KEP Chapter 439

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 439 chapter is fierce, astronomical

Like Jeong Hyeong-don, Noh Hong-chul asked casually when he came over.

“That, is there anyone with an Infinite Challenge?”

Seok Jin-soo only told the guard not to say himself, so the guard still revealed: “Jeong Hyeong-don has gone in.”

I heard that only Jeong Hyeong-don and Noh Hong-chul Haha laughed.

“It’s Hyeong-don, Hyeong-don is useless, don’t care about him.”

As he said, he stepped forward and walked in with ease.

This guy is known as a fraudster, and his mind has always been very keen, so it has been very easy to play the chase.

Only he did not think that the hungry wolf was next to it.

Just as Noh Hong-chul walked boldly and boldly, Seok Jin-soo squatted and walked slowly to the door, opened the door and slammed it to Noh Hong-chul.

Noh Hong-chul didn’t know at all, Seok Jin-soo had already rushed up. And followed by a group of people, the footsteps were very messy, and he did not hear the exception.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t miss the opportunity this time. The last three steps slammed up and grabbed Noh Hong-chul’s tail.

“Wow, Haha, get a big fish! Noh Hong-chul, you are finished!!”

Noh Hong-chul is beautiful, the tail is caught, and the whole person is paralyzed.

“Mo Yah!! Where did you come from? Where are you hiding?”

I caught Noh Hong-chul and Seok Jin-soo was very happy.

“Brother, don’t you know? I have already arrived. I know your whereabouts by phone. I have been waiting here for you.”

This became the first victim of the pursuit, and Noh Hong-chul was very depressed.

“No, it shouldn’t be like this. I am the brain of Infinite Challenge, I am so finished, the program will become boring. Can’t you let me go?”

Heok He said that Seok Jin-soo was a bit hesitant.

There is a saying Noh Hong-chul is right, without his pursuit, it will really become boring.

And when the relationship was smooth, Seok Jin-soo shared the information to too many people.

So now, everyone is transparent. So it is really difficult to catch someone.

In this case, you need a little accident.

Think about it again, Seok Jin-soo has an idea.

“So, Hong-chul Hyeong, I can let you go. But you need to play a show with me.”

I heard that I was free, and Noh Hong-chul was excited.

“ok, ok. maknae, you are my benefactor. As long as you let me go, even the soul can be sold to you.”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t believe him, as long as he can achieve his goals through Noh Hong-chul.

“This way, because I caught you, so now I am arresting Jun-ha. But Jun-ha brother still doesn’t know, he is not fortified against me. He is coming soon, you play with me. , grab the Jun-ha brother, then I will let you go.”

Seok Jin-soo thinks very well that Jeong Jun-ha is definitely better than Noh Hong-chul as a slave.

If you keep Noh Hong-chul, you might be able to trade with others and sell yourself.

With this in mind, it is better to use Noh Hong-chul to stir up the situation of a pool of stagnant water.

I heard that I want to sell Jeong Jun-ha, Noh Hong-chul. There is no burden at all.

“Yes, as long as I hide it, I can’t see it by Jun-ha.”

Noh Hong-chul did not understand the depth of Seok Jin-soo.

I saw the insidious maknae suddenly laughing, laughing is creepy.

“Brother, you didn’t understand what I meant.”


Noh Hong-chul is also a little scared, I don’t know what maknae has any ghost ideas.

Just then, Seok Jin-soo said something that surprised everyone.

“Brother, you think about it. Who is Jun-ha brother who is arrested? It is Jae-seok hyeong. But if Jun-ha brother is caught by me, then it is reasonable to say that I should continue to catch Jae-seok hyeong. However, If I let you go, then I am separated from you by Jae-seok hyeong. So the person who should catch Jae-seok hyeong is the one who seems completely harmless.”

Noh Hong-chul, a treacherous person, he laughed when he listened.

“Wow, maknae, you are a genius.”

Seok Jin-soo hasn’t finished yet.

“And, because I grabbed Jun-ha brother across you, and you grabbed Jae-seok hyeong through Jun-ha, then the order between the seven of us was disrupted. I think this is certainly not in the expectations of the production team, and it is enough to confuse others. At that time, the trick can fish in troubled waters.”

Noh Hong-chul understood all of them, but also laughed and did not have the strength to stand firm.

He is the same personality as Seok Jin-soo and likes to make things bigger.

Once implemented in accordance with Seok Jin-soo’s vision, the original order was completely disrupted.

What other people see will definitely be lost.

This confusion will obviously facilitate the next action of Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul.

Not to mention Noh Hong-chul, the production team listening to it is dumbfounded.

I didn’t think that the games they designed could be played like this.

So-shin pd didn’t dare to delay, and quickly notified Kim Tae-ho of the idea of ​​Seok Jin-soo.

Kim Tae-ho hangs up silently, watching the drizzle in the faint, only a sigh of lament.

“Is it going to be ruined again?”

Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul could not hear the sorrow of responsibility pd. According to the agreement, he first let Noh Hong-chul hide in the guard room.

And he himself stood at the gate of the park with greatness.

Jeong Hyeong-don is there, he dare not go in.

And because I just warned Jeong Jun-ha, this brother has unlimited trust in Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t need anything, just a phone call is enough.

“Jun-ha, where are you? Why not come to Yeouido Park?”

It turned out that Jeong Jun-ha was still wandering outside, and did not regard the text message of the production team as one thing.

This brother, your thoughts are not refreshing, even such important clues can be ignored.

“hurry, hurry, here you can ask questions, can you know where Jae-seok hyeong is. I am waiting for you at the main entrance of the park. Just come over.”

Jeong Jun-ha is not suspected of having him. Anyway, it has been so hard. It is great to have someone to help.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t wait long, a taxi stopped directly at the door.

Jeong Jun-ha’s fat figure ran all the way, and he refused to wipe the sweat from his face.

“Yah!! maknae, thank you for calling me, or I will miss it.”

Seok Jin-soo pretends to be a look of disgust.

“Oh, really, you can’t think more about it with your brain? How can the production team send you text messages for no reason?”

Jeong Jun-ha panicked and looked around.

“That, where should we go to ask questions?”

Seok Jin-soo waved his hand and motioned him not to worry.

“There is still a lot of time, no hurry. Brother, do you have money? Help me buy a bottle of water, thirsty.”

Seok Jin-soo has helped so much. Please drink a bottle of water.

So Jeong Jun-ha twisted his big ass and ran to the guard room to buy water.

This guard room, also a part-time canteen, has everything.

Just as Jeong Jun-ha was shopping at the window, Seok Jin-soo came up from behind and didn’t have any difficulty. He grabbed his tail.

“Yah!! Jun-ha, the production team will arrange it, and actually gave you an orange tail. You are very good with this color!”

Even if the tail was caught, Jeong Jun-ha didn’t feel the problem, handing the water to Seok Jin-soo and still bragging about it.

“I am the center of the Infinite Challenge, of course I have to give me the best color.”

Seok Jin-soo He smiled and finally revealed his fangs.

“Brother, I like your color very much, give it to me.”

Jeong Jun-ha sipped half a bottle of water and looked at him inexplicably.

“Can you change your tail?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head with a funny smile and finally let Jeong Jun-ha recognize the reality.

“Of course not. But brother, you are my slave now, so your tail is of course mine.”

Jeong Jun-ha ate a big cockroach and looked incredulously at the maknae that was like a fox.

Noh Hong-chul didn’t need to hide, suddenly he came out of the window and found his head.

“Wow Haha Haha, Jun-ha brother, annyeonghaseyo.”

Jeong Jun-ha Take a look at Seok Jin-soo and look at the Noh Hong-chul that came out. It is still unknown.

Seok Jin-soo had to explain to him.

“I caught Hong-chul Hyeong here, then in order, then I need to catch you. So I called you and you sent it to yourself.”

Jeong Jun-ha was dizzy and Jane was directly incompetent.

“No, how can this be done? If Hong-chul is caught, you should tell me. Then I will not come.”

Seok Jin-soo successfully took off the tail of Jeong Jun-ha and grinned.

“Brother, tell you what is the use? You are the slave’s Fate, please follow me well.”

Since Seok Jin-soo has implemented a plan to capture Jeong Jun-ha, Noh Hong-chul can’t wait to restore freedom.

“maknae, can you let me go now? Follow us.”

Seok Jin-soo gave him a tail but did not let him leave.

“Brother, like Jun-ha, Jae-seok hyeong is also completely trusting to me. And he also knows that you are not arresting him, so he will send it to himself.”

Say, Seok Jin-soo called Yoo Jae-seok again.

“Brother, come to the main entrance of the island, I saw Gil hyeong.”

Yoo Jae-seok was cautious and asked directly: “Who are you with, ready to seduce me?”

Seok Jin-soo does not lie to him.

“I am with Hong-chul Hyeong. You don’t know. He is not arresting you. He is running with Jun-ha.”

I heard that it was Noh Hong-chul and Yoo Jae-seok was quite relieved.

“You wait, I will come right away.”

Knowing that Yoo Jae-seok was hooked, both guys laughed gloomyly.

Seok Jin-soo returned the tail to Jeong Jun-ha.

“Brother, you go to the park and sway. When you see Jeong Hyeong-don, think of ways to hold it, don’t let him come. If you do, I will let you be free.”

Throwing a bone out, Jeong Jun-ha immediately went to the task.

At the gate of Yeouido, the two treacherous people did not move in one step and began to prepare to capture the second prey.

“maknae, if you grab Jae-seok hyeong, you won’t catch me directly?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head and said something even worse.

“No, I will catch you directly. So Jae-seok hyeong is my prey, then I will let you go, you can catch Gil hyeong.”

Noh Hong-chul wants to understand in an instant.

“Yah!! You guy is a fisherman, am I a fish in your hand?”

Seok Jin-soo looked at him fixedly.

“Brother, are you willing to do it?”

Noh Hong-chul is more interesting.

“Haha Haha, let us both, eat them all.”

The production team on the side has been completely dumbfounded. For the first time, the pursuit of warfare can be played like this.

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