KEP Chapter 479

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 479 chapter profit, floating astronomy

In any case, t-ara leans on six, which is equivalent to sweeping through October.

As a girl group who has just debuted for three months, this achievement is too dazzling.

Seok Jin-soo is in the eyes and happy.

He is very clear that with this achievement, t-ara has stood firm and has become a veritable combination of popularity.

“Hey, Oppa, we are so powerful, is there any reward?”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and felt that it was necessary to give the children motivation.

“You are doing so well, of course you have to reward. Just wait, you won’t be disappointed.”

Looking back, Seok Jin-soo contacted Zhang He.

Speaking of the “Family Outing” pd adults, the current situation is really bad, it can be described as a shame.

Yoo Jae-seok and Yoon Jong-shin have jointly filed a lawsuit against the brokerage company that owed the performance fee to the court.

This incident is now raging, and indirectly affects the production of the program.

As the case progressed, many people predicted that Yoo Jae-seok had entered the countdown with the company’s cancellation.

If Yoo Jae-seok really leaves the company, then Family Outing is likely to end at any time.

This is really not good news for Zhang He.

In fact, his situation has been very difficult for some time.

Sbs is very dissatisfied with him, think that he is too tempted to break the company, and ignore the interests of sbs.

Nowadays, inside the sbs, there is already a huge voice, calling for him to be taken down.

More importantly, even in a production team, Jang Hyuk-jae and other ad did not care about him, thinking that his approach was somewhat excessive.

At the same time, Yoo Jae-seok’s company also complained about him.

It is believed that he did not control the situation, which led to the passive today.

It can be said that Zhang He is now in a dilemma and has suffered huge plywood.

His only current expectation is to be able to maintain Family Outing, hoping that this program will not collapse.

At this time, Zhang He received a call from Seok Jin-soo.

This is not the time when Seok Jin-soo was invited to join. Seok Jin-soo was very respectful to Zhang He.

After all, I gave myself a job and made myself create a world beyond mbc.

When the interests conflict, Seok Jin-soo will definitely stand on the side of Yoo Jae-seok and also on the opposite side of Zhang He.

But even then, Zhang He was too angry to speak.

In a messy situation, if you complain to Seok Jin-soo again, then the program really doesn’t do it.

Once the program is gone, he knows that his future is gone.

So when I received the call, I had to make a smile.

“Oh, Jin-soo, is there anything?”

He originally thought that Seok Jin-soo was coming for leave, and he might have a mistake in his itinerary.

I didn’t think Seok Jin-soo didn’t mean it at all.

“Brother, I want to ask, are we scheduled to have guests in the 11 month? Our company’s t-ara also knows that the popularity is good recently. If you can, give the children a chance.”

That’s right, Seok Jin-soo thinks that the reward for t-ara is the performance of the Sunday program.

The celebrity from the family is very good, the ratings of the program are also very high, and the recording is not very tired. For them, it is a good publicity opportunity.

If it was in the past, Seok Jin-soo was very cautious and never did so directly for the benefit of his artists.

But now, “Family Outing” is so stormy that it can fall apart at any time. Plus the practice of the production team is chilling, he is also welcome.

Anyway, the idea was put forward, just look at how Zhang He responded.

If you dare to oppose it, Seok Jin-soo says he has to quit.

Anyway, he knows the progress of the lawsuit at Yoo Jae-seok, and it is estimated that there will be results by the end of the year.

Since “Family Outing” will end sooner or later, he is not afraid of offending people.

Maybe his approach, you can also hand over the pd after taking over, continue to get the opportunity to appear in the sbs Sunday program.

The reality is that TV Station is amazing, but it’s not that Zhang He is amazing.

In the face of Seok Jin-soo’s straightforward request, Zhang He did not want to make a fuss, he could only choose to give in.

“Well… it’s a little difficult for all the players to play. Choose two members.”

Generally, the recording of “Family Outing” is one to two guests in each period, and will not come to many people.

There are quite a few members of the original family. If the guests come back more, the lens will not be assigned.

I got the opportunity to play, Seok Jin-soo has been satisfied, and not too much.

Looking back, I went to the practice room of t-ara and told the girls the news.

“Children, I have contacted you with Family Outing. How about this reward?”


β€œCan you really play the program on Sunday?”

“Wow, it’s a family!!”

Needless to say, the girls’ performance is of course cheering.

If you want to be popular, you will be shown in the program. If you want to be effective, you will be in the program of the weekend.

“Infinite Challenge” and “Two Days and One Night” are not very invited guests. Natural “Family Outing” is the most popular program among artists.

When the girls were happy enough, Seok Jin-soo began to explain the situation.

“But the family situation, you know, you can’t play in groups. There are only two places, you see, who should go?”

I heard that I can’t go all the time, the girls are all quiet.

The opportunity is rare, of course, I want to go. But they also know that others are definitely the same idea.

In order to avoid contradictions, it is really difficult to speak.

“I won’t go, you can do it.”

The first person to say that I quit is So-yeon.

She is a team leader, and I have a chance to lead by example.

Secondly, her relationship with Seok Jin-soo is also very troublesome. When she goes to “Family Outing”, she has to stay together for two days and one night.

It is obvious that it is in front of you, but you can’t get close. It’s better not to see it.

When I heard the team leader want to quit, everyone understood her thoughts.

Eun-jung’s face flashed and he couldn’t help but pull the So-yeon ready to leave.

“Eonni, you have to appear in the program, don’t say anything to quit.”

So-yeon is not Eun-jung, so I have to share it with both hands.

“But the governor has already said that there are only two places, and it is always for someone to quit.”

This is the truth, and Eun-jung is also a bit helpless.

But after thinking about it, Eun-jung came up with the most fair way.

“That’s so good, we six people guessed the boxing. The two people who won the last go, how is it, is this fair?”

Good guy, I heard her saying that Seok Jin-soo was awkward and fell to the floor.

Are you a child of “Family Outing”?

How many entertainers want to get the chance to dream, actually want to guess the fist decision.

I have to say that guessing is really a fair way.

So in the testimony of Seok Jin-soo, the six girls looked serious, as if they were doing sacred rituals.

After several rounds of guessing, the final winners were Qri and Ji-yeon.

This is a fair choice, and no one can say anything, so the winning Qri and Ji-yeon can be happy.

The members who didn’t get the chances were fierce, and after discussing each other, they collectively rushed up and smashed the two chicks.

Ignore the girls’ slaps, Seok Jin-soo turned and left, to prepare for the girls’ advances.

After the day, Seok Jin-soo received a call from Yoo Jae-seok.

The new phase of the recording is the birthplace of the famous Jindo dog in Shaopu, Quannanzhen Island.

Despite the lawsuit, Yoo Jae-seok has always been meticulous about work.

Still in the village, he came earlier than anyone.

Because to meet t-ara, Seok Jin-soo is also a little earlier than before.

“Oh, maknae, how are you so diligent today?”

Seok Jin-soo is also not concealed.

“The children are coming, they have to do the reception work.”

Yoo Jae-seok is also a person who knows the news long ago. He is very happy for the young and beautiful idol.

“Haha, are you a director or a nanny?”

Seok Jin-soo is awkward.

β€œAigoo, who knows when children can grow up?”

Anyone can see that when he mentioned t-ara, his deep pride.

Talk, Lee Hyo-ri is here.

But seeing this woman’s dress, everyone is not good.

Noona Hey, how old are you, wearing a bow or pink, like that?

“what happened to you?”

“are you sick?”

β€œDo you need to see a psychiatric department?”

β€œWhy is it so horrible?”

In the face of everyone’s doubts, Lee Hyo-ri also pretended to be pure.

“what happened?”

Yoo Jae-seok can’t stand it anymore.

“Why is the face so red?”

She actually explained it in a big way.

“I want to be younger, I heard that little people are coming today.”

Seok Jin-soo is stimulating her.

“Noona, you don’t have to be old.”

Lee Hyo-ri instantly changes color.

“Say it again?”

The raging murderousness came, scaring Seok Jin-soo and rushing to the other side.

It seems that today’s young child is coming, so that the noona is in a bad mood, or don’t feel bad.

After the members arrived, a managerri van came from afar.

This is the company’s car, how can Seok Jin-soo and Yoon Jong-shin not know?

“Yah!! Come here, the children are coming.”

Yoon Jong-shin is very impatient.

“It’s actually a difficult kid, not so cute.”

The managerial van finally stopped, the door opened and Qri and Ji-yeon jumped happily.

“Hello everyone!”

The men are happy and the applause is so long. How long have they been so happy?

“Aigoo, flower-like Qri and Ji-yeon are coming.”

“Our family finally has a female idol!”

The most impatient man is Lee Hyo-ri.

Seeing that Qri and Ji-yeon are coming, she immediately opened her mouth.

“Yah!! You hide away.”

This Noonim head, two girls can not afford, immediately hurry to hide on the far side.

Not getting close to the girls, the men are very unhappy, and immediately attacked.

“What are you doing? Hyo-ri, better for the children.”

“Every time you are young, you are like this, and your reputation has spread.”

Lee Hyo-ri is sullen: “I don’t want to be older.”

Seok Jin-soo only said one sentence, and immediately let the scene explode.

“Don’t be kidding, Noh Sa-yeon noona, if you come, who can afford it?”

Noh Sa-yeon, who has never appeared in the program, has a sneeze at home.

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