Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1579

After signing the contract with the Bedouin, William took Carol on a three-day interstellar trip. In these three days, the Bedouin had also taken all clansman, left the centaur and returned to his home planet.

After that, William let Sunday control a 100-meter cargo spaceship, with 3,000 healing charms and 4.5 million energy crystals, sailing to the Star Domain where the Bedouin people are.

Along the way, he deliberately slowed down the spaceship, just to see who would jump out and rob this spaceship.

But didn’t expect that there were not only military spaceships of Hart and Nidsen people along the way, but also escorted this cargo spaceship to the Space Jump point along the way. Even the Cree people entered them in the spaceship After the galaxy, four warships were sent to escort.

This reminded William that three days ago, the accuser Ronan arrogantly entered the spaceship of Yongdu. Before he came to boasting in a hurry, he was surprised by Captain Carroll and almost turned around and left in fright.

When he saw Carol being grabbed by Abigail and walking over, Ronan instantly respected Abigail.

The nickname of Carol Cosmic Police is not just to talk about it casually, but because of her punches and kicks, or even a direct hit.

As an existence capable of crashing into the Destroyer ship, it was the first time that Captain crashed into someone else’s spaceship, but it was not Thanos, but Ronan.

Several decades ago, Ronan brought his fleet to Earth, intending to take the Rubik’s Cube from the universe, but didn’t expect that experience became a fiasco he didn’t want to mention in several decades.

Carol, who has just awakened all his powers, can be said to be gods block then kill gods and demon block kill demon.

Not only did it kill countless unmanned small space fighters with bare hands, but also directly crossed a huge spaceship of the Cree.

Ronan, who was directly scared, ordered the retreat without any temper.

Even because of this experience, Ronan and Thanos have never been in contact with Thanos.

In Ronan’s heart, in terms of destructive power alone, Thanos is not as strong as Carol.

After the Cree learned that William had taken Carol down, he immediately raised William’s danger level by another level.

If it hadn’t been for William to have never had a history of slaughtering other intelligent creatures in the universe, maybe he was already a dangerous figure comparable to Thanos.

That’s why there was the dispatch of space warships to escort the Devonshire family’s cargo spaceship.

When the Centaur planet is acquired, it is equivalent to having the main star of the official kingdom, but William is not in a hurry. Others on Earth are eager to board the spaceship. As a pioneer, they will board the Centaur first. , So as to take advantage.

Countless people who knew and didn’t know flocked to London in the past three days, and William was troubled by it. They simply took family members who were willing to travel on interstellar to sit on a vibrating spaceship and fly openly to space.

1 month later, the magic planet seaside villa. When William took Mia to fish while sitting on a small yacht, a sound of Sunday came from his ear.

“SIR, there is good news to tell you, the spouse of the flame dragon Snug, the dark giant dragon should be pregnant”.

“Got it”.

William is nodded at will. The giant dragon that used to belong to the fire giant Sirtel has been conquered and sent to the magic planet for three years, and there is no surprise that I can get pregnant.


William suddenly remembered that he had absorbed Snug’s life force back then.

Isn’t it because of this that he has some of the characteristics of the giant dragon that prevents Abigail and the others from getting pregnant?

Beckoned, a sentry material hooped on Snug’s dragon horn like a curse, suddenly appeared in his hand.

While a huge flame energy poured into the Sentry Battle Armor on William’s body, there was also a wave of Life Aura that followed his hand into his body.

Feeling that life force or lifespan is increasing and gradually becoming stronger, Li Changheng hurriedly used the strength of space to separate the sentry curse.

Then I thought in my heart that maybe Angela could also try to absorb this giant dragon’s life energy.

Since two giant dragons with different magic attributes can have offspring, are the two intelligent creatures enhanced by the giant dragon Life Power at the same Life Level?

A long time ago, William had decided whether his eldest son would come from Angela or Abigail.

From a safety perspective, Angela is definitely more suitable for absorbing giant dragon life force than Abigail.

“Mia, tell you mother and the other Aunts, Daddy, I will go to Asgard for a few days.”

After speaking, he teleported Mia back to the villa by the sea, and his silhouette instantly appeared in the Asgard Golden Palace.

After waiting for more than an hour in the palace of herself and Angela, Angela, who had dealt with government affairs, happily walked to William’s side.

He rubbed his neck and said softly, “You come to Asgard to see me when you are so free?”

William heard the grievance in Angela’s words. .

In the past, he would definitely have a sweet talk with Angela first, and then naturally come to a fitness game to ensure that Angela will soon disappear without a trace no matter what complaints he has.

But today he didn’t care about coaxing Angela, took out the Flame Curse, and recounted his guess in Angela’s puzzled eyes.

Assimilate with giant dragon’s Life Power?

Angela knew the benefits of doing this without William.

But once there is Life Aura of the giant dragon in the body, Angela doesn’t know if Odin will be furious, saying that she has contaminated the bloodline of the Royal Family of Asgard.

But the thought of giving birth to one, or even several offspring, of oneself and William, not only stabilized her Divine King’s kingship, but also had a firm foothold in Devonshire’s house.

In the future, no matter who is more favored, after seeing her, he will be obediently called elder sister.

After thinking about it, Angela decided to tell Odin.

William thought for a moment, and wanted to hear what Odin’s attitude would be on this matter.

It’s a pity that the old man, Odin, is so shrewd. He instantly understood that if he opposes today, in the future, William will always remember today’s things and what he will do. Only the old heaven knows.

With Odin’s approval, Angela excitedly pulled William back to the husband and wife’s palace, under William’s concerned eyes and guard.

Wear the Sentinel Flame Battle Armor, let Battle Armor absorb the flame energy while absorbing the life energy of the giant dragon little by little.

The huge life force has entered the body, Angela feels a burning sensation, as well as a huge amount of life force, constantly repairing the injuries caused by the burning, and it is also very strong Her Life Level.

Ten years, centuries, five centuries, and millennium lifespans continue to increase, and when she feels that she can live another 1,500 years, which is the same as the lifespan William added that year, Angela quickly released the flames Curse.

Close your eyes and wait for the energy within the body to calm down slowly.

More than an hour later, as soon as Angela’s eyes opened, William felt an imposing manner burst out instantly.

Fortunately, in her eyes, there is no vertical pupil like a giant dragon, but the red light flashed, and it returns to normal.

And Angela, who had just accepted the life energy of the giant dragon, looked at William’s eyes at this time, and she couldn’t help but show a strong desire for possession and fitness.

In a burst of skull’pa pa pa’, Angela’s face turned red and she pulled William into the bedroom of the two.

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