Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1584

Being stared at by nine pairs of eyes, Mia was busy doing it, and she bowed her head like a lady, “Although I don’t know what faith is and how to get it.

But believing in a person should be related to emotions such as worship, liking, trust, or even a kind of spiritual sustenance?”

After listening, a group of people turned their attention to Daddario.

“Almost”, Daddario thought for a while and said, “Although I learned the way to become a god from William, it is really speaking of which, the feeling of being believed in is not concrete Description.

What I hear most in my mind is all kinds of wishes, narration, and seeking help. If you can respond to believers, help them solve some problems, or even save people, you can easily get higher “Strength of Faith

If you really want to explain it in detail,” Daddario thought tangledly for a while, “like a Uranus superstar who can communicate with fans in his mind at any time.”

“I knew it”, Mia grinned happily, but was stared at by nine pairs of eyes again,

And Ambrosio grinned unhappy with her, and when she glared over, she was obediently Sit up, even folded his hands obediently and honestly on his waist, docile said,

“I saw Daddy more than ten years ago, when I was not born, I came back from fire star Video.

At that time, Serena and Nissa Aunt were the captains, and they drove the spaceship to fire star to pick up Daddy.

Even now, they can be on’Facebook’ In the message, I saw that many people regarded the two Aunts as Goddess.

Even many women adored her because they were two Aunts, the first captain and deputy captain of the spaceship of mankind. This should be considered too A kind of faith, right?”

“Of course, if Serena and Nissa learn how to become gods, they should be able to absorb these beliefs.”

Daddario didn’t need anyone else to look over, and he said happily, “William’s bastard helped Artenis build a huge temple complex on Fire Star.

Spending money to restore the remains of the city of Athens is considered a way of collecting faith.”

After finishing speaking, Daddario looked at Mia with piercing eyes and said, “My dear, you are doing a great favor to Aunt.

What rewards do you want, as long as Olin Aunt will give you everything in Pace Sea Territory.”

Mia rolled her eyes, “Then I will go to the treasure house to pick it myself.”

Daddario without the slightest hesitation is nodded, “no problem”.

Don’t say Mia to wake up the dreamer, everyone present knows that even if they have children in the future, Mia is the eldest daughter who is more than ten years older after all, and naturally leads the other younger brother. younger sister one step.

And when there are more William children, she will never pet a certain child like Mia, and may even let Mia be responsible for teaching and controlling the younger brother and younger sister.

So, when the future is uncertain, even Abigail, who is already pregnant, does not dare to alienate Mia and Ambrosio. Instead, they have to make their mother and daughter as good as possible.

With Mia’s hint, everyone has a goal.

It didn’t take long to discuss, and decided to establish a space travel company.

Let Serena and Nissa personally be captains and start the travel project to fly to the centaur planet.

And Daddario rolled his eyes and pulled on Laura, who likes adventures and treasure hunts, to make a space adventure live broadcast plan together.

She acted as the host, and Laura acted as Chief-In-Charge, and then brought Natasha and Jean Grey into the team. At the first stop, she decided to drive the spaceship to Mercury, and then Venus.

I then skipped Earth and the fire star that William had already detected, and flew to Jupiter and Saturn.

However, the proposal of Jupiter and Saturn was directly rejected by Abigail.

These two gaseous planets not only have strong storms, but also are accompanied by countless unknown gases and debris. Spaceship is likely to encounter accidents when entering Jupiter and Saturn.

It’s Io, and satellites such as Titan can go shopping.

However, in this way, it seems that Serena and Nissa’s captain plan will be 100% stolen by Daddario’s adventure plus host plan.

Fortunately, Daddario gave up, and the attitude of Athena and Sister Artenis approaching each other made everyone feel that it was appropriate to give her some compensation.

In addition, the stronger Daddario, the stronger the rule of Olympus Sea Territory, which means that their group of women are qualified to negotiate conditions with the sisters Athena and Artenis.

However, since Daddario can broadcast live, Serena and Nina can also.

Although Serena has always looked cold and cold, the more she is like this, the more likely she will be liked by men.

And since Daddario pulled Lara, Natasha and Jean-Grey, Ambrosio and Jesse naturally joined Serena and Nissa’s team.

Only the pregnant Abigail, based in London, uses her logistics Chief Manger advantage to help Daddario, Serena and Nissa as much as possible.

With Earth’s population of 7 billion, I don’t believe it will be lost to the tens of millions of ancient Greeks in the Divine Realm of Olympus.

William, who has been hiding upstairs, smiled after listening to his plans for nine women and his only daughter.

Before he took Natasha to the magic planet and used the force of nature to repair her inability to get pregnant, he mentioned Natasha intentionally or unintentionally.

Natasha was able to deceive the existence of Loki, the god of fraud. After a little thought, it was probably clear that William had the idea to suppress Athena.

At first, Athena suggested that the Olympian army should attack the centaur planet, which really made William feel her belligerent side.

At this time, Nine Realms finally ushered in a peace that has never been seen for thousands of years.

Whether William, Angela, or the Nordic gods represented by Odin, the Warner gods, and the kingdom of dwarves, they certainly do not want war again.

So, no matter whether Athena’s purpose is good or bad, it just won’t work if you want to fight.

However, William can actually understand Athena, who believes in becoming a god, becoming a believer, and losing a believer.

The fact that can never be changed is that any intelligent creature will only want to live a better life after passing through the stage of how to live.

Improved productivity, more food means increased intelligence, and increased intelligence means that ignorance will be reduced a little bit.

and the others found that they can live well without the gods. The gods of Olympus would initiate a battle of gods and reduce the number of gods.

But this is a chronic death, and in the end the world must be destroyed.

Let the ancient Greek civilization of Olympus Divine Realm go back thousands of years.

As for various natural disasters and monster attacks, they are nothing more than slowing down the progress of the ancient Greeks in Divine Realm. One day they will still have to face the point where faith and even the gods maintain their strength.

So, when William had a choice, he would never rely on faith to increase his strength.

This thing is the same as borrowing things. Sooner or later, you will always meet the day you have to pay the debt.

The women in the family are divided into three waves, and each has its own territory, which is the same as the Three Kingdoms.

Under external pressure, no matter how internally fights in the future, it will always be restricted by pressure, which will greatly reduce the situation of life and death.

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