Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1582

Furthermore, it doesn’t count.

On the evening of 2nd day, William took Mia and Louise to Chelsea to watch the game.

And the three of them didn’t go to the VIP room, but sat among Chelsea fans.

However, even if William didn’t mention it, Gunner, a former member of The Expendables who has been in charge of stadium security, had already arranged more than two hundred Chelsea’s ironiest fans, and there were more than ten security guards surrounding William, Mia and Louis.

Before the game started, William actually took Mia holding Louis in his hands and took photos with some fans he knew.

Suddenly push the atmosphere of the stadium to the extreme.

The fans throughout the stadium soon called Mia, who was wearing a Chelsea jersey and smiling, as’Chelsea Princess’.

Furthermore, during the intermission, Mia and Louis were brought to the bishop training seat on the side of the court, and the magic bird, who had been in the bishop training position for 18 years, laughed on the sidelines. What’s talking about.

That night, some media broke the news that Magic Bird and the players broke the news in the locker room that 40% of the team’s shares had been placed in Mia’s name.

2nd day, many unbelievers are also looking forward to the magic bird flies into a rage, and furiously find out who has leaked the news.

But didn’t expect the team to open training in the afternoon, this guy stood on the side of the training court with a smile all afternoon.

Everyone now understands that this news came out with William’s acquiescence.

And the comfort for Mia is more than that, William not only favors his first child, but also has a vague idea of ​​owing him.

In the next few months, as long as I have time, I will take Mia to ski, skydive, fish, watch musicals, and attended several charity auction receptions.

Every time I appear in auction, Mia, who has only tens of thousands of pocket money per month, at most less than 100,000 pounds, smiles all night of happiness.

Then carry a few, or a dozen, which in William’s eyes are waste auction items.

Then someone broke the news that the name of Ambrosio appeared among the shareholders of England Independent Television.

A few days later, during the Stark Group’s shareholder meeting, reporters again found Ambrosio at the cocktail party that night.

Immediately, various rumors spread throughout the United States. Many people said with certainty that most of William’s industries in the United States have been transferred to a Foundation that only benefits from Ambrosio and Mia.

Calculated by controlling the amount of wealth, rather than private wealth, this mother and daughter are already the richest women in the United States, even if you add men to the calculation, they will be 100% top ten.

Now, countless people only care about envy and jealousy of Mia and Ambrosio. No one cares what the media said that Mia has fallen out of favor.

Actually, the wealth given by William is basically a company that is not directly managed by Abigail.

The team has always belonged to his mother Lena, and Stark’s shares only allowed Abigail to attend the shareholders meeting. Tony Stark really contacted William himself.

On the contrary, England Independent Television, when Abigail was chatting, took the initiative to ask Ambrosio to help her share the family affairs and sent it out.

As for why the fund was established, it was entirely because William did not want the Americans to take advantage.

Although Abigail said that he has mastered the entire Devonshire Group, he really speaks of which, and all the wealth is actually under William’s name.

As smart as Abigail, it must be clear in his heart that instead of conflicting with Ambrosio, it is better to unite against Athena, Sister Artenis, and Hela.

As for Angela, she and Abigail are really close.

The number of times the two have accompanied William together in London is too many to count, and they have reached a hidden alliance long ago.

And there is another problem. Athena, Artenis and Hela are all on the road of faith. Naturally, they are not the same as the women headed by Abigail and Angela. .

The only waver is Daddario, who has mastered the Olympus Sea Territory.

However, when Mia listened to her mother and Abigail’s words, she started to get busy with her already-good relationship with Jean-Grey, shopping around, looking for food, watching movies, and even racing. Later, Daddario’s attitude quickly moved closer to Abigail and the group.

Then these women thought about how to solve Serena and Nissa’s problems. Finally, after Mia got bored, she muttered, “Just ask Daddy for the strength of Faith.” .

Hearing this, Daddario eyes shined and is busy opening the mouth and said, “I heard people from the Paladin group say that the beliefs produced by Holy City have at least 7-Layer belonging to William. .

The bad guy doesn’t need it. He must have been collecting and storing the strength of Faith over the years.

It’s just me and Serena. You can get some belief in Gold Coin, but it’s hard to say how much.”

Believe in Gold Coin?

Mia muttered in her heart with bright eyes. It seemed that she had acted like a baby to William. The more Gold Coins she got, the more weight she and mother had in the family group.

Then Mia sighed, why is she a few centimeters taller than when she first met William.

If she is only as old as Louise now, make sure to go to William immediately, behave like a baby, and be stalker with 10,000 believe in Gold Coin directly.

No, you have to take advantage of the younger brother in Aunt’s belly, or the younger sister before he is born, and before he learns to act like a baby, you have to give full play to your advantages.

Otherwise, in a few years, Mia herself will be sorry to William.

After a planet, William returns from the magic planet with Natasha who needs the power of nature to restore her fertility.

When a group of women got together again, Mia deliberately didn’t use the space ring with a smile, but put a big box on the solid wood coffee table.

Then, while putting away the body with my mind, the vibrating inner armor used to provide strength, said with a smile, “A thousand beliefs in Gold Coin is a gift to everyone from me and my mother.”

Asshole William.

Daddario cursed directly in his heart, and Serena and Nissa’s faces were also not very good.

They asked William for it, and they only needed a thousand, but Mia, Little Brat, who doesn’t need to believe in Gold Coin, can actually get the same amount.

“Well, William must have done it deliberately”.

Abigail, who can see through the essence at a glance, shook his head helplessly, “William does favor Mia, but he definitely wants to tell us that he actually doesn’t like you relying on strength of Faith to improve. strength”.

“Why is this?” Jesse, who was sitting next to Abigail, was dissatisfied, but her character did not dare to accuse William.

But Laura, who sat with Natasha and asked how her body was recovering, did not have that many scruples.

After listening to Jesse’s words, she frowned and said, “Do you want Serena and Nissa to absorb the giant dragon life force at the risk of being burned?”

A group of women suddenly became silent.

Only Daddario was looking thoughtful and said, “William may be worried that too many of us absorb faith, and All Gods turn to Dusk will appear again.”

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