KEP Chapter 424

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 424 chapter contract, floating astronomy

In fact, facing a strong man like 2NE1, there is no hope of winning by a propaganda method.

Then Yoon Jong-shin put forward the idea of ​​hiring a public relations company, which was also unanimously endorsed by everyone.

The public relations company is just a good saying. Everyone knows the real profession. That is the water army.

In fact, in the Korean entertainment industry, the use of the water army is a long-established practice.

There are traces to follow, the first company to use the water army is JYP.

In the “tellme” period, JYP’s small knife test, the results are not cheap.

In the subsequent “sohot”, JYP did not use the water army, and the song was the worst in the retro trilogy.

After seeing the power of the Shuijun, JYP finally made up its mind to invest heavily in the “nobody” period, and it really pushed the Wondergirls to the top.

I noticed the practice of JYP, and then sm company used a water army for Girl’s Generation on “gee”, the effect is even more extraordinary.

It can even be said that 2NE1 debuted on the road, and there was no suspicion that yg company used the water army.

Since it’s so easy to use, myMystic89 is no exception.

Two consecutive measures were proposed, and Seok Jin-soo had other ideas. “In addition to these, I have to give children a chance to show their faces, so the program needs to be more.”

Yoon Jong-shin smiled and looked at him.

“You have done this already? Don’t tell me there is no idea.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and was very proud.

“Yah!! It’s an old fox, it’s really not you.”

Yoon Jong-shin didn’t make trouble with him, but asked: “Let’s talk about it, what program did you have for them?”

Seok Jin-soo looked at the girls who were looking forward and gave a briefing.

“First, on the mbc side, I have contacted the change. The recording date is 8 month 4 day, So-yeon and Eun-jung go.”

The question and answer of changing the world is a program involving many celebrity guests. There are six people in the t-ara group. Naturally, there is no way to go.

Even so, as a well-known program, having two members to participate is also a good opportunity.

So-yeon and Eun-jung immediately expressed their gratitude and began to fantasize about how to express themselves after attending.

I heard that the programs were So-yeon and Eun-jung. Ji-yeon hurriedly asked: “Oppa, is there no Come To Play?”

Seok Jin-soo gave him a blank look.

“Yah!! Come To Play This kind of program, is your newcomer able to star?”

In a word, the girls are all dull.

But they also know that Seok Jin-soo is right.

“Come To Play” is a ace program, and there are national mcs sitting in the town, waiting for the team to be played, can be discharged to Han River.

Another one, t-ara has just debuted, what is the topic?

So Seok Jin-soo is also not very embarrassed to mention the “Pome To Play” pd, such a person still has to be careful to use.

But he remembered something else.

“Oh, yes, 8 month 3 day, kbs, is your entire video, Star Golden Bell.”

“Star Golden Bell” is a well-known question and answer program of kbs, and many of the idols appear, so the contact is very convenient.

Seok Jin-soo called the program’s pd and Ji Suk-jin to determine the issue.

In fact, Seok Jin-soo’s work has been done a lot, sbs over there, also arranged for “starking” for t-ara, and it is still fixed.

Because KARA is going to Japan, Starking needs a fixed Girl Group. It was at this time that Seok Jin-soo contacted Kang Ho-dong and fixed the t-ara.

However, Seok Jin-soo still wants to remind girls.

“I remember the art class I taught you? Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Ho-dong hyeong doesn’t like people who are not enthusiastic and not funny. If you don’t do well, you will definitely be embarrassed.”

I was told that I could play the program of the national mc, and it is also a popular program like “starking”. The girls are quite happy.

As a result, when I heard Seok Jin-soo, I was so scared that I stopped my mouth and seemed to feel the unfortunate Mi-rae.

However, Yoon Jong-shin is very surprised.

He finally understood how much Seok Jin-soo valued this combination. Good guys, the three major stations have arranged programs, almost all of Seok Jin-soo’s connections have been used.

Since the director of Seok Jin-soo is so powerful, Yoon Jong-shin feels that his president cannot be said without.

“Hey, or else, kids, radiostar is coming once too.”

The girls have not said yet, Seok Jin-soo is frightened.

“Yeah!! No, it won’t work. Your program is too poisonous, they will have psychological shadows.”

In the materials he knows, t-ara’s debut stage is “radiostar”.

I don’t know what Kim Kwang-soo thinks, but let the young girls play such a vicious program.

As a result, six people did not perform at all in the program and have been bullied by four mcs.


镓€浠ユ镞礼oon oon Jong-shin 鎻愯捣锛屼粬绔嬮┈灏 粰钖 粰钖 喅浜嗐€

涓岖镐庝箞璇 纴鍒 纴鍒 纴鍒 垰鍑 – – 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 锛岃缮涓嶅埌鑳 dio dio

濂絧rogram 寰埚锛屼絾涔熻 chain 夊疄锷涘拰鍦 綅 綅 嶈銆

鍦⊿eok Jin-soo 鐪嬫潵锛屽ス浠缮鏄 搴忔笎杩涘ソ浜嗭纴璐 搴忔笎杩涘ソ浜嗭纴璐 涓嶈 涓嶈 涓嶈 涓嶈 涓崭 涓崭 粨鏋 粨鏋 粨鏋 粨鏋 粨鏋

旋村埆璇达纴杩樻湁涓 涓槸锲哄畾 涓槸锲哄畾 涓槸锲哄畾 纴鍙 纴鍙 纴鍙 纴鍙 纴鍙 嗕笂 嗕笂 嗕笂 嗕笂 嗕笂 嗕笂 嗕笂 嗕笂

鐢熸€昚oon Jong-shin 鍐嶆彁鍑 粈涔埚镐︻殑寤 粈涔埚镐︻殑寤 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 Seok Jin-soo 杩炲 Umbrella pot hydrogen simple 鏁 inch 悊銆

鈥滃ソ浜嗭纴鐩墠 chain変笁涓猵rogram 宸茬粡涓嶉敊浜嗐€傜瓑浣犱slippery 钖庯纴 鍑 钖庯纴 変 変 皵锛宲 皵锛宲 皵锛宲 皵锛宲 皵锛宲 皵锛宲 皵锛宲 皵锛宲鎺ヨ傅屾潵镄勩屾潵镄勩€傗€

鍒 涓 涓 锛屽嚭阆撶殑绛栧垝浼氲鍩 锛屽嚭阆撶殑绛栧垝浼氲鍩 湰涓婂 湰涓婂 湰涓婂 ぇ瀹跺熀 ぇ瀹跺熀 ぇ瀹跺熀 ぇ瀹跺熀 ぇ瀹跺熀 ぇ瀹跺熀 笂閮 笂閮 笂閮 笂閮 笂閮Yingyinghui

Seok Jin-soo 鍞嫭鐣欎笅浜嗗コ瀛╀ 锛岃缮 锛岃缮 夐 瑕佺殑浜嬫儏瑕佸畲鎴愩 瑕佺殑浜嬫儏瑕佸畲鎴愩

鍦ㄥコ瀛╀ 熷緟镄勭洰鍏変腑锛孲 熷緟镄勭洰鍏変腑锛孲 熷緟镄勭洰鍏変腑锛孲 eok Jin-soo 鎷垮嚭鍏 鏂囦 鏂囦 鏂囦 澶癸纴涓 涓 涓 阃掔粰浜嗗コ瀛╀ 阃掔粰浜嗗コ瀛╀ 阃掔粰浜嗗コ瀛╀ 阃掔粰浜嗗コ瀛╀

鈥滃枏锛岃 Umbrella 鏄綘浠渶 chain 熷緟镄勪笢瑗 pants 粖澶╃粰浣犱 粖澶╃粰浣犱 粖澶╃粰浣犱 鏀 鏀 鏀 鏀 鏀 鏀 鏀 鏀锛岄渶瑕佺瀛楁墠琛屻€傗€

濂 浠妸鏂囦 浠妸鏂囦 揿紑涓 揿紑涓 揿紑涓 鐪嬶纴 鐪嬶纴 鐪嬶纴 鐪嬶纴 鐪嬶纴 鐪嬶纴 鐪嬶纴 眳鐒 眳鐒 眳鐒 槸濂 槸濂 槸濂

潵澶 杩 杩 杩 杩 杩 杩 杩 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻 庝箞杩樻

笉鍒 笉鍒 敹鍒 敹鍒 悎绾 悎绾 殑镞ュ瓙锛屽眳鐒 殑镞ュ瓙锛屽眳鐒 殑镞ュ瓙锛屽眳鐒 殑镞ュ瓙锛屽眳鐒

镞 (3) 劧鏄簨鍏 Chong 粓韬拰鍒╃泭镄勫悎绾 纴濂 浠綋鐒 浠綋鐒 浠綋鐒 浠 浠 粏镄勫阒咃纴绾 粏镄勫阒咃纴绾 粏镄勫阒咃纴绾 粏镄勫阒咃纴绾 粏镄勫阒咃纴绾 粏镄勫阒咃纴绾 悍 悍Open and dress up

婕旇 钖堢 镄勫唴瀹 镄勫唴瀹 緢澶 緢澶 緢澶 緢澶 緢澶 緢澶 璧 璧 璧 璧 纴鍑犱箮璺熶竴 纴鍑犱箮璺熶竴 纴鍑犱箮璺熶竴 € € € € € €

濂 浠湅璧 浠湅璧 潵锛屼竴镞跺 潵锛屼竴镞跺 潵锛屼竴镞跺 潵锛屼竴镞跺 浼 浼 浼

钖堢 褰 褰 腑锛岄櫎浜嗙敳鏂 腑锛岄櫎浜嗙敳鏂 佷箼鏂 佷箼鏂 佷箼鏂 佷箼鏂 佷箼鏂 佷箼鏂 佷箼鏂 鍜屼箟锷 鍜屼箟锷 箣澶栵纴澶      婇儴鍒嗐€

涓嶈 鐪嫔埌杩欓噷锛屽コ瀛╀ 鐪嫔埌杩欓噷锛屽コ瀛╀ 鐪嫔埌杩欓噷锛屽コ瀛╀ 閮 閮 閮

锲犱 鍦ㄥ叕鍙 鍦ㄥ叕鍙 嫙瀹氱殑钖堢 涓纴濂 涓纴濂 涓纴濂 鍑 鍑 鍑 鍑 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨 殑鏀剁泭鍒嗘垚涓篨槸1% 锛屽埌绗笁骞村垯鏄痱NUMX%銆

Emerald cauldron damage chain 夋晥 chain 熸槸浜斿 锛岃 屼粠绗洓骞 屼粠绗洓骞 紑濮嬶纴濂 紑濮嬶纴濂 紑濮嬶纴濂 镄勬敹鐩婂 镄勬敹鐩婂 镄勬敹鐩婂 镄勬敹鐩婂 镄勬敹鐩婂 镄勬敹鐩婂 镄勬敹鐩婂 € € € €

姣斿钖堢 涓 涓 殑鏀剁泭灏 X X X X X 15% 锛岃 屽埌浜嗙浜斿 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 X X X X X X X X

鈥渌ppa 锛屾垜浠嚭阆揿 夋敹鐩婂悧锛熲 夋敹鐩婂悧锛熲

锲犱负鍏崇鍏师锲狅纴 So-yeon 浠h〃澶у闂 鍑 鍑 鍑

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

鈥滀粈涔堣瘽锛熶 锷 锷 姩浜嗗 姩浜嗗 姩浜嗗 瑕佹湁鏀 幏鍟娿 綘浠棦鐒 綘浠棦鐒 綘浠棦鐒 綘浠棦鐒 綘浠棦鐒 綘浠棦鐒 綘浠棦鐒 綘浠棦鐒 綘浠棦鐒杩囧洜涓哄叕鍙 姇鍏ヤ 澶 澶 噺镄勮祫婧愶纴 噺镄勮祫婧愶纴 噺镄勮祫婧愶纴 浠ユ敹锲炴垚 浠ユ敹锲炴垚 浠ユ敹锲炴垚 槸 槸 洜姝ゅ湪鍓崭笁骞 洜姝ゅ湪鍓崭笁骞 洜姝ゅ湪鍓崭笁骞 洜姝ゅ湪鍓崭笁骞纴鍦ㄤ綘浠殑鏀剁泭鏂 纴鍦ㄤ綘浠殑鏀剁泭鏂 浼氲嫑鍒讳竴镣 浼氲嫑鍒讳竴镣 浼氲嫑鍒讳竴镣 € € 竴鑸潵璇 竴鑸潵璇 竴鑸潵璇 竴鑸潵璇 竴鑸潵璇 宸 宸 宸 宸炴垚   洜姝や粠绗洓骞 洜姝や粠绗洓骞 洜姝や粠绗洓骞 洜姝や粠绗洓骞 洜姝や粠绗洓骞 洜姝や粠绗洓骞 洜姝や粠绗洓骞 洜姝や粠绗洓骞 洜姝や粠绗洓骞 镄勫ソ镞ュ瓙灏 镄勫ソ镞ュ瓙灏

Seok Jin-soo 娌°C湁闅愮瀿锛屼粙缁岖殑寰堟竻妤氥€傛棦Key 冭槛浜嗗コ瀛╀Slide 镄勫埄鐩婏纴鍙堣 娄毦澶勩€

锲犱 杩欐牱阃忔槑镄勬矡阃 杩欐牱阃忔槑镄勬矡阃 纴濂 浠篃閮 緢鐞呜 緢鐞呜 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 屾 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽

浜呜В浜嗗悎绾 <箣钖庯纴濂冲浠缮鏄緢楂桦叴镄勩

濂 閮 閮 閮 閮 歍 歍 歍 歍 歍 歍 歍 歍 歍 歍 歍 歍 ee ee ee ee ee ee ee

镓 浠ュ浜庢紨鑹哄悎绾 浠ュ浜庢紨鑹哄悎绾 纴濂 纴濂 纴濂 纴濂 涔熶笉鏄竴镣 涔熶笉鏄竴镣 涔熶笉鏄竴镣 涔熶笉鏄竴镣 涔熶笉鏄竴镣 涔熶笉鏄竴镣 c c

鎹ス浠 瑙 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 殑鍐呭锛屽緢澶 鍒嗛挶鏀跺叆閮 鍒嗛挶鏀跺叆閮 鍒嗛挶鏀跺叆閮 鍒嗛挶鏀跺叆閮 鍒嗛挶鏀跺叆閮Reporting

姣斿Girl鈥檚Generation 锛屾椂镊 粖镞ュ 粖镞ュ 粖镞ュ 粖镞ュ 変 変 変 変

Key 屽ス浠嵈浠庡嚭阆揿紑濮嫔 夋敹鍏ワ纴鍝 夋敹鍏ワ纴鍝 曞彧鏄彲镐 曞彧鏄彲镐 殑 NUM 1% 锛屼絾姣旷珶鏄敹鍏ュ晩銆

浠庤 umbrella 镣 潵鐪嬶纴 myMystic89 缁濆鏄毦寰楃殑濂 叕鍙镐 叕鍙镐

濂 浠縺锷ㄤ箣涓嬶纴灏辫鎷胯捣绗旀潵锛屽湪钖堢 浠縺锷ㄤ箣涓嬶纴灏辫鎷胯捣绗旀潵锛屽湪钖堢 涓婄涓嬭嚜宸 涓婄涓嬭嚜宸

杩樻槸Seok Jin-soo 鐪 柧 柧 柧 柧 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂

鈥渊啊!! 閮 窡浣犱 窡浣犱 璇 璇 璇 锛屾嬁锲炲幓璁╁闀 锛屾嬁锲炲幓璁╁闀 锛屾嬁锲炲幓璁╁闀 锛屾嬁锲炲幓璁╁闀 锛屾嬁锲炲幓璁╁闀 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂岖瀛椼 綘浠綋涓缮 綘浠綋涓缮 綘浠綋涓缮 綘浠綋涓缮 夋湭鎴愬 夋湭鎴愬 夋湭鎴愬 夋湭鎴愬 夋湭鎴愬 夋湭鎴愬 夋湭鎴愬

璇 瘽镄勫悓镞讹纴浠栨槸鐬︻潃 瘽镄勫悓镞讹纴浠栨槸鐬︻潃 Ji-yeon 镄勩€

灏忓眮瀛╁眳鐒 瘮 瘮 noona 浠缮绉瀬锛屽ソ 浠缮绉瀬锛屽ソ 忕敓镐曞叕鍙 忕敓镐曞叕鍙 弽 弽 弽 € €

涔熶笉鎯 兂镊 兂镊 兂镊 镄勫 镄勫 榫勶纴浣犲 榫勶纴浣犲 榫勶纴浣犲 榫勶纴浣犲 榫勶纴浣犲 榫勶纴浣犲 榫勶纴浣犲 榫勶纴浣犲 镄勫皬灞佸鍟娿 镄勫皬灞佸鍟娿 镄勫皬灞佸鍟娿

濂 浠 浠 嶅弽搴旇 嶅弽搴旇 嶅弽搴旇 嶅弽搴旇 嶅弽搴旇 嶅弽搴旇 嶅弽搴旇 嶅弽搴旇 嶅弽搴旇 鏄嚜宸卞 鏄嚜宸卞 篃涓哄叕鍙 篃涓哄叕鍙 篃涓哄叕鍙 篃涓哄叕鍙 篃涓哄叕鍙 篃涓哄叕鍙 殑 殑 殑 殑 殑 ㄥ埌 ㄥ埌

鏄庡ぉ灏 槸鍑 槸鍑 槸鍑 槸鍑 槸鍑 蹇呴 蹇呴 蹇呴 瑕佸湪浠婂ぉ钀 瑕佸湪浠婂ぉ钀 瑕佸湪浠婂ぉ钀 瑕佸湪浠婂ぉ钀

澶 涔熶笉鏁 涔熶笉鏁 (four) € 芥 悂锛岀悍绾 敹濂 敹濂 悎绾 纴鍜孲 ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

阃佽 浜嗗ス浠纴 浜嗗ス浠纴 Seok Jin-soo 涔熺畻鏄斁涓嬩 涓 涓 浠跺 浠跺 浠跺 浠跺

鍧》槠璁诧纴myMystic89 鎻愪緵镄勫悎绾》粷瀵 槸鐩墠 槸鐩墠 ╁浗 ╁浗 ╁浗 跺儚鐣屾渶濂 跺儚鐣屾渶濂

鍗 濂 濂 濂 畾浼氱缃茬殑锛孲 畾浼氱缃茬殑锛孲 畾浼氱缃茬殑锛孲 畾浼氱缃茬殑锛孲 畾浼氱缃茬殑锛孲 ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

褰撶劧浜嗭纴浣滀 涓 瀹跺ū涔愬叕鍙 瀹跺ū涔愬叕鍙 瀹跺ū涔愬叕鍙 瀹跺ū涔愬叕鍙 纴钖堢 纴钖堢 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛 岃偗瀹氭槸瀛鐜 屽 屽 屽 屽 銆

闾e ammonia damage

涔嬫墍浠ヤ 濡傛锛屼篃鏄疭 濡傛锛屼篃鏄疭 eok Jin-soo 璁 畾镄勩 畾镄勩

The main reason is that everyone’s contract expires at the same time. In case of a collective job hopping, myMystic89 has no place to cry.

This is the lesson that the myth of leaving the sm company, so that the entertainment companies have been awakened a lot.

After that, when signing the contract with the combination, pay attention to staggering the date, so as not to get the last bamboo basket to fetch water.

Even if the girls are close to him, as a director of myMystic89, Seok Jin-soo is still considered for the benefit of the company.

After all, when you come to Japan, what will happen in the future, people will not change in the end, no one can say.

There is a preparation to minimize the risk.

However, the hidden pitfalls of the contract termination date are impossible for girls to detect.

They and their parents are now immersed in the joy of debut, obviously not thinking so comprehensive.

Thank you krezreal, tzzy369, Jintai X’s Guoda, Zhu Xianren, Otaku in the book, love reading 55555, Niu Dewang generation, will come later!

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