KEP Chapter 426

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 426 chapter is replaced, floating astronomy

The first moment of hearing this, Seok Jin-soo was disdainful.

Little kid, who are the two?

But wait, Ji-yeon seems to be a kid.

Well, that’s right, it’s a great possibility to kiss.

Thinking of this, Seok Jin-soo’s face showed a gentle smile.

“You call IU? A very nice name. How did you know Ji-yeon?”

Seeing his attitude and embarrassment, the little girl also relaxed a lot.

“I have seen her photos before and found her beautiful. Later, there was a noona in the middle of the two, please introduce it. I also went to your company to play.”

Hey, it seems that the relationship with Ji-yeon is really not normal.

“Ji-yeon is a child of birth, there are not many friends, but it is true to friends. So you have to get along well in the future, welcome you to come to our company often, the door is always open to you.”

Speak a few words with the children, the dialogue is still concentrated on the adults.

Park Yong-ho crossed Park Seon-hwa and took the initiative to take Seok Jin-soo’s hand, and did not hide his purpose.

“Aigoo, I have heard that Director Seok is the best producer in our music industry. I don’t know when I can cooperate once and help our children.”

Following the advice of Park Yong-ho, Seok Jin-soo understands that the singer they want to promote is IU.

At this time, IU stood behind Park Yong-ho, a well-behaved look, I saw pity.

It’s also strange. When it comes to appearances, IU is not so bright, it’s totally impossible to call big beauty.

But the petite little body, as well as the pure facial features, and the soft personality, is more like the Xiaojiabiyu of the neighboring sister.

Such a girl is very protective and can be brave enough to approach.

But seeing only IU alone, Seok Jin-soo curiously asked: “Is IU a solo singer?”

This time, IU answered it himself.

“Inside, because I didn’t dance well, I couldn’t make a combination with others, so I had to be alone.”

It is very humble, but Seok Jin-soo is unbelievable.

Even if leon is no longer professional in entertainment management, as the largest music distribution company in Korea, there are still eyes.

Since I dare to let her such a little girl solo debut, there must be something extraordinary.

When he thought of it, he asked: “Then you can perform it, let me see your strength.”

Although Park Seon-hwa and Park Yong-ho did not take the initiative to invite songs, Seok Jin-soo knew their minds.

Since it is necessary to ask for help from others, it is better to take the initiative.

Sure enough, Park Seon-hwa and Park Yong-ho smiled comfortably when he heard that he was actively concerned about the strength of IU.

It’s good to work with smart people. It’s a bit more thorough, no need to bother.

After receiving the instructions of the two big men, IU did not have a market, ran to pick up a guitar, sit down and sing while playing.

The room was quiet for a while, only the melody of the guitar and the singing of the IU twitched the ear.

Seok Jin-soo listened carefully, and the gaze that looked at IU was different.

This liTTL-Time To Love e missy is not very good, and is the same age as Ji-yeon, but this singing is overbearing.

Don’t look at her choice of a slow lyric, but the more such a song, the more able to show more talent in singing.

At least in the impression of Seok Jin-soo, he knows so many female singers, old and young, better than IU, only Baek Ji-young and Tae-yeon.

And the two places are not powerful, but the ability to control performance.

This ability is actually honed by the experience of debut.

In other words, in time, let the IU go through this kind of training, and it will not be worse than anyone.

Leon, this is a treasure.

The image is sweet and lovely, the character is gentle and intelligent, the singing is amazing, and there is also the rationality and sensibility of dealing with things. This is simply the model of a superstar.

Seok Jin-soo thought a lot, but did not bother IU’s performance, until she sang, and sent sincere applause.

“Wow, your strength is so powerful. No wonder it is solo debut, you have this capital.”

In the face of the praise of the best producers in Korea, IU smiled slyly, but still remember to remain humble.

“Not as good as you said, I still need to work hard.”

Compared to her, Park Yonghao cares more.

“How, Director Seok, does this child have the potential to cultivate?”

Seok Jin-soo certainly knows what to say.

“How come? If Park represents you feel unsure, why not let IU go to our company?”

Hey, this is a blatant digging of the corner.

Park Yong-ho’s eyes are straight.

“You have to dare to do this, I will play with you.”

He looked at the miser and the ghost, and the room was quiet, and then Seok Jin-soo and Park Seon-hwa laughed at Haha.

Park Yonghao knew that Seok Jin-soo was joking with him, and he couldn’t help himself for a while.

“哎Yah!! Director Seok Don’t be surprised. It’s really that we have less people in the loen temple, so we have a single seedling in IU. It’s too late to care carefully. It’s really impossible to lose.”

Seok Jin-soo’s tears of laughter came out. I found that these big presidents and representatives also have a lovely side.

“Pak represents no hurry, I just laughed. I have already seen the level of IU, and it will definitely become a great singer. In this way, when I am busy with the debut of t-ara, I personally create a title song for her. how is it?”

Having said that, he seems to think of something that suddenly came to the inspiration.

“Right, IU and our company’s Ji-yeon are the same age. Would it be better to combine them and get a temporary combination?”

Seeing it, loen is very valued by IU, and naturally wants to focus on training.

The strength of IU is very powerful, at least not what the current Ji-yeon can compare. If you make a temporary combination and tie them together for an activity, maybe there will be a miracle.

I heard that to IU team, Park Yonghao instinctively wants to oppose. When he heard that it was a temporary combination, he was relieved.

Since it is a temporary combination, it can be dissolved at any time.

And watching Seok Jin-soo’s attitude toward t-ara, and his top producer is behind the support, t-ara is not difficult to fly.

As for IU, although I have been debuting for almost a year now, I still can’t see the dawn of red.

Maybe, you might want to rely on the light of t-ara.

With this in mind, Park Yong-ho also felt that Seok Jin-soo had a good idea.

Ji-yeon He also met, although the singing can not be compared with the IU, but the appearance is beautiful, but far above the IU.

The two little girls standing together are the biggest thing to watch.

But at this moment, IU has the courage to speak.

“Sm company Sun-young “Luna” is also our family, she is the same table of Ji-yeon.”

A glimpse of Seok Jin-soo.

“Sun-young “Luna”? Who is that?”

IU See no one blames, but also a lot of courage.

“Sun-young “Luna” is Trainee of sm company, and I am the same age as Ji-yeon. She is also the same table of Ji-yeon. It is said that she will debut soon.”

Seok Jin-soo This time, I understand it.

“Oh, it’s a debut with Jessica’s sister. It’s better. You three are the same age. If you make a temporary combination, it’s okay to move. Go back to the sm company and let me talk about it. I will give you an activity before.”

For this idea, Seok Jin-soo is still very confident.

Last time I helped Girl’s Generation and superjunior to achieve great success. He is now a guest at the sm company, and his production ability has long been convinced.

Now he has to do an activity, and people who take the initiative to choose sm company, whether it is Lee Sooeomma n or Kim Yong-min, will only be happy.

He said that Park Seon-hwa and Park Yong-ho are even more happy.

Although loen is the boss of Korea in music distribution, in terms of artist brokerage and singer promotion, it is still necessary to look at other people’s sm company.

Originally, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to cooperate and hope that Seok Jin-soo can create such a hit song for IU.

I did not expect Seok Jin-soo’s ambition to be bigger, actually contacted the sm company.

This time, becoming a tripartite cooperation is definitely worth looking forward to.

When leaving from Loen, Seok Jin-soo was also very happy.

Now that he has linked the largest entertainment company in Korea to the largest music distribution company, myMystic89 can use the power of these two companies to grow and develop.

It’s a pity that happy time is not long.

He hasn’t left Gangnam yet, and suddenly he got a call from Yoo Jae-seok.

“Maknae, where are you? Come to the hospital, Myeong-su brother’s hepatitis has gone.”

I heard that Park Myeong-su was ill and Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

When I recorded a few days ago, this hyeong is still alive and kicking. How is it good, you have hepatitis?

Under the circumstance, Seok Jin-soo quickly turned to the front of the car and went to the hospital.

Here, Yoo Jae-seok, Jeong Jun-ha, Noh Hong-chul have arrived. Jeong Hyeong-don and Kyrgyzstan are coming too late because of the shooting.

Because hepatitis is contagious, everyone can’t get into the intensive care unit, and can only look outside Park Myeong-su’s painful appearance.

“Brother, how is the diagnosis? Is there a possibility of recovery?”

Seok Jin-soo was frightened and asked with concern as soon as he arrived.

Yoo Jae-seok quickly comforted him.

“Although it is very serious, the doctor said that there is no problem in healing. It is Myeong-su brother who is going to suffer a crime. He is so old, he has to be tossed by illness, and he can’t hold it?”

I heard that it can be cured, and Seok Jin-soo is relieved. When you are in a relaxed mood, you can make a joke.

“Brother, Ann. The old guy is the son of the devil. The sick can’t help him.”

The Yoo Jae-seok trio who got a word also laughed.

Noh Hong-chul is teasing Park Myeong-su through glass.

“Myeong-su brother, if you can’t do it, remember the property heir to write my name.”

Poor Parker, who is obviously afflicted by illness, is still angry with Noh Hong-chul and even more sad.

But he still remembers the business, saw Seok Jin-soo, and quickly told him.

“Maknae, I can’t do it, I can’t move, you go for me at the music center.”

Seok Jin-soo is inexplicable.

“Why go to the music center? Why am I going for you?”

Speaking of this, Park Myeong-su’s face was red.

“My brother’s song scores are good. The music center’s pd wants to borrow light and invites me and Jessica to perform. Now I can’t go, you can take me instead.”

Seok Jin-soo is stunned.

“I rely, is this OK?”

It’s not that well, the Music Center is only a winner of the song festival.

Counting Park Myeong-su and Jay Jessica, “Infinite Challenge” has three groups of singers on the stage of “Music Center”.

Thank you zutter, the demon king’s generation of rewards!

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