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KEP Chapter 471

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 471 chapter is a ring, floating astronomy

The first phase of the history of “Strong Heart” was successfully concluded.

After the break, Kang Ho-dong and Lee Seung-gi held Seok Jin-soo’s hand, and Haha smiled and thanked him.

No way, today Seok Jin-soo gave face, firepower, and made countless laughs.

Especially when watching Yoon-ah, who is not lucky, the big guy is even happier.

“Jin-soo, it was the end of the recording, and I should have a meal. But I think you are still better off, and our Yoon-ah seems to have a lot of grievances for you.”

Seok Jin-soo naturally noticed the appearance of Yoon-ah, silently moving So-yeon over and stuck in the middle of the two.

But how angry Yoon-ah is, should be safer across So-yeon.

“Yah!! missy, I am for annyeonghaseyo. Look, I have created a good image for you.”

Still saying yes?

Yoon-ah is in the midst of madness, and even So-yeon doesn’t care about him.

“Oppa, our Yoon-ah, a good child, is said by you, how can you turn over in the future?”

Yoon-ah finally found a confidant, hugged So-yeon, and began to cry.

“Eonni, have you seen it? This abominable Oppa is usually bullying me.”

So-yeon had to comfort her.

“Well, I know. He is the same for us, we have had enough.”

In this way, the alliance was formed and Yoon-ah was full of momentum.

“Eonni, can’t just forget it. Today we have to teach him well, can you dare to look after him?”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit timid, and quickly said: “Yah!! It is said to be annyeonghaseyo. Big deal, I can compensate you always?”

Don’t look at him, he is very arrogant, if the two girls shot together, I am afraid I can’t stand it.

Yoon-ah saw that he finally served softly and asked, “How can I compensate me?”

The idea in Xiao Niziโ€™s heart is actually to give people compensation to me.

I donโ€™t think so, Seok Jin-soo doesnโ€™t dare to do this.

The eyes turned and finally got an idea.

“A few days ago, Infinite Challenge needs a guest. When will I let you star in the head office?”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo arranged the “Infinite Challenge” for Yoon-ah, and So-yeon was all stunned.

“Oppa, can you arrange someone to play now?”

Seok Jin-soo smirked, and of course it wouldn’t make So-yeon suspicious.

“No, it’s because the program needs to use the guests. If so, who is coming?”

So-yeon is very upset.

“Why don’t you call us t-ara to play?”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked and looked at her incredulously.

“You want to star?”

So-yeon is rightly: “Of course, this is the Infinite Challenge. Which artist doesn’t want to play in the Infinite Challenge?”

Well, since this is what you are asking for, Seok Jin-soo has to be good at it.

“That line, I will call you good by then.”

In exchange for a chance to play in the “Infinite Challenge”, the two girls were really happy, and they laughed and jumped together.

If they were informed of the mind of Seok Jin-soo, it is possible to really kill this abominable Oppa.

Turning around the sky, the autumn is crisp and cloudless.

The hot summer has passed, the land is golden, and it is the harvest season.

After seven months of hard work, the “Infinite Challenge” farm work special has finally come to an end.

Looking at the full fruit of rice, everyone is also very impressed.

Who can think of the seven people who have never touched the land, and can actually harvest the full fruit from this land?

Everyone stood in the field, behind the golden rice, yellow orange and orange rice fields.

Looking at the results of the work of others and others, everyoneโ€™s mood is very happy. Nothing else is needed, the harvest songs come first.

Just enough to start recording the program.

“Starting seven months ago, in this place, the match between the cow, the donkey, and the cultivated land. Audience friends, please see, the harvest!”

Everyone shouted, as if they had done a great great career.

Of course, for the unseen members, this is really a great miracle.

Because the seven people had no contact with agriculture before, even rice and wheat could not be distinguished. After seven months of hard work and hard work, I actually made such a large field.

“I can’t believe it.”

“We did it in the end.”

Team Leader Yoo is very emotional.

“Two months later, this year will be over.”

Yes, there must be someone wrong.

Jeong Hyeong-don quickly picked up.

“Two months later, Jeong Jun-ha is also forty years old. It is really late for the heyday of the idle king.”

When recording the program at the beginning of the year, Park Myeong-su was very dissatisfied with Jeong Jun-ha and said that he did not work. Therefore, he was given the nickname “The King of the Leisure Man”.

This is a big deal.

It was clearly said inadvertently, but the result was that Jeong Jun-ha ushered in a new role and suddenly became popular.

Jeong Jun-ha is also very satisfied with the nickname of the idler king, always paying attention to the characteristics of the idle king.

But today Jeong Jun-ha is very guilty, enteritis has been committed, has been holding back.

“Today’s idle king, because of the relationship between enteritis, it is very hard.”

Jeong Hyeong-don doesn’t listen at all.

“Because I am the president, I must do the autumn harvest today.”

Park Myeong-su proposed: “We also called our colleagues to take the autumn harvest. People are more active and can do faster.”

In fact, this is the arrangement of the production team. After all, such a large piece of land depends on seven of them. One of them is still a sick number, and there is no way to harvest it in one day.

Next, everyone started to call separately and invited familiar and free artists to come.

Seok Jin-soo can remember the things of the past few days, smiled and dialed Yoon-ah’s phone.

“Little deer, where are you?”

Yoon-ah’s call to him was always fast, but his tone was not very good.

“Oppa, what are you looking for? Don’t you want to hurt me?”

Although the content recorded a few days ago has not yet aired, Yoon-ah can already foresee what will be greeted.

I haven’t done anything else in the past few days. I just made a villain and wrote the name of Seok Jin-soo.

When Seok Jin-soo called Yoon-ah, the members were excited.

I can see Girl’s Generation in this open field, and I can’t think of it. So everyone dared not say anything, eagerly watching Seok Jin-soo negotiations.

In the face of the question of Yoon-ah, Seok Jin-soo smiled and did not reveal any flaws.

Just kidding, every day, facing these sly brothers, you can play with a liTTL-Time To Love e missy movie, completely without technical content.

“Yoon-ah, remember what I told you? Today is such a day.”

“What kind of day? What?”

Yoon-ah is a bit confused and busy every day, so the memory is not very good.

Seok Jin-soo quickly said it.

“The days of the Infinite Challenge. Are you free? Come now.”

I heard that I played in “Infinite Challenge” and Yoon-ah was happy at once.

โ€œIs it telling me where to go? Also, what is the recording today?โ€

How could this Seok Jin-soo tell her?

“The weather is so good, of course, it’s outside. Right, who else?”

Itโ€™s just that Yoon-ah is a lot of people, so itโ€™s best to pull the girlโ€™s Generation.

Itโ€™s a pity that the sky is not a wish.

Yoon-ah said: “I am at Tae-yeon eonni, Jessica eonni and Yu-ri eonni.”

Even four people, that is enough.

“Ok, come over now. It’s very interesting here, make sure you come once, and you won’t forget it for a long time.”

I successfully invited Girl’s Generation, and just hang up the phone, the members sneered.

“Wow, let Girl’s Generation harvest the crops. Except for our maknae, I’m afraid no one can do it.”

“In any case, Girl’s Generation is coming!”

โ€œHaha Haha, there are beautiful girls, they will not be tired of work.โ€

Seok Jin-soo smiled and decided to give members some benefits today.

โ€œIs it enough for Girl’s Generation? Is KARA enough?โ€

Just now Park Myeong-su contacted KARA’s manager, Gyu-ri has said that he will come over.

When I heard him say this, the members were a little stunned and then excited.

“Is it…”

In the horror of everyone, Seok Jin-soo called So-yeon.

“Children, don’t hide in the dorm and go to sleep. Come over, there is fun here.”

In the face of t-ara, Seok Jin-soo doesn’t even have to say too much.

After all, it is an artist of his own company. When he orders, he will come over.

As for the truth after he came over, will he be retaliated and he will not be able to take it for the time being.

This member is really happy and broken.

Think about the three women’s combinations of Girl’s Generation, KARA and t-ara here. It’s so happy to be crazy.

Iโ€™m going to see the cute woman idol soon, and everyone is very motivated, starting to work while waiting for the invited person to arrive.

It was such a short while that Jeong Jun-ha ran three times in the toilet. Every time I come back, my face will be a little bit sallow.

It is estimated that there will be two more times and he will hang on the toilet.

When you really got it, everyone discovered that the original harvest was not so easy.

The rice straw, which looks like a grass and looks like a knife, is cut and cut. It has to be done several times in a row, increasing the amount of labor out of thin air.

But looking at the rice that I planted by myself, the feeling of heavyness, the difference between the peace and the common rice is different.

The sweat of the year has been dripping here, so that everyone can understand the difficulty of harvesting.

I am afraid that when I eat again in the future, a grain of rice will not be wasted.

After a while, a black managerrial van came on the path next to the rice field.

Everyone knows that this is an invited artist. As for who it is, it quickly revealed its true colors.

A very handsome guy, dressed in very fashionable clothes, walked out from behind the managerial van.

“Ah, Kim Bum!”


Now everyone finally sees it, this is the actor Kim Bum who fired through Boys Over Flower this year.

Such a person is naturally called by the idler king.

For the current situation, Kim Bum is also very helpless.

“Say it is to invite me to dinner, so…”

Yes, it must have been cheated by Jeong Jun-ha. I walked happily and found out that it was rice fields.

Jeong Jun-ha is also very funny. Pointing at the rice that has not yet been harvested, he smiled and said: “This is not for the preparation of rice.”

Since the person has come, although it is a scam, it is a helper.

Everyone will not be polite with him, let him put on rubber boots, put on a sunshade hat, and start hard work.

This is the “Infinite Challenge”, although it is a national variety, but did not say that it will not lie.

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