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KEP Chapter 444

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 444 chapter meets, the astronomical

It’s hard to come to Jeju Island once. It’s hard to climb Mt. Halla. Seok Jin-soo really doesn’t want to give up.

Look at So-shin pd really can’t move, he has to say: “Brother, then you are here to rest, I go up alone, will soon come down.”

Even on the mountainside, the scenery is beautiful.

So-shin pd sat there, leaning against the railing, watching the sea not far away patted the white reef, already relaxed and happy.

“Well, then take care of yourself. Be careful not to be surrounded. What are you calling me?”

Here is Jeju Island, a tourist attraction, and security is very good.

Other So-shin pd is not worried, but Seok Jin-soo is an entertainer, and he is afraid of being recognized and surrounded. It is more troublesome.

For his fears, Seok Jin-soo smiled and pointed at his face.

“Brother, Ann, I am wearing glasses. Besides, I have no makeup, I can’t recognize it.”

So-shin pd only looked at the sea and said it was unintentional.

“What is the difference between your face and your makeup?”

Although unintentional, it hurts people.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t come up in one breath, I really wanted to pick up the stone on the side of the road and kill the goods.

Think about your own great future, forget it, turn around, turn the full anger into power, and one person embarks on the road to the top of the mountain.

Mt. Halla As an important attraction in Jeju Island, there are many people climbing every day.

So Seok Jin-soo is a lonely person, but he is not lonely along the way. Before and after, there are always some tourists who are far and near, but it also makes people more leisurely.

“Unfortunately, such a beautiful scenery, only one person appreciates, after all, something less.”

While it’s a pity, while walking, the camera recorded the beauty along the way.

Unconsciously, Seok Jin-soo has gone far away and finally arrived at the azalea field.

It is in the midsummer season that the rhododendrons are in full bloom, looking at them, and the mountains are full of purple and red, forming a sea in the middle of the boundless green.

“Wow, no wonder all said Jeju and Jeju, it is a fairyland.”

A heart has long been attracted by the beauty, Seok Jin-soo can’t wait to rush to the side of the road, holding a camera and slamming against the flower field.

Beside him, at this time a woman is standing, also a person, also attracted by this flower field.

His arrival stirred the silence here and let the woman look at him with vigilance.

It is also close at hand, Seok Jin-soo can’t see people.

However, although this woman is very good in size, but it looks like a clothing that looks like a big price.

The strangest thing is that in this fresh air mountain, wearing masks and hats is estimated to be ill.

Since the eyes are on the side, for the sake of courtesy, Seok Jin-soo still said one.

“Is it sick? If you are sick, climbing a mountain is not very good. Mt. Halla turned off earlier, it is better to go early.”

I don’t know anyway, he just said it.

The woman shook her head and did not return. She walked straight past him and continued to climb to the top of the mountain.

It’s really rude.

Seok Jin-soo shrugged his shoulders and ignored it. He still greeted the flower field in front of him and took a picture with his camera.

I don’t remember how many photos I took. I finally got enough, and he also started to go to the top.

I have just rested for so long, and my strength is still sufficient. And look at the time is not early, not far from Guanshan.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t dare to delay, and this time he started to move forward.

After about three kilometers, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but laugh.

Because the woman I met just now, I saw it again.

But at this time the woman’s state is not very good, sitting alone on the stone on the side of the road, the weak body trembles regularly, apparently tired of climbing.

Seok Jin-soo walked over and thought about it. He took a bottle of unused water from his backpack and handed it over.

“Yah!! Who climbed Mt. Halla is so stupid like you? Come up with empty hands. You are so tired, not tired, I am afraid I will die in the middle of the road.”

The water that the stranger handed over, let the woman alarm bells, not only did not pick up, but also looked nervously.

I even began to suspect that this guy recognized his identity and therefore had an ulterior motive.

God, here is halfway up, if something happens…

But the woman quickly relieved, knowing that it is unlikely.

Going up the mountain is such a road, there are many tourists in front and behind, and security can still be guaranteed.

Looking at That Man again, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, plain face, plain clothes, looks very ordinary.

It is always a smile, always releasing goodwill, not like the bad guys.

Although it is just a look, Seok Jin-soo will not understand the woman’s mind?

He just remembered that his approach was a bit reckless.

He and the people meet each other, rushing to talk, but also to send water, suspected is normal.

Thinking of this, he laughed again: “Do not worry, there is no water to open the seal. Forget it, put it here, if you are willing to drink, drink it. If you don’t want to drink it, pay attention to throw it into the trash when you go down the mountain.”

He said, he put the water bottle at the woman’s feet, and then did not delay, began to walk up.

During the trip, I saw the scenery.

The mountains are, the sea is, the trees are, the flowers are, the people are also.

The woman I don’t know is just the scenery passing by.

Now, Seok Jin-soo just wants to go to the end and go to see the long-established Bailutan.

Behind Seok Jin-soo, the woman has been sitting still. Just looking at him, until his figure disappeared into the foothills of the distance.

What a strange person, why do you care so much about yourself?

Did you recognize yourself?

Also, the person did not know why, inexplicably felt familiar, but could not remember for a while.

The woman waited for a while, after all, she did not see Seok Jin-soo.

It seems that it is really gone.

Seeing this, she could not help but shake her head.

β€œIs it really just a good passerby?”

With a little peace of mind, the woman picked up the water bottle that Seok Jin-soo put down.

Slightly twisted, I immediately felt it, and it really didn’t move.

Since this water has no passive hands and feet, women can’t help but feel heart.

A person has been working hard for so long, and he has been tired for a long time. The most important thing is that the mouth is dry and the hunger is thirsty.

At this point, there was water in front of her, and she couldn’t help it.

Carefully pick up the mask from below, revealing a beautiful and graceful squat curve and a delicate and full of lips, and sipped in a small mouth.

When she drinks water, she can do it a little bit.

However, the mountain road that has gone so far today is already exhausting. Therefore, this bottle of water, enough to drink half, only slightly relieved the thirst.

However, I heard that there is still a long way to the top of the mountain, and then I have to go down the mountain. Maybe there will be thirst on the road.

The remaining half of the bottle was precious, and she didn’t dare to drink any more.

The bottle was carefully held in the hand, and along the path where Seok Jin-soo disappeared, step by step to the top of the mountain.

The roadside episode is like a passing, and there is nothing left in the heart of Seok Jin-soo.

All the way to the top of the mountain, I also saw the whole picture of Mt. Halla for the first time.

Mt. Halla is an extinct volcano formed by the volcanic eruption about 25000 years ago. So at the top of the mountain, it is naturally sunken and turned into a huge basin.

In the center of the basin, because of the accumulation of groundwater and rainwater, a clear lake is gradually formed. This is Bailutan.

Legend has it that this is where the gods and white deer play.

Mt. Halla Mountain God peeked at the fairy bathing here and was discovered by the Jade Emperor. So he was smashed into a white deer, guarding this place, and Bai Lutan was named for it.

It is said that when the rain and the rain are floating, if you are fortunate, you can still see the fairy bathing again.

When Seok Jin-soo came up, it was just like a misty world.

Follow the path down the mountain, all the way to the side of Bailutan.

The lake fruit here is crystal clear, with a blue-blue charm, like the most beautiful gem.

Above the lake, the layers of fog are condensed and not scattered, and the line of sight is isolated a few meters away, so that people can’t see anything.

Such a beautiful and fantastic place can’t be photographed.

Seok Jin-soo simply put down the camera, walked by the lake, and felt the mysterious atmosphere in the place where it was allowed to move.

This feeling of isolation is really enough to make people feel impetuous and exhausted, and enjoy this moment of leisure.

He stayed at the lake for a long time, but the result was blocked by the railing, but there was no way to approach Bailutan.

But this is enough. After all, I have seen it on the spot and it is very satisfying.

Seok Jin-soo intends to go back and stay at the top of the mountain for a while.

But in a turn, in the fog of layers, a beautiful figure died.

Very familiar, seems to have seen it. But see you again at this time, but it is very different.

Seok Jin-soo suddenly remembered that it was a woman who met halfway.

But at that time, women wore masks and couldn’t see the truth.

But here, it seems to be to breathe this fresh oxygen, the woman took off the mask.

At a glance, Seok Jin-soo was struck by lightning, as if he had seen a fairy.

He swears that among the women I have seen, except for Kim Tae-hee, it is hard to compare with anyone.

Of course, this awkward atmosphere is the main reason for the extra points.

Because it is not clear, it is even more surprising. More want to see, Ga-in has disappeared into the fog.

Seok Jin-soo has searched for a few times, but he can’t find anyone anymore.

Sighing, I remembered the legend of the fairy bathing.

Perhaps this is a real fairy.

Fortunately, he is not a erotic person. If he can’t find it, he can’t find it. He doesn’t delay him to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

All the way to leave Bailutan, back to the top of the mountain, and look at the world where the forest is full of color, and suddenly feel happy.

Such a beautiful place, but only myself.

It’s a big regret to not share it with the loved ones.

When I think of it, there is a melody in my heart that makes him inspire.

Embracing the distant Tae-yang, bathing the oncoming sea breeze, sniffing the fragrance of the mountains and the sea, Seok Jin-soo sang a sense of his own feelings.

I came alone to abide by our agreement

Mountain or sea or sea

Only me between the mountains and the sea

You said you are coming to accompany me to see this scenery.

The mountain is not the sea, not the sea.

The mountains and the sea do not meet each other

This road is a dream.

Dreaming, we hope that we are still laughing together.

This flower field is blooming.

You said that you will be there when the flowers are open.

This is Jeju.

One’s Jeju

I miss you in Jeju alone.

Came many times

Watched many times

Still thinking about your Jeju

This is Jeju.

Only the flowered Jeju

You will definitely come to Jeju.

Have a beautiful sea

Red-stained mountains

There is also your Jeju.

I am waiting for you.

Waiting for you to come

Waiting for your arrival in Jeju

Thank you for the unparalleled appreciation of the Emperor!

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