KEP Chapter 435

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 435 chapter of anger, floating astronomy

I heard that the first performer will be eliminated here, and everyone is scared.

β€œI was eliminated when I first started?”

Jeong Hyeong-don’s face is unbelievable and feels a bit exaggerated.

It’s only been an hour since the opening of the game.

The production team informed everyone that it was a two-day, one-night trip, so everyone was prepared according to this time. At the same time, they also informed the family.

Now I heard that the opening will be eliminated in an hour, then the next…

Kyrgyzstan also panicked and hurriedly asked: “Where is the knockout?”

Yoo Jae-seok smiled and pointed to the distance.

“There is a boat there, take this home directly.”

I heard that I really want to go home, everyone is more confused.

Park Hwi-soon is screaming.

“Good new! How can there be such a program?”

Buddy, how dare you go out at this time?

So he was immediately stared.

“You are most likely…”

β€œPark Hwi-soon, Park Hwi-soon, Park Hwi-soon !!!”

Park Hwi-soon panicked and quickly calmed the people around him.

“Don’t say this, don’t say this.”

Now that you have decided to eliminate a person, of course you have to do the game.

On a small ship, there are not many games that can be played, so I decided to lick my wrist.

The handsome team and the ugly team competed for each other. Eventually, with the violence of lettuce, the ugly team actually acquired Seung-ri.

So the handsome team eliminated Jeong Hyeong-don in a strange atmosphere.

Although Jeong Hyeong-don pretends to be very depressed and angry, in fact, his elimination has long been said.

Because chubby has been preparing for marriage during this time, busy to die.

The production team was also understanding, and did not want him to waste two days and one night here, just let him go.

Jeong Hyeong-don is also the only one who can return to Seoul smoothly because it is not black.

The Jeong Hyeong-don was sent away and the boat continued on.

Sure enough, Seok Jin-soo said that everyone came to the uninhabited island.

The so-called travel, the real title should be the 2009 summer “Infinite Challenge” cohabitation with the uninhabited island survival special.

Before the arrival of everyone, the production team has set up a tent here. However, this tent is not for everyone, but for changing clothes.

The two teams changed their clothes, and the second game started immediately.

More cruel than the first game, the production team provided the only water.

A bucket of pure water is placed next to it, the last water on the island. If you can’t get it, the failed team will have no water to drink.

The second game is the dodgeball on the beach.

This time the ugly team had no good luck, because the handsome team had too many people with good sports cells.

When the choice is made, to eliminate a person, who should choose?

The big guy of the ugly team has been entangled for a full five seconds, then…

Then, following Jeong Hyeong-don, Jeong Jun-ha, who was used to being late and did not help, also set foot on the return boat.

There was no time for everyone to rest, and the third game started again.

As a result, the ugly team lost again and sent Kim Kyung-jin away.

This guy was very upset when he left, and he didn’t say a lot of trouble, but he also showed a sinister look at the camera.

It has been six hours since the recording is now. Anyway, you need to take a break.

What’s more, Tae-yang is slanting, and everyone is hungry.

Before a violent exercise, Seok Jin-soo’s clothes were soaked with sweat.

Needless to say, t-shirts and shorts are provided by the production team, even if they are uncomfortable.

But the underwear is different, and it can’t stand the sticky stick in the crotch.

Taking a break, Seok Jin-soo decided to change a pair of underwear, so one person ran to the tent.

Unexpectedly, as he approached, he unexpectedly heard someone in the tent talking.

“Hey, Fuck, what kind of liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y? I dare to knock me out. I will wait for you, and when I am red, I will definitely retaliate.”

Seok Jin-soo looks awkward and stops, knowing who is talking.

Kim Kyung-jin, who was just eliminated, should be packing things in it. When he returns to the boat where Jeong Jun-ha is coming, he will also leave.

I just couldn’t think of it. During this time of waiting for the ship, he actually launched a complaint.

There should be other people in the tent, and the voice of a girl sounds.

“This is just a game rule. I hope Kim Kyung-jin ‘ssi doesn’t mind. If you have a chance in the future, you will be invited to play.”

Seok Jin-soo heard it, is the maknae writer of the production group.

She was not responsible for the production of the plot, so she was sent to arrange the chores of the artist.

The production team is not unreasonable. Knowing that people are called, it is so easy to send away, artists will certainly have complaints.

So I sent someone to appease, and when I talked about good things, it should be fine.

But who would have thought that the Kim Kyung-jin was even more arrogant when he heard the writer.

“Yah!! Don’t you know that I am the most popular artist recently? If you don’t look at the face of Myeong-su brother, why should I come here? You really have no concept, even the funny people are sent away, program Can you still be interesting?”

It is estimated that the writer’s face is not good-looking, but he still tries to calm down.

“It’s all chosen by everyone, we just follow the results. Besides, Jeong Jun-ha and Jeong Hyeong-don are not eliminated.”

At Seok Jin-soo, listening to it, as the “Infinite Challenge” production team, it is OK to be able to say good things to this level.

After all, this is a national variety show, and how many artists can’t wait for the program.

Even if it was eliminated midway, there were fewer shots. But being able to star in “Infinite Challenge” is itself a capital.

This Kim Kyung-jin, Seok Jin-soo has seen few times.

He is known as the mad child in the special edition i+idol centered on Noh Hong-chul.

Then Park Myeong-su felt that he had great potential and was excavated.

Frankly speaking, Park Myeong-su cultivated him with great care. Whenever there is an opportunity, he will be called to appear in the program.

Although the lens is not much, but as an annual newcomer, can have such treatment, how many people are envious of it.

I really didn’t think of it, gave him the opportunity to appear in the “Infinite Challenge”, and actually dared to complain.

Just when Seok Jin-soo felt that this person was unclear, unexpected things happened.

When he heard the writer mentioning that Jeong Jun-ha and Jeong Hyeong-don were eliminated, Kim Kyung-jin dared to say anything.

“They are not funny. What are the pity of leaving? I am the main force, my departure is your loss.”

The pupil of Seok Jin-soo was rounded up and the anger came up.

This bastard, which green onion are you?

Actually dare to arrange sunbae-nim?

But before he got angry, Kim Kyung-jin actually made even more shocking words.

“Hey, Myeong-su is really true. I only talk about cultivating me. In fact, I can’t help anything.”

Seok Jin-soo’s eyes were red, striding, and rushing past the tent.

The ungrateful bastard really makes him not beaten.

As a person who knows, he is too clear, Park Myeong-su has put a lot of heart and effort to cultivate this guy.

Do not say anything else, this time the special feature of the production, in fact, the meaning of the production team is to let Park Myeong-su rest at home.

After all, hepatitis has just healed, Park Myeong-su’s body is still weak, and cultivation is the best choice.

However, after Park Myeong-su heard that many artists would be invited to participate, he insisted on acting and recommended Kim Kyung-jin with his own face.

Otherwise, so many artists in the Korean entertainment industry, why give this guy a chance?

And at the beginning of the game, in order to give him a shot, Park Myeong-su also provoked Yoo Jae-seok.

What else do you want to do?

These Seok Jin-soo are all in the eye, knowing that Park Myeong-su is right for this guy.

Because of being eliminated and complaining, Seok Jin-soo is no problem.

It is not funny to say that Jeong Jun-ha and Jeong Hyeong-don are not funny. Although he is very angry, he can hold back in order to avoid trouble.

But this bastard is actually so good to his benefactor, Seok Jin-soo really can’t help it.

He ran in a few steps, opened the tent and opened it directly.

“liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, where are you?”

Kim Kyung-jin was flustered, and he was stunned by Seok Jin-soo, and he opened his mouth and it was a bit embarrassing.

He just dared to talk about two sentences behind him. As a newcomer who debuted for a year, he gave him 100,000 courage and dared not say bad things about sunbae-nim.

However, I did not expect that the words of private grievances were actually heard by Seok Jin-soo.

Facing sunbae-nim, this guy is so dumbfounded, a few times, never know how to deal with it.

At this point, Seok Jin-soo has come to him. Without saying a word, a punch is on his heart.

This position is in the middle of the two ribs, the most important thing.

Seok Jin-soo had a punch, and Kim Kyung-jin couldn’t even shout. He could only squat and squat.

He still didn’t hate it, and kicked it directly on the guy’s face.

“Garbage-like liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, Myeong-su brother gave up for you to rest, you actually treat him. Who gave you the courage? I don’t know the guy who is grateful to the newspaper, you are dead today!”

While squatting, Seok Jin-soo did not care who was next to the box, and picked it up and hit him.

Kim Kyung-jin is skinny and has no meat. He was slammed by a slap in the face, except for the painful snoring.

The writer next to him started to panic, but when he saw Seok Jin-soo, he didn’t know the guy who was so tall, and he was very relieved.

See you almost, just come up and hold Seok Jin-soo.

“Oppa, it’s almost done. Such a person is not worthy of your anger.”

Seok Jin-soo was still very difficult to get rid of, and it was a slap and a slap, and he played a dozen times and swollen Kim Kyung-jin’s face.

“Do you know the rules? Ah! Jun-ha brother and Hyeong-don brother are also you can arrange? Behind the discussion sunbae-nim, who gives you the courage? Do you think you have mixed up, it is amazing?”

This meal beat, let Kim Kyung-jin black and blue, just burst into tears did not dare cry out loud.

As a younger generation, there is no way to be taught by sunbae-nim. What’s more, he still has the fault first, and he can’t say where he is.

Seok Jin-soo was awkward and still not deflated, pointing to the face of Kim Kyung-jin.

“liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, you give me a long way to go. If there is my place in the future, you are not allowed to appear. Otherwise, I will see you once. Once you break your leg, let you really Become a dog.”

Kim Kyung-jin was really frightened. He didn’t dare to delay. He picked up his backpack and ran out of his body, which was worse than the funeral dog.

Thank you, Bai Ze, for the reward!

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