KEP Chapter 419

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 419 chapter big long legs, floating astronomy

After all, Park Hae-jin and Park Si-yeon are newcomers, and they are all actors. They have never done art before.

Even if there are such masters as Yoo Jae-seok and Seok Jin-soo, the overall performance is generally the same.

However, this is an urgent need, and can only be used in future recordings.

Although the song festival is over, the related things are not over, for example… the performance of “Music Center”.

Because Seok Jin-soo and Yoo Jae-seok tied for a big prize, both teams got a chance to perform.

However, compared to the group of Yoo Jae-seok, Seok Jin-soo has already finished shooting because of mv, so it was recorded a week earlier.

This is also the intention of the “Music Center”, so that the two hot songs of the “Infinite Challenge” song festival can be relayed, and also drive the ratings of the “Music Center”.

The same brother’s program, this busy everyone is still very happy to help.

On the day of 7 month 13 day, Seok Jin-soo got up early and came to the Sun Mountain Dream Center.

Speaking of it, this is the first time he has been on the stage of playing the song. There is no experience at all.

However, the tension is not nervous. After all, he has performed a lot of business and is very familiar with the stage.

Just don’t know much about song programming, so you need to adapt in advance.

On this side, I found pd, a middle-aged man in his thirties, very kind.

“PD-nim m, what are the requirements for our performance?”

Pd is very satisfied with his initiative to find the door, after all, the artist who is good at communication can save a lot of trouble.

“There is no requirement, you will only perform according to your rehearsal. When the camera is close, pay attention to the camera, the rest will be gone.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo was a lot easier, and I returned to the waiting room with a good mood.

But he still hasn’t settled, the door of the waiting room is pushed away. Then, Seok Jin-soo felt white in front of him.

Snow-white clothes, white legs, white face, shaking his heart, like a cloud.

And seeing his confused virtues, the girls who came in all laughed.

But when they noticed the camera, they still kept the etiquette and greeted them loudly.

“Seok Jin-soo sunbae-nim, hello, we are…Girl’s Generation !”

Nine missy shouted together, and the momentum was extraordinary, and Seok Jin-soo was suddenly awake.

“Yeah!! Not that I don’t know, what good kids are there?”

Also greeted, the girls are relaxed.

“The people are good children.”

Seok Jin-soo stood up and his eyes couldn’t help but lick on their legs.

No way, the dress of the girls today is too tempting.

A white navy suit, full of youthful atmosphere.

The ultra-short hot pants can wrap the hips, but expose a pair of white, slender and slender legs to the air.

Everyday in the entertainment industry, the legs have seen more. But the nine pairs of beautiful legs show together, the visual effect is really not covered.

Seok Jin-soo clearly saw that many of the men in the house were swallowing quietly.

No wonder that the uniform temptation is the most exciting. Now, after the real face, he also feels the boundless power.

The sm company is really amazing. It is really the first entertainment company in Korea in the design of the image concept.

Seok Jin-soo hurriedly looked up and looked at the girls’ faces, not afraid to stay too much on their legs, or the heat in the lower abdomen could not be suppressed.

β€œWow, is this the concept of your comeback?”

Yu-ri licked his hair and took the initiative to call Seok Jin-soo.

“How, Oppa, pretty? Is it very exciting?”

Seok Jin-soo immediately became a fan of blood and volunteered to help them.

“Kwon Yu-ri, Kwon Yu-ri, Saranghae ε“Ÿ black pearl, sexy pure Kwon Yu-ri.”

Listening to his bloody screams, Yu-ri blushes, and happily walks up, one arm is still on his shoulder, sang this title song.

Say your wishes

Tell me the little dreams in your heart.

Seok Jin-soo immediately followed.

“Saranghae ε“ŸKwon Yu-ri, marry me Kwon Yu-ri, I will only love you Kwon Yu-ri !!”

It is one of the things that can be noisy, mainly in the shape of this girl, Yu-ri is the most explosive one.

Her original figure is the best, the convex convex, the curled up, beautiful like a vase.

With the sweet and beautiful appearance, it is really exciting, I have to love.

However, listening to the enthusiasm of Seok Jin-soo, the other girls were broken.

“Oppa, are we not beautiful?”

“Oppa, you change your mind!”

Faced with the girl’s tenderness, Seok Jin-soo was so proud that he began to boast towards the camera.

“Everyone, have you seen it? Noh Hong-chul, that guy always boasted that he is a girl leader. In fact, girls like me.”

In retrospect, Seok Jin-soo began to give girls the opportunity to promote.

“Children, come up with your charms and let our pd and vj become your fans.”

I was afraid that vj would not shoot well. He also took the initiative to grab the camera and moved it in a pretentious manner.

Of course, the girls will not miss the opportunity to appear in the “Infinite Challenge”. The team will immediately disperse and dance the scorpion dance while singing.

The lyrics of “Speak your wishes” is not difficult. Seok Jin-soo listens and listens. While moving along with the hot sing, move the camera from high to low and take a panoramic view of the girls from below.

In this way, their long legs are even more thrilling, and the shaking of every inch of skin is exciting.

At this time, at the top of the formation is Yoon-ah. When I saw the movement of Seok Jin-soo, I couldn’t help but bite my teeth and move up without a trace.

This Oppa has been eager to help Yu-ri, but let Yoon-ah burn in the fire. I want to use this opportunity to show off the charm.

Seok Jin-soo is taking a lot of effort, and the line of sight is suddenly occupied by a pair of slender chopsticks legs, even the top of the fluff is fine.

In particular, the cream powder is applied to the legs to make the skin more crystal clear, and the jade is soft and soft, and has a texture more than porcelain.

Because the thighs are swaying beside the camera, from time to time there is a mysterious and familiar scent floating around, making him seem to be surrounded by the world of flowers.

Yoon-ah’s legs are not perfect, but they can’t stand slender. Especially on the high heels, it increases the curvature of the curve.

In Seok Jin-soo’s opinion, it’s like Krystal is swinging.

This dead missy, really will be intriguing, let him suddenly blood on the head, itching in the nose.

For fear of being ugly, Seok Jin-soo quickly moved his camera and pretended to be a conversion angle, fleeing Yoon-ah’s control.

At the same time, with the cover of the camera, I squinted at this missy.

Yoon-ah has already seen his eyes in his eyes, grinning, and is very satisfied with his charm.

Temporary propaganda is naturally impossible to finish. The girls played a little and stopped.

“How, children, is this comeback feeling that the popularity is going to explode?”

Seok Jin-soo cares about them. After all, this time comeback is not his responsibility, nor how they are doing.

Unexpectedly, I didn’t ask for it. Under the question, the girls’ faces were very resentful.

“Oh, it’s not good at all.”

Tae-yeon is more direct.

“We all blame Oppa, we are like this.”

Seok Jin-soo is inexplicable.

“What? I am waiting for it. I haven’t helped you make songs. As for hating me so much? I just watched your performances. It’s very good, it will definitely be red.”

Soo-young is as mean as a charter.

“Well, Oppa certainly said it was easy. But we lost a lot because of you.”

“Why blame me?”

Seok Jin-soo was incomprehensible, but did not notice that when the girls sweared at him, Jessica silently hid in the end and did not dare to interrupt.

Hyo-yeon can also say.

“Because of Oppa, none of our works have a source.”

Seok Jin-soo jumped in shock.

“No, you didn’t get one of the sources?”

He was really surprised, because since the last comeback, Girl’s Generation has formed a sweeping trend.

Now they are on the peak of popularity, as long as the comeback, as long as the work is not very bad, breaking the table is very normal.

However, his surprise only lasted for a small time, and then he remembered something. Seeing Jessica’s timid look again, it is even more clear.

“Ah…hehe, that, this is a mistake. I don’t mean it. If you want to blame, you will blame Jessica. It is her performance, it will be like this.”

Jessica hiding behind is about to faint.

“Oppa, obviously the song you wrote is so good, how can you blame me?”

Knowing that girls want revenge, how can Seok Jin-soo admit it?

“The cold noodles are not good at all, and if you are acting like Myeong-su brother, isn’t it all right?”

Jessica is dumbfounded.

Is it the same as Park Myeong-su?

The lyrics are forgotten, the dance is missed, isn’t it more shameful?

Sunny painfully licked her hair and complained intently about Infinite Challenge.

“We have a good time to come back. As a result, the first place is the cold noodles, the second one is Oppa, the third one is Jae-seok Oppa. It’s hard to squeeze in four, not at all Your Infinite Challenge is too embarrassing!!!”

Hearing Sunny’s statement, Seok Jin-soo is simply happy.

Honestly, before the song festival is held, who can think of it so hot?

It’s been more than a week now, and β€œCold Noodle” is still in a state of breaking the table.

As for the big thing comeback like Girl’s Generation, there is no way to shake it.

However, he is now an enemy and nine, how to see is not an opponent, so he did not dare to win. So I had to sell it to others in the words of Sunny.

“Right right, you are right. In fact, the source of all this is Kim Tae-ho pd. Hey, he is there, don’t let him go for revenge.”

It is now recorded separately, so Kim Tae-ho doesn’t need to follow others, just come to him to join in the fun.

At this time, Seok Jin-soo pointed out that Kim Tae-ho instinctively felt bad.

Sure enough, the nine girls looked at him together, each with a small mouth, and the resentment seemed to be weak in the wind.

“PD-nim m…”

Kim Tae-ho’s scalp is numb, and her heart is hating Seok Jin-soo, but she can’t think of any way to get out of trouble.

Damn maknae, you are waiting, come to Japan, we are not finished! ! ! !

Thank you for the unparalleled appreciation of the Emperor!

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