KEP Chapter 421

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 421 chapter stone scripture drama, floating astronomy

When Seok Jin-soo arrived, the actors in the show had already arrived.

The one who made him the most cautious was not the director Jin Hyuk, nor the young people like Lee Seung-gi, Moon Chae-won, Bae SooClick B in, but the veteran actors Kim Mi-sook and Ban Hyo-jung.

Especially Ban Hyo-jung, the old family is already 68 years old, almost as much as his grandmother.

Entering the house, Seok Jin-soo will greet the past with respectful greetings.

“sunbae-nim, I have been waiting for you, I am very honored to work with you.”

Ban Hyo-jung looked at him carefully and his attitude was not very harmonious.

“I heard that you are a screenwriter? So young, can’t you go horizontally?”

Seok Jin-soo ้Šฎ็‚ฒ็šตๆถ“โ‚ฌ็ป—ๆˆ™โ‚ฌ

“I can’t do it, I just patted it. sunbae-nim, don’t like me when I am, ask for a play.”

He said this, Ban Hyo-jung also laughed.

“Bad boy, long is not handsome, his mouth is really sweet.”

Seok Jin-soo’s face is resentful.

“sunbae-nim, me and Seung-gi also… um… not much worse.”

“Hey, you have a shameless effort, but there are too many differences.”

A middle-aged woman walked over with awkwardness, but took words to stare at him.

No one else, Kim Mi-sook, who is well-known in the Korean performing arts industry.

Compared to Ban Hyo-jung, who faded out because of his age, Kim Mi-sook is much more famous.

Kim Mi-sook, Kim Hae-sook, Goo Do-shim, Han Hye-sook, Yang Geum-seok, Kim Sung-ryung, the images of mothers that can often be seen in Korean dramas are just a few of them.

Among them, Kim Mi-sook is the most talked about with elegant, cosmic temperament, modest and impulsive acting.

Because “Brilliant Legacy” comes from his own handwriting, Seok Jin-soo has learned in detail about several of the main characters in the play, and naturally knows the power of this national mother.

Don’t say that you are being ridiculed, that is, pointing to the forehead, he can only listen.

However, the attitude of sunbae-nim and jealousy still makes him a lot easier, and he is very respectful.

“sunbae-nim, I am the first time to be a screenwriter for the Japanese TV drama. I don’t know much about it. I hope you can include it.”

Kim Mi-sook, as the name suggests, is indeed a very actor like a mother.

Taking Seok Jin-sooโ€™s hand and scrutinizing it carefully, he smiled and said: โ€œItโ€™s really rare to have such a young screenwriter, but I can get everyoneโ€™s approval, indicating that your strength is no problem. But you are not I often come to the studio, do you know what it is?”

It was another ridicule that made everyone Haha laugh and the atmosphere became very good.

Seok Jin-soo shrugged his shoulders and deliberately sold it.

“Because I don’t know much, I don’t come. I’m afraid to say more, I will show the stuffing.”

Kim Mi-sook walked down to Ban Hyo-jung and sat down with ease. “Aigoo, if you don’t come to the screenwriter, we can be comfortable, at least not to be screened.”

The Korean writer’s power is very big, and he can overwhelm the director when he is on the set.

Not to mention the swearing in the process of filming, it is a common thing.

Regardless of how big your cards are, don’t show your acting skills according to the intent of the scriptwriter. No one sympathizes with you if you are defamed.

Like “Infinite Challenge”, Park Myeong-su has been debuting for so many years, and will still be scorned by young writers.

Of course, Seok Jin-soo, as a screenwriter, has never been an actor.

First, he didn’t know much about acting. Second, he didn’t come to the studio. How do you know the situation?

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know that his work style has spread in the actors’ circles.

Everyone knows that there is a scriptwriter who never went to the studio on such a number, and he thought that he could play his play.

This is why Kim Tae-hee has set up a crew to easily find the actors they need.

Jin Hyuk is a young director with a good temper and a good relationship.

Seok Jin-soo is not a regular one. It means that there is no curse on everyone’s head. You can relax and act boldly.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t know that he was sent a good card. After meeting everyone, everyone sat around.

There are many actors in a movie, and many of them are not recognized for a while.

Seok Jin-soo time is precious, and naturally it is impossible to really get to know one by one. I just saw a few starring performances, and the rest, itโ€™s not bad.

Of course, this is his idea.

As for the actors, they all want to go to his eyes and hope to be remembered by this famous screenwriter.

No, he just sat down and there was a woman who walked lightly and took the initiative to pour water into his cup.

“Thank you.”

Seok Jin-soo looked up and thanked him, but he only glanced at it and was amazed.

“Yah!! This is not Hye-sung, it has been gone for a long time.”

This is really not a stranger, Yook Hye-sung, member of sugar.

When I first appeared in “xman”, I often recorded programs with Sugar’s Lee Ayumi and Hwang Jung-eum, and I also met Yook Hye-sung several times.

However, Seok Jin-soo had never seen her after the dissolution of the sugar.

I really can’t think of it, she is here as an actor.

It was an accident for him, but for Yook Hye-sung, it was a big surprise.

At the beginning of “xman”, everyone as a performer ๅ˜ปๅ˜ปHaha’s nothing.

Nowadays, Seok Jin-soo is becoming more popular, and it has developed well from gagman cross-border music, film and television.

In contrast, Yook Hye-sung has not performed since the dissolution of the sugar.

After turning to actresses, they can only be guest appearances in some TV series, and there are not many players in the show. They have gradually been forgotten by the audience.

This time she was also very pleasantly surprised. She was invited by the “Brilliant Legacy” program group to play a role that has a lot of weight and feels that she is running.

After seeing that the scriptwriter was Seok Jin-soo, I wanted to seize this opportunity, so I came together.

I didn’t expect Seok Jin-soo to know her and call her name.

Surprise, Yook Hye-sung said: “In fact, I am now renamed, the stage name is Han Ye-won.”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit inexplicable.

โ€œWhy is it changed? Yook Hye-sung is not very good. You were not very famous before, and changed your name, no one knows you.โ€

Yook Hye-sung was shocked. I didn’t expect this article to be exactly the same as in the previous program.

But think about it, Seok Jin-soo said it didn’t make sense.

In the past, her reputation was far less than that of Lee Ayumi and Hwang Jung-eum.

After the dissolution of the sugar, Lee Ayumi returned to Japan, and Hwang Jung-eum has already made a name for himself in the mbc TV series “High Kick Through The Roof”.

Think about it, as Seok Jin-soo said, it is better not to change its name.

She also wants to talk to Seok Jin-soo more, and she has a chance to get closer, but some people are not doing it.

Kim Tae-hee walked gracefully and one hand naturally rested on Seok Jin-soo’s shoulder.

“Now, let’s have a meeting, you don’t have much time, everyone is waiting for you to explain the script.”

Yook Hye-sung twitched, and then his heart rose to a deep inferiority.

Even if she is confident, she does not dare to compare with Kim Tae-hee.

Seeing Kim Tae-hee’s hand easily and naturally contact Seok Jin-soo, she knew that the relationship between the two seemed unusual.

I was still thinking about showing the charm, maybe I could catch a big fish.

It is only now that even with big fish, there are more fierce opponents.

Thinking of this, Yook Hye-sung silently retired and sat quietly in his position.

Seok Jin-soo could not notice the women’s dark battle and smiled at Kim Tae-hee.

“Listen to you, let’s get started now.”

The phrase “Listen to you” is stronger than anything, so that Kim Tae-hee is like drinking honey.

I couldn’t help but groan. “You guys, why don’t you listen to me?”

The preparations for “Brilliant Legacy” officially began. First, producer Kim Tae-hee gave a speech. Thanks to everyone’s participation, he also informed about the release of the show.

According to Kim Tae-hee, the producers have reached a consensus with sbsTV Station, which will be officially broadcast on sbsTV Station in mid-August.

The “Temptation Of Wife” starring Kim Tae-hee gave sbs a great victory. The two sides established a good relationship.

So this time I heard that Kim Tae-hee has a work in his hand, or Seok Jin-soo is a screenwriter. Sbs took the initiative to negotiate and bought the copyright at a good price.

I heard that this drama can be broadcasted at the three major clubs, and the actors are also happy.

Because a good platform means that everyone can be recognized by more audiences, which is very helpful to fame.

After Kim Tae-hee, it was the director of the show, Jin Hyuk.

As a newcomer director, Jin Hyuk is very modest, showing that he will do his due diligence and the attitude of advancing and retreating with everyone. It is also a relatively easy tone for the filming.

After that, it was Seok Jin-soo, but he had no nonsense. It was about scripts and plots.

His first mentor, of course, is the male lead Lee Seung-gi.

โ€œSeung-gi~ah, you have to remember that in the play, Xian Yuhuan is a single-parent child without a father. The mother feels embarrassed to you, and my grandmother loves him very much. He is a person who lives the crown prince. So you In the performance, we need some temperament, indifference, arbitrariness and arrogance. These are the basic elements.”

Lee Seung-gi scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

“I have never done this before, I don’t know if I can do it.”

Seok Jin-soo stared at him.

“You can’t do it, you want to be jealous?”

Lee Seung-gi was shocked and rushed in the laughter of everyone.

“Brother, you can rest assured, I will do it. I will work hard.”

Seok Jin-soo is not very worried about him.

On the one hand, Lee Seung-gi is the star of the voice, on the other hand, this kid is extraordinary, so he played this kind of pampered character, and he came to the hand.

Lee Seung-gi is followed by the heroine Kim Tae-hee, who is also the most concerned about Seok Jin-soo.

“Noona, high silver star is a woman like wild chrysanthemum, although the appearance is not gorgeous, but the pure and beautiful looks are very attractive. So in the play, we must work hard to show the ordinary and natural side. You are the most beautiful, no Need to care too much in this regard.”

He just said the play according to his own understanding, but listening to other people’s ears is not the case.

Especially the phrase “you are the most beautiful” is almost the same as Corny’s love.

For a time, the venue was buzzing, and Kim Tae-hee was also blushing on his cheeks. The sweet white eyes swept on him, and there was no power in the crispy.

Seok Jin-soo was also ashamed, but soon woke up and knew that this time could not be embarrassed, otherwise it would be unclear.

So he squinted and looked at the crowd without fear.

โ€œIs it wrong? Is Tae-hee noona not the most beautiful? Then you find a beautiful one than her.โ€

The laughter of everyone is even bigger now.

However, I thought about it and found that Seok Jin-soo said that it was true.

In South Korea, it is harder to find a woman who is more beautiful than Kim Tae-hee than to be a president.

Kim Tae-hee rubbed her hands on her cheeks and could only cover her face with slender hair, so that she would not let her see her shy blush.

Damn little guy, why are you saying this?

The straightforward approval, the overbearing tone, the stimulating Kim Tae-hee’s heart trembled.

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