Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1586

It didn’t take long for the door to open automatically. William let go of Mia and walked quickly to the two doctors who were still wearing surgical gowns.

See here The two doctors, with their eyes full of excitement and joy, joyfully said, “Congratulations, Devonshire Your Majesty, you are a healthy little Prince.

Moreover, His Highness Abigail has no major physical problems, just rest. In a few hours, you should be able to walk freely.”

William, who has been enduring the useless spirit strength scan, became ecstatic when he heard this, “Thank you, thank you, doctor for your hard work.”

But when the two doctors heard the word’hard work’, they put away their smiles in embarrassment, and then retired with some unnatural expressions.

William shook his head with a helpless smile. It is related to the birth of his eldest son. Although he trusts the doctors at Santa Maria Hospital, he still needs necessary precautions and emergency treatment plans.

Not only is the delivery room monitored on Sundays, spiders, ball drones, and even a special type of treatment robot are all on standby and take over production in it.

So, the two doctors will feel upset and normal.

“Wait, doctor.” William called the two doctors, smiled and took out a check and said, “This is my personal donation of 10 million pounds to Santa Maria Hospital. Thank you At the same time, I also hope to help more mothers.”

“Thank you, thank you, Mr. Devonshire”.

When the two doctors were happy, they waved their hands, “Sorry, we have to go back to the delivery room and stare at them, we can’t touch the check.”

“Thank you, then I will directly enter the hospital’s account”.

William laughed and watched the two doctors leave, handed the check to Mia, and asked to transfer the money directly on Sunday.

Spending 10 million pounds to reduce the dissatisfaction of doctors and nurses is very worthwhile for William.

After all, one of them is his wife and the other is his eldest son.

Even if there are Sundays to stare at, the doctors and nurses are selected after rigorous investigation and evaluation. No one can or dare to mess around.

But even if this tens of millions is just for doctors and nurses to be more responsible and careful, it is worth the money.

But didn’t expect, not long after the transfer on Sunday, the official website of Santa Maria Hospital appeared a word “congratulations”, which appeared on the homepage of the website alone.

This kind of words, neither revealing any clear information, but also congratulating William, after getting the report on Sunday, wanted to get angry, but in the end it just shook the head helplessly.

After a little thought, I understood that this was the dissatisfaction expressed by the hospital for letting the new treatment robot enter the delivery room.

Once this kind of robot becomes popular, what will happen to doctors?

When the outside world saw the word “congratulations”, it instantly boiled.

A simple “congratulations” at this moment makes everyone understand that Abigail has been successfully produced.

For a time, the media and the Internet are all congratulating the Devonshire family, the news of the birth of the second child.

The only thing that is still a bit suspenseful is whether it is Prince or another Princess.

While waiting for the child and Abigail to leave the delivery room, Lena hesitantly asked William, “Do you really plan to let Abigail stay in the hospital for three days before returning home?”

William nodded, “Although the robot is more detailed and comprehensive, it makes people feel cold.

Abigail has just given birth, and the mood swings will be a little bit larger. It is better to use a nurse.”

One more thing William didn’t say is that he couldn’t understand the habit of European and American women who went to the ground within a few hours after giving birth to their child, and even drank ice water.

Even if the physique and eating habits are different, confinement is actually a postpartum recovery. If you don’t pay attention, you may still leave the root of the disease.

So, William would rather let the four nurses take care of the whole process in groups 24 hours a day, accompanied by himself and his family in the hospital, instead of taking Abigail home today.

There is no doubt about the professionalism of the carefully selected nurses, but the cost is definitely not affordable for ordinary families.

Even, let alone full-time nurses, ordinary England people cannot afford to live for a few more days.

This is probably the main reason why pregnant women in the United States rushed home that day.

The only difference is probably that Chinese parents will take care of them, and very few American parents will stay to take care of mothers and children.

I can come and see the child every day, even the excellent grandfather, grandma, grandpa, and grandma.

“Congratulations, William”, Wilson led Louis and came over laughing haha.

Regardless of whether William likes it or not, I hug him in one hand, and then deserves a beating in a low voice, “Man, what do you think of my daughter Charlotte?”

William rolled the eyes fiercely, pushed Wilson away, smiled and said to Louis, “Little Brat, Henry will be your younger brother from now on, you have to take him to play together, you know?”

“No problem, William Uncle,” Louis nodded with a serious expression, “I will definitely take care of Henry like Charlotte and Charles.”

“Very well”, William Haha smiled and reached out to touch Louis’ head, “Louis will definitely be a good big brother in the future, and William Uncle is very confident in this.”

Hearing this, Louis grinned happily.

And his father Wilson, smiled and even showed his posterior molars.

With William’s words, it means that Louis will be able to stay with Henry for a long time.

The Duke of the Devonshire family grew up with the Kingdom First Prince. It is a satisfying, reassuring and happy thing to look at.

Not long after, a specially produced therapeutic robot with a special shape came out of the delivery room.

I saw a little bit, wrapped in a white blanket, sleeping peacefully in the special glass cover on the chest of the robot.

“SIR, detected the surrounding environment,,”.

“Stop”, William raised his hand and interrupted Sunday. Santa Maria Hospital is definitely the best hospital in England.

Countless wealthy and aristocratic children were born here. Although the environment is not as sterile as the whole hospital, William understands that hygiene is very important, but children who are too spoiled, good-for- The probability of nothing is also very high.

spirit strength carried his eldest son out of the nursing box, William cautiously hugged Little Brat, and a feeling of blood and blood instantly appeared in his heart.

“From now on you will be called Henry Chen-Winston-Devonshire”.

William finished, Little Brat wanted to have a feeling in the heart, his closed eyes slowly opened a little, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he fell asleep again.

William was completely relieved. The absence of vertical pupils means that Little Brat has not inherited the characteristics of giant dragons.

“Let me hug soon”, Mia on the side was so excited that she wanted to reach out and hug Henry, and then she was caught by Ambrosio and Jesse who came around.

Moreover, Ambrosio knocked his head, “A newborn child, can an inexperienced girl like you hold it?”

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