KEP Chapter 468

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the top producer of the 468 chapter, floating astronomy

In the face of mc’s questioning, Seok Jin-soo did not say it.

“How specific, you can see it when you wait.”

This program has so many guests, he also has to consider other people’s appearance problems, so he has a good control of the rhythm.

In the face of his practice, Kang Ho-dong was really appreciative and quietly gave him a thumbs up.

Yoon-ah is troubled.

Why does this Oppa say that he is not interested?

Doesn’t he know himself well?

Hey Seok Jin-soo turned her back to her, couldn’t see her shy look, and watched mc interview someone else.

The three most important guests today are Seok Jin-soo, Yoon-ah and bigbang.

Now that both Seok Jin-soo and Yoon-ah have finished interviewing, it is naturally Kwon Ji-yong “GD” and Seung-ri.

“The most popular idol, please applause g-dragon, Seung-ri!!”

Bigbang is so popular today that it doesn’t get much cheers than Yoon-ah. And the noonas in the guests are even more crazy, just like a fan meeting.

Seok Jin-soo looked in the eyes, it was not happy, and shouted at Ahn Young-mi.

“Yah!! Why didn’t I do this when I was? I am not a guest?”

Ahn Young-mi is not used to him.

“The ugly guy doesn’t talk, are you G-Dragon? You are a chicken.”

This was actually recognized by all female guests, and Seok Jin-soo saw that So-yeon also nodded.

This made him angry, and immediately narrowed his eyes at So-yeon.

This missy, if it is not at the recording site, it is not necessary to catch you and spank.

When they got enough, Kang Ho-dong started the interview.

“After g-dragon debuted, the first program to participate was Strong Heart. The reason for choosing Strong Heart is…”

G-dragon seems to have prepared a lot.

“Because of trusting Kang Ho-dong…”

This made Kang Ho-dong happy and couldn’t help but scream.

“In addition to Kang Ho-dong, is there no trusted mc?”

Well, this guy, you are going to pick things up!

As for who the target is, I will know the sound of the scene and everyone understands.

Seok Jin-soo stunned and suddenly warned g-dragon.

“If you think about it, I will go back and play a small report. That brother is good on the surface, but it is quite vengeful.”

Everyone reacted to this, and there was a Liu line at the scene.

For a time, applause was applauded and I appreciated the ingenuity of Seok Jin-soo.

G-dragon also knew that his words were ambiguous and explained it quickly.

“I can trust it, but I believe it most.”

Kang Ho-dong got what he wanted to hear, and he refused to give up. He had to ask: “More than anyone…”

Who else?

There is only one with him.

In the midst of the buzz, Seok Jin-soo followed the fun, and it was straightforward.

“Yoo Jae-seok and Kang Ho-dong, Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-seok, who do you choose?”

Yes, there is no room for this problem, directly let g-dragon dumbfounded. Just squinting, only the smile.

Lee Seung-gi couldn’t stand it anymore and came out for a break for g-dragon.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, why are you targeting g-dragon? Is there any festival between you?”

Seok Jin-soo took care of it and said something that made people laugh.

“Well… private holiday is not. But the child’s recent copyright fees have risen a bit faster and need to be guarded.”

Everyone thinks about this. The two people who are sitting together today are actually the two most popular music producers in the Korean singing world.

Or Kang Ho-dong will scy the knife, this time buried Seok Jin-soo.

“Yah!! Don’t say you don’t know. But when we invited you, it was invited as a gagman.”

In the boiling scene, Seok Jin-soo is sitting on the wood, and it is really not hit.

Looking at the Kang Ho-dong who got back to the scene, the mind was dizzy.

“Kang Ho-dong, Ho-dong hyeong, do you know me? I usually have a good temper. It seems that I need to be in the market today.”

Seeing the lawless maknae in the “Infinite Challenge” began to show up, everyone is more excited.

I have only seen the cooperation of Seok Jin-soo and Yoo Jae-seok all the time. I want to see how he and Kang Ho-dong call?

Since g-dragon is coming, this time he will be the song debuted by Solo, and he will perform it anyway.

It is the most popular idol, the performance of the stage has not been said, and it is free and easy to play, and it is different from the sm company’s well-behaved performance.

Next, the two mc interviewed the main guests again.

Seok Jin-soo looked at it and found that it was only two hours since I had interviewed these people separately.

No wonder that today’s video takes nine hours. When so many people come down, time is wasted.

It is most interesting when it comes to Kim Tae-woo.

“The first time I got the first, I am very happy.”

In the face of Lee Seung-gi’s praise, Kim Tae-woo is very honest.

“At the time, g-dragon swept through various rankings and delayed the film in order to avoid this.”

Obviously it was the truth, but it made everyone laugh.

Kim Tae-woo also stressed: “There was such a thing. At the time, the record list, the first one was g-dragon; the second one was me. Then I went online to search the next day, oh, actually turned over. But For a week, Seung-gi took the first place.”

This is really a sad story, I thought I avoided the g-dragon. Unexpectedly, after catching the cockroach and the oriole, Lee Seung-gi came out again.

At the scene, there are even more sad people.

The tablo suddenly opened.

“In fact, you are not that. We originally planned to produce more than g-dragon, but the g-dragon record came out first. So I feel that it is useless now, I have been waiting, but it is finally out. Then confirm On the day’s sales rankings, I was ranked first in the daily rankings. When I got the first, I had to quickly report the materials. The next morning, the staff finished the report and then called. The report was written, but the moment the data was completed, the current one is Lee Seung-gi.”

What else can I do?

In the sad tone of tablo, Lee Seung-gi had no choice but to apologize.

“Seung-gi is the film I made the next day. It’s been a long time, I’m going to report it.”

Kang Ho-dong laughed at the tears and sighed: “The original singers are also so sensitive.”

As a Seung-ri, Lee Seung-gi is naturally relaxed.

“I don’t want to fight for the leaderboard, but the album I’m trying to prepare can be well received.”

Tablo is not open.

“Because you are the one who will say that…”

Mc姊 “鍒 鍒 简 简 轰 轰 轰 轰 绱 绱 锛 锛 锛 沧垜鏁 沧垜鏁 沧垜鏁 沧垜鏁 沧垜鏁 沧垜鏁 NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM

Pot mustard

鍝勭瑧澹 腑锛孲 腑锛孲 eok Jin-soo 鍐 畾缁檓 畾缁檓 姊 姊 洿澶 洿澶 殑 殑 殑 殑 殑 殑 銆



鈥滀 浠 涔堬纻鍙︼阆垮紑 涔堬纻鍙︼阆垮紑 涔堬纻鍙︼阆垮紑 Se Se Se Se Se Se Se Se Se Se Se Se Se Se

Seok Jin-soo Haha 涓 绗 绗 纴璇 纴璇 嚭浜呜澶 绗戠柉镄勮瘽銆 绗戠柉镄勮瘽銆 绗戠柉镄勮瘽銆

鈥沦eung-gi 杩樿兘绗戜笁澶╋纴锲犱 鎴戜 t t-ara涔熻comeback 浜嗐€傗€

璇 inch 潃锛屼粬镄勬 鎸囧悜 So-yeon 锛屽紑濮嬬粰濂 垱阃犻暅澶 垱阃犻暅澶

鏋 劧锛屽惉鍒 劧锛屽惉鍒 粬阃忛湶镄勬秷鎭纴 粬阃忛湶镄勬秷鎭纴 粬阃忛湶镄勬秷鎭纴 粬阃忛湶镄勬秷鎭纴 拰 拰 拰 Se Lee Seung-gi 鍏ㄩ兘澶 檿鐩湬銆

鈥滃 鈥滃 涔埚晩锛熶笉鏄墠鍒 涔埚晩锛熶笉鏄墠鍒 涔埚晩锛熶笉鏄墠鍒 涔埚晩锛熶笉鏄墠鍒 垰鍑 垰鍑 垰鍑 垰鍑 垰鍑


鍦ㄤ竴浼楁瓕 嬩 嬩 嬩 欙纴 欙纴 欙纴 Kim Tae-woo 楂 叴鍧忎 叴鍧忎 叴鍧忎

鈥滃搰鍝】纴鎴戦┈涓婄粨鏉焎omeback 浜嗭纴鍜屾垜娌”叧绯汇傗€€

镞(三)劧Seok Jin-soo 鎻愬埌t-ara浜嗭纴Kang Ho-dong 椤哄娍寮€濮嬮嗈璁裤€


璇 inch 潃锛岃 瀹 瀹 杩樻壄锷ㄧ潃 杩樻壄锷ㄧ潃 杩樻壄锷ㄧ潃 杩樻壄锷ㄧ潃 ヨ儢镄勮 G 奙 奙 奙 奙 奙 G G G G G G G G G

杩欎竴涓嬩笉寰椾 锛屽湪鍦 锛屽湪鍦 锛屽湪鍦 殑鐢 殑鐢 殑鐢 浠叏閮 浠叏閮 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽 竴镞堕棿姝屽T-ara镌€浜呜糠銆

鑳 寰楀埌杩欎箞鐑儓镄勬杩庯纴 寰楀埌杩欎箞鐑儓镄勬杩庯纴 So-yeon 涔熸槸楂 叴鍧忎 叴鍧忎 叴鍧忎

濂 寚镌 Se Se Seok Jin-soo 锛岃鍑 鍏徃镄勬剰锲 鍏徃镄勬剰锲 €

鈥滃澶╃殑镞跺€椤嚭阆掳纴寰楀埌浜嗗緢澶氱殑锽椤嚭阆掳纴寰楀埌浜嗗緢澶氱殑锽椤嚭阆掳纴寰楀埌浜嗗緢澶氱殑锽埍銆傜悊浜嬭锛岃瓒佺潃杩欑锷垮ご鏉ュ珐锲汉姘旓纴 浠ュ嗳澶囦€浠ュ嗳澶囦简浠ュ嗳澶囦comeback 銆傗€

骞 ソ濂 ソ濂 ソ濂 缮鐭ラ 缮鐭ラ 缮鐭ラ 浜ゅソ鍒 锛岀壒镒忚 娄 娄 娄 娄 涓 涓 涓嬨 涓嬨 涓嬨

鈥滀笉杩 娆 娆 娆 ° ° ° 垜浠笉鏄笓杈 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 屾槸鍗曟洸銆 屾槸鍗曟洸銆 彧鍙戣鐢靛瓙鍗曟洸锛屾 笓杈戙 笓杈戙 笓杈戙 傗 傗 傗 傗

鏋 劧锛屽惉鍒 ス镄勮瘽锛屽叾浠栫殑姝屾 ス镄勮瘽锛屽叾浠栫殑姝屾 ス镄勮瘽锛屽叾浠栫殑姝屾 浠殑鑴 浠殑鑴 浠殑鑴 浠殑鑴 浠殑鑴

Lee Seung-gi 鍏 鍦 鍦 棶阆掳 ara ara ara ara ara ara ara ara ara ara ara ara ara ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok


So-yeon 鍗佸垎镄勮嚜璞纴鐢 敎鍦 敎鍦 圹璁や 杩欎竴镣 杩欎竴镣 杩欎竴镣

鈥 悊浜嬭锛屼粠鎴戜 悊浜嬭锛屼粠鎴戜 鍑 鍑 鍑 鍑 濮嬶纴浠婂悗姣忎竴娆 濮嬶纴浠婂悗姣忎竴娆 濮嬶纴浠婂悗姣忎竴娆 濮嬶纴浠婂悗姣忎竴娆 back back back 濮嬶纴浠婂悗姣忎竴娆 back 濮嬶纴浠婂悗姣忎竴娆

濂 濂 浼欙纴钖埌杩欎 浼欙纴钖埌杩欎 鎯呭喌锛屽叾浠栫殑姝屾 鎯呭喌锛屽叾浠栫殑姝屾 浠 浠 浠 浠 浠 浠


鈥 幇鍦⊿ 幇鍦⊿ eok Jin-soo 鈥 si 镄勪綔鍝佸彲鏄崈 si 戦毦姹 戦毦姹 戦毦姹 晩锛屾兂涔 晩锛屾兂涔 晩锛屾兂涔 笉鍒 笉鍒 笉鍒 笉鍒

钖埌姝屾 浠殑 浠殑 叉 嗭纴 嗭纴 嗭纴 嗭纴 ang 嗭纴 ang 嗭纴 嗭纴 嗭纴 嗭纴 嗭纴 嗭纴 嗭纴 ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

鈥沦eok Jin-soo 鍦ㄩ煶涔愬埗浣沧楠闱(一)緢铡夊钖楋纻鈥

浠栬 umbrella 涔堜竴闂纴澶 閮 閮 笉婊 ° ° °

鐢勭 涓 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊 渊!岖煡阆揝eok Jin-soo 鈥荣si chain 夊灏戚it 旋悧锛熲

琚獋浜嗭纴璁kgang Ho-dong 涔熸湁镣规靛ご銆

鈥 湡镄勫緢澶 湡镄勫緢澶 悧锛熲


鈥淭emptation Of Wife ost锛孋an鈥檛Forgive 鐭ラdeath

Ahn Young-mi 涓崭絾璇达纴杩桦敱浜呜捣鏉ャ

濂 浼欙纴镞嫔緥涓 鍑 鍑 潵锛孠 ang Ho-dong 灏 偢浜嗐 偢浜嗐

鈥渊啊!! 灏忓瓙锛岃伞棣栨瓕鏄綘鍐欑殑锛熲

娌$瓑Seok Jin-soo 锲炵瓟Forging Yoo Se-yoon 涔熻窡涓娄 銆

鈥沨ellme娌”惉杩囧悧锛焥ohot forged body nobody forging

浠栬涓 棣栨瓕锛 棣栨瓕锛 姊 c姊> ammonia 鍞 竴棣栵纴涔熻 Kang Ho-dong 瓒婃潵瓒婃劅鍒 濂囥

Yoon-ah 涔熸潵鍑戠儹闂广€




鍒缮浜嗭纴鐜 満杩樻湁 Baek Ji-young 锻€

Kang Ho-dong’s face is a bit green, and those who don’t know much about Seok Jin-soo are similar.

Good guy, so many hits are actually from his handwriting.

Finally, there is So-yeon singing “Me Gustas Tu” to end.

This is Seok Jin-soo, the answer to the hottest producers in Korean pop music.

Now, seeing this list, many people find that Seok Jin-soo is a little different from the ordinary gagman they have in mind.

Kang Ho-dong gradually got other ideas.

“Jin-soo, I am your brother. When will you write a song for me?”

Thank you k丶 baby, the unparalleled emperor’s heavenly reward!

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