Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1577

Wait until William informs Yongdu that he will confirm three thousand healing charms and 4.5 million energy crystals, and will personally dispatch a transport spaceship to the home planet of the Bedouin.

The negotiation quickly entered the fast lane. In the end, only William came in person or sent someone with enough identity to sign.

William glanced at everyone in the living room, Athena and Artenis didn’t care.

Selena and Nissa knew that their identities were inappropriate, Daddario and Jean just looked at William and turned their heads.

In the end, Abigail and Laura, who had been reluctant to admit defeat, showed nervous expressions on their faces.

And Mia, Little Lass, leaned behind the sofa and hid herself behind Ambrosio.

William was funny at the same time, after thinking about it for the last time, let Abigail this, it is destined to be the Queen of the Devonshire Kingdom in charge of this.

Accepting the magical gold strategy created by William himself, Abigail instantly looked at her husband who had confirmed his status in public.

Then, under the escort of hundreds of Olympus heroes, a gorgeous long skirt and women’s Battle Armor passed through the portal to Yongdu’s spaceship.

Yongdu, who had been prepared for a long time, saw Abigail appearing behind dozens of holy light heroes,

He took the lead and bowed and said, “Very It’s an honor to meet you, Dear Lady Devonshire, I am Yongdu-Udon Tower, a faithful subordinate of Devonshire Your Majesty, and a firm supporter of the Kingdom of Devonshire.”

“Free gift, Mr. Udonta, I am also glad to meet you”.

Abigail, who has been in charge of the Devonshire Group for 14 years, has long been accustomed to all kinds of big scenes.

He is an elite wizard, plus hundreds of golden light holy light spirits around him.

When Abigail faced dozens of aliens with different looks, even ugly and hideous, he didn’t show the slightest timid or scared expression.

On the contrary, because William officially confirmed that she was the queen, Abigail looked holy and noble.

The aliens present are the first time they have seen the holy light spirits belonging to William. They have long been given their lives for William, and the holy spirits with the imposing manner Stuck.

The negotiators of the Bedouin people, although they were a little disappointed because they were not Angela, the Divine King of Asgard.

But after learning from the translator that Abigail was also William’s decent wife, the Bedouen did not worry about whether Abigail was qualified.

On the contrary, after Abigail and Yongdu, Starka Ogd, and other Plunderer leaders said hello, they hurried forward and learned how Yongdu looked respectfully. Abigail salutes.

On Earth, it has been live broadcast for three consecutive days. After seeing Abigail being seen by a hundred heroic guardians, it quickly reached the peak of the audience rating.

Countless people were envious and sighing that William could actually buy the entire Star Domain with money, while shocked.

I was even frightened by William’s ability to hire Ronan, the Cree accuser, and the Zetarians who had attacked Earth, together with the means of forcing the Bedouen to have to sit at the negotiating table.

As for only accepting 10 million energy crystals, reduced to a price of 9 million, the Bedouen who signed the contract became the object of sympathy.

And for the first time in the world, the real identity of William is not only the new Divine King of Olympus in is legend.

He is also the son-in-law of the Norse mythology Riodin, the brother-in-law of Sol, and the common husband of the two queens Angela and Hella.

One person directly rules a Divine Realm and affects the two Divine Realms of Asgard and Dark Space. Doesn’t that mean that as long as William is willing, he can rule Earth if he wants to rule Earth?

When countless people are afraid and worried, there are also many people who envy the Wilson family.

Little Louis was named the hereditary duke of the Devonshire family by William himself, and he was also a real noble with a real estate.

Today everyone understands the weight of the surname Devonshire, the Wilson family instantly became the most noble royal family besides the William family.

Not only all the aristocrats in England, but most of the world’s wealthy and politicians who know the Wilson family, are thinking in their hearts why there is no daughter or granddaughter the same age as Louis.

Since William is not close, Louis, who is only 5 years old, has become the first choice for attention. Even Louis’s younger sister Charlotte, who is only three years old, and his younger brother who has just been born, have joined them. Within sight.

There are some people who think more deeply, recalling that when Spaceship warned the reporter, they said that the Centaur planet was the No. 3 star of the Kingdom of Devonshire.

Doesn’t that mean that there are two more planets that may have been developed or are to be developed?

God, these are exactly three livable extraterrestrial planets.

Don’t talk about resources, wealth and so on. With these three planets, it means that humans no longer need to worry about the exhaustion of population and Earth resources.

The population of more than 7 billion is not only not a burden, but less.

After completing the paid respect of Abigail and Bedouin, he held the magic gold policy contract created by William himself and placed it on the negotiation table.

Then stepped back a few steps and signaled the Bedouin people to read the contract first.

After the leader of the Bedouin saluted Abigail, he touched the magic gold policy and the text on it automatically became interstellar lingua franca.

While surprised by William’s magical attainments, the leader of the Bedouen couldn’t help but relax.

Although no one knows who invented the lingua franca of interstellar and was the first to be used by that group, countless years have passed and it is indeed a common word recognized by countless interstellar groups and has undisputed legitimacy.

It didn’t take long for three consecutive Bedouen people who were qualified to be checked to confirm that the content on Jince was okay.

The chief of the Bedouin respectfully said to Abigail, “His Royal Highness the Queen, I hope to invite some respectable presences to publicly witness the signing ceremony.”

“No problem.” After receiving William’s reply, Abigail said with a smile, “We will invite Odin Your Majesty, Angela, Hella Your Majesty, and Athens Na, His Highness the Queen of Artenis, and Saul His Highness the Prince came to observe.”

When the people of Bedouin heard this, they immediately said happily, “That is our honor.”

But then, with a somewhat embarrassing suggestion, “If possible, we also hope that you can invite your accuser Ronan to participate in this grand ceremony.”

Ha, let alone these people bravely now, even Abigail, who doesn’t know about alien forces, has also heard that the Bedouen people actually want to invite Ronan.

However, these Bedouen people have no choice. The continuous compromise and concession at the negotiation table will definitely make Ronan feel that the Bedouen people are cowards.

If Ronan sets his sights, or targets, on them in the future, the Bedouen people will not think of a stable life.

Abigail was nodded to Yongdu, and Yongdu immediately instructed spaceship’s intelligence, “Tell Quill, Devonshire Your Majesty invited Ronan to the Centaur Star Domain to participate in the signing ceremony.”

The signal traveled through the galaxy, and it didn’t take long to contact Peter Quill, and then he relayed it to Ronan.

Ronan hesitated for a while before nodded and agreed.

In my heart, I was thinking about the situation that Carol Denver Alone was scared away by Captain, who had just awakened his own power more than fifty years ago in the outer space of Earth.

And William, this guy also thought of Carol.

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