Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1578

Close your eyes and feel the space imprint left on Carol, a portal suddenly appeared in front of Carol, who was in the depths of the universe.


Carol braved a dazzling light, put on a defensive posture, and tentatively asked the portal, “Speaking, is it really you, William? “

William stepped across the portal, and Carol’s face instantly showed surprise.

While making William happy, he couldn’t help but muttered that this little girl hadn’t given up on chasing her own mind. She said with a smile, “long time no see, Carol.”

“Really long time no see”.

Taking away the energy from her body, Carol came to William with expressions of nostalgia, surprise and confusion in her eyes.

Then, like a female durian, she stretched out her hand to stroke William’s cheek, wondering if the year for day and night in front of me was real.

William grabbed Carlos’s hand, “Okay, it must be me who came to see the old friend.”

The first time William grabbed his hand, Carol not only didn’t mean to be angry, but his face quickly became ruddy.

There is no imposing manner of the universe police at all, it is exactly the way the little woman sees the object of her love.

William can only sigh helplessly in his heart.

Speaking of which Carol is really not a big beauty. Maybe she can barely meet William’s aesthetic with makeup.

Otherwise, for so many years, he would not have known Carol’s battle strength, he would definitely rank close to the top three, but he would never attack her.

However, really speaking of which, I didn’t find the mutants. In front of the mutants, the Sentry Battle Armor relied on absorbing the super powers that Carol voluntarily entered to become the real Sentry Battle Armor with super powers.

For the past twenty years, William has not worried much about his defense.

The Sentry Battle Armor gave him a great help, subduing Odin’s “Destroyer” Battle Armor and subduing the flame dragon Snug.

Absorb the frost in the Ice Box and create the Frost Sentry Battle Armor.

In the lightning island of Earth, absorbing countless lightning and evolving Thunderbolt War armor.

Absorbing Snug in the volcano, he absorbed countless flames and giant dragon Life Essence, and evolved the flame Battle Armor. Because of the giant dragon’s Life Essence, he got rid of human life span for more than 100 years. Of bondage.

In addition, William himself used holy light to inject the sentinel Battle Armor into the holy light Battle Armor.

It can be said that there are four kinds of magical Battle Armor, which can become William’s trump card. The real thanks to Carol is the achievement of Sentinel Battle Armor.

By the way, when absorbing the power of Phoenix, if it weren’t for the sentinel to absorb the negative and dark energy in the power of Phoenix, maybe it would be the same as Jean-Grey, leaving a hidden danger in the body. in.

The Dark Sentinel, Battle Armor, has been hidden by William in the storage space, and he didn’t even have the thought to show it.

Just know how huge the dark energy and negative emotions are.

If the Dark Sentinel Battle Armor is put on by that demon or devil, he can instantly become a new Demon King comparable to Mephisto.

The memory of William suddenly made Carol dissatisfied and annoyed.

When he saw William and himself face to face, he was still stunned. Carol couldn’t help but put his arms around William’s neck in irritation, and kissed him on tiptoe.

I was kissed forcibly.

William opened his eyes wide and looked at Carol with his eyes closed, and suddenly remembered that this wasn’t the first time this little girl had kissed herself forcibly.


A scream, through the portal, reached the ears of William and Carol.

William knew it was Mia’s voice when he heard it, and hurriedly pushed away the red-faced Carol, but did not let go of the hand holding her.

Take her through the portal, “Mia, this is your Carol Aunt. When you were not born, if it wasn’t for Carol,

Your Daddy The most dangerous moment in my life was when I dealt with Demon God Set, it was not so easy to escape that catastrophe.”

These words are useful to Mia, Hela, Angela, Athena and others present, but Carol, who experienced the battle with William personally, did not believe it very much.

The situation at the time did seem dangerous, but after all these years, if Carol didn’t suspect that William took the opportunity to absorb her energy, she would be a fool.

When Mia heard that Carol had saved her own father’s life, she wondered if she could not see pictures that she shouldn’t see.

Without hesitation, he bowed his knees and said, “Thank you, Carol Aunt, I am Mia Winston Devonshire.”

“Hello, Mia”.

Carol smiled nodded, and then held William’s palm tightly, staring at William in shock and annoyance and asked, “When did you have a daughter?”

William shrugged, “15 years ago, but Mia was my only daughter, the only one, do you understand?”

Asshole, Carol knew William was warning himself when he heard it.

I cursed William in my heart, and regarded her as who?

But she didn’t dare to speak out those accusations in public, and even faintly felt that she didn’t dare to mention it in private.

After all, the two have known each other for more than ten years. When William was indifferent, she had personally experienced how ruthless she was several times.

If it weren’t for this bastard, none of the men I met in the universe could be as powerful or handsome as William. She wanted to try to have a relationship with others, so forgetful The sane and carefree bastard in front of him.

Looking at William, who was staring at him with piercing eyes, Carol struggled back and forth for a while, and finally could only nodded helplessly.

I told William that she would never be against Mia.

When all the women in the family saw this situation, they all felt helpless in their hearts. It seemed that there was another family member.

William smiled and grabbed Carol’s hand, kissed her on the back of her hand, and opened the portal linking Yongdu Spaceship,

“You go help Abigail first The contract is settled, and then we will discuss and discuss whether you stay in Earth or continue to maintain the security of the universe as a serious job.

Go to work during the day and go home at night”.

Hearing this, Carol’s face was instantly surprised.

I can get the love I have been looking forward to for more than ten years without giving up the responsibility of maintaining the security of the universe. This result is really in line with my heart.

I didn’t care about why I wanted to help Abigail.

Looking at Carol rushing through the portal, Mia looked at her mother helplessly, and muttered, “Another silly woman who was dazzled by love”.

“Mia”, Ambrosio glared at his daughter slightly red, and looked at William with an uneasy and guilty conscience.

Seeing William laughed shook his head, without any sense of anger, then relaxed and sighed that fate is not the worst for him.

At least there is not only William’s only child, but also not like Carol. It took more than ten years to be accepted by William.

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