Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1587

Holding Henry and was surrounded by a group of women at home. Not long after whispering and laughing, Abigail, lying on the hospital bed, was pushed out by four nurses.

“Fortunately, my dear”.

William hugged Henry carefully, leaned over and kissed Abigail’s face, “You are the hero of the Devonshire family.”

Hearing this compliment, and watching William holding the child with a smile on his face, Abigail, exhausted, suddenly showed a big smile.

“It is my responsibility to give birth to the family, and I have to thank you, my dear, for giving me a lovely child and a happy family.”

With the eldest son of the Devonshire family, no one will be able to remove her from the position of queen if she does not die in the future.

Furthermore, Abigail, who knows that he can live for many years, has a very different mindset from those queens who can only live for several decades.

Since the kingdom has been for a long time, there is no need to worry about the king’s accident and death, so the education of the crown prince is extremely important.

Not only must he educate his son well, but he must also guard against thoughts he shouldn’t have.

Otherwise, in the next countless years, one day my child will be suppressed, banished, or even sealed by William, his father.

This thought flashed past, and Abigail returned to smile. When accepting the congratulations and blessings from Jesse and the others, he felt that he could no longer manage that many Devonshire family affairs, lest he didn’t have time to discipline Henry .

Three days passed in a flash. After taking Abigail home, William spent most of the day, either with Abigail and Henry, or taking Mia out to play.

At night, in accordance with the previous agreement of the women in the family, she was willing to be a ox, galloping in the fertile fields.

Unconsciously after another two years, William was lying on the couch in the manor garden, a little upset with his eyes closed and playing dead.

But he hadn’t been clean for ten minutes, accompanied by a burst of immature crying, Angela’s dissatisfied reproach, Natasha’s helpless persuasion.

The two little silhouettes were walking steadily. They ran to the recliner in a chase, followed his legs, grabbed his pants and easily climbed onto him.

Slowly, the two-year-old Henry could only sit on William’s lap and complain, “Daddy, Arthur is not good, so he took Ofina’s younger sister’s milk bottle and drank it secretly. milk”.

And Arthur, who is one and a half years old, but bigger and stronger than Henry, lay on William’s chest and defended, “No, I’m just worried that Ofina will be burned to help the younger sister Just try the temperature”.

As the eldest son of William and Angela, the crown prince of Divine Realm of Asgard, the full name of Arthur, follow the promise made to Odin that year,

It is called Arthur Chen-Winston-Odin’s grandson-Devonshire.

From the moment he was born, the whole Asgard fell into a frantic carnival.

Not only Asgard’s Divine Race, Warner’s Divine Race, Dwarf Race, and Ice Giants, they all gave noble gifts and pledges of allegiance. Many intelligent races in the universe took the opportunity to send to Asgard. Request for access.

Hundreds of various alien missions have now entered Asgard and presented gifts at the same time, many small groups actually asked Angela to accept their allegiance.

And William vetoed it without thinking.

Like Heavenspan Cult Lord, whoever has more staff and subordinates is really strong.

If you really accept the allegiance of these alien races today, the ghost knows if tomorrow will cause Asgardra to enter the war because of them.

So, William didn’t need Odin to remind him that he was polite to receive the visiting mission and never made any promise to anyone.

After finishing the Asgard carnival and mission, William spent a month in Divine Realm before returning to London with Arthur and Angela.

Holding holy light baptism like Henry’s full moon.

Then Angela is basically in Divine Realm during the day. If it is not late at night, she will return to London to reunite with William and Child.

So, Arthur has been in London for at least four-fifths of his childhood, but the little Brat, who stayed in his mother’s stomach for 16 months before he came out, is definitely a little jerk.

Not only when he was six months old, he cried little Henry, who was 12 months old.

When he was about one year old, he started to run, jump, and talk, so he liked to grab the baby bottle of younger sister Ofina-Devonshire.

He even acted like acting like a baby, being cute, and cheating milk from Natasha.

William reluctantly removed the hat that covered his face to block the sun, and scratched Arthur with black hair.

“ha ha ha”, Arthur twisted left and right. After seeing that he could not escape, he immediately slumped, “Wow, ,, Daddy doesn’t like me, Daddy doesn’t love me, only Henry And younger sister”.

“Arthur, Daddy still likes Mia elder sister”, Henry on the side laughed and said, “Daddy took Mia elder sister to the horse race yesterday,

He also promised me that when I was five years old, he would not only give me a unicorn but also teach me how to ride a horse.”

Arthur, who was originally crying, now has a little bit of real crying.

William couldn’t help rolling the eyes, neither of these two boys are good things.

Like Louis’s precociousness since childhood, Henry and Arthur, who have been blessed by holy light, are not only physically better than children of the same age, but also crush their peers in intelligence.

The two even bullied together, the Wilson’s youngest son who is two years older than them.

The real big brother, but the 8-year-old little Louis.

Playing with his two sons for a while, William walked to the picnic blanket on the garden grass with them, and then hurriedly reached out to catch it, with a happy smile on his face, staggering towards himself, One-year-old second daughter Ofina.

Natasha watched William kiss her daughter’s mouth, and her eyes immediately showed great love and satisfaction.

I thought I could not be a mother in this life, but didn’t expect the humility of other sisters to let her go to the magic planet first and absorb the power of nature to restore her body.

So, Once her body recovered, she became the third pregnant woman.

Although child is not a boy, Natasha has no regrets after Ofina.

Of course, since Ofina can be born, she will definitely be able to conceive a second child in the future.

But Natasha knows about the second child, so it’s better to talk about it a few years later.

Otherwise, Athena, Artenis and Hela, who have not been pregnant with a child in the past two years, would definitely be jealous and go crazy.

Two years have passed. Apart from Jean-Grey and Marvel Carol who don’t want to give birth to children, there are only Athena, Artenis, and Hai, who have always wanted to use strength of Faith to enhance their lives. La, Daddario, Serena and Nissa, the six are not pregnant yet.

Other Jesse and Laura are not only bad, but Abigail and Ambrosio already have a second child.

Fortunately, two years later, William does not intend to hold on to what happened.

Otherwise, the four of Artenis, Daddario, Serena and Nissa would be completely dragged down by Athena and Hela, and they would never have a child.

Every time I was with the little girl of Artenis, it was either a face of resentment, or the appearance of crying alone in the middle of the night, which made William, no matter how cruel, could not keep his mouth open.

Besides, Hela can endure it for two years, so she is already embarrassed.

As for Athena, two years are enough time for her to understand that William and even Nine Realms want stability.

So, during the past two years, she has not been noisy, obediently and honestly dealing with the military affairs of Olympus, and when she served William with Artenis, she did not express any dissatisfaction.

William was relieved a lot, and he planned to turn the page over what happened two years ago and let it drift in the wind.

William held Ofina up high and made his daughter giggle at the same time, Arthur threw on his back and shouted, “Daddy, I want too, I want to be with younger sister too. same”.

Angela looked helplessly at the son who used her hands and feet together and crawled to William’s neck, and then looked at the somewhat quiet little Henry.

I couldn’t help but wonder, after Arthur grows up, if he is still like this, how can he be assured of letting him deal with Asgard’s political affairs?

How to make the Asgardians agree and let him inherit the throne sooner?

I don’t know how many years it will take to realize the idea of ​​staying with William at ease.

Natasha patted Angela’s hand, laughed and said, “Don’t worry, the kingdoms ruled by Arthur and Henry are not the same.

Too good child, It’s not easy to sit on the throne of Asgard.

Furthermore, with William pressing down, plus future teachings, even when the age is right, let Arthur reach out The hard life at the bottom will not be crooked”.

“I wish it”, Angela suddenly looked at Ofina with some envy, who was chuckling in William’s arms.

Do you want a daughter?

So there is no need to worry about this or that.

The matter of having children and daughters cannot be determined artificially. As for the use of technology to achieve goals, it is not within Angela’s consideration. She has not even thought of this method.

William was entangled by Arthur, he could only get up with a single thought, and the spirit strength lifted Little Brat up and slowly rotated around him.

“ha ha ha”, Arthur, who was suspended in the air, laughed happily.

Besides this little naturally restless thing, he will swim without fear at all, then he will face the ground and stretch his legs in the air to walk.

Anyway, as the son of William and Angela, even if he fell from three meters in the air, it would hurt at most for a while.

Little Brat didn’t play for a while, and actually shouted, “Daddy, will you take me to skydive tomorrow?”

William instantly understood that this little thing was a spacewalker The action must have been seen from the Internet.

“Have you completed the homework assigned by your mother today?”

“I don’t want to learn the universal language”, Arthur muttered dissatisfiedly, “I can help me on Sunday Translate any language, why should I learn it myself?”

Angela said immediately, “Let you learn more knowledge, so that you don’t put your mind on playing and fighting, and finally become You are a fighting freak like Saul Uncle.

If you dare not be obedient, I will let your elder sister take care of you”.

Arthur felt tight and hurriedly asked, “mother, are you talking about Mia’s elder sister?”

Angela laughed, “You wishful thinking, of course Your elder sister Sophie from Saul’s Uncle’s.”

“I don’t want it, I don’t want it”, Arthur rolled in the air immediately, “Sophie is so annoying. Every time I see me, she treats me like a doll. She has to hold me without saying, but also thinking Let me wear a skirt”.

William’s face couldn’t help showing a smile of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

The Saul and his wife have lived in Earth for several years. Of course, their four-year-old daughter is not much different from Earth’s little girl.

And as soon as Saul saw Arthur, he would mention that he had led the Asgardian army to counter the rebellion.

If it were just like this, Arthur would like to stay with Sol instead.

Once Kosol is happy, he will carry Thor’s Hammer and perform a martial skill learned from Earth in the past few years.

He is dozens of times the physical quality of the Earth person. When he played with the various Sect combat skills on Earth, the real bit effect was cool. While Arthur was surprised and admired, he never dared Bully Sophie.

And Sophie probably likes Arthur, the younger brother too much. Not only does she like to hold him, she also likes to express her love with her kisses. As it should be by rights, Arthur also likes dolls. I like beautiful skirts and headwear.

When Angela saw her son playing a rogue, she couldn’t help but corners of the mouth shows a smile threatening, “I don’t want me to send you to Sol’s house tonight, and now let me sit here obediently and follow Learn Common Language on Sunday”.

Arthur stopped crying obediently in an instant, and saw Henry who was next to William quietly getting up, planning to escape, and immediately shouted, “Henry, your homework today is not finished.”

Henry, who was just about to run away, gave Arthur an annoyed look, but sat back beside William without verbosity.

He pressed the bracelet on his hand, a burst of vibrating gold nano-molecules flowed, forming a helmet on his head, obediently and honestly began to recite the magic theory.

Probably the reason why Abigail himself is an elite wizard, Henry’s magical potential is many times stronger than a battle skill.

And Arthur is just the opposite. Perhaps it is the reason why the Odin family are violent. Arthur’s magic innate talent is equally strong, but he prefers close combat.

Of course, the two children are still so young, and William didn’t let them really start cultivation, but from their usual behavior, they can still see their preferences.

The two little things are finally quiet, and William can finally play with his daughter Offina at ease.

Compared to his son, he really likes his daughter. Even more how Ofina inherited all the good genes of herself and Natasha. When she laughs, she will instantly sprout William’s heart.

Half an hour later, Henry and Arthur, who finally finished today’s homework, looked at each other and then got up and rushed to the newly dug swimming pool in the distance.

The two little things have different personalities, but many hobbys have probably been together for a long time since they were young, and they affected each other. They jumped into the pool and refused to come out without shouting.

As for safety, there are Sundays, and the family only worry that the two of them will get into trouble, but they rarely worry about their safety.

“Yeah, yeah”, Ofina, who is not very good at talking, saw the two big brothers running away and couldn’t help but stand on William’s lap and shouted yiyiyaya.

Seeing Henry and Arthur jumping into the pool, Ofina couldn’t help turning her head to look at William, “Daddy, go, go”.

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