Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1585

On July 21, 2021, in the movie world, 60% of all TV stations and Internet channels in the world will put their programs on London’s Santa Maria Hospital.

From three o’clock in the morning on the 21st, the Devonshire family’s convoy drove into the hospital quickly.

Fifteen broadcast vehicles appeared outside the hospital, nearly two hundred reporters, and at least two thousand Londoners, staying on the streets in the vicinity, and refused to leave.

In the end, the London police had to mobilize in large numbers. They set up checkpoints near the hospital to prevent vehicles from entering, let alone the slower citizens.

The citizens who have already entered are even more proud to learn that the road is blocked.

More than two thousand people, just like guarding the New Year’s bell, are waiting with excitement and anticipation. The Devonshire family was born in London for the first time, and was born with the Prince of England nationality or Princess.

Fortunately, there are already two thousand security guards in Lena’s hands over the years.

In the face of some overexcited crowds, ten kun-style spaceships, back and forth twice, with the support of a full 400-person security team, cooperated with the 30 bodyguards who arrived earlier, and easily The hospital is strictly protected.

The outside of the hospital is very lively, but the inside of the hospital is a little too quiet.

The only sound that came from outside the delivery room was the anxious sound of footsteps walking back and forth.

“William, calm down, don’t walk around again”.

Although Lena is also very nervous, she has to take care of the emotion of Mia who has been holding her hand, looking forward and afraid.

Secondly, seeing William walking up and down the aisle nervously and irritably, seeing William, who has been not surprised, suddenly became less nervous.

Furthermore, Jesse, Nissa and Ambrosio who accompany them around have already been a little pale by William’s serious expression.

The other Serena, Jean, Daddario, Laura, and Natasha, although their faces are normal, but no one dares to speak.

I even got news early in the morning, and Wilson and Louis father and son who came here are like good babies, sitting on the bench by the wall as invisible people.

So, Lena had to call to remind William to pay attention, so as not to really scare the six-year-old Louis.

William will be so irritable, although there are reasons for experiencing this for the first time, there is also the emotion and helplessness of human’s calculation are inferior to the heavens calculation.

I thought Angela was pregnant first, and the eldest son or second daughter must be Angela’s child.

But I didn’t expect it is probably because the couple’s Life Aura has a giant dragon breath. Angela has been 11 months old. The kid in her belly, although healthy, just doesn’t Ken came out so early.

Abigail, who is now pregnant two months later than Angela, has entered the delivery room one step earlier and is about to give birth to his eldest son.

William was a little irritated, but helpless.

In his previous plan, eldest son should be the strongest one, so you don’t have to worry about the younger brother and younger sister daring to jump out and make trouble.

But now that the kid in Angela’s stomach refuses to come out, it will bring great pressure to Abigail’s son in the future.


The people present were at first puzzled, then surprised, and finally looked at with surprise, William who suddenly said the name.

As Europeans and Americans, everyone knows very well what it means to use the name of grandfather and great-grandfather to name Abigail child.

As for Henry, William’s grandfather, he was directly ignored by everyone.

For Lena and the others, whether grandfather or grandfather is a word.

Furthermore, when William introduces his name to the outside world, he rarely adds’chen’. Only the internal documents of the family will show William-Chen-Winston-Devonshire.

Jin and Daddario even don’t even know that his name includes the surname Chen.

So, the child who has not yet been born will be treated as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Devonshire.

As for whether he is the real crown prince or not, it depends on whether Henry can get the affirmation of William in the future.

After understanding this, all the women present except Lena looked at William with a grieving expression, and even Mia looked towards the door of the delivery room with a worried expression.

But this time, William has no plans to promote Mia’s title.

Give her the position of Queen of Frost and the right to rule the ice giant of Jotunheim is already the limit.

Otherwise, if you don’t pay attention, maybe the second Hela appeared in the Devonshire family.

However, power cannot be given, and fatherly love and care are still okay.

No matter how much Mia is the eldest daughter, it was when William was desperate because of the child problem, she gave him hope and let him experience the ecstasy of being a father as the first child .

“Mia, come here.”

Mia, who is almost 1.7 metres tall and the height of William’s chin, bowed her head and walked in front of William with a nervous expression.

Before speaking, William smiled and put his arms in his arms. He stretched out his hand and patted her back a few times,

comforted, “rest assured, my dear child, Daddy will still love you as much as before.

And I have prepared a big gift long ago, waiting for you, Angela Aunt, to announce it after giving birth to your second younger brother.


So, don’t be nervous, let alone worry, you will always be Daddy’s favorite baby, okay?”

Mia, who has been worried for many days, can’t bear it anymore. His hands hugged William’s neck tightly, his head pressed against his shoulder, and he choked in a low voice.

“Okay, okay, baby, it’s because Daddy is not good, I didn’t talk to you earlier”.

William kept patting Mia on the back, bowed his head and kissed her several times, “Wait for little Henry, Angela, the little thing that refused to come out first, and other After the younger brother younger sister was born,

You who are elder sisters, some have headaches and anger.”

William smiled haha ​​and looked at Mia who looked over, with an expression of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune and said, “As the eldest daughter and big sister, you have the obligation and right to control the future Little ones.

If the younger brother younger sister is not obedient, I will give you the right to punish them for standing, copying books, and memorizing words.”

“Daddy,,”, Mia was dissatisfied with William’s chin on her forehead, “I don’t want Henry and other younger brother younger sisters to hate me”.

“ha ha ha”, everyone around suddenly laughed.

Lena and Wilson looked at Mia’s back with satisfaction. In their opinion, William’s idea was definitely not a good idea.

Even to some extent, it was hurting Mia, so Mia didn’t agree. It was definitely a smart idea.

Ambrosio is greatly relaxed. In her opinion, Mia can be as always, the most important thing is to get William’s favor.

As for the younger brother and younger sister, it is better to control the younger brother and younger sister of the same father and mother.

Otherwise, this job is absolutely thankless.

While other women admire Mia, they also like her more.

Isn’t the child without mother, do I need an elder sister who is more than ten years old?

“Wow, wow,,”.

A burst of baby’s crying came into William’s ears through the sound-proof wall. The stronger Qin, Daddario and Serena, just like William, looked towards the delivery room. door.

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