KEP Chapter 449

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 449 chapter rejects and promises, floating astronomy

The comeback thing is ok, but it doesn’t mean that t-ara has nothing else.

Seok Jin-soo looks at Qri and says something that makes others extremely envious.

“Brilliant Legacy has a role as a heroine friend. I have already said it to the director. You will report it tomorrow. With the snack, you know what the show is like now. Although it is only a supporting role, but it is only a supporting role, but It is good for honing your acting skills.”

Although the timeline has changed, even the female lead has been replaced. But the good show is a good show, or show its power.

Plus Kim Tae-hee is very attentive, with the guidance of Seok Jin-soo, the acting has also improved a lot.

As a result, “Brilliant Legacy” was immediately broadcast, and immediately burst into flames.

Now broadcast to the sixteenth episode, the ratings have reached 34.4%, and there is no opponent at all.

Not only are TV series popular, but the main characters are also famous, and the popularity is like a volcanic eruption.

Especially Kim Tae-hee, now she is finally recognized by the entertainment industry, no longer think she is just a vase actor.

After all, two consecutive hot TV shows are there, and no one can ignore this kind of actor.

The most exciting thing to say is the company of Lee Seung-gi.

To know that Lee Seung-gi 2004 debuted, there were not many film and television productions.

Only 2006’s “Famous Chil Princess” made him stand out, but he did not open up his career in film and television.

But this time, the first time to lead the actor has achieved amazing results, the hook company has foreseen that Lee Seung-gi’s career will usher in tremendous progress.

To this end, Kookon Jin-young, the representative of the hook company, also personally came to the door and presented a heavy gift and expressed his gratitude to Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo’s role for Qri to play is a friend of the heroine Silver Star. There are not many plays, similar to guest appearances.

But for newcomers like Qri, being able to brush their faces in such a hot TV series is a rare opportunity.

Qri naturally understands the joints, and under the joy, the sound is sweet.

“Thank you Oppa, I will play well.”

In t-ara, the most actress is Eun-jung, and Hyo-min and Ji-yeon are also a lot of attention to acting.

As a result, after t-ara became a soldier, the first person to break through in acting was actually a very bleak Qri.

The other girls look in the eyes, really envious and broken.

But before they got out of this shock, Seok Jin-soo pointed to Ji-yeon.

“Dinosaur, do you know Kim Su-ro? He is currently preparing a TV series called Master Of Study. I have seen the script, and the female number 2 is very suitable for you. I have already recommended it with Su-ro. Ready to report on the past.”

Happiness came so suddenly that Ji-yeon was a little caught off guard.

“I? Female No. 2? Is this true?”

There are so many noonas on it, she always thought that even if there is a chance to act, the noonas must come first, but they did not expect to overtake.

Eun-jung and Hyo-min, one by one, pinched her fleshy face.

“Aigoo, our maknae, can actually play the second female.”

With two noona tunes, Ji-yeon is just a smirk and very satisfying.

Female No. 2, this is a happy day for liTTL-Time To Love e missy, which has never been exposed to acting before.

After finishing the arrangement of the film and television drama, Seok Jin-soo looked at Hyo-min.

“Hyo-min, you can’t be idle. The kbs over the autumn will make a variety program based on Girl Group. It’s not clear what to do, but I have recommended you. So this paragraph Time, pay attention to adjustments, don’t delay things. And when you go to the program, there may be people in other combinations, pay attention to good relations, perform well, and don’t make troubles.”

Although not a film and television drama, I heard that I can fix a variety program, and Hyo-min is also very happy.

β€œReally? Oh, thank you Oppa.”

Arranged for three people separately, seeing the remaining three girls all staring at themselves.

Seok Jin-soo can only spread his hands and is very helpless.

“You don’t think I’m useless. I’m working on it now. Don’t worry, the company is still looking for the right itinerary for you, it won’t make you feel comfortable.”

South Korea’s performing arts and delivery market is so big that it’s impossible to have myMystic89 plugged in everywhere.

Without that strength, there is no such connection.

With the attitude of t-ara just debut, it is already a lot of work to get three members to get such a good trip.

The girls’ work was arranged, and Seok Jin-soo was brought to the door.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, the planning of the previous program is not complete enough, so you have not decided that we can understand. Now you see, I think this program is really suitable for you.”

The person sitting opposite is pksTV Station’s pdYoon Chang-ho and writer Sin Min-a.

Seok Jin-soo let Hyo-min go to a fixed program, which is responsible for the two.

But obviously, in addition to Hyo-min, Yoon Chang-ho and Sin Min-a have a bigger goal, which is Seok Jin-soo.

After Yoon Chang-ho, Sin Min-a began to move with emotion and reason.

“You also know that our program is based on the Girl Group. But the Girl Group itself can’t do the program. So you need the experienced mc to guide and control the program. Seok Jin -soo ‘ssi You have a good relationship with each Girl Group and know them very well. If you can participate, it is the most suitable mc candidate.”

When Sin Min-a lobbied, Seok Jin-soo had begun to open the plan.


Invincible Youth?

Very good name, relying on this, you can attract attention, right?

Seok Jin-soo slowly looked through the plan to understand what the program did.

It turned out to be seven girls who assembled a combination of girls and sent them to the countryside far from the city. Then let the girls self-sufficiency, relying on the program that labor survives in the countryside.

Just looking at the plan, Seok Jin-soo shines on his eyes.

He knows that if this program really does this, it will definitely be red.

First of all, the glamorous female idol on the stage ran to the countryside, and it was already curious to face what the chicken, duck, goose and dog would become.

Also, the delicate urban girl faces the farm work, and whether it can be done well is also one of the highlights.

Another, nowadays, urban life is getting more and more heavy, which makes many people unbearable and eager to escape.

This program, with the Girl Group as a selling point, also highlights the leisure of the pastoral, and certainly can cure many people’s minds.

After all I understand, Seok Jin-soo looks at the eyes of Yoon Chang-ho and Sin Min-a. It is different.

These two are very amazing, can make such a good program.

Here, Yoon Chang-ho and Sin Min-a said that the mouth is dry, see Seok Jin-soo has not expressed his attitude, but also a little impatient.

This program is the first time the two have taken responsibility, and of course they want to be perfect.

I hope that I can make a hit and then improve my position in TV Station.

The female idols needed in the program, they have all been contacted.

Not only does H–min of t-ara, but also some female idols who debut this year are also actively participating.

Even more rare is that Tian’s Girl’s Generation will also have two members to participate.

Originally, according to the idea of ​​the production group, it is a combination to a member. But sm said that if you don’t give two places, you won’t let Girl’s Generation participate.

There was no way for the production team to compromise.

After all, Girl’s Generation is now the hottest girl group. If they don’t participate, what else does the program have to watch?

As for the mc of the program, the production team has agreed on three people.

One of them is the veteran mcNam Hee-suk.

This person and Yoo Jae-seok and others are in the same period. Although they are not very famous, they have been presiding over programs like the military and civilians. There is no problem with affinity.

Another one is the female mcKim Shin-young, which is a rising star in recent years.

Because it is the program of the main Girl Group, if it is all male mc, sometimes it will be very inconvenient.

Kim Shin-young has a good relationship with several Girl Groups and can play a leading role.

Another mc is the veteran actor Noh Joo-hyun.

This person plays the role of a village in the program, assigning work and evaluating the girls.

The only thing that makes the production team feel inadequate is the lack of a role that leads the girls to work.

After all, they are all girls, or the delicate girls of the city. In the countryside, it is impossible to do anything.

Under such circumstances, you need a male mc who knows how to work, and when necessary, help the labor and solve the problems that girls can’t do.

After the production team has been deliberated, it is unanimous that the right candidate is Seok Jin-soo.

First of all, the first point, he came out of the countryside, and certainly knows how to do farm work.

Secondly, his relationship with the Girl Group is very good, and the style is more sinister, can suppress the rebellion of the girls.

The third is that Seok Jin-soo is currently very popular in the art world, and is one of the artists who make people most want to cooperate.

Nam Hee-suk, Kim Shin-young and Noh Joo-hyun are still a bit worse and may not be funny enough.

Because of this, Yoon Chang-ho and Sin Min-a came to the door personally, hoping to invite this optimistic mc.

But they said so much, Seok Jin-soo refused after repeated consideration.

“Two, I am honored to be able to work with you. Just… just that I don’t have time, the trip is really wrong.”

He can now have three programs on his body. There are occasional TV shows and movies, and he has to be responsible for t-ara activities. With occasional commercial performances, there is really no way to do even more than one program.

For fear that Yoon Chang-ho and Sin Min-a misunderstood, Seok Jin-soo explained it with sincerity and explained his difficulties, but it made the two people extremely sorry.

For a person with three programs, one of them is the “Infinite Challenge”, a program with no time concept, they also know that forcible invitations are also difficult.

“Oh, if Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is missing, there will be a lot less to watch. And girls will suffer too, no one can help them.”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled: “Two, do you think that if I go, will they help them?”

Yoon Chang-ho and Sin Min-a got a little wrong and reacted.

The degree of difficulty in this discussion is even worse than that of Park Myeong-su and Kim Gu-ra.

To really be that he went to “Invincible Youth”, the girls will never become relaxed, but will be more suffering, and will definitely be transferred to the group.

Thinking of this, Yoon Chang-ho and Sin Min-a couldn’t help but feel that he refused.

Although he can’t go, Seok Jin-soo is very enthusiastic.

“Oh, yes, although I can’t, but I know that one person is absolutely right. Kim Tae-woo, he is not just retired, he is looking for a job. And that guy is a big man, absolutely suitable.”

Kim Tae-woo has been debuting for many years, but the old idol, and the image is so prominent, is really a good candidate.

Yoon Chang-ho and Sin Min-a gathered together to discuss and finally decided to give up Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo was relieved when he left the two.

“We have a lot of Hyo-min, it is a hard-working child, but I can’t find the main line. I hope the two don’t mind.”

Yoon Chang-ho Haha smiled and said: “There is Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi personally guiding, I believe that the child’s artistic sense is definitely good.”

The two men were sent away, but someone came to the door.

Kang Ho-dong at the end of the phone is more aggressive than Yoon Chang-ho.

“Yah!! Kid, do you remember, owe me a condition?”

Seok Jin-soo is a bell-bell that doesn’t dare to relax.

“What? Don’t you let me back now?”

This is the end of the fall, when TV Station is in the autumn, there will be a lot of new programs on the show.

At the beginning, because of three million, Seok Jin-soo was forced to agree to a request from Kang Ho-dong.

I can’t think of this brother coming to the door at this time.

Thank you for the tiger y shark ~, the unparalleled emperor’s heavenly reward!

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