KEP Chapter 457

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 457 chapter is very difficult, floating astronomy

Kim Tae-hee is making up the makeup, and Seok Jin-soo is kneeling beside him, watching it for a moment.

After watching it for a long time, Kim Tae-hee is also very awkward.

β€œYah!! Why have you been watching me? Have you seen it?”

Although I am very happy with Seok Jin-soo’s eyes, Kim Tae-hee is still very afraid of the impact of so many people on the set.

Reprimanded, Seok Jin-soo was awake.

“Noona, I am fantasizing, how do you wear a wedding dress.”

Kim Tae-hee was shocked, and a hot passion gradually spread and shyly covered her cheeks.

This damn little bastard, how to say such a sudden?

Time flies, Seok Jin-soo grows fast.

The little guy who was as insignificant as the grasshopper, after a few years of development, is now a human figure.

In particular, the identity of the director of myMystic89 company is to give him a lot of points.

Seok Jin-soo’s series of big moves in the field of film and television and music have made the outside world aware of his energy.

Even the big companies like sm and JYP are courteous, who dares to ignore it easily?

At the beginning, Kim Tae-hee was so fascinated that he could choose a button because of his concerns.

But now again, Seok Jin-soo is not the little gagman.

Gradually, Kim Tae-hee’s heart was unconsciously alive.

Especially recently, she returned to Ulsan and lived with her parents for a while.

The father who has always been very busy, actually knows Seok Jin-soo, and also specifically asked about the relationship between the two.

In the words of Jin Fu, such a talented person who can be everywhere in the entertainment industry will certainly have a promising future.

At the time, Kim Tae-hee also tried to jokingly say that Seok Jin-soo would be a son-in-law.

As a result, her father unexpectedly nodded.

Not only that, but also specifically taught her to say that men can’t just look at the appearance.

One Man is good or bad. The first point is whether it is good for women. The second point is whether there is a future.

It was also at that time that Kim Tae-hee suddenly discovered that Seok Jin-soo had become so powerful in his negligence.

The silence of the heart has set off waves, it is difficult to calm down again.

As for what I said at the sbs acting awards…

Sorry, I don’t know if a woman is a fickle creature.

In women’s minds, what is more important than love and happiness.

In order to be able to get love and happiness, women will not care about faith, even justice can be abandoned.

It was in this ups and downs that Seok Jin-soo suddenly said this and immediately made Kim Tae-hee feel at a loss.

This little guy, is it necessary to take the initiative?

The heart is so numb that it is difficult to hide the spring, and Big Beauty Kim has lost its square inch.

“Why… why are you doing this?”

Seok Jin-soo snorted.

β€œI attended the wedding of Jeong Hyeong-don a few days ago and saw the appearance of Han Yu-ra sister-in-law wearing a wedding dress. Although it is common, it is really a beautiful woman. But after changing into a wedding dress, it is like a fairy. Noona, but the national goddess, I really don’t know how extraordinary you are when you wear a wedding dress.”

Although a little far from the answer I expected, Kim Tae-hee is still very happy.

Gently pouting and sketching the arc of happiness.

“Hey, if you want to see, there is always a chance.”

Seok Jin-soo wants to say: I really don’t know who is so lucky in the future, I can see how you wear a wedding dress. But I don’t know why, when I talked to my mouth, I didn’t say it.

Perhaps men are selfish creatures, and the idea that Kim Tae-hee will one day marry will make him instinctively reject.

Today is an important day, and Brilliant Legacy is ushered in.

This is the last scene, the filming is over, and the summer drama is finally over.

Although many actors are very sad, they are also very happy.

After all, as a participant in such a play, it is a proud capital at any time.

I will go to interview other dramas in the future. If I talk about “Brilliant Legacy”, I will be taken a high look.

What’s more, these actors, because of this drama, the popularity is also soaring, becoming a popular star, can be described as both fame and fortune.

Seok Jin-soo came here today and was welcomed by everyone.

Director Jin Hyuk has been holding him for a moment, and he is reluctant to let go, making everyone very suspicious.

“Yah!! Director, your trend seems a bit wrong.”

Jung Seok-won looked at the two and couldn’t help but ridicule. In exchange for it, it is the fly leg of Jin Hyuk.

“Bad boy, are you looking for it? I am reluctant to know? After today, when can I cooperate with Writer Seok? You said, where to find such a good writer?”

The female No. 2 in the play, Moon Chae-won is also a very beautiful woman.

It is private, not like an actor, more like an unemployed youth in the community.

Wearing a sloppy dress doesn’t say that while sitting cross-legged, the hair is still messy.

“I think it’s because Writer Seok doesn’t come often, no one interferes with your instructions, so you are so reluctant?”

Some words made the studio laugh.

In the case of filming, the most talked about is actually Seok Jin-soo.

No way, such an irresponsible screenwriter, everyone is unique.

Therefore, everyone joked that the play of this play was left by God and was accidentally picked up by Jin Hyuk.

Seok Jin-soo swings his hand and can’t be proud.

“I have said that, I don’t know anything about acting. I can’t help you. Look, I don’t come, you don’t do well. So I am relaxed, you are also relaxed, this is the best. The result is.”

Qri hid behind Kim Tae-hee, only then came out and broke the news.

“Fortunately, Oppa does not come, otherwise we will be unlucky.”

Everyone can be less familiar with Seok Jin-soo and don’t understand why she said so.

Qri has the protection of Kim Tae-hee, and the courage is much bigger.

“Our Oppa, it’s okay in normal times, but once it’s working, it’s the same as the devil. We are all killed and beaten every time.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo will hit people. When you look at him again, your eyes will be different.

But Seok Jin-soo was blown up, and he had to rush to teach this damn missy.

“Yah!! Lee Ji-hyun, who did you learn to frame? When did I hit you? Really…”

Qri was frightened and quickly hid behind Kim Tae-hee.

“Eonni, help, Oppa is going to kill me.”

Kim Tae-hee, helpless, raised his hand to stop Seok Jin-soo and taught: “You Yah!! How big are people, how do you still have a general knowledge of children?”

Seok Jin-soo can be a vicious Qri, but there is no way for Kim Tae-hee.

“Yah!! Have you seen such a big child? Boys don’t know how many years have passed.”

Not to mention this, Qri is even more indignant.

“I haven’t been in contact, Oppa is not stipulated, and I won’t be in love for three years.”

When the words came out, everyone stood on the side of Qri and slammed Seok Jin-soo.

“Hey, no one is a sex guy. How can such a beautiful girl not experience love?”

Looking at Jin Hyuk’s anger, Seok Jin-soo is extremely curious.

“Even if she let her experience love, there is no such thing as your old guy. If I tell sister-in-law about this…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Jin Hyuk changed his face and sneaked away.

“Amount… That… I went to see how it was prepared.”

The director slipped, and everyone is equal to no backbone. I want to be a screenwriter again, always frightened.

Seok Jin-soo looked at a few young actor, with his hands on his hips, like a grandson.

“Warning you, don’t look at my home. Qri is beautiful and wants to fight. If I find out, kill you.”

What a hesitant warning, these little young people are all scared, no one is running, no slower than Jin Hyuk.

Qri is mad, hate authentic: “Oppa, if I will not blame you in the future, you will be responsible.”

Seok Jin-soo yelled at her.

“Before the twenty-four-year-old missy, what are you worried about? What are you waiting for? Wait a minute, then say it again.”

Qri wants to cry without tears, clutching Kim Tae-hee’s arm.

“Eonni, look at him, it is so bullying us.”

Regarding this, Kim Tae-hee can’t get involved.

“Oh, what about your company, I can’t say anything. Missy, ask for more happiness.”

There is also the last scene, everyone is busy preparing.

Seok Jin-soo found the place and sat there to check out the online sensation of “Brilliant Legacy”.

The more you look at the more satisfied you are, the more you can achieve such a brilliant achievement for your own creations.

Looking back, I found Lee Seung-gi sitting next to me. While letting the assistants organize the styling, the mouth moves.

“Yah!! What do you eat for your kid? Do you know how to eat filial piety?”

Because of the relationship between Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-seok, Jiang Line and Liu Line also get along well. So in the face of Lee Seung-gi, Seok Jin-soo is completely absent.

When Seok Jin-soo was to eat, Lee Seung-gi quickly picked up a small box on the table.

“Brother, is chewing gum, do you want to eat?”

I heard that this is a gadget, Seok Jin-soo grin.

“what…the hell!!, I thought it was a good thing, what do you do with this stuff?”

Lee Seung-gi laughed and said: “When there is a kiss, how can there be a smell in the mouth?”

Seok Jin-soo has been writing for so long, and naturally knows that before the preparations for the kiss, the actors are prepared for the etiquette, so it is not surprising.

Just when he sighed that Lee Seung-gi knew how to be polite, he suddenly thought of something, and his mind flashed.

Damn, the final scene of “Brilliant Legacy” is not the end of the kiss between the male and female protagonists.

As soon as he thought of Kim Tae-hee kissing people, Seok Jin-soo was upset and unhappy.

Although I knew it when I wrote the script, but I actually faced it, my mood was very strange.

When he thought of it, he couldn’t sit still anymore and got up and found Jin Hyuk.

“That, the last scene of the kiss, you can borrow.”

Jin Hyuk is a bit puzzled.

β€œWhy? If you use a rotating lens, the borrowing will reveal the filling.”

Seok Jin-soo has widened his eyes.

“Then don’t use a rotating lens, it’s not good, so beautiful lakes and mountains, just shoot the background board.”

Jin Hyuk was a bit depressed for Seok Jin-soo who suddenly changed the scene.

“No, it’s just a kiss, and there is no difficulty.”

Seok Jin-soo just stared at him and didn’t let it go.

“I find it very difficult.”

Jin Hyuk is not willing to give in to the director’s duties.

“How could it be difficult…”

When the words were not finished, the white light flashed in the brain of this guy and I suddenly understood it.

When I looked at Seok Jin-soo again, I smiled awkwardly.

“Oh, it is quite difficult. If you listen to you, you can borrow it.”

Knowing that this old guy has discovered his own mind, Seok Jin-soo is also very embarrassed.

Because he is blatant in his power to seek personal gains, if he really wants to make trouble, it is not very good.

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