KEP Chapter 429

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 429 chapter has become a reality, floating astronomy

T-ara’s debut album was launched at noon, and after three o’clock in the afternoon, the momentum rose.

Not only did myMystic89’s strategy work, but the summer camps around the country also began to play their songs in accordance with the convention.

“Me Gustas Tu” is really a youthful song that has been loved by students as soon as it comes out. I don’t want to talk about it, but I have imitated it.

The problem is that the summer camp is not only for the students, but also the traditional summer vacation time in Korea.

Around the summer camp, there are also many citizens on vacation.

At this time, I saw the sound of music and the performances of the students. Everyone also made a splash and asked about what song it was.

One pass ten, ten pass hundred, slowly, the song began to show the trend of the original.

One of the fans who have to thank this is superjunior.

Because Leeteuk, Yinhe and others gave “timetolove” and “maboo” feat rap, so superjunior fans are also very enthusiastic, have joined the audio source audition and download.

Compared to sporadic t-ara fans, the Blues team is too strong.

It can be said that the sound source can be arched, and the blue family has the greatest role except the passers-by.

Anyway, at five o’clock in the afternoon, myMystic89 company is a jubilant.

After five hours of hard work, Me Gustas Tu finally surpassed 2NE1’s “idon’tcare”, second only to “Cold Noodles”, occupying a strong position.

At this time, Seok Jin-soo received a call from So-yeon.

“Oppa, have you seen our debut stage? Wow, we actually have fans.”

Originally, in order to avoid journalists, I said that I can reduce contact. But today So-yeon is so happy, and I don’t care so much.

Today is their debut stage. I just wanted to work hard and behave.

When they were on stage, there were already a lot of fans in the audience.

Everyone is holding a yellow banner with a sunflower flower made of plastic on the head, and the whole scene is spectacular.

The most striking thing is that the slogans of these fans are very neat and arrogant. Although not as good as other fans, the voice of the aid is unique.

“That’s not good, it shows that you have succeeded. Don’t be proud, keep working hard, you can do better.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and could only comfort her.

He can’t tell So-yeon in fact, in fact, these fans are the professional fans invited by the company?

Korean fans are very powerful. But even more powerful is a professional fan.

These people, there is no other job, chasing stars is their life.

What they have to do is to look at a combination that has just debuted. If there is potential, it will launch a paradox among the fans, attract people, form an effect, and then profit from it.

This is also a strange phenomenon that can be seen by fans in Korea.

People who are often concerned can find that the leader of a fan of a certain combination, the result suddenly changed, became the head of another idol group fan group.

To put it bluntly, these people are not so much love for idols, but professional fans who drive the trend.

When you see which combination is the trend, you will quickly get together, draw a certain number of people, and rely on various means to make money.

If you see which combination is not working, you will decisively abandon it, and even turn your head to smash, smudge, and break the news, and not give the opportunity to re-raise.

As an entertainment company, of course I know such people.

Although it is abominable, the effect is great.

So before the debut stage of t-ara, Seok Jin-soo found the talented and famous fan head in this circle.

There aren’t any complicated procedures. After taking out 50 million Korean Won, these people know what to do.

So today’s debut stage, as a pure newcomer’s t-ara, actually miraculously gathered a group of more than 300 fans, and the slogan can be shouted so neat and enthusiastic.

Seok Jin-soo knows that the 50 million he sprinkled out, at least one or two million is falling into the hands of those few heads.

But it doesn’t matter, just use it once.

Now that t-ara’s momentum has risen, the number of fans registered on the official website has doubled, and soon regular fan clubs can be established.

And the biggest beneficiary behind everything behind this is naturally t-ara.

When debuting, the sound source broke out, and the debut songs were widely loved. The fans were united and powerful, the girls were fresh and beautiful, and the various factors added together, so that they quickly accumulated popularity.

The company has noticed that on the Internet, members of the various fan clubs have begun to spring up.

But Seok Jin-soo still has to tell So-yeon carefully.

“When you have an interview, you must remember that you must thank Superjunior for your help and show the etiquette of the younger generation. But pay attention to the way and attitude, don’t be too close. See?”

So-yeon doesn’t understand very well, but I also know that listening to Seok Jin-soo is right.

“Well, I know, I will tell everyone.”

Seeing her so obedient, Seok Jin-soo is also relieved.

Thanks to the superjunior in the face of the media, not only the etiquette, but also the good feelings of the blue fans, I think they are grateful people.

The attitude is not too close to relatives. This is to prevent fans from thinking about it. They think that girls are upside down and even have other ideas.

The attitude of fans to idols is basically the feeling of a dream lover.

If other opposite sexes show too much kindness towards their idols, then they will become the rivals in this kind of people’s eyes and will be hated.

At the beginning of the Black Sea of ​​Girl’s Generation, it was not because the nine girls did not pay attention to this situation, because they grew up together with superjunior training, and they were too intimate.

The result was arouse the hatred of the fans, and finally it was a tragedy.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t want t-ara to come to the Black Sea anymore, and myMystic89 can be a single seedling.

Don’t look at t-ara’s debut today, but they are not at all easy.

After recording the Music Center, there is also a campus music festival to attend in the evening.

Tomorrow is “Inkigayo” and summer concerts, basically maintaining the scale of two performances a day, still very tired.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t talk too much with So-yeon. He just told me a few words and let them go.

Looking back, he contacted Lee Myung-gu again.

“Representative Li, the interviews and reports that we discussed before, can now be released. Thanks to our hard work, our myMystic89 is grateful.”

Artists’ debut, in addition to activities, news interviews and reports are also important means of publicity.

Many newcomers are not worthy of being reported, so they can only rely on activities to slowly accumulate popularity.

But in this respect, it does not include artists from big companies.

Just like yg’s 2NE1, before and after the debut, the news reports were as big as a haircut, and it was no different from a carpet bombing.

This is also a factor in their continuous performance as soon as they debut.

Now myMystic89 has a close-knit media, and it is impossible to use it.

Before the melon had already made a force, now it is the turn of the society.

After working with the agency, Seok Jin-soo found that although the media was small, it seemed that there was no energy. But Lee Myung-gu is very brainy and has great ideas and talents in entertaining gossip news.

In a short period of time, the newspaper has already established a firm foothold, firmly clinging to Naver’s thighs, and always has a place on Naver’s homepage.

I remember that Lee Myung-gu said that someone would invest in the agency.

It seems that it is probably Naver now.

In any case, behind the company, there is the largest search engine giant in Korea, and there is no need to worry about the spread of news.

Now they released the report of t-ara, and immediately swept the layout, causing passers-by to think about it.

For t-ara, Seok Jin-soo is also going out and taking out himself.

In an interview with d, he was mainly based on him, detailing the brilliant resume of his music producer, and then finishing the finishing touch, describing the relationship between t-ara and him.

In the report, as the maker of the Wondergirls retro trilogy and Girl’s Generation “gee”, superjunior “sorrysorry”, the producer of the hot ost “Can’t Forgive”, “If” and “Listen”, Seok Jin-soo’s record is awesome.

Many people who are not very familiar with him, after reading this report, know that there are so many hit songs from his handwriting.

Today, as the most powerful producer, Seok Jin-soo has launched a personally created idol, the Girl Group, which is naturally worth looking forward to.

Especially in the interview, Seok Jin-soo highlighted that he has created a pure trilogy for t-ara.

Me Gustas Tu, as the first part of the pure trilogy, has already met the public.

Many people searched the song and heard it, it really is fresh and pleasant.

Especially after watching mv, I was very excited about the girls like six sisters and started to really like it.

It can be said that in order to let t-ara kill the bleeding road, Seok Jin-soo really used all the ideas and mobilized the biggest resources.

If this is the case, and finally did not let t-ara come out, he will really despair, and since then, he has completely died for entertainment planning.

However, at present, the effect is good.

The confident Seok Jin-soo stood in front of all the employees of the company and declared with domineering: “Yah!! From now on, I will change the ringtones to Me Gustas Tu, hurry hurry, and I will supervise you to change.”

A group of employees were dumbfounded and did not expect the director to be so overbearing.

Really, even what mobile phone ringtones are used by people?

A female accountant is very unhappy.

“People like bigbang, why do you force people to change?”

Seok Jin-soo blinked at her.

“Do you want me to send you to yg? Let you see bigbang every day. Yah!! If you want to work, give me the truth.”

The female employee pouted, but did not dare to resist, and had to change the ringtone of the phone.

After watching everyone change, Seok Jin-soo’s eyes suddenly swept to Yoon Jong-shin and Kim Hyeong-seok, who were there.

“I said, everyone changed. What are you doing? Hurry up.”

Yoon Jong-shin and Kim Hyeong-seok didn’t come up in one breath, so they fell off the chair.

“I said, we are all so old, it is not appropriate to use the little girl’s songs.”

Yoon Jong-shin is not very fond of changing.

Kim Hyeong-seok quickly added: “Yeah, yeah, we are old, even if we use such a ringtone, it will be considered abnormal.”

How sad the two old people said, it is really earth-moving, everyone is crying.

But this does not include Seok Jin-soo.

The wooden whip in the hands of this guy squatted on the table and stared at the two old guys.

“In the same way, I don’t want to say the second time. Or change it now, or I will change your mind for you.”

Yoon Jong-shin and Kim Hyeong-seok both contracted their necks instinctively.

This damn guy, who is not known for being lawless, really can do it.

Although it is considered bad to be abnormal, they do not want to die.

So in the eyes of employees, the two myMystic89 giants changed their ringtones in just one minute.

“Come, let’s play together.”

Seok Jin-soo is full of enthusiasm, indicating that everyone will take out the phone together.

For a time, in this small conference room, the music of Me Gustas Tu seemed to pierce the eardrum of everyone.

Everyone wants to cry without tears.

When it comes to such a demon director, life is really not easy.

Thank you for the half-saw Nanmu, the demon king generation reward!

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