KEP Chapter 458

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 458 chapter, the astronomy

On the other side, Kim Tae-hee is brushing his teeth carefully.

After all, itโ€™s time to take a kiss, the etiquette is mutual, and it is necessary to keep a fresh tone.

But at this moment, her assistant ran over.

“Eonni, don’t need to brush it. Just now the assistant director informed that the last kiss scene can be borrowed.”

Kim Tae-hee paused and then spit out the foam in his mouth.

“Why? This is not the case in the script.”

She is a very dedicated actor and has been working hard to be the best. I was so cold that I heard the story being revised. Of course, I have to ask.

The blind assistant looked at her with a sly look, and his eyes were full of ridicule.

“Why can we? Our screenwriter, cough, he said, this drama is very difficult, it is impossible to shoot. So, borrowing is good.”


Kim Tae-hee was so confused that he finally equated the screenwriter and Seok Jin-soo.

“This little guy is not taking the shot, how is it blended now?”

The assistant giggled and was very cute about the slowness of Kim Tae-hee.

“Why can you? Everyone is saying, our screenwriters are very excited about this kiss.”

Kim Tae-hee still hasn’t turned around.

“Why is he blazing?”

However, when it comes to this, Yu Guang happens to see the assistant looking at his own eyes.

Kim Tae-hee was so clever that he reacted at once, and his face was blushing, and he was about to bleed.

“Hey Yah!! There must be a reason. No… not the way you think. Missy, don’t think about it!”

Let people not think about it, but you can’t do it yourself. This is not the case with no silver.

The assistant couldn’t help it anymore, and he rolled his stomach down on the sofa.

“Haha Haha, what’s not, everyone knows. eonni, you didn’t see how our screenwriters were just like, just like how much loss they ate. Hey, eonni, are you very touched?”

Kim Tae-hee was ashamed, and rushed to the assistant.

“I am moved by a big ghost, it must not be what you think. Um… definitely not.”

Itโ€™s a pity that she is not sure about herself.

In such a short period of time, suddenly I have to change the plot, I really can’t think of any reason.

And itโ€™s just a kiss, who hasnโ€™t been filmed? Itโ€™s good to be ordinary.

As a result, Seok Jin-soo insisted on borrowing at this time, and the reason was simply coming out.

At the thought of this, Kim Tae-hee couldn’t help but be confused.

This little guy, really care about yourself?

So it will be so embarrassing, even a kiss can not be accepted?

I thought a lot, my mind was inexplicably hot, and my movements were slow, so I quickly fled to the side.

The missy ran to the door in two steps, and he could run away smoothly. He turned back to Kim Tae-hee and said, “Eonni, you didn’t find it. Hey, what you look like now, it’s like spring.”

Kim Tae-hee seemed to be lit up at once, and it was hot, and the seat cushion was thrown away.

“Yah!! Dead missy, I can’t spare you.”

Unfortunately, the assistant was very alert. After saying this, he ran away.

Only Kim Tae-hee left alone, in the empty car, holding a cheeky cheek, but the eyes were turned into waves.

The plot has changed, and the people concerned will naturally care.

This is not Lee Seung-gi came over and asked: “Brother, I heard that the last paragraph has changed. Is there any problem?”

Seok Jin-soo has a deep vision and looks at the lake in the distance.

“Well, of course, it’s a matter of excellence. Only with this change can we be perfect.”

Lee Seung-gi frowned.

“But I think it’s better to design the original. With a rotating lens, you can shoot more realistically.”

Seok Jin-soo frowned and stared at him with a murderous look.

“Yah!! You are a screenwriter, I am a screenwriter?”

Lee Seung-gi is still thinking about the plot.

“No, I just think…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Seok Jin-soo kicked his foot on his calf. One, two, three, each with anger.

“Yah!! Stinky, the writers dare not listen, you want to go to heaven? See if I don’t kill you, tell you to say.”

“Oh… hurt… hurt… hurt, don’t kick, brother, I know it is wrong.”

Lee Seung-gi hugged his legs and limped away.

I haven’t been stupid in the end. After a few trips, I understand what is going on.

“what…the hell!!, brother, do you like Tae-hee noona? Just why? Why are you guilty?”

Seok Jin-soo slaps and scares Lee Seung-gi to run a little further.

“Is there anything that is nonsense? I tell you, I am doing this because of the responsibilities of the writer. I dare to talk nonsense, not to seal your mouth.”

Lee Seung-gi has already sneaked into the truth, and Haha laughs and runs away.

“Oh, itโ€™s a strange man. Araso, Araso, changed it.”

Since I know that Seok Jin-sooโ€™s heart attack has occurred, he is not good at it. Of course, he has to take care of his friendsโ€™ minds.

Looking at Lee Seung-gi running away, Seok Jin-soo touched his face and was a little dissatisfied.

“Really, is there such a bad acting? Is it actually seen?”

The preparations for the studio were carried out in an orderly manner, and in a short while, the staff noticed that they could be filmed.

This last scene was chosen in a scenic spot.

Surrounded by green hills and green hills, there is a clear lake in the middle.

Between the lakes and mountains, to make a beautiful ending for this play, it is a perfect fit.

Everyone is here, Lee Seung-gi and Kim Tae-hee also came to the scene.

In order to meet the identity of Silver Star, Kim Tae-hee appeared in a very simple image in the play.

A short cut hair, slightly dyed yellow.

There was no heavy makeup on the face, but instead a slightly embarrassing treatment was done.

But she was originally a national fragrance, so that no powdery appearance appeared, but it was even more sighing that her makeup was always appropriate.

A simple dark blue dress without any pattern, plus a gray coat, is very temperament next door girl.

Here, Seok Jin-soo specifically ordered and made some modifications to the clothing.

In the original version, Han Hyo-joo’s skirt is a short skirt. It was able to reach the top of the knee, but exposed a pair of slender and straight jade legs.

That’s because Han Hyo-joo is tall and can withstand such a design.

But Kim Tae-hee will not work, and if it is still such a costume, it will look ugly.

So at the request of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-hee was replaced with a long skirt that covered the calf. But because of the slim design, she is very tall.

To pair with Kim Tae-hee, Lee Seung-gi is a blue shirt and white slacks.

The two stood together and really looked like a couple.

However, the atmosphere is now very different, everyone’s eyes only move back and forth between Kim Tae-hee and Seok Jin-soo, and the smile can’t be concealed.

Kim Tae-hee is sensitive and sensitive to this environment. I can’t help but say: “Yah!! I blame you, what should I do now?”

Seok Jin-soo was also seen as uncomfortable, but also tried to keep cheeky.

“What do you do? Filming. The scriptwriter is here, isn’t it good to do it? Waiting for training?”

Who is this little guy in front of him?

Kim Tae-hee smiled, but he was no longer ashamed.

Under the direction of the director, Lee Seung-gi walked over and the official filming began.

The two had eaten Lee Seung-gi’s meal by the lake. Well, it was already prepared.

Because Lee Seung-gi, this guy wouldn’t cook at all, seeing how he cut carrots, he knew that his hands didn’t touch the spring water.

After the meal, Xian Yuhuan and Gao Yinxing held hands and walked by the lake.

I think that I want to be separated, and both of them are emotional and reluctant.

The silver star, who is still understanding, first realized that in order to reduce the bitterness of Xian Yuhuan, she spoke a sweet warning.

“Go home immediately after work. Don’t think that you are starting to drink when you get paid now. Especially after you get drunk and then knock on other girls’ homes, if you are still there, you will die very badly.”

Looking at the acting Kim Tae-hee, the cute and cute look, Seok Jin-soo is really difficult to connect her graceful national goddess in peacetime.

At this time, this pure and lovely girl is really Kim Tae-hee?

Listening to her Nagging’s lines, and the fists that are delicate and not threatened, it seems to be saying to myself.

For a time, Seok Jin-soo didn’t know how to drop, and he fell into a shackle.

The shooting didn’t stop because of his embarrassment, and he suddenly heard Jin Hyuk yelling.

“cut, I announced that Brilliant Legacy is officially smashed!”

Seok Jin-soo woke up and saw Kim Tae-hee and Lee Seung-gi hug together, but the two men had a gap in their heads.

It was seen from his point of view, and from the position of the camera, the two people were kissing together.

This is the charm of borrowing, which makes him very satisfied.

The director announced the killing, and the two quickly separated.

At the same time, everyone on the scene cheered, applause, and celebrated a popular TV series with everyone’s efforts.

Jin Hyuk did not think that his first directed TV series would be so brilliant.

Now finally handed over the final answer, under the ease, great pride.

“Everyone, in order to celebrate our play, I will have dinner this evening, I will treat you.”

It is natural to have a dinner or a director.

Seok Jin-soo suggested: “Director, since the scenery here is so beautiful, I propose that it is better to have a dinner at night. Let’s get a bonfire party, how?”

This proposal is of course great.

In this beautiful place, the open-air terrace, while grilling and drinking, is far more interesting than in the hotel.

Immediately, several young staff volunteered to drive to the nearby city to get tools and ingredients.

The rest of the people started to organize the film and kept everything in a box. Only a few tents have been left. When the night is drunk, maybe you can sleep here.

Looking at everyone busy, Kim Tae-hee pulled a Seok Jin-soo.

“Let’s go, let’s go shopping, don’t get in the way.”

Everyone is very busy, and these stars have been idle.

Seok Jin-soo is naturally obedient, followed by Kim Tae-hee, and the two enjoy a rare time along the lake.

But I don’t know, behind them, everyone’s arguments have quietly spread.

“Miss Kim Tae-hee won’t really have anything to do with the stone writer?”

“What if it is not normal?”

“No, the stone screenwriter is just a gagman, worthy of Miss Kim Tae-hee?”

“Cut, the stone playwright now produces three TV shows with a rating of more than 40%. It is said that he is also cooperating with Sol Kyung-gu sunbae-nim. Do you think he is a general gagman?”

“That is, don’t forget, Miss Kim Tae-hee has no masterpiece before meeting the stone writer.”

Listening to the discussion of the people next to him, and watching Seok Jin-soo and Kim Tae-hee talking about the back of the smile, Qri could not help but frown.

โ€œIs Oppa really with Kim Tae-hee eonni? Poor vegetarian, if this is true, do you still have a composite hope?โ€

Thank you Joo-hyun for the picturesque, Christian Rosen Kloz’s reward!

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