KEP Chapter 460

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 460 chapter style, floating astronomy

“Brilliant Legacy” is a killer, and Seok Jin-soo is a lot easier.

Although I don’t know how to go to the studio, as a screenwriter, there are still a lot of things to worry about.

If you don’t say anything else, you can basically get a few calls from the day.

Now that the TV show is over, his energy can be less dispersed.

Kim Tae-hee is still busy, and there are a variety of promotional activities and interviews to do.

In addition, this drama has also made her popular, and there are so many advertisements, endorsements, photos, and interviews.

The national goddess on the phone complained that she could only sleep for two hours a day.

But who told her to be an entertainer, and it seems that she is not unhappy.

Don’t worry about the TV series, Seok Jin-soo finally got the t-ara’s comeback.

This day he came to myMystic89 and had not yet walked into the practice room of t-ara. He heard the angry voice of Yoon Jong-shin.

“Yah!! Seok Jin-soo Did the guy come? No, damn, where did you go? Don’t let me see him. Really… this guy is really lying to me.”

Seok Jin-soo knows it, and it must have been the “Infinite Challenge” thousand yuan best male broadcast.

Yoon Jong-shin is the mc of “radiostar”, the same as the program of mbc. It is definitely very concerned about “Infinite Challenge”, and naturally knows what Seok Jin-soo said.

The old guy was originally a small belly chicken, see Seok Jin-soo really deceived himself, then it is not on fire?

Seok Jin-soo also knows that at this time, he was caught by the old guy, and certainly there was no good fruit to eat. He quickly sneaked into the practice room of t-ara.

In the house, the girls are already waiting for him. After all, today is the day of choreography.

After Seok Jin-soo came in, he immediately put his finger on his mouth and gestured to everyone.

“Yah!! Don’t say that I am here with Jong-shin. If you dare to sell me, you will die.”

After that, he made two steps and made two steps and went straight into the lounge.

“Hey, Oppa, you can’t enter…”

The girls were shocked when they saw his movements. I want to stop it, but Seok Jin-soo’s action is too fast, it’s too late.

Hyo-min is blushing and looking anxiously at So-yeon.

“eonni, what to do? Oppa will see it.”

So-yeon’s face is also red, but there is no way.

“It’s too late to say anything now, Oppa must have seen it.”

The girls are discussing, the door of the practice room is pushed away again, and Yoon Jong-shin slams in.

“Children, Seok Jin-soo, is that guy here?”

The girls did not hesitate for a moment and quickly shook their heads.

“Jin-soo Oppa is not here, he will come over tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow is the day of choreography, maybe come over.”

These girls with pure and tender faces are also a good lie, and they are completely invisible.

Yoon Jong-shin’s eyes searched for a circle in the practice room. Seeing that there was no Seok Jin-soo, he turned and walked away.

The girls all stood quietly, and waited until the footsteps of Yoon Jong-shin disappeared completely, and they could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Qri and Eun-jung suddenly thought of something, rushing to the door of the lounge and kicking the door open Seok Jin-soo.

“Oppa, the representative is gone, don’t stay inside.”

I heard that Yoon Jong-shin is gone, and Seok Jin-soo is fascinating.

Looking at the eccentric girls, he is not polite at all.

“Yah!! You really do, bra and panties are hanging here?”

Just now he ran to the lounge to take refuge, and as soon as he entered, his eyes went straight.

Good guy, I don’t know when, a long rope was pulled up in the lounge. At this time, on the long rope, underwear of various colors is drifting in the wind, and it is beautiful.

Seok Jin-soo did not think that these young missy, wearing style is so bold.

What lace, transparent, *** ah type is still full, all full of temptation.

When I heard him say it directly, the girls made a big red face.

The most uncomfortable Ji-yeon jumps directly.

“Oppa, don’t you know if you don’t see it?”

Seok Jin-soo glanced at her chest.

“Cut, misssy with no cups, what is shy?”

Ji-yeon almost fainted and was very angry.

“There are people, does Oppa have no eyes?”

Say it, say it, but also deliberately hold your chest. Ok, that level of fullness is estimated to be a glimpse of the fly.

Eun-jung couldn’t stand it anymore. Seeing So-yeon didn’t come out, so she had to fulfill the duties of the vice team leader.

“Okay, Oppa, your time is not very tight. Let’s not delay, hurry up and work.”

This is a business, and Seok Jin-soo is not a mess.

“That’s good, now you can sing it again, let me see how you practiced.”

If you want to choreograph, you have to wait for Bae Yoon-jeong and her team to get there.

Now that it hasn’t come yet, Seok Jin-soo decided to check out the girl’s song practice.

He solemnly told him a week ago that the girls were afraid of swearing and how to dare to neglect.

Just in front of Seok Jin-soo, six girls stood in a row. Each person took the score and successfully completed the chorus.

Nothing is unachievable.

For more than a week, the girls did nothing, all the thoughts were put on practice, and the performance was of course very bright.

Seok Jin-soo carefully tasted and couldn’t help but be nod.

“So-yeon, your voice needs to be a little bigger; Ji-yeon, the conversion of breathing is softer; Eun-jung your treble is too sharp, add a nasal sound, have a cute look.”

Once again, Seok Jin-soo is convinced that the girls can enter the recording phase right away.

The girls’ progress is recognized and they are very happy and they are more energetic.

Over and over again, time has passed quickly. By the time Bae Yoon-jeong and others came, there was basically no embarrassment.

“Since you are doing so well, let’s record the day after tomorrow.”

Bae Yoon-jeong listened and couldn’t help but smile: “The director, this process is too fast? Dance, they haven’t studied yet.”

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiled: “Dance is not difficult, the movements are very simple, and learning should be fast.”

Bae Yoon-jeong doesn’t think so.

“But this time, I have had several meetings with the team, and I still have nothing to look at.”

She is the choreographer seonsaeng-nim of myMystic89, which is her duty. I can’t get the work, of course it’s very depressed.

Seok Jin-soo does not blame, but points to himself.

“So… I am not here.”

Bae Yoon-jeong is a bit confusing.

“The director is not stiff, do you want to be choreographed?”

She saw Seok Jin-soo dancing, and the virtues like zombies seem to be not with dance.

Seok Jin-soo’s face stunned in the girls’ laughter, “Yah!! Can’t dance, don’t you have an idea?”

To make Seok Jin-soo really dance, it is not enough. If it is not ten days and a half, I am afraid that I will not even jump for a while.

But if you want to follow the decomposition action, then there is no problem.

“Hey, you are optimistic. The starting formations can be arranged like this. Back to the camera, pull out the curve of the body.”

Although everyone is not optimistic about his dance talent, but before the “Me Gustas Tu”, Seok Jin-soo also mentioned some key moves.

After the trial, those parts are very bright.

So when Seok Jin-soo did it again, both girls and Bae Yoon-jeong, widened their eyes and worked hard to learn.

Seok Jin-soo can’t teach coherent dance to everyone, but it can explain important nodes. And as the author of the song, he knows what action to use for each part.

What Bae Yoon-jeong has to do is to remember these key nodes and then expand them into a complete dance work according to their own ideas.

I have to say that the dance of the idol combination is quite simple.

Except for a few memory points, the rest are constantly repeated.

Seok Jin-soo finished the point, Bae Yoon-jeong made a series of tandems, and the original dance was inseparable.

At this time, Seok Jin-soo made some corrections based on the memory, then the original dance came out.

Standing in front of the girls, watching the six people half-squatting, hands on their hips. As the following steps are lightly twisted, Bae Yoon-jeong is also amazed at the original lineup.

“Wow, director, you are a genius in dance design!”

This is not a flattering, but the true feeling of Bae Yoon-jeong.

Only those who have worked with Seok Jin-soo can feel that the person who knows nothing about dance has great inspiration in action design.

Anyway, seeing this node, Bae Yoon-jeong knows that this t-ara song is popular again.

As Seok Jin-soo said, the dance of this song is very simple.

But because of simplicity, it has a popular foundation.

After so many years of choreography seonsaeng-nim, Bae Yoon-jeong is too familiar with popular songs.

If the song is too difficult, if the dance is too difficult, how can the ordinary people sing along, how to follow it?

Simple and nice, it is the king of popular songs.

The songs made by Seok Jin-soo have such characteristics and will definitely become hit songs.

There is only so much to teach Seok Jin-soo, and what he wants to care about is the styling.

Every time the comeback, the shape of the girls, is crucial.

I don’t see Girl’s Generation’s “gee”, which makes pencil pants popular.

Regarding the styling, it is not only the girls who want to know, but also their managers, assistants, etc., to understand this purpose.

Looking at the people who gathered together, Seok Jin-soo began to give details.

“Everyone knows that this is the second part of the t-ara pure trilogy. So I don’t have to say that the style will still be pure style. White, fan and black and white spots are good choices. Dance The version of the mv is best with a white gauze skirt. The hem is slightly fluffy, creating a dream like a cloud. Shoes, with high-cut light pink flats as the best choice. Assistant, you have to be ready “”

There were four assistants at t-ara, and they quickly remembered the words of the director.

What Seok Jin-soo said is based on the impression of the nonono dance version.

“There is still hair, this time it is still not allowed to dye hair, mainly black hair.”

Although there are a lot of hair dyes in the shape of the apink. But Seok Jin-soo thinks that if it is pure, it is still more essential to black hair.

“Director, if it’s just a black hair, would it be too monotonous?”

An assistant has raised courage and raised doubts.

This is a problem.

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and gave advice.

“That’s good. Black hair also has the difference between straight hair and curly hair, long hair and short hair. You can also think of ways to decorate. For example, bows, hair bands, hair clips, etc. can be used.”

The governor has already said it in great detail, and everyone has no doubts.

At the end of the meeting, various departments took action and went around for t-ara’s comeback.

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