KEP Chapter 437

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 437 chapter runs on the tail, floating astronomy

Before Seok Jin-soo was still in awe-inspiring, who is screaming and fighting?

How did you get lost after listening to the new songs of browsedgirls?

Everyone is inexplicable, but they don’t know why.

Just to celebrate the first one of t-ara’s debut, everyone was very happy. His words are only a moment, and have not affected too much.

Seok Jin-soo knows that this time, the blowneyedgirls are fierce and they are the enemy.

The producer who has been doing this for so many years is still clear about the quality of the song.

Not to mention that when I listened to the song, the voice also provided him with information about the song.

Seok Jin-soo This is how t-ara is unfortunate and encounters Divine Comedy.

The so-called Divine Comedy refers to a song that has been widely loved by the public when it is launched.

The retro trilogy of wondergirls is also the “gee” of Girl’s Generation.

Similarly, this time browneyedgirls’ comeback title song is also.

Only t-ara’s “Me Gustas Tu” is not, although the response is very good, there are many people who like it, but it is definitely not invincible to the launch.

So Seok Jin-soo decided that t-ara got one this week, but it will be difficult next week.

However, in fact, his inference is not too accurate, there is a slight deviation.

T-ara got one of “Music Bank” and “Inkigayo” this week, and a week later, he also got one of “Music Bank”.

But “Inkigayo” has been surpassed by browneyedgirls.

The result is that t-ara has won two consecutive titles of “Music Bank” once it debuted, and it is absolutely bright in the field of idols.

The reason, browneyedgirls is a women’s group, or a non-mainstream women’s group. Although the song is great, the influence is still a bit worse.

In addition to the lack of publicity of the myMystic89 company, the time for the song to be effective has been postponed a lot, making t-ara a big bargain.

Anyway, when I got out of the way, I got three of them. Me Gustas Tu is still very popular, and Seok Jin-soo is satisfied.

He has already told t-ara that after the end of their debut, the second part of the pure trilogy will be released for them in October.

Unlike the debut, the second is a single. Only the sound source is released, there is no physical album.

The purpose of this is to form an echo in a short period of time and maintain the reputation of t-ara.

According to Seok Jin-soo’s plan, the pure trilogy is to be promoted throughout the year.

In this way, in order to avoid stimulating the opponent, the second and third parts are better launched in the form of a single.

Just as he prepared the second part of the pure trilogy for t-ara, Infinite Challenge was quietly preparing for a special edition.

This morning, at nine o’clock, Seok Jin-soo was screaming at the quilt, and the hateful doorbell rang.

Damn, early in the morning, disturbing people’s dreams, who is so immoral?

Seok Jin-soo struggled to get up and watched it through the video, actually responsible for his So-shin pd.

This guy is called Zheng Wenhe. Because of the long crayon So-shin, everyone calls him So-shin pd.

In fact, it is a guest of So-shin.

“What are you doing? This is my home, not mBC.”

As an artist, the most annoying thing is of course that the production team is on the door.

No one is exposed, and he likes to expose his home to the camera.

The “Infinite Challenge” is not a reasonable place. Seeing that he doesn’t open the door, So-shin pd goes on and follows the doorbell.

Look at the posture, if he does not open the door, he has to break the doorbell.

No way, the little gangster of the entertainer encountered such a big hooligan in the production team, except for surrender.

Seok Jin-soo had to open the door and walked out with a depressed face.

So-shin pd did not say a word, and directly handed him a green belt.

“What is this?”

“Wear on the waist.”

Seok Jin-soo This shows that there is a belt on the green belt.

Anyway, you can’t resist, then wear it.

When he was dressed, So-shin pd handed him an envelope.

Open it, there is only a short line of words.

“Catch the yellow tail of Noh Hong-chul.”


Want to catch Noh Hong-chul?

Seok Jin-soo’s brain is still in a paste, and suddenly Noh Hong-chul’s miserable cry is on the top of his head.

“Mo Yah!! What is this? Is anyone going to catch me?”

Seok Jin-soo suddenly woke up, this is a pursuit.

What is even more ridiculous is that Noh Hong-chul lives on his upstairs and hears the sound.

Doesn’t that mean that Noh Hong-chul can be brought to justice at the beginning?

Thinking of this, Seok Jin-soo shouted excitedly.

“Noh Hong-chul, you are dead!!!”

Upstairs and downstairs, or an open-air corridor. He shouted like this, and Noh Hong-chul certainly heard it.

It was impossible, and the upstairs quickly screamed in the footsteps, and Noh Hong-chul’s screams.

“Yah!! How can this be arranged? Maknae lives downstairs in my house.”

When I heard that Noh Hong-chul was going to run, Seok Jin-soo could let go of this god-given opportunity, and the makeup couldn’t be taken care of.

Why did he start slowly? When he ran to the stairs, he just saw Noh Hong-chul flying down.

The two were close at hand, and Seok Jin-soo certainly refused to give up, adorned with the shadow of Noh Hong-chul, and chased from the building to the outside.

The original corridor pursuit battle quickly turned into a community pursuit battle.

The damn Noh Hong-chul is really able to run. Seok Jin-soo has made the effort to suck, but it is always close.

When I ran to a junction, Noh Hong-chul rushed past and just drove a van to block the road of Seok Jin-soo.

After the car was over, the shadow of Noh Hong-chul was gone.

“what…the hell!!, just a little bit, I almost caught Hong-chul Hyeong.”

Seeing him with a look of regret, all the people in the production team laughed.

In fact, it is a pity that Seok Jin-soo puts Noh Hong-chul on a road.

If he really wants to catch Noh Hong-chul, he will not speak out, but will quietly touch the upstairs, then Noh Hong-chul must have nowhere to escape.

His voice reminded Noh Hong-chul of the danger and let the guy run away.

He also deliberately slowed down and waited until Noh Hong-chul ran across his floor before he began to pursue.

Otherwise, he lives downstairs, and even if they run together, they can just block Noh Hong-chul on the stairs.

This is a chase war. If you kill the main fraudster at the beginning, what do you mean?

So Seok Jin-soo has a huge opportunity and has chosen to release water.

No, in the expression he pretended to be sorry, So-shin pd gave him a thumbs up and praised him for doing well.

Lost Noh Hong-chul, Seok Jin-soo has no way, decided to go back and change clothes. Although I don’t know who is going to catch myself, I shouldn’t think I will be at home.

Just after crossing the intersection, he was scared to stop.

Because just across from him, Yoo Jae-seok looked at him with vigilance.

The three people are in a community, and they all act to pursue the war. The possibility of encountering in the community is great.

Everyone is confused now, naturally it is very scared.

Seok Jin-soo did not consciously move his footsteps, ready to turn and flee.

He knows that this brother has always insisted on fitness and can run very well.

Yoo Jae-seok also knows him very well. Young guys, good physical strength, want to escape the guy’s palm, it is not easy.

“Maknae, your goal is not me?”

Yoo Jae-seok quietly moved to an open place, reserved a good way for himself, and began to test Seok Jin-soo.

At this time, Seok Jin-soo calmed down and waved at Yoo Jae-seok.

“Brother, peace of mind, there is no relationship between us.”

Yoo Jae-seok is a little confused and can’t believe it.

“Why? You won’t lie to me? Don’t come over.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t move, but pointed to the tail of Yoo Jae-seok and wanted to understand everything.

“Brother, you are red, I am green, we are not squatting. This is a rainbow, a rainbow, we can form an alliance.”

At this time, Yoo Jae-seok also saw Seok Jin-soo’s green tail, and his brain flashed.

“Ah, I understand. Seven people, seven colors, we have nothing to do with it.”

This confirmed the safety, and the two came together with confidence.

“Brother, who are you going to catch? Do you know who is catching you?”

This is an important piece of information. Yoo Jae-seok can easily reveal it and ask: “What about you? Who are you going to catch? Who wants to catch you?”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it, and there was no conflict with Yoo Jae-seok, so I could exchange information, so I said it very quickly.

“I don’t know anyone who catches me, but the person I want to catch is Hong-chul Hyeong, his tail is yellow.”

“You catch Hong-chul? Are you not upstairs and downstairs?”

Hear Jae-seok is ridiculous when you hear this.

How is the production team arranged? When I got up, I put Noh Hong-chul in danger.

“No, Hong-chul Hyeong reacted too quickly, just a little, and he ran away.”

Since Seok Jin-soo revealed the information, Yoo Jae-seok is also generous.

“I want to catch Ji, and the person who catches me is Jun-ha.”

Both of them were smart, and the information was exchanged, and they immediately figured it out.

Seok Jin-soo slaps in excitement and tells his thoughts.

“Ah, Jun-ha is orange, Gil hyeong is purple. I catch Hong-chul Hyeong, Hong-chul Hyeong catch Jun-ha, Jun-ha brother catches you, you catch Kyrgyz. So Myeong-su brother and Hyeong-don brother, one is blue and the other is cyan.”

Yoo Jae-seok was a little later and understood.

From maknae, I suddenly figured out the link, and the whole situation suddenly became clear.

Excited national mc and Seok Jin-soo made higjfive, which has taken the initiative in this pursuit.

“Yah!! That’s it, let’s unite. If I contact Hong-chul, I will tell you. You are the same. If you meet Kyrgyzstan, please let me know.”

This is of course.

Seok Jin-soo and Yoo Jae-seok are not related. If you want Seung-ri, of course you have to watch and help.

However, Seok Jin-soo is more concerned about another issue.

“No, Jae-seok hyeong, the most dangerous thing now is Jun-ha brother. He is so lacking in heart, he will be killed by Hong-chul Hyeong. If Jun-ha brother is arrested, you have to face Hong. -chul.”

No matter how you look at it, you can’t let Noh Hong-chul catch Jeong Jun-ha.

Otherwise, Yoo Jae-seok is dangerous and adds to the difficulty of Seok Jin-soo.

With such a strong and strong slave, Seok Jin-soo has difficulty in arresting Noh Hong-chul.

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