KEP Chapter 466

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, Chapter 466 Strong Heart, Astronomy

Seok Jin-soo provided ideas for Yoo Jae-seok and took the national mc to myMystic89 to complete his mission.

As for the back of Yoo Jae-seok and Yoon Jong-shin, there are professional legal people to help them, and Seok Jin-soo can’t help.

Anyway, according to the information he got, lawyers who provided assistance to them said that the probability of winning the case was above 80%.

This is all right.

From the perspective of Seok Jin-soo, he does not care if Yoo Jae-seok can return to the show.

As long as Yoo Jae-seok can complete the contract with the broken company and sign up with myMystic89, it is ok.

To solve a troublesome thing, he still has to solve another trouble.

This is the end of September, and the new program of sbs has finally started the first recording.

Because of the fate of three million, he promised Kang Ho-dong, and he must appear in this issue of the program.

What’s rare is that Kang Ho-dong ordered the name of So-yeon, so they can take a car and go to sbs.

It’s a pitiful day, because the reporter’s troubles, the two were forced to pretend to break up, and it’s been a long time since they have not been alone.

Sitting in a car at this time, although the two managers are sitting in front, they can also quietly hook up.

After all, I can’t dare to make big moves. I can only Nana’s little hands, flirting with my eyes, and comforting my love.

Seok Jin-soo can’t help but regret it. I know that today, I can buy a managerial van that can be separated.

I haven’t taken So-yeon’s hand for a long time, and it’s a bit strange.

Seok Jin-soo clearly feels that the girl’s hands are much slimmer, and the bones can be felt through the thin skin.

It was not this feeling that I used to hold So-yeon’s hand.

What kind of feeling can be specific, and I can’t think of it.

Not only him, but so is So-yeon.

Looking at the manager in front, I didn’t pay attention. So-yeon gently rubbed Seok Jin-soo’s hand and cared: “Oppa, your hand is rough.”

Seok Jin-soo has no choice but to smile.

“Oh, my life is bitter. I always go to the countryside and always do farm work. The hand is of course rough.”

Going to the countryside is not just the recording of “Family Outing”. This year Kim Tae-ho also took the wind and got a special feature of farming.

And this special feature is not recorded in the short term, but spans a whole year.

From the spring to the ground, until the breeding, planting, de-worming, etc. have been done.

No, it’s just autumn, and the rice that everyone planted will be in the harvest season.

The production team has already informed everyone that they are preparing for the autumn harvest.

How can Seok Jin-soo’s skin be good for doing farm work this year?

After all, the small cars can’t be said too much. The two silently held hands for a while, and they had to sit separately.

Pretending to break up, even the members of t-ara are squatting, and naturally the manager cannot know.

On the way, Seok Jin-soo had to ask some t-ara preparations and care about their progress.

When they learned that their mv had been filmed and they were taking the final rehearsal, Seok Jin-soo was finally relieved.

After a while, I finally arrived at Mudong.

Seok Jin-soo led So-yeon down and walked in and found the standby room on the “Strong Heart” side.

Before I walked in, I heard that Kang Ho-dong’s big door was roaring.

“Haha, Yoon-ah, it’s up to you to see your performance today. If you don’t perform well, Oppa may be angry.”

Seok Jin-soo walked in with a smile and asked, “How can we not do Yoon-ah?”

The people in the room immediately focused their eyes and their expressions were different.

Kang Ho-dong was Haha laughing and rushing over and holding Seok Jin-soo.

“Wow, Haha Haha, Jin-soo, you are finally here. I tell you, you are the main force of today.”

Seok Jin-soo is depressed.

“Why am I the main force? You are mc, of course, you have to perform well.”

The room was also Yoon-ah, and she was not the first guest. It is estimated that it was coming over to visit, just to be seen by Seok Jin-soo.

And seeing Seok Jin-soo, Yoon-ah’s eyes immediately seemed to be jeweled.

When I was rushing to the lotus, Yu Guang suddenly found So-yeon behind Seok Jin-soo.

Yoon-ah’s expression was a little stunned and nervous, and as soon as he turned around, he ran over and hugged So-yeon.

“eonni !!!!”

For the coquetry of my sister, So-yeon has no way.

“Oh, Yoon-ah, how long have you been, how beautiful?”

Yoon-ah’s face couldn’t see any abnormality, just smiled cheerfully.

“Eonni is more beautiful, my songs are well listened to, really good.”

So-yeon looked around and found that it was not known to many people, but only familiar with Yoon-ah. Also holding her, the two girls talked about whispering.

The authors of the production team also came up in time to send a copy of Seok Jin-soo and So-yeon.

“So many guests?”

After seeing Taiwan, Seok Jin-soo knew that, good guy, this program actually has more than 20 artists.

In this case, how many weights can you share on each person’s head?

Thinking of this, he told So-yeon and Yoon-ah: “Yah!! You are all alert. When you record, if I talk, you can find a chance to insert it. If you don’t work hard, I am afraid. There are not many shots.”

In terms of performance, So-yeon and Yoon-ah are blindly worshipped by him, and they are quickly remembered.

Seeing that they are so well-behaved, Seok Jin-soo is also relieved.

“Let’s go and see you to see sunbae-nim. If you come across it, you can’t take care of it.”

Next, Seok Jin-soo took two girls and walked through the lounges, and saw a lot of people.

Busy, until an hour later, everyone sat in the studio, really ushered in the first recording of “Strong Heart.”

However, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but squat when he got to his seat.

Because there are a lot of guests, the seats are divided into four rows according to the distance.

There are six people in each row, and his position is in the third place in the first row. In other words, it is facing the host.

According to the rules of the recording program, this is the only place where the biggest card artist can sit.

For the first time in his debut, Seok Jin-soo was sitting in such an important center for the first time.

On his left, it is the big leader’s team leader Kwon Ji-yong “GD” and the right is Yoon-ah.

Good guy, he is surrounded by the most popular men’s team and the Girl Group.

Look at the guests present today, as well as Kim Tae-woo, tablo, brain, mc dream, Jang Yun-jeong and other sunbae-nim, how to arrange yourself to such an important position.

For a time, Seok Jin-soo was a bit flustered and quickly pulled the writer to leave.

“That, is the location arrangement wrong?”

He never thought that he was great, he could become the celebrity in celebrity, the focus of the focus, and thought that the work of the production team had been overlooked.

The writer was shocked.

“No, that’s how it is arranged. Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, please prepare for the opening.”

I rely on it, it is really arranged.

Seok Jin-soo was very ashamed to think that he had become a center among so many artists, and he quickly apologized to his colleagues.

Although everyone is very strange that he can sit in that position, but they are all people who have a good relationship with him, and everyone is not in the heart.

So-yeon is just behind him, in the center of the second row.

After all, compared to Girl’s Generation, t-ara is the newcomer combination. Being able to get the center of the second row, or borrowing Seok Jin-soo’s light and debut is good.

A seat in the district is very clear about the reality of the reaction in the entertainment industry.

Seok Jin-soo sits in third place, and he has only two people in front of him, all members of bigbang, Kwon Ji-yong “GD” and Seung-ri.

This is the first time he has seen bigbang, and he is curious about this recent red mess. I was not familiar with it, just nodded and said hello.

But Yoon-ah, who is sitting on the other side of him, is very happy because he can sit with Seok Jin-soo.

This is the situation behind the curtain, of course, I can’t see it in front.

The program’s mcKang Ho-dong and Lee Seung-gi have already begun to make the opening.

Although you can’t see people, the back is not very clear, but when you listen to the trick, you know that it is Kang Ho-dong.

“The heart beats and jumps…”

He shouted, and Lee Seung-gi had no choice but to keep up.

“The mood is tense…”

It seems that Kai can open a new program, Kang Ho-dong is extremely excited, and the big door has not come down.

“A story that can’t be told without Strong Heart!”

“A story that you can’t hear without Strong Heart!”

“The first shout – Strong Heart !!!!!”

Then the two mcs had another interaction, and the curtain was finally opened, revealing the lineup of the guest present today.

As soon as I came up, Ahn Young-mi yelled excitedly.

“Lee Seung-gi, nice!!!!”

She sat in the last row, obviously the corner of the program.

After all, if only two mcs are used, many effects can’t be done, and such a role needs to exist.

But seeing the national brother, women are happy to understand.

As a new program, of course, it was an interview.

In order to warm up the program, Kang Ho-dong interviewed the audience in the program.

“甄美的’ssi, Kang Ho-dong and Lee Seung-gi are the first time hosted on the same stage today. How do you look? Match it? Do you feel good?”

That woman will also say quite.

“What to do? Glittering. But… only one side is glowing.”

Well, when I came up, I let Kang Ho-dong squat and stunned.

Another handicap also seized the opportunity.

“When the curtain was hanging, we looked at the outlines of the two. I said beautifully: Aigoo, the outline of Kang Ho-dong is also very rare.”

This set the opening routine is good, at least the atmosphere is up, and laughter is also very strong.

Kang Ho-dong hit the iron and let the last one play.

“Yoo Se-yoon ‘ssi, let’s say something to us.”

Yoo Se-yoon is not very interested, but his face is gloomy.

“The first thing to say is that I always thought that the main mc position of Lee Seung-gi was mine.”

Yes, it’s an unexpected statement that makes the scene laugh.

Yoo Se-yoon is still not deflated and continues to suffer.

“Our company report is like I am the second host…”

This is not a falsification. In fact, there was a lot of news before, and everyone can testify.

Finally, mc and the enthusiasm sizzled the atmosphere, and then went to today’s protagonist.

Kang Ho-dong looked at Seok Jin-soo with no good intentions, and the words he said were very laughter.

“I will introduce the man who is worth three million in the performance fee, Seok Jin-soo !!!”

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