KEP Chapter 427

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the evil of the 427 chapter in summer [Long live the People’s Liberation Army! Floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo never thought that the promise of Jessica would be so fast.

At the time of the song festival, he saw that Jessica’s mood was relatively low, so he was comforted.

He doesn’t know when he can perform “Cold Noodle” with Jessica.

Who thought that Park Myeong-su actually got hepatitis and was sick in bed. As a result, the performance of the agreed “Music Center” could not be gone, and someone had to be replaced.

In fact, what he did not know was that the “Music Center” was originally intended to be postponed. After waiting for Park Myeong-su’s health, I arranged the performance of “Cold Noodles”.

But Park Myeong-su feels serious and doesn’t know when she will be cured.

He was afraid that the heat of “Cold Noodles” had passed, and if he was on the stage, it would not have been so good.

Another one, when the performance of the song festival was performed, he made a lot of mistakes, which indirectly affected Jessica’s play, and he was very uncomfortable.

Don’t look at Park Myeong-su, who has always been known as the demon. He is actually a knife mouth and a tofu heart.

Now that he has a good performance opportunity, he also wants to satisfy Jessica’s wish, so he said to the Music Center that Seok Jin-soo will perform instead of himself.

Because Seok Jin-soo is also a member of “Infinite Challenge”, or a producer of “Cold Noodle”, it replaces the performance.

Most importantly, Seok Jin-soo’s singing and typhoon is much stronger than Park Myeong-su.

After the song festival, many fans said that the most regrettable thing was that they did not see the cooperation between Seok Jin-soo and Jessica.

Otherwise, “Cold Noodles” is definitely a strong contender for the Grand Prize.

In the “Music Center”, I heard the idea of ​​Park Myeong-su, and it was even more fun.

They have seen Seok Jin-soo’s performance on the spot and know what Seok Jin-soo has. If he replaces Park Myeong-su with him, the effect will be better than a star and a half.

So the “Music Center” was so happy to agree, and the words of Seok Jin-soo comfort became a reality.

Because I want to play a song program, I have to rehearse in advance, so Seok Jin-soo once again came to sm company.

He often enters and exits here. Over time, when he comes back, the newsletter is not needed, and the guard directly gives him the release.

This is also Lee Sooeomma n and Kim Yong-min’s special instructions, such a powerful composer, even sm company needs to pay.

Seok Jin-soo is well-versed and has come to the practice room of Girl’s Generation.

There are not many people here today, only Jessica, Yu-ri, and Yoon-ah are there, and everyone else has their own activities.

“Oppa, sit down, run hard so far, drink some water.”

Yu-ri was very enthusiastic and invited Seok Jin-soo to sit down and give him the iced mineral water.

The weather in July and August can be imagined. Even if Seok Jin-soo is driving, it feels difficult to get hot.

Compared to the past, Yoon-ah is relatively cool.

She is like this. In front of outsiders, she never shows relatives to Seok Jin-soo.

What’s more, members have noticed a lot, and she needs to be more careful.

It wasn’t until Yu-ri became the owner that she came over and asked with concern: “Oppa, have you been busy recently?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled warmly at her, indicating that she didn’t have to be so careful.

“Busy, it’s crazy. At noon today, In-jung’s debut is about to be published, but I have to rehearse with Jessica here. Hey, what is my life?”

Jessica sat next to him and took him.

“Oppa, is it not good to have three big beauty to accompany you? Really, others don’t want this kind of treatment yet.”

Seok Jin-soo deliberately teased her.

“Ani ~yo , Ani ~yo , are two big beauty and an iceberg.”

Jessica is very good.

“As long as the iceberg melts, it will be very warm.”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked and hurried away from her, her horrified eyes staring at her.

“Yah!! Jung Baby, are you seduce me? I told you, I am not such a person.”

Jessica fainted.

“I don’t mean that. People are not icebergs. Oppa doesn’t know.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t let her go.

“How do I know? I am not your boyfriend.”

Jessica raised her head with pride.

“Hey, I want to be my boyfriend, you are still far away. You can get Yoon-ah first.”

Seok Jin-soo looked at her slyly.

“What do you mean by saying that as long as I get Yoon-ah, can you be your boyfriend? Yah!! Isn’t that left and right? Yu-ri, do you have this thought? Then I will I have come to Sanmei to collect it. Although it is difficult, I insist that it doesn’t matter.”

The one who greeted him was the feet of the three beautiful women.

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but smack up the sm company.

What the hell, good practice room laying on the floor?

As a result, these women do not need to wear shoes, they dare to take their ankles. If you wear shoes, you won’t be hurting.

It’s enough to make a fuss. Seok Jin-soo has limited time and needs to rehearse quickly.

He will rush back to the company at noon to monitor t-ara’s debut in real time.

“I am familiar with the song and can sing directly. But for dance, you have to tell me, I have not skipped.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t care about the “Cold Noodles” given to the Mingka drive group. Their choreographers were made by the sm company’s dancers, so he wouldn’t jump at all.

This time I was going to perform on stage, so I had to wear a gun.

Fortunately, the “Cold Noodle” song is simple and dance is not difficult.

Because I knew that Seok Jin-soo was a dance idiot, Jessica begged Yoon-ah and Yu-ri to stay.

These two are the lead dancers of Girl’s Generation and are better than her in dance teaching. With the help of both of them, Seok Jin-soo can quickly master the essence of dance.

Yu-ri doesn’t know, Yoon-ah, even if Jessica doesn’t ask for it, it is estimated that he will take the initiative.

After all, everyone is very busy now, and there are very few opportunities to meet. So every time, although she can’t do anything, she cherishes it.

“Oppa, the specific action, you can imagine eating cold noodles. The index finger and middle finger of the right hand imitate the appearance of the chopsticks, and swipe around the mouth. At the same time, the left hand is flat, thinking that there is a cold noodle plate on it. It is.”

Seok Jin-soo Although the body is not coordinated, there is no problem in understanding. I tried it as Jessica pointed out, and it was already modeled.

Jessica is also a little excited and thinks Seok Jin-soo should learn very quickly.

“Keep this position, then lift your right and left legs in turn. Hey, cold noodles… cold noodles… cold noodles…”

Seok Jin-soo looks in the eyes and feels very simple.

I thought I had mastered him, imitating Jessica’s appearance, and my body squatted slightly, while my right leg was lifted.

“Cold noodles…cold noodles…oh…”

Damn, after one leg is lifted up, the center of gravity does not know how to move back. Caused him to stand unstable, sitting directly on the floor.

Good guy, the floor is very hard.

Seok Jin-soo feels that his tail vertebrae have been shattered, and the painful grip on the buttocks is full of rolling.

The three women did not think that this guy is so bad. A movement in the district actually appeared.

Hurry up and run up, care about it.

“Oppa, don’t you?”

“Really, how can such a big person stand still?”

Both Jessica and Yu-ri just said that Yoon-ah disguised it. Under the care, one hand has already caught Seok Jin-soo’s ass while the other hand is going to lick his belt.

“Oppa, take it off and see if there is any broken?”

Jessica and Yu-ri were shocked and stopped her.

“Yah!! LiTTL- Time To Love e Deer Yoon-ah, you are crazy, you actually want to see a man’s ass?”

Under Yoon-ah’s concern, the mind is insane and the words are not noticed.

“I haven’t seen it yet.”


Jessica and Yu-ri were really frightened and looked at her with horror.

Yoon-ah stunned and reacted violently. A plain white face was directly red like crayfish.

“Ah…ah…ah… I mean, the man’s ass has something to look at, go to the beach, everywhere.”

At the same time, she is not immune, because she did not see it.

On the night of “Family Outing,” the black scorpion was so sullen that he was even breathing in the nest. Don’t talk about the ass, even the guy who is blaming doesn’t see it.

Seok Jin-soo just sat on a buttock and the pain was just a moment. It’s so slow and slow, it’s already pretty good.

Gently remove Yoon-ah’s hand and flip it over.

“Aigoo, why are your actions so difficult?”

When he can talk, his eyes are inevitably straight.

Because he was lying on the ground, three girls were kneeling beside his head.

The problem is that this summer is hot and the Yoon-ah is wearing ultra-short hot pants.

It doesn’t matter at all, because the hot pants hug the thighs tightly, and there is no danger of spring flooding.

But as soon as this was done, the bending of the thigh arched the hot pants and formed a gap in the roots.

The result is from the perspective of Seok Jin-soo, which just shows the spring in the gap.

I really can’t think of it, Yoon-ah is obviously an adult missy, actually so bold.

Although the tulle-like *** covers the most mysterious part, it makes the a few velvet hairs like the red apricots that are out of the wall, which is more fascinating.

Just look at it, Seok Jin-soo feels that the nostrils are so hot that it seems to break out.

In spite of the fright, turning his head away quickly must be stimulated.

But I didn’t expect to shift my gaze to the other side, just as Yu-ri leaned over to see his situation.

Because of the squatting relationship, Yu-ri’s t-shirt neckline opened, and the majestic Jade Rabbits broke through the bra’s barrier, swaying and angering in front of his eyes.

Damn, these women, how can they be tempted everywhere?

Seok Jin-soo didn’t know where to put his eyes, so he had to lay down well and his head looked straight at the top of his head.

The ceiling only showed him a second, and Jessica’s delicate little face came together.

“Oppa, is it serious? Do you want to call a doctor?”

Seok Jin-soo was weak and had to lament: “There was nothing wrong with it. I couldn’t breathe through the three of you. I couldn’t breathe.”

The original group surrounded, not only the pleasure of the chair king, but also the blood is enough.

Seok Jin-soo found that he seems to be suffering today.


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