Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1588

At five o’clock in the evening, William was holding his daughter Ofina shirtless and teaching her to paddling in the swimming pool.

Little Brat at first still clings to William’s neck and didn’t let go, and if William loosened her, Waaaaaa immediately burst into tears.

Fortunately, William is very patient with his daughter.

Continuously comforting and encouraging, plus Henry and Arthur two little things, lying on their backs in the water like showing off, smiling hehe from time to time by Ofina.

Finally let Ofina let go of her fear, and William put her back on her back in one hand and her neck in the other, and she chuckled quickly on the water.

She was only one year old and didn’t understand what show off was. She simply ignored the actions of stepping on the water, backstroke, and rushing out of the water to the two big brothers.

I concentrate on interacting only with my relatives. When I was happy, I patted with both hands and motioned William to come closer so that she could use the face of my relatives as a drum.

Now, it made Arthur feel boring. When he thought about it, the nanomaterials formed a swimming goggles in his eyes, plunged into the water, swimming at will like a fish.

Sitting by the pool, Angela and Natasha saw a small silhouette in the pool. In only ten seconds, they dived from the side of the pool to the other side of the two beyond ten meters.

Natasha laughed as a compliment, “If Arthur goes to the swimming competition, maybe the gold medal will be soft.”

“Forget it,” Angela shook her head with a smile on her face, “Our family is too bully to compare with the ordinary person.

Maybe even to participate No one is willing to issue qualifications for the competition.”

“haha”, Natasha laughed in a low voice, “it’s really possible.”

Since Angela and William personally named Mia the Queen of Frost in Jotunheim, homes like Jesse, Laura, Natasha, Nissa, and even Serena, have begun to consciously or unconsciously Befriend Angela.

Even if you can’t be the queen of not just in name only, but also in reality like Mia, Nine Realms is a huge kingdom spanning several Star Domains.

In such a large Star Domain, maybe someday you will find a planet suitable for human habitation?

As for Ambrosio, since Mia was crowned queen, she was the first to jump into Angela’s camp, and she had to do so.

Otherwise, pretending to be upright will not only disadvantage Mia, but will also make other women feel that she is not grateful.

So, Arthur is not afraid of Mia at all, except that Mia loves any younger brother and sister.

Even if Arthur is too naughty and really got into trouble, when Mia wants to punish him, Ambrosio will not say good things openly, but secretly tells Arthur how to make Mia relieve him Punishment.

One come and two. After acting like a baby, selling cute, and giving gifts really made Mia feel soft, Mia is less deterrent in front of Arthur.

Anyway, I have a way to handle you, so don’t be afraid of you anymore.

When Henry saw Arthur playing each minding their own business, he rolled his eyes and swam behind William, with his arms around William’s neck,

quietly said, “Daddy , Take me to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry tomorrow, okay?”

William put his arms around Ofina, looked sideways at Eldest Son and asked, “What are you going to do at Witchcraft School?”


“Hermione Granger Aunt said there will be a Quidditch game tomorrow”.

Henry said flatly, “Daddy, I have three books on magic theory, but I don’t know what the most famous Quidditch game in the wizarding world is. It’s too pitiful”.

William teased with a smile, “Isn’t it just sitting on an ugly and slow flying broom, a flying version of rugby in the sky? What’s so good about it”.

Seriously, although Quidditch is like football, countless wizards are fascinated and crazy by it.

But that flying broom directly made William uninterested to watch, and this game is definitely an ultimate weapon for the child.

Henry will be 100% addicted to it as long as he has watched it. When the time comes bad luck, it is his father, Abigail will definitely nag and say Henry excessive attention to details Prevent one from making progress is all he harmed.

If it’s normal, William will pretend to be stupid and pass.

But Abigail has been pregnant with a second child for three months. It is the most dangerous time, so it’s better not to mess with her.

However, it’s not good to just reject his son. After all, this request is not excessive in William’s mind.

After getting the Chelsea shares with Mia, the energy will inevitably be transferred to the team, and he often takes him to watch the game.

“When you are a little older, when you really start to learn magic, Daddy will take you there.

After all, there is a magic school. According to the regulations, it is not an Academy student and Sorcerer is not qualified to enter.”


Henry was actually distracted by these words and lay weakly on William’s shoulder.

Mumbled, “In the future, the old man with white beard will come home again, I will not entertain them with the magic red wine I got from Jesse Aunt.”

“ha ha ha”, William instantly laughed, “That’s not letting you, Hermione Granger, Aunt take advantage of it alone”.

“Hey”, Henry showed a triumphant expression, “I’m not that stupid. Granger Aunt already owes me five magic wands, an invisible cloak, and a map for survival.”

William suddenly rolled the eyes. The total value of these things is definitely not as high as a bottle of magic red wine.

Even if you compare it by money, a bottle of red wine can sell for 2 million pounds, and 2 million pounds is 13,000 Devonshire Gold Coins, at least 130,000 gold gallons.

Sold all the belongings of Hermione Granger’s family, and she didn’t get Jin Jialong for five bottles of magic red wine.

In this year, Hermione drank at least ten bottles of magic red wine from Abigail, and also got three bottles of red wine from Henry as a gift in return.

This is really the stupid son of the landlord.

6 million pounds, and there are still things that money can’t buy, so I gave it away easily.

However, William was not so stingy either. Hermione, as his own family’s driving force in controlling the wizard of England, plus the friendship with Abigail for so many years, gave it away.

Moreover, given by Abigail and Henry, it would not seem so snobbish.

In the evening, when Jesse, Jean, Daddario, Laura, and Ambrosio went shopping, the house instantly became lively.

Before dinner, Serena and Nissa dealt with the Blood Race guards, plus Mia, who returned from the Chelsea team with Lena, and Abigail, who had dealt with the company’s affairs. come back.

In the family, in addition to Marvel Carol who ran to the universe, there were also Hella who rarely came to London, and Athens, who was invaded by the ancient Greek city-state by the Olympus Giant Race. Outside Na and Artenis, they were all gathered.

In the huge restaurant in the main building of the manor, more than a dozen people gathered around a long table, waiting for the magic elves to use magic to arrange various dishes.

Since Henry’s birth, William has officially let the magic elf openly enter the family’s sight and the entire family’s life, acting as the secret protector of servants, servants and children.

By the way, together with Hermione Granger, act as a magic guide for Henry and Arthur.

First learn some basic knowledge of the magic world, identifying herbs, and demonic beasts. When you reach the age of 5, you will officially start the cultivation of Primordial Demon.

The food was ready, William tapped the table three times with a spoon, and dinner was officially started.

Soon, haha ​​laughed from time to time in the restaurant, and Henry was picky eater and Abigail forced him to eat broccoli.

Arthur wanted to drink wine secretly, but William found out, and then Angela made a dissatisfied reproach.

Ofina Yiyiyaya was dissatisfied with the clumsy spoon and the annoyance that always entered her mouth dishonestly.

The 16-year-old Mia mocked and proudly said that there was another player in the stadium today who wanted to marry her huge bar, and was finally confiscated by the security guard Gunner.

William, who was sitting on the main seat, shook his head helplessly. Mia was 16 years old. Whether he wanted it or not, she was old enough to fall in love.

Fortunately, except for the pocket money, Mia used everything well, and the people she came in contact with were the elite of the elite, and it was not that easy to be deceived by the bad guys outside.

William, sitting on the main seat, suddenly felt that he should be considered perfect in his life.

My mother is still alive, and there seems to be nothing to worry about.

Fourteen wives, four children who have already been born, and three babies who are in their mothers’ belly, waiting to be born.

And as long as you want, Hela, Athena, Artenis, Daddario, Serena and Nissa can also have their own children in less than a year or two.

When the time comes dozens of offspring, the Devonshire family can be regarded as a Great Family.

Hundreds and thousands of years later, maybe there will be so many family members that William himself only remembers his name, birth, looks and abilities, but he can’t meet each one for a long time.

When we can really get together every year, it is probably when Lena and his birthday are.

In terms of power, he directly ruled the Divine Realm of Olympus, the Kingdom of Devonshire, and indirectly ruled Dark Space and Asgard.

Tree of Life has become its own vassal. In the fairy forest on planet X17, those elves who have just been born soon have acknowledged allegiance at his feet.

Master the three-tier economy of England, and the wealth outside of England is calculated at hundreds of billions of dollars.

The strength is so strong that it is well-known throughout the universe. Send a spaceship to the home planet of the Bedouin. The Cree, one of the three Great Empires in the universe, must send a warship to escort.

In hell and the abyss, no Demon King dared to provoke him, and wanted to beg for food on the main plane, even Mephisto had to get his consent to secure his soul.

Although there are six infinite gems, now only the space and power gems are left, but he himself has mastered the space and Power of Time.

Moreover, he is stronger than Odin by virtue of magical power. In terms of soul and mind, few people in the universe should be able to surpass him.

As for the real gems, as long as they have enough energy, they can change any material ability. In reality, it is not very attractive to William.

It has been 23 years since the reincarnation in 80 years to the real awakening system began to rise. He is already a 43-year-old middle-aged uncle, but his lifespan may be calculated in millions of years.

Perhaps, the only regret is that the parents of the previous life could not know that he could have such a great achievement in this World, there will be dozens of grandchildren, granddaughters, and even hundreds of great-grandchildren.

Thinking of this, William suddenly felt that after he had dealt with Hela and Athena, the six women who had not yet been children, maybe he could try to send Chen Mo’s memory back to that time and space.

If Tianchao’s self is just the Astral Projection, and is not smashed into ashes by lightning, it may still be possible to wake up.

Of course, William only intends to abandon Chen Mo’s memory, maybe he can bring a little soul.

However, it is impossible to make him lose his own strength.

This World needs him to look at a family of such a big size.

But if it doesn’t affect your own strength, or if you only lose one ten thousandth of your soul, you can recover after a few months of rest.

Then he doesn’t mind, let Chen Mo return to another celestial dynasty in time and space, continue to be an ordinary person, and do his filial piety in front of his parents in his previous life.

With this idea in his mind, it took William two years to get all women pregnant with children.

Start doing some experiments.

Separate a magic Avatar, and then inject 1 in 1 million Soul Power into the Avatar, instantly let him feel this magic Avatar, it seems that he has really become a flesh and blood individual.

In an instant, the Soul Power on the Avatar was absorbed by him, and then a thought flashed by, and the Magic Avatar was turned into a magic atom.

There can only be one William -Devonshire in this world who really has his own meaning, and that is himself.

Fortunately, in this experiment, it was calculated that the separation of Soul Power did not affect him. Only then did William hesitate and consider for almost a year.

I really decided to isolate Chen Mo’s memory, and then create a basketball-like Ant-Man battle clothes and quantum Space Teleportation device.

How Chen Mo’s memory is in the Soul Power of one ten thousandth, is wrapping this soul with ball-shaped ant-man battle clothes.

William repeatedly confirmed that he was okay without saying anything, and he simply waited for three months until the separated Soul Power was filled, and he was fully confident that he was fine.

Thinking about the loss of memory, it should also be troublesome, so I might as well make up a memory and experiment.

After everything was re-planned, implemented, and settled, William’s attitude this time was very casual.

Use your mind to send the fabricated memory to 1/10th Soul Power in the goal-shaped Ant-Man battle clothes, and then send the Ant-Man ball into the Quantum Space Teleportation device.

“Let’s start, Sunday, the time is set to 2019, May 9th at 10:06:01, the location is Xijiang Province, XX City, Beili Community”.

“SIR, the setting is complete, but I have to remind you that there are countless planes in the universe. If you count by time, there are countless universes.

You are sending this time The success rate is infinitely close to zero”.

William is actually prepared at this point, “It doesn’t matter, it’s just a fabricated memory anyway, and one ten thousandth of Soul Power.

Moreover, I have recovered what I lost. Soul, it’s just a single thought in my heart.

Success is the best. If not, let this soul find a body to reincarnate.

I might become In the mouths of others, the god who can take him to reincarnation or rebirth”.

Speaking of this, William himself laughed.

After a flash, Soul Power’s ball disappeared, but did not directly penetrate into 2019, but went to the United States in 1968 with a little mistake.

That fabricated memory, and one in 10,000 of William’s soul, instantly entered the mind of a 17-year-old foreigner in San Francisco.

(End of the book).

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