Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1583

The meaning of the word All Gods turn to Dusk, even the youngest Mia, knows from various books and movies, it is the fall of a god, even the destruction of a god system.

Because Hela rushed out of the seal and made a fuss in Asgard before, except for Ambrosio and Mia, all the women present were sent to Olympus for refuge by William.

I know more or less that the Divine Realm of Olympus has truly experienced a turmoil that has spread to all of Olympus.

Heavenly God Zeus disappears without a trace. Some people say that he has fallen. Some people say that he was injured too badly and had to pass the position of God to William. He fell into an endless sleep.

But there is no way to hide the death of Heavenly God such as Poseidon, Queen Hera, War God Ares, etc.

For the entire Olympus Twelve Main Gods, apart from Zeus who was exiled by William, only Athena and Artenis remained.

Now I heard Daddario say that William was worried that there would be a second All Gods turn to Dusk. Everyone present, except Mia, panicked.

“No wonder William himself does not absorb faith.”

At this time, it is almost Daddario of the New Sea Emperor, sighing, “The believers of Olympus are experiencing a great change in thinking.

There are many ancient Greeks in Divine Realm. People are tired of the ideological restrictions imposed by the gods. If it weren’t for William, like Zeus, he forced the ancient Greeks to believe in him.

Divine Realm might have exploded in various ways. The Olympus has rebelled.”

Grey frowns saying sitting next to Daddario, “But I can clearly feel that Athena and Artenis are a lot stronger than when I first met them.”

This time I don’t need Daddario to speak, Laura on the side helplessly said, “The two sisters have exclusive faith on the 3rd floor of Olympus Holy City.

Plus others The gods have fallen, and the beliefs in the entire Divine Realm are not divided between them, of course they will become stronger.

And if Athena’s plan is successful, she and the Artenis sisters will be Among us, the strongest and most difficult combination to contend.”

As soon as they heard the combination, Abigail and the others couldn’t help but think of the sisters Angela and Hela.

Even if these two sisters have worked out with William, all kinds of grievances, competition and interests will force them to be unable to truly unite.

“It’s not that serious, and you look down on our husband too much”, Abigail shook his head and looked towards Daddario.

The women present quickly thought that the Olympus Divine Realm not only has Daddario, but Poseidon’s illegitimate daughter stepped in and succeeded the Sea Emperor.

Athena and Artenis are really speaking of which, in fact, they are only the queen of God, and the real power is always in the hands of the Divine King, William.

Thinking about it this way, it seems that you don’t need to worry too much about their sisters. On the contrary, it makes people think that Athena will propose a way to improve her strength by faith, which is a last resort.

After all, the child will be born in the future. If their sisters will not be strong, how can they be compared with the child of Hela and Angela?

Dark Space controlled by Hela and Asgard controlled by Angela are huge territories that are independent and integrated. Even if several Prince and Princess are sealed as kings alone, there is no need to worry about insufficient space.

Instead, it was Athena and Artenis, who didn’t even have the right to grant them children.

“That said, our secret conversations these few times have all been useless. That fellow William has dealt with everyone’s turf and possible troubles long ago?”

Jie When Xi heard Nissa’s words, he couldn’t help sighing, “The bad guy William has been taking advantage of him since I knew him.

It’s all he has to take advantage of others, and finally In turn, thank him.”

“Jessie, stop talking”.

Ambrosio gave Jesse a dissatisfied look, then looked at Mia worriedly.

Others followed her gaze and saw Mia’s eyes gleaming with inexplicable light, and she looked thoughtful and didn’t know what she was thinking.


Jessie and Nissa, a pair of life treasures, soon thought in their hearts that if Mia was the same as William, then she might not be able to find a suitable husband in the future.

Thinking about it this way, it’s no wonder Ambrosio gets angry.

Jesse didn’t dare to be right with Ambrosio, and now she dare not refute the situation.

As the third woman of William, before following William, she had Ambrosio and Abigail above her.

At that time, Abigail and her were just unnamed women, and they had to join forces to fight Ambrosio.

So, after being reprimanded by Ambrosio, Jesse not only did not dare to be angry, but said’sorry’ again and again.

Although Ambrosio knew that Jesse was born an orphan and was a thief from a New York block, she was not tough by nature, but she waved her hand and signaled that it was all right, but sighed in her heart. It seemed that she had lost. Not injustice.

Perhaps a strong man like William likes a woman with a personality like Jesse.

Together with Abigail, who is smart and knows how to show weakness, it’s no wonder that these two women have a lot more industry and William’s attention than others.

Nisa, who has the strongest relationship with Jesse, saw that Jesse was a little embarrassed, and hurriedly changed the subject, “So, the problem between Serena and I, not only Athena rushed to the front as a pioneer and Pathfinder.

Also, even if there is an accident, William can’t just watch. Serena and I don’t have children of their own, right?”

That’s right.

A group of women are naturally nodded, but Natasha, who has not spoken all the time, suddenly said, “But don’t forget, when William wanted a centaur planet.

Athena took the initiative. , You can dispatch the Olympus Divine Realm’s army to attack the Bedouin.

If she was just because of the loss of Olympus’ followers too fast, she was impatient and wanted to find Olympus. The way out of the gods,

That’s why we didn’t expect Earth and the Kingdom of Devonshire to belong to us and children. That’s okay.

But if she knew it in her heart If this point is still proactively raised, it is beyond the boundary.”

“Yes”, Serena, who was also silent all the time, looked at Abigail in surprise. Both of them didn’t expect this, but Natasha noticed .

While lamenting that the agent is worthy of being an agent, Serena glanced at everyone, “We don’t care about Olympus, but the Devonshire Kingdom belongs to us and our children. .

Do you have any other ideas on this issue?”

“No”, “No”.

“I agree too”.

Along with a series of approval voices, mixed with Mia’s excitement, Ambrosio grabbed Mia and twisted it a few times around her waist.

“Wait, mother, wait”.

Mia hurriedly shouted with pain and itching, “I have thought of a way to help Serena, Nissa, and Daddario Aunt.”

Ambrosio suddenly stopped punishing his daughter, while the other women looked over with surprise and expectation.

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