Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1581

As soon as Angela said it, William also reacted.

It can be said that the Sentinel Battle Armor is just like Odin’s Eternal Spear and Zeus’s “Lightning Fire”. It seems to outsiders that it has represented him William -Devonshire.

So, to whom Battle Armor inheritance is given, not to mention outsiders, in the eyes of these women at home, which child gets it, represents who is the most favored.

Although William has more than one Divine Item that can match the Sentry Battle Armor.

But the Spear of Victory is the Divine Item that uses the “lightning fire” of Zeus, Trident of Poseidon, and Hades of Hades.

William hasn’t been revealed outside of Olympus except for once in Tartarus Purgatory.

Even Athena and Artenis only met once when William officially ascended to the Divine King of Olympus.

The Longinus Demon Spear snatched from Mephisto only frightened the previous owner Mephisto, used space energy to travel through space and pierced his projection outside.

Only Odin has actually touched him once, and then he was regarded as his hole card by William, and he was hidden strictly once.

As for the storm battle axe obtained from Sol from other planes, I only took it out, but never used it on this plane once.

The Sentinel Battle Armor is different. Almost all the extraordinary beings who have come into contact with him know his Battle Armor.

Unique and unmatched, adding William to be extraordinary, of course, will be regarded as a symbol of William by everyone who knows or does not know him, just like Odin’s “Destroyer” Battle Armor, well-known throughout the universe.

“Well, before I die, I won’t pass the Sentry Battle Armor to a certain child”.

Angela heard William’s promise, although she felt a little pity the child in her stomach, she would not be able to get the Sentry Battle Armor for a long, long time in the future.

But the stability of the family is indeed more important to Angela, who is low-key and has even lived as a shadow for nearly a thousand years.

That morning, the news that Angela was pregnant quickly spread throughout Asgard.

While countless people were surprised and carveled, many people who had been thinking about Sol almost completely gave up the idea of ​​La Angela getting off the horse under one after another.

Receiving the blessings of Odin, Fjallie, Sol and Jane Foster, and participated in the three-day carnival celebration, William took Angela back to the magic planet’s villa.

Then returned to the manor in London with a group of women with surprise faces but uncertain eyes.

After that, Athena, Artenis, and Hela followed to the manor.

No surprise, William was completely missed by the women at home.

It took only half an hour. Except for daytime and night, his private time no longer belongs to him, but belongs to 13 women who want to be a child or don’t want to suffer.

But not everyone is suitable for absorbing giant dragon life force, and not everyone wants to have a giant dragon breath in their lives.

At least Athena stood up and said that pure humans like Abigail have not reached a certain level of strength. If they absorb the giant dragon life force, the body may not be able to withstand the side effects of burning.

Once the giant dragon’s breath cannot be suppressed, it may be assimilated by the giant dragon, and dragon scales or dragon horns will appear.

Furthermore, Serena and Nissa, no matter how they were born in Blood Race, although they are not afraid of the sun, or even holy light, the life force of the giant dragon is likely to directly burn them both Into ash.

William frowned after listening.

I had the situation of giant dragonization in the past, and fortunately, it finally recovered, but Abigail, Jesse, Ambrosio, Laura and Natasha are indeed in great danger.

Fortunately, the story of Angela’s pregnancy opened up William’s mind.

Since it is the gap between Life Levels, improving the life level of your own women is more than just absorbing the giant dragon life force.

Furthermore, to put it bluntly the benefits of improving Life Level, the biggest one is the increase in lifespan.

William himself has greatly increased his lifespan twice, once with the giant dragon life force, and once with the force of nature.

The result of the power of nature infusion is at best elfization, and for Abigail and the others, even a certain degree of elfization.

After all, in all legends, elves are described as beautiful incarnations.

And the second method that William can directly use is the beliefization that Athena is most looking forward to.

The way to believe in becoming a god is not only applicable to Athena and Artenis who have become gods.

The three dark sides of Sea Ra, Serena and Nissa, the beings who were born can also use this method to improve their strength.

But no one knows whether these two methods are available, and not all women are willing to have children in the near future.

Jin Grey, who is only 20 years old, and Marvel Carol, who has just been with William for two months.

Among all the women of William who haven’t fully grown up, she is the only one who really called Mia a friend and was simply not ready to be a mother.

The other has only William in his heart, and then when William is not available, or is not there, he goes to the universe to be a policeman, where there is kung fu to give birth to a child.

Furthermore, William is still not at ease with Athena, who uses her faith to enhance her strength.

Even if she has been her own wife for five years, Athena’s character and wisdom and triumphant divinity are destined to be far less than Artenis who can reassure William.

But if Athena didn’t say anything, Artenis would definitely not mention it.

Therefore, in William’s mind, implementing the plan of faith-enhancing strength is far from coming soon.

Holding three planets in his hand, and all of them are green hills and clear water, a planet with luxuriant plants, and Abigail, which William was the first to bring, came to the magic planet.

I have experienced several times of fully absorbing the force of nature, and after so many years, my strength is even more different than when I helped Tree of Life Celia.

It is much simpler to use it again.

If it weren’t for Abigail, even if he cultivated the witchcraft, his strength was still too low. William felt that as long as he absorbed all the power of nature in the largest forest of the magic planet, he would probably be able to make Abi Gael’s lifespan increased for thousands of years.

But now it only took a full half a month to increase Abigail’s lifespan by 1,500 years.

Then I was not ashamed and ashamed, dealing with all kinds of fitness among women. Two months later, Abigail walked out of London’s Santa Maria Hospital excitedly.

Although I knew that I was pregnant from William a few days ago, today I was asked by at least two hundred media reporters, separated by hundreds of black clothed security guards, all kinds of questions. .

Abigail still couldn’t help his excitement, and walked one meter behind the two rows of black clothed bodyguards with a smile on his face and accepted an interview with reporters on the spot.

Soon, the news that the second child of the Devonshire family will be born in nine months will soon spread throughout the world.

And unlike Mia, this child can be said to be the heir of the family without a doubt.

Just when everyone thought Mia would fall out of favor, William was dragged by Mia to a concert like never before.

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