Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1580

Angela, who was not William’s opponent before, was able to match him evenly this time.

While it made William feel very happy, he was also worried that if his women became the same as Angela, then he would be in big trouble.

In the past, I used to beat three, or even beat five. If all of them became Supergirls, that would mean that he didn’t talk about gang fights, and he might be dissatisfied.

Fortunately, Angela may have just absorbed the life force of the giant dragon, and has been contaminated with the habits of the giant dragon, so she is so brave.

In the next three days, it became normal again.

The two handled Asgard’s government affairs normally during the day and hid in their bedroom at night. William didn’t work out Angela until he was exhausted and never stopped begging for mercy.

On the morning of the fourth day, when eyes were opened, William habitually hugged Angela who was still sleeping, but when he put his hand on her stomach, a feeling of femur and flesh connected to him suddenly appeared. In my heart.


I don’t know how many years he hasn’t called God, he immediately sat up, and then in Angela’s sleepy eyes, puzzled eyes, he leaned over and put his ears on her belly.

William’s obvious move made Angela react after only a few seconds.

She covered her mouth with her hand, and stammered with tears in her eyes, “You, are you sure, dear?”

William was silent for dozens of seconds, his eyes gleaming , Nodded with a look of affection, “It shouldn’t be wrong, I can feel you have our child in your stomach.”

“Odin is on.”

Angela hugged William’s neck tightly in ecstasy, her cheek stuck to his face, “We finally have a child, we finally have a child”.

“Calm down, dear, calm down.”

Worried that Angela was too excited, William hugged her and whispered comforted, “Don’t be too excited, it’s not good for the child”.

“Uh, uh, uh”, when it was not good for the child, Angela took a few deep breaths, “I am not excited, I am not excited”.

While talking and talking, I started to cry again.

William sighed. It seems that not only has he been under pressure in recent years, but Angela must have been under more pressure.

Athena and Artenis are just god queens after all, and they were suppressed by William, so everything can be pushed on William.

Only Angela, the Goddess king, not only had to fight the upper echelons of Asgard, but also faced the pressure of other women in William.

Fortunately, now that I am pregnant, everything is different.

This child is equivalent to the combination of the two great gods. He must be qualified to inherit the Divine Realm of Asgard.

Even if he does not inherit the throne of Olympus, he must Can get Prince’s treatment.

After all, no matter how limited the succession qualifications of other children are in the agreement between William and Zeus, it is impossible to deny the fact that they are both Prince and Princess.

Of course, William did not intend to let other children than the children born by Athena and Artenis inherit the throne of Olympus.

Since Angela can become pregnant, other women will certainly be able to.

In other words, William now doesn’t need to worry about the issue of heirs, he has to put his mind on guarding against intrigue and infighting with each other when his child grows up.

And hearing the news that Angela is pregnant, the only people who will be sad and hesitate are probably Ambrosio and Mia mother and daughter.

William frowned when he thought of this.

And Angela, who was so excited, saw William frown, surprised and puzzled, and quickly calmed down.

With a few rapid thoughts, you probably guessed what William was worried about.

After all, during this time, anyone can see how much William loves Mia.

And people like Angela know that the holy light Battle Armor that Mia wore that day was taken back by William, but a lot of holy light sentry materials were left behind, attached to the Zhenjin Nano bracelet. .

Equivalent to when there is a real danger, the vibrating mark 50 will easily become a holy light mark 50.

Although it is not the Holy Light Battle Armor of the complete volume, it is better than Angela in terms of defensive power and speed.

The advantage of running without winning is really played.

Fortunately, now that I have a child, I don’t have to worry about whether Mia will occupy the magpie’s nest.

In this case, it is better to take the initiative to resolve William’s concerns.

Thinking of Angela leaning on William’s shoulder, she whispered, “My dear, or else, in the name of the King of Asgard, how about sealing Mia as Princess?”

William was taken aback, and a smile soon appeared on his face.

Princess’s status is noble and not noble. It depends on the strength of her father and the kingdom, as well as the degree of favor.

With William, Mia is Nine Realms’ noblest Princess.

As for whether Mia’s ambition will be promoted, the solution is also very simple.

As long as you choose a fief outside of Asgard for Mia, it is equivalent to publicly confirming that Mia has no inheritance rights.

Angela is the king of Asgard, she is also the king of ice giants recognized by most frost giants.

Give Mia a territory in Jotunheim, and she can at best become the king of Jotunheim in the future.

And it depends on Angela’s reluctance, after all, she and William should be more than one child.

However, for William, the Frost Queen should be the easiest throne for Mia and the least likely to worry other women.

Although the personal strength of the ice giant is not weaker than that of the Asgardian warrior, Jotunheim is too barren.

Although the three-meter-high ice looks very burly and sturdy, but in real fight, even William’s combat robot can destroy all ice giants.

Thinking of cultivating Mia to be the Queen of Frost, William couldn’t help but the idea of ​​giving her the Frost Sentry Battle Armor on his body to her.

Furthermore, if you add the Frost Warhammer that has been in Angela’s hands, it is certain that none of Mia’s future younger brothers and younger sisters dare to provoke her.

The Frost Warhammer itself is made by the Supreme Treasure of the Ice Giant, the Ice Box and Ulu Metal, and is made by the king of dwarves, Ai Treasure himself.

If Mia has two cold ice attribute Supreme Treasures, except for William and Angela, who can call the treasure owned by William at any time, it will be fine even if she fights with Hela.

After thinking about it, William looked at Angela and said, “I plan to give Mia the Frost Sentinel Battle Armor. As for whether you will give her the Frost Hammer, you decide for yourself.”

Angela immediately shook her head, “The Hammer of Frost can give Mia, or even directly seal her as the King of Frost, but the Sentry Battle Armor can’t”.

“Until you have not decided to abdicate, who is the heir of Olympus and who is the heir of Asgard, the Sentry Battle Armor cannot be given to any child.

You have this set of Battle Armor in the entire universe, and which child you give to it means that she is your chosen successor.

Do you want to see your child for the throne? Secretly plot against each other, fight secretly, or even kill your own brother sister?”

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