KEP Chapter 452

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 452 chapter knows, floating astronomy

Kim Tae-ho said that the next day to shoot a promotional film, it really came.

Fortunately, this day, Seok Jin-soo is not idle. Trying to think about it, I finally designed a more funny vcr for myself.

Then the production team inexplicably summoned everyone and made a game faster than who changed the lights.

Although it is very strange, everyone can’t say anything.

After all, “Infinite Challenge” is recorded like this, it is the biggest strangeness that is not messy.

As for doing so much, why is it that everyone is in the dark.

Until a week later, Kim Tae-ho finally showed his teeth.

On this day, after everyone came to mbc, Kim Tae-ho rarely reported the theme of today.

“Everyone knows that we recently opened a TV shopping channel. According to the instructions in the club, we warmed up the new channel, so our shooting in this issue is related to TV shopping.”

Everyone listened and didn’t take it seriously.

“Infinite Challenge” has always been like this, not only enthusiastic public welfare, but also the pioneer of mbc.

But if there is any activity in Taili, it will be supported.

What guest TV series, starred in other programs, and the number of times it has been done.

When the ratings of Come To Play last year were not good, I didn’t do a special edition of “Infinite Challenge”. The result was that the program was slowed down.

Other guest appearances “Li{“, “Queen Of Housewives”, etc., are also for this purpose.

Now that mbc has opened a new channel, it needs to be helped by the ace program. It is also foreseeable.

Yoo Jae-seok asked on behalf of everyone: “What should we do?”

Kim Tae-ho is always a stunned look, looks very elegant, and well wrapped his heart.

“It’s very simple. It’s just turning everyone into a commodity, and then letting the audience present choose through various performances.”

Seok Jin-soo strangely asked: “How is it? We are not prepared for anything?”

In general, such a recording method, the production team should be notified in advance. But now everyone is blank, and I canโ€™t think of how to behave.

Unexpectedly, Kim Tae-ho is not surprised.

“Everyone is ready, everyone can make up the makeup to record the scene. Remind everyone, the audience coming today are women in their 20s and 30s. Don’t be rude.”

“Woman? All women?”

I heard that the audience are all women, Noh Hong-chul and Seok Jin-soo are coming, and their eyes are shining.

“Yeah!! You two, pay attention to the impact. Also consider the feelings of Jeong Jun-ha, what should he do?”

Seok Jin-soo looked at Jeong Jun-ha wondering.

“Is this brother and Nina Yagi breaking up?”

Jeong Jun-ha eat a skull, raising his hand would beat him.

“Yah!! We don’t know how much love you have, and your bachelor is definitely dying.”

Noh Hong-chul broke the news.

โ€œI heard that Jun-ha went to Japan, and Nina Yagiโ€™s parents didnโ€™t let you in.โ€

Jeong Jun-ha is dizzy.

“Yah!! Her parents don’t know how much I like me. You don’t want to talk about it, it’s because of you, my image is not good.”

Forget it, don’t irritate him.

Everyone has turned their makeup and started preparing for the filming.

For this recording, the production team specially invited two female mcs. One is Yoo Ji-young, and the other is Ahn Young-mi who can make trouble.

In the beginning, the two men started the game by mimicking the style of TV shopping.

“Hello everyone, I am Yoo Ji-young of unlimited home.”

Yoo Ji-young is a traditional mc, the female anchor is born and speaks very orthodox.

Ahn Young-mi is different, gagman is born, and he doesn’t want to be funny all the time.

“Hello everyone, I am the national girlAhn Young-mi, Haha Haha…”

Listening in the background, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yah!! Aren’t the sisters afraid of being jealous?”

Fortunately, there is Yoo Ji-young, and the rhythm is not biased.

โ€œThe products that I want to introduce to you today are the best-selling products, which are the members of the Infinite Challenge. For the women of the Republic of Korea, it will be very popular. You can only choose to buy directly during the program broadcast. This is a rare opportunity, so I hope everyone can click more.”

I heard the embarrassing presiding words, and the members all felt trouble.

Obviously, behind the ignorance of everyone, the production team has prepared a lot.

At this time, Ahn Young-mi shouted: “Now, let’s start introducing the members of the Infinite Challenge, please!”

With everyoneโ€™s applause, the first person to come out from the background is Kyrgyzstan.

The guy wore a dark gray cloak jacket with a hood and a black top hat, trying to cover his shortcomings.

Behind Kyrgyzstan is the burly Jeong Jun-ha.

Black pants and a light gray suit with a white t-shirt with a cartoon pattern.


People who don’t wear clothes can’t ask too much.

Behind Jeong Jun-ha is Seok Jin-soo.

Today, he wore a light gray slim suit.

When I came out, the women on the scene were all surprised and couldn’t believe it.

Because Seok Jin-soo usually has no sense of fashion, the clothes are loose and comfortable.

After replacing the slim clothes today, everyone suddenly discovered that the body line of this guy is so perfect.

Yoo Jae-seok behind Seok Jin-soo is not too much, and a black casual outfit shows the perfect figure.

So that the old man who came out later can only take the funny route.

Noh Hong-chul is the most shameless, dressed in a fancy whistle, trying to express himself as a fashionista.

Compared with him, the last Jeong Hyeong-don is very simple, with pure and lovely.

Seven people came out and stood on the stage in a semi-circular shape, evenly distributing the lens.

Yoo Ji-young and Ahn Young-mi did not delay, ran up to start the introduction.

Like the order of appearance, the first one is Kyrgyzstan.

Ahn Young-mi will focus on the key, pulling the arm of Kyrgyzstan, and the first sentence that comes up makes a joke.

“But… who is this monk?”

Kyrgyzstan ate the first cockroach today and looked at her incredulously, very sad.

Yoo Ji-young began to introduce the characteristics of Kyrgyzstan.

“The Republic of Korea special product No. 1, 1977 is born… Unbelievable? Height 17…8cm…”

What a fascinating data, the scene is a buzz. Obviously, the impression of the ladies on Kyrgyzstan has begun to be bad.

Yoo Ji-young has to continue.

“Body 78kg.”

This has caused many women to open their mouths and feel the burden.

The next sentence of Yoo Ji-young completely buried the Kyrgyzstan.

“The color of the head is slightly reconciled… a bit red, using the 23 black foundation.”

An introduction, let Ji eat two embarrassing. No way, who called you so many features.

Fortunately, Yoo Ji-young has a bottom.

“The appearance of a man is not the most important thing, it is reflected in Kyrgyzstan.”

Finally, it is Kyrgyzโ€™s self-declaration.

“I…not better than others, although there is nothing, but for the sake of women… whatever can be given.”

Seok Jin-soo came up with a sentence.

“Nothing, what do you want to give? Isn’t this a clear scam?”

Everyone thinks, isn’t that the case? For a time, I was full of laughter, and I was very confused.

At the beginning, Yoo Ji-young and Ahn Young-mi had to turn to Jeong Jun-ha.

“1971 is born, I am the same age, height is 186, weight… 0.1 tons. Waist circumference 36 feet…”

The front is still true, but the waistline, everyone is questioning.

Who doesn’t know who, just your bucket waist, 36?

After Jeong Jun-ha, it was Seok Jin-soo.

Ahn Young-mi is very happy and carefully publishes the information of Seok Jin-soo.

“3 No. Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, 1983 is born, height 173cm, weight 70kg. Just look at the appearance, although it is very ordinary, but it has extraordinary charm. In addition to the Infinite Challenge, music, TV drama, film It is also worthy of attention. It is worthy of attention that it has a fatal appeal to women. If Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is chosen, it will face strong competition from Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Tae-hee, Girl’s Generation, wondergirls and t-ara. “”

Good guy, Ahn Young-mi broke a name and the women were exclaimed once.

These actresses are all famous for their beauty.

Do not know, Seok Jin-soo is surrounded by so many outstanding women.

Finally, Seok Jin-soo has to introduce himself.

He looked at the camera greasyly and put on blind confidence.

“Cut white, don’t like me. In that case, you can’t escape.”

The women screamed, and their confidence had to turn their thumbs down.

Going to Team Leader Yoo, women have been cheering before they start.

Really, the difference is too obvious.

“1972 is born, 38 is old, height is 178cm, weight is 65kg.”

Seok Jin-soo immediately questioned.

“The height of 176, absolutely no 178. National mc fraud, everyone pays attention.”

Yoo Jae-seok panicked and rushed over to signal him to shut up.

Overall, Seok Jin-soo and Yoo Jae-seok are the best in the introduction of the seven members. Noh Hong-chul is not bad, others are not good.

At the beginning, the level of popularity showed a clear attitude.

Everyone is very curious. What other steps will it take to reverse the disadvantaged?

After the introduction, everyone can finally speak.

For the scene surrounded by beautiful women, Jeong Hyeong-don is awkward.

“Do you want to be like this all the time?”

Noh Hong-chul is still not satisfied.

“It should come handsomely.”

Jeong Hyeong-don accuses him.

“Isn’t it already ready to be handsome?”

Noh Hong-chul This liar.

“I came to sleep and fell asleep and came to bed.”

In addition to Noh Hong-chul, everyone is even more skeptical about Kyrgyzstan.

“You said you 85kg?”

Kyrgyz didn’t dare to pout, just trying to maintain it.

Compared to him, Jeong Jun-ha is a bit of a conscience.

“Brother, are you 36 feet?”

In the eyes of everyone, Jeong Jun-ha quickly lost.


However, among the members, the most vigilant object is Seok Jin-soo.

“Maknae, you have so many female friends, are you still not satisfied?”

Facing the question of Jeong Hyeong-don, Seok Jin-soo is very helpless.

He slowly spread his arms and sighed faintly.

“Oh… this damn charm! Oh, don’t hit your face!!!!”

Calling you, the brothers are coming up, punching and kicking, and finally it is a bad smell.

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