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KEP Chapter 425

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 425 chapter of the dinosaurs, floating astronomy

The girls were sent away and Seok Jin-soo didn’t have time to rest.

Before and after the debut of t-ara, the most tiring thing was the behind-the-scenes personnel.

He also left myMystic89 and drove to the Lotte Group.

Here, a minister is waiting for him.

At the same time, Seok Jin-soo did not delay, and handed over the transfer cheque directly to the other party.

“Min, our request for myMystic89 is also very simple. Starting from 12 noon tomorrow, Seoul, Busan, Incheon and Daegu, on the big screens of these major cities, will continue to play t-ara songs continuously. Lasts for three days.”

This time, in order to promote t-ara and defeat the strong enemy, myMystic89 company has made a bloody one.

In the city center of Seoul and other places, it is worth a lot to rent any one. As a result, the company has eaten all the big screens.

With so many screens rolling out, it is in a prime location in every city, and the publicity effect can be imagined.

These screens were originally rented out to make money. Since myMystic89 company is generous, Lotte Group has nothing to say, and it should be accepted immediately.

When leaving the Lotte Group, Seok Jin-soo received a call from Lee Dae-gyu.

“Jin-soo, all the subway lines and bus lines of Seoul are also talked about. They have already been working overtime to renovate. To ensure that all the subway screens will be broadcast t-ara songs and mv tomorrow. On important bus routes, t-ara ads will also be done.”

Good news came one after another, and finally let Seok Jin-soo breathe a sigh of relief.

I have been busy for so long, and I have already done it. The rest, you can only watch, the girls have no Yoo-chun life.

At seven o’clock in the evening, the last news came from Yoon Jong-shin.

This afternoon, he successively met the pd of each delivery agency. Through good communication and gifts, I got the promotion opportunity after the program was delivered.

The general Korean program, after the broadcast, will play the singer’s mv, helping to make songs.

Choosing who’s song to play, the power is basically in the hands of the pd and the director of the delivery bureau.

Yoon Jong-shin has been in the entertainment industry for many years, and there are countless three TV Stations. After walking around, they are basically finalized.

There are so many programs in the three major stations, even if each program is advertised once, the effect is amazing.

It was late, but Seok Jin-soo still couldn’t rest. He was going to see the last person and he was also a very important person.

“Director Park, thank you for taking the time to be busy, and being grateful.”

In the governing office of melon, Seok Jin-soo met Park Seon-hwa.

In the Korean music industry, Melon’s status is no small feat.

Because it is an important basis for the song score list, even the three major song programs, with Melon’s sound source performance as an important indicator.

It can be said that a singer comeback, can get good grades, melon’s sound source plays a vital role.

In general, the sound source is good, it depends on the songs, and then the singer’s influence.

But behind this, there is no room for no operation.

As long as the melon hand is lowered in the typography of music, the effect is completely different.

There used to be a singer who offended a big man of melon.

At the time of comeback, his work was directly removed from the home page and could not be found.

Originally a very good work, because of this change, I did not squeeze into the leaderboard and suffered a lot of losses.

In the end, the singer was forced to find the big cockroach and apologize in person. This festival was revealed.

The magic is that when the singer’s work was put back to Melon’s homepage, he rushed into the top ten in the rankings in just three hours, and he also successfully got one of the music programs.

Since then, no one in the circle dared to smash molen.

It can be said that as the performing arts practitioners, the two media that can’t be offended are not TV Station, nor entertainment companies, but melon and Naver.

One can make you lose your blood, one can make you disappear, and you can’t stand it.

So myMystic89 has been established since then, and has been working hard to establish a relationship with Melon.

Seok Jin-soo is not the fool of Kim Kwang-soo. If Melon is seriously exploited, he will abandon melon and only work with mnet.

As a result, the loss of t-ara was serious. The rewards of the Golden Record Awards were not mentioned, and because of the relationship, they could not attend the mama, and there were fewer opportunities for promotion and promotion.

In the entertainment industry activities, it is always necessary to make the relationship network bigger and stronger, and why is there a reason to offend people?

So now t-ara is about to come back, Seok Jin-soo has come to visit Park Seon-hwa, chat, talk about the old, by the way, let him help, take care when propaganda.

As for the benefits, you don’t need Seok Jin-soo to do it yourself, myMystic89 has already done it.

So when I met, Park Seon-hwa was also very happy, took the initiative to take Seok Jin-soo and sat down, and soaked up the tea I had collected.

“I said that you entertainment companies are doing a good job, how do you start to be a Girl Group now?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled bitterly.

“No way, the market needs. Before the Girl Group’s reaction was not good, no one did anything, and there was a vacuum in the market. Now that I see the potential of the Girl Group, I naturally started doing it.”

Just this year, South Korea’s idol community ushered in the outbreak of the women’s team.

There are many women’s groups debut, and no one can say that, even the few big companies have joined the fierce competition.

Pledis’s afterschool was the first to debut in January.

Followed by yg’s 2NE1, they debuted in May, under the banner of the bigbang sister, came to the forefront.

Then came the t-ara of myMystic89, which came out in July.

According to Seok Jin-soo, the new women’s group of sm, the sister of Jessica’s sister, will debut in September and is also a strong enemy.

In addition, the sm company has always been regarded as an opponent, but the dsp company that has already fallen, and the Girl Group after the establishment of KARA in Secret.

Of these big companies, only JYP has not tasted the sweetness of wondergirls, and there is no plan for the time being.

However, according to Seok Jin-soo’s estimation, JYP took a step to the American stinking chess, and soon will eat the consequences. In retrospect, their new Girl Group will also be launched.

Hearing Seok Jin-soo’s statement, Park Seon-hwa shook his head and smiled, and understood the incompetence.

“I have already said hello. Before 12 noon tomorrow, the album of your company’s portfolio will be placed in the most prominent position on the front page. I am risking being blamed by yg.”

This is the invitation, Seok Jin-soo can not understand?

Immediately holding Park Seon-hwa’s hand, he praised his high righteousness.

“Yah!! It’s said that Director Park is loyal and is the best friend. You can get along with Director Park and the road will get better and better. How about playing golf next week? I’m calling a few models to come over. Don’t lose too much when you get there.”

Whatever it is, it is a scorpion, golf and models are the focus.

This Park Seon-hwa likes women with long legs and has a special liking for models. If you want to make a good deal with him, you have to vote for it. It’s too obvious.

Sure enough, after listening to Seok Jin-soo, Park Seon-hwa immediately blows his beard and blinks.

“Hey, Director Seok, I admire your talent in music. But when it comes to golf, I will hit your diaper.”

Seok Jin-soo is deliberately arched.

“Oh, the mouth is the best. Well, let’s see you, see who is crying.”

So, a py transaction was determined in the joke.

However, Park Seon-hwa met at about Seok Jin-soo at this time, not just asking for the benefits.

“Right, Director Seok is now the leading composer in the world of singing. I have a friend here, I want to get to know you, don’t you know what it is?”

Seok Jin-soo looked at him for a moment and immediately understood.

What a friend’s statement is definitely a fake, obviously someone has a glimpse of their musical production ability, so I want to get good music from myself through Park Seon-hwa.

Seok Jin-soo is still very clear about Park Seon-hwa. This guy is very steady and cautious, and he will not do this kind of matchmaking.

Now that I have done it, it is obvious that the other party is not ordinary.

Seok Jin-soo naturally does not reject it in vain. Anyway, he can recognize unusual people. He has great benefits for him, myMystic89, and t-ara.

“Oh, such friends are naturally very happy to get to know.”

Park Seon-hwa smiled and gave a thumbs up to Seok Jin-soo’s shrewdness.

The two left the governor’s office and turned around in the melon company’s building. The Seok Jin-soo turned a little bit worried.

“I said, where are we going? You won’t sell me?”

Park Seon-hwa, a cockroach, fell to the ground and said it was very depressed.

“Don’t make trouble, am I such a person?”

However, he explained Seok Jin-soo in detail before Seok Jin-soo understood what was going on.

Originally the largest music and entertainment website in Korea, Melon was acquired by the music record publishing company Loen as early as last year.

So Melon moved to the company building in Loen, occupying a level.

Park Seon-hwa, who wants to introduce Seok Jin-soo, belongs to the Loen company, but is the artist management business unit, which is the brokerage company of Loen.

The company is also in the leon building, but on other floors, so the two will walk around the building and walk for a long time.

I understand that this is the case, Seok Jin-soo suddenly realized.

“I said, how is your company’s building so big? It stands to reason that you don’t have so much business in melon.”

Melon is doing website management, the main work is on the network, there is no need to get a big office building.

Now Seok Jin-soo knows that this building is a collection of many subsidiaries.

Down on two floors, the new floor decoration looks a lot more dreamy and full of art. When you look closely, the style is very similar to myMystic89.

It’s all about entertainment companies, and the ideas are similar.

Walking here, I can hear the sound of the guitar. Not a very intense sweep, but a soft bounce, the soft tone is like a little girl talking.

The two approached and Park Seon-hwa opened the door and led Seok Jin-soo and walked in.

“Pak represents, you see who I brought.”

In the room, a man in his early forties turned around and saw Seok Jin-soo, his eyes lit up.

“Aigoo, this is not a member of Seok Jin-soo. Annyeonghaseyo, I am Park Yong-ho, representative of leon entertainment company.”

Seok Jin-soo is not very familiar with this entertainment company, but since it is representative, it must be treated with respect.

He also kept etiquette and was with Pu Yonghao.

“Pak represents annyeonghaseyo, I am very glad to meet you.”

The adults have finished the introduction, a liTTL-Time To Love e missy that looks like the primary school student, and it is very clever to look out from the back of Park Yong-ho.

“Seok Jin-soo sunbae-nim, hello, I am a newcomer IU. Um… um… I am with Ji-yeon.”

Thank you, Kudom Ren Xun’s Wanjue, to eat bamboo?

Thank you Taigu 0309 for the reward!

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