Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1576

The healing charm can be made not only with the power of nature, but also a powerful Sorcerer.

Magic array is a simple thing for people who understand it. People who don’t have innate talent are the divine trenches.

Not to mention, if you want to engrave the self-healing magic array in a palm-size jade stone with spirit strength, people with weak spirit strength control ability can’t do it at all.

Although William was not well-known at the beginning, he knew to use the fame of Odin and Asgard.

The first batch of magic healing charms, the first version is Hetie Blood Fighter, used to trade spaceship and exchange X17 planet.

And buying planet X17 is probably the most cost-effective business I have ever done in my life.

Although it took tens of thousands of first-generation healing charms, it really took him only a few months for those healing charms.

The later upgraded version, which is 2.0 Healing Talisman, was first used by Odin and Asgardian elite fighters.

As soon as this portable healing method appeared on the battlefield, the forces in the universe naturally attributed William as an ally of Asgard.

In addition, he has mastered the space gems early in the morning, and he can’t win, and no one can trap him.

In the following few years, after two times of killing Thanos from other planes in 2025, William felt that he didn’t have to wait any longer, and began to search the world for Thanos in his own plane.

Even let Yongdu go to Titan, staring at Thanos to return.

Waiting for Thanos of this World, with four Great Generals, two daughters and a spaceship elite, they shuttled to the 2025 plane and were killed by William.

At that time, there was no power in the universe, and I was willing to offend William for the sake of energy crystals.

Of course, if you can really master the forces of nature, you have to say something else.

No one came out to trouble William. It was just a question of whether it was worth it.

Bedouen’s negotiators stood up, walked aside and discussed for a while, and soon reached an agreement.

Three thousand healing charms, even if two thousand are handed over to the kingdom, the high-levels of their centaur planet can get at least 20 or more.

20 life-saving opportunities, hand in the credit of healing amulet, maybe the upper kingdom of the kingdom, because of those two thousand healing amulet, I am happy to reappoint a livable planet to them.

That is equal to earning a thousand healing charms and 4.5 million energy crystals in vain.

As for the cost of moving and the energy and material resources consumed, anyway, the whole universe is the same. In a word, Boss, running and breaking his legs are all done by his subordinates.

One hundred spaceships that can carry ten thousand people and the corresponding luggage and cargo, Space Jump once, only one thousand energy crystals.

Ten times, only 10,000 pieces. The consumption of the entire moving process and the interstellar currency used to compensate the subjects are at most 100 million, which is just 1 million energy crystals.

Not to mention, regardless of the cosmic race, the ordinary person does not need interstellar coins at all, and the energy crystals are even less accessible.

Purely use Bedouin’s own currency, the ruler of Centaur, even willing to double or five times the compensation.

Giving the subjects five times more money is nothing more than allowing them to buy more houses, more flying cars, more wine, food, or space trips.

These things are really nothing to the people who have mastered space technology.

Like William, who already has Sunday and countless factory robots, the energy converted from solar energy, tidal energy, and wind energy is no different from something that doesn’t require money.

As long as there is energy for the daily needs of the intelligent race, the rest will not be a problem.

Robots can mine and refine various minerals, build factories, buildings, and farms. As long as they can use enough, they can give them anything.

However, although William is willing to provide any life needs for free, it is not impossible to give his subjects.

But he would never do this.

The common problem of all intelligent races is desire, dissatisfaction and laziness.

Rather than raising a group of people who will never be satisfied, or even give them a slightly worse treatment, they will jump out of the waste of the coup. It is better to follow the Earth’s set of implementation. Lao went hungry.

Moreover, to be honest, people cannot be too idle, otherwise, human beings will definitely be abandoned.


I got the healing charm of my heart, and the negotiation soon entered the final stage.

The Bedouin did not mention anything to William to protect them, the only problem before the final signing.

They hope to sell the bases, defensive fortresses, and large amounts of equipment that are built in the Centaur Star Domain and cannot be taken away to William for an estimate.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to dismantle and move them in less than six months or ten months.

William sneered talked to Yongduo with this little trick of deliberate delay.

Soon, Yongdu squinted at the representative of the Bedouin and said, “Sorry, I think it only takes three days to deal with those fortresses, bases, and equipment.

My Boss Just told me that if you do not take away anything that will affect the safety of the Centaur Star Domain, we, Plunderer, are responsible for blowing them up directly.”

After that, Yongdu doesn’t care how ugly the Bedouin’s face is, laughed back and said to Starkar Ogd,

“One hundred thousand energy crystals, or one Hundred Healing Talisman, are you responsible for helping me Boss and cleaning up all the Bedouin trash?”

“When the transaction is sold, only one hundred Healing Talisman”.

Starka Ogd and the other Plunderer leaders knew in their hearts that William was wooing them.

Otherwise fools know that one hundred healing charms are worth 150,000 energy crystals, and they still can’t buy them with money.

We had a simple exchange with a dozen other Plunderer leaders with their eyes,

Starka Ogd stared at the representative of the Bedouin and said, “Because The employment of these one hundred healing charms, now you have a 7-day safety period for Earth time.

In these seven days, I guarantee that all Plunderers will only complete Mr. Devonshire’s tasks with one heart and no time to stare at you. Spaceship.

But, after these seven days, it’s hard to tell.”

“Okay”, the leading Bedouin people are not in the mood to fight with Plunderer. They just moved. In fact, three days are enough.

As for houses, buildings and so on, they are all made of engineering robots, as well as the ore and material of the centaur planet itself.

It’s really just a waste of energy.

The only thing that worries them is the safety of 3000 healing charms.

“The last request, we hope that Devonshire Your Majesty can send someone to send healing charms and energy crystals to our home planet.”


The first single thought in Yongdu’s heart is that the Bedouin people are courting death.

William is the super demon Sorcerer who has mastered the power of space. It is not a big secret to many cosmic forces.

After all, in cooperation with Asgard, portal has been used publicly many times.

If William’s spaceship enters the home planet of the Bedouns, it means that the Bedouns have completely opened their world to William.

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