KEP Chapter 432

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 432 chapter dream back, the astronomy

Seok Jin-soo really can’t adapt to the game of Naoliang. It was scared in “Family Outing” and finally did not complete the task.

The result dragged Song Ji-hyo and took on the task of vigil.

Even after the next day, he did not slow down from the shock, and the whole day of shooting was embarrassing, and his mental state was very bad.

However, because of the many shots, Song Ji-hyo is very grateful to him.

At the time of the farewell, the two also exchanged contact information, which was an initial friendship.

After spending two days and one night in Jeonbuk, returning to Seoul again, the day has changed.

“Jin-soo, our strategy is in effect, and the children’s performance is now blocked.”

Upon meeting, Yoon Jong-shin gave him a brief report.

It turned out that after this period of promotion and fermentation, t-ara and “Me Gustas Tu” have completely broken out.

Previously, myMystic89 company invested resources, but now it has become a trend, and the outside world has actively promoted the publicity.

In the variety programs of major broadcasters, there are artists who perform their songs.

Also for this trend, “Me Gustas Tu” successfully squeezed out “Cold Noodles”, and for the first time boarded the top positions of several audio source websites such as melon and mnet.

Even more gratifying is that t-ara’s official fan registrations have also exceeded 80,000, second only to Girl’s Generation.

The day that Seok Jin-soo came back is exactly Friday, the day when kbs “Music Bank” aired.

T-ara has entered an alternate because of good results last week. Unfortunately, in the final selection, 3NE2 was lost to the weak margin of 1.

However, this is irrelevant. Everyone knows that by the next week, t-ara will definitely be able to get this one.

In a good mood, Seok Jin-soo was finally able to participate in the training with Jessica, and the second day of the performance of the “Music Center”.

Still the last waiting room, or a familiar environment, Seok Jin-soo sat there, leaving the assistant busy.

“Hey, what’s this, how can I be busier than a singer?”

Yang Hye-jin carefully matched his costume and smiled: “This is not a good thing. You used to sing very well. I want to say, wait until the children are finished, you should make an album for yourself. I have Pay attention to the evaluation on the Internet, everyone is looking forward to it.”

Seok Jin-soo has not cared about this aspect.


Eun-ho quickly nodded.

“Director, you should have a album of your own. Your singing is so good, and you have made so many hot songs. The outside world is very expecting you.”

The heart of the two people said, Seok Jin-soo pondered a bit and was eager to try.

When I first met Kim Hyeong-seok, I planned to sing.

As a result, because he was not famous, the manufacturer did not look up and did not undertake it, so he was delayed.

It’s different now, Seok Jin-soo has its own company, myMystic89 has its own distribution channel, and the relationship with loen is there, making the record a breeze.

“That line, wait for me to finish this time.”

In August, there has been no more time left in the second half of the year.

The work at Seok Jin-soo is not at all easy, and it is really difficult to squeeze out time.

As I spoke, Jessica pushed the door and walked in.

“Oppa, isn’t it yet? We have to rehearse.”

Today’s Jessica is different from the song festival. The upper body is a pink striped sailor suit with a pure white skirt and no sailor cap, but the bow is more delicate.

The knee-length white socks are paired with red high-heeled shoes, and the whole person looks beautiful and colorful.

To match him, Seok Jin-soo is a red and white striped t-shirt with a white military gown.

Because men have fewer hair patterns, they must wear Shanghai military caps.

Red pants and white sneakers on the legs, standing with Jessica, the two complement each other and match very well.

After carefully examining the clothing of Seok Jin-soo, Jessica is as beautiful as it is.

“Wow, Oppa is very handsome, not as ugly as in the program.”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit angry.

“Yah!! I wasn’t ugly, it was all infinite guys in Infinite Challenge. I am in my hometown, I am also a handsome guy.”

Jessica turned his eyes and couldn’t help his cheeky face.

“Oppa, what I said is just a polite word.”

Seok Jin-soo is so angry.

“Yah!! The ungrateful missy, you are too much better than Tae-yeon. You have no good guys in Girl’s Generation.”

Being attacked, Jessica was not angry, but retraced straightforwardly.

“What about Yoon-ah? Isn’t Yoon-ah a good person?”

Thinking of the night’s embarrassment, Seok Jin-soo was in a hot heart and said: “Yoon-ah can you be the same?”

Jessica whipped up her cheeks and could hang the soy sauce bottle in her mouth.

β€œHey, I know there is a problem with Oppa and Yoon-ah.”

I was really scared of this missy. Seok Jin-soo was afraid that she would continue to entangle her. She had to take her to the studio and listen to the arrangement of pd and successfully complete the rehearsal.

Waiting to return to the waiting room, it is very lively.

Because t-ara, who also appeared in “Music Center”, came over and made a visit to the younger generation.

Of course, this is also required by Seok Jin-soo.

Here is a video of “Infinite Challenge”, for them, it is a good opportunity to appear.

When I saw t-ara coming in, Jessica was very happy. I ran over and hugged with So-yeon and Hyo-min, talking and laughing.

She and So-yeon have a good relationship with Trainee. I haven’t seen it for many years, and naturally there is a lot to say.

As for Hyo-min, when JYP was doing Trainee, Jessica knew her.

Because I heard that JYP has a long Trainee like myself, the curious Jessica has ran over to see it, so it is also an acquaintance.

The children of t-ara are very polite. When they come in, they say hello everywhere, and at the same time look at the camera of Infinite Challenge.

This is a national variety show, how many times they have fantasized to appear.

Why are they not famous enough now, and they can only think about it.

The main thing is that the opportunity is not good.

“Infinite Challenge” invites people to be casual, not very concerned about the other big name is not big, it is appropriate.

But seeing their gaze, Seok Jin-soo made a topic.

“Yah!! What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen such an ugly pd? Don’t worry, that guy is fine except for the mind of Yoon-ah.”

Kim Tae-ho, standing next to the camera, looked at Seok Jin-soo and gnashed his teeth.

Your sister, in front of so many beautiful girls, do you actually say this to me?

The trick is not the same.

Seok Jin-soo can play jd jokes, girls can’t dare, and quickly apply for Kim Tae-ho.

β€œAni ~yo, Kim Tae-ho pd is very handsome, and the understanding of fashion is very thorough. It is a very trendy person.”

So-yeon would say, let Kim Tae-ho smile and smile.

In this way, Seok Jin-soo will not open Sen.

Missy, who are you girlfriend?

How can I help the enemy speak?

So Seok Jin-soo pouted and licked Kim Tae-ho.

“In fact, you don’t know, the completion of fashion is actually relying on the face. That one…hehe…”

Although he did not say it, but the action of his hand on his face, the girls burst into laughter.

Kim Tae-ho couldn’t help it anymore, and replied: “There are people who have no face and no fashion, and naturally they can only rely on their mouths.”

Seok Jin-soo is on the bar today.

“Yah!! Don’t think about making a good impression in front of a beautiful girl, but you are getting married.”

As soon as the words came out, the room exploded immediately.

Rao is Kim Tae-ho, who is calm and calm. At this time, he is also flushed and can’t say a word.

Kim Tae-ho and her female college students have been in love for more than two years and are ready to prepare for the wedding after graduation from the university this year.

The scheduled wedding period is in early September.

Everyone in “Infinite Challenge” knows it naturally. After all, to attend the wedding, you need to free your trip.

However, everyone knows that this is a pull-down. Seok Jin-soo is the only madman who broke it out today.

It’s not too much to say so much, he is even more embarrassed.

“I told you that this pd is a powerful guy. In the name of the seniors, he seduce the young and ignorant school girl and hospitalized the professor.”

Kim Tae-ho’s fiancΓ©e is his school girl in Korea, so everyone in private has made him joke.

He said that with the identity of a celebrity alumnus, he confuses the ignorant school girl, and Kim Tae-ho is frustrated and arrogant, nowhere to argue.

Today, Seok Jin-soo said everything, and turned Kim Tae-ho into a scorched earth. I have already started thinking about how to edit it back.

Of course, the confrontation with Kim Tae-ho is just an episode.

Because of the arrival of t-ara, Seok Jin-soo has to think about propaganda for them.

However, he did not come directly to this matter, but instead used Jessica.

“Jessica, as the debut sunbae-nim, what do you think of t-ara?”

Jessica is also awkward, naturally understands what he means, and good words are like no money.

“Because of the relationship between So-yeon eonni and Hyo-min, I have always been concerned. They are really great descendants, listening to their songs, as if to remind me of the time to debut.”

Seok Jin-soo was very happy with her performance, so she decided to promote it for Girl’s Generation.

So he asked the girls of t-ara: “Two years ago, when Girl’s Generation debuted, you were still very small. Have you paid attention to sunbae-nim? Now sunbae-nim is here, it is better for you to perform. What is the debut of Girl’s Generation?”

Although it is an abrupt proposal, Seok Jin-soo is not worried at all.

“Into The New World” is a must-have song for Trainee, and t-ara doesn’t know how many times he has trained.

Upon hearing his instructions, the six girls of t-ara quickly stood in formation, and although they did not have music, they sang and sang “Into The New World.”

Seeing the neat knife dance of So-yeon and others, Jessica’s eyes were red.

Especially for So-yeon.

If this noona didn’t leave, she had already performed with them on the stage.

Excited, Jessica is not holding on. Going to the girls, I performed a song that was once bloody.

For today’s performance, t-ara is pure and clean.

The debut of Girl’s Generation is also a pure style, as is Cold Face.

Jessica joined in and did not violate it.

The seven beautiful girls danced together in the camera of Infinite Challenge, like a butterfly dancing, confusing the hearts of all men.

Many people are a little embarrassed and vaguely returned two years ago.

Thank you for the fact that you and I, the unparalleled emperor’s heavenly reward!

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