger in his heart, and joined the negotiation between Yongduo and the Bedouen.

And the people of Bedouin actually know that they don’t have many choices.

William is fond of the centaur planet. They don’t want to sell, they have to face war.

In Nine Realms, no one can hold the Asgard Rainbow Bridge, and the elite Asgard fighters will make a surprise attack.

And once a war breaks out, although the forces of the entire universe will condemn William and Asgard, they will never stand up for them.

After all, the centaur planet itself is what they snatched from the centaur natives, that is, the clansman of Yongdu.

In the past, in order to avoid the native retaliation of the Centaur, just after occupying this planet, it almost destroyed the Centaur directly. Many forces concerned about that war knew it well.

Finally choose to occupy, one is afraid of being other forces, they are listed as destroyers of Bedouen.

Secondly, when the clansman of Yongdu resisted, he would rather die than back down, let alone surrender.

After several battles, the Centaur natives were almost dead, and the Bedouen did not implement the at first planet destruction plan.

Hundreds of years, the original hundreds of thousands of Bedouins have multiplied to millions of people on the centaur planet.

Because of the small population of Bedouin, this planet, which is twice the diameter of Earth, has a recovery time of several hundred years.

But green hills and clear water full of planets are not entirely a good thing. At least the oxygen concentration of Centaur is quite higher than that of Earth.

Everyone knows that hypoxia is not good, but too high oxygen can also cause oxygen poisoning, which can also cause a series of problems.

So, William did not intend to immigrate to the Centaur planet on a large scale. After all, every immigrant must be equipped with a special respirator or mask, which is also a hassle.

After three days of negotiations, the Bedouin people could only accept the price of 10 million energy crystals proposed by William for the entire Centaur Star Domain.

But the Bedouen wanted to use magic healing charms instead of energy crystals to pay.

Moreover, they also want to get William’s security pledge to protect the Bedouin for at least 500 years.


As soon as Yongdu heard this, he slapped him on the negotiating table, “You are dreaming.

My boss would rather risk the destruction of the centaur planet. , To fight with you, and absolutely impossible to agree to protect you.”

At this time, a subordinate belonging to Yongdu walked quickly behind Yongdu, stretched out his hand and whispered in his ear,

“Xingjue sent back news and said something It’s done.”


Yongdu laughed when he heard it, and then he nodded to Starka Ogd who was sitting next to him, “it was done”.

Ogd crooked his mouth, staring at the negotiating leader of the Bedouin with a smile, and said, “Ronan, the accuser of the Zitarians and the Cree, has agreed to Devonshire Your Majesty’s terms.


As long as you do not agree, they will invade the home planet of the Bedouin”.


All the Bedouin people stood up in anger and fear.

Kostaka Ogd and Yongdu didn’t mean to be scared or angry at all, “Or, take 9 million energy crystals and return to the Star Domain where your home planet is.


The Zetarians and the accuser Ronan confiscated the deposit of 1 million energy crystals.

Or else, you stay in the Centaur Star Domain, the Zetarians and the accuser Ronan captured your home planet, and then used that planet to exchange 9 million energy crystals from my boss.”

Yongdu said here, suddenly paused, and then said with an unhappy expression, “My Boss just told me that if you agree that a magic healing charm is worth 1500 energy crystals.

He can give you 4.5 million energy crystals and 3000 magic healing charms”.


Several Bedouin negotiators stood up in surprise in an instant.

As a group that can conquer a galaxy, the Bedouen people are much worse than the Great Empire of Universe Three, but they actually have no shortage of livable planets.

Even the Iron Blood Fighter has a lot of livable planets in his hands, and the Bedouen only have more.

The Bedouen ruler of the centaur planet, according to the rank of Earth, is equivalent to a colonial star chief, or a nobleman at the level of earl and viscount.

Since the Bedouin people have a level of existence, they cannot compete with William, even if they care about their subjects, they are certainly not as important as the immediate interests of the ruler.

The magic healing charm has been in a state of extreme shortage in the universe. In addition to making Yongdu sell two thousand a year, William hasn’t sold a single healing charm in recent years.

Even, if it hadn’t been for Yongdu to risk the mortal danger and be sent to Thanos’ Titan star as a slave, William, who would not lack energy crystals, would not sell even these two thousand.

And the quantity of two thousand, let alone the entire universe, even the planet of Earth this level, will be in short supply.

As for imitating the healing charm?

Since the dark elves wiped out Alfheim, the country of elves, and the disappearance of the Tree of Life, the power of nature has become a legend.

Even Christine, the only surviving elf, is just a light elf.

Of course, not counting the elves and being planted by William, Planet X17’s Tree of Life Celia is definitely not unique to William.

But for those who are weak, no one dares to expose the power of nature except for stupid idiots.

There is no need for a strong one to fight against William for a healing charm of only one or two thousand energy crystals.

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