KEP Chapter 487

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, 487 chapter New York, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo said it for a week, it really only has one week.

During this week, he only slept for almost two hours a day, and he kept teaching three liTTL-Time To Love e missy about the song.

Fortunately, this song is really not difficult, the style is cheerful, Ji-yeon they learn fast.

As for the dance, I didn’t even use him to demonstrate it myself.

Just telling Bae Yoon-jeong the idea, the power has expanded the appropriate dance.

Then Seok Jin-soo handed over the ideas and ideas of mv and style to Yoon Jong-shin and Kim Hyeong-seok, letting the two help, and believe that there will be no mistakes.

At the same time, Seok Jin-soo also recorded two issues of “Family Outing” in succession this week.

After all, I have to go to New York for a week. If the family is not ready, there will be no material to be broadcast.

However, this recording clearly felt the atmosphere of the end.

Almost everyone predicts that this program is hard to go further.

But Seok Jin-soo has no regrets and nostalgia. For a messy program, there is no mood to do it.

Before coming to New York, he also met Lee Dae-gyu.

Nothing else, let the hyeong help stare at the decoration of Sangam-dong.

It is expected that the renovation will be completed by the end of November. By the end of the year, you can stay.

It was the most important time, but he was going to New York.

Anyway, Lee Dae-gyu is also busy with his new home renovation, and it’s easy to manage both sides.

The finishing touches of the process were all handled, and Seok Jin-soo was finally ready to go, and joined his brothers to start a trip to New York.

It is worth mentioning that in the diners special, because of the strength and activity of Seok Jin-soo, the Yoo Jae-seok group won Seung-ri.

Although there is a chance to entertain guests because of this Seung-ri, there is still a task behind.

Because New York is an international metropolis with a variety of cultures, everyone needs to spread the Korean food culture there.

Good guy, Kim Tae-ho This is crazy, cooking is addictive, and you have to go to New York.

For the victory and defeat of New York, each group gathered together to discuss the appropriate menu.

“How about kimchi cake?”

Jeong Hyeong-don writes and draws on paper and then proposes.

Jeong Jun-ha muttered: “I thought of kimchi cake at the beginning.”

It is Seok Jin-soo who is a bit hesitant.

“Kimchi cakes look simple, but they are actually very difficult to do. It’s a trick to have a skill with the noodles.

Yoo Jae-seok is lost in thought.

“Kimchi cake is a very representative food.”

Since Team Leader Yoo said so, everyone had no opinion, so the kimchi cake became the first dish to be determined.

At this time, we still don’t know, because of this kimchi cake, what a big accident.

In the end, everyone gathered at the top of the roof of the Japanese mountain mbc, recording the part before the trip to New York.

“We are going to New York, where we use our rice and kimchi to make such food, and then sell it. Really need the help of experts, these are really amazing experts.”

In order to guide everyone in the New York diners, the production team invited two chefs.

One of them is the chef of Yang Ji-hoon who once worked at the Continental Hotel in Dubai.

Another is a beautiful woman, the chef of Myeong Hyeon-ji, who has won the Grand Prize of the Istanbul Cuisine Conference.

Welcomed two guests, Yoo Jae-seok is the most amazing…

“Are you in a hotel in Dubai?”

Dubai, that is the richest place in the world, and it is called paradise on earth.

In the place where the rich are everywhere, he can become a chef. Obviously, the Yang Ji-hoon chef is extraordinary.

Next, the two teams selected the chef responsible for the guidance.

The Yoo Jae-seok team chose the beautiful chef Myeong Hyeon-ji, while the Park Myeong-su team chose Yang Ji-hoon.

Seonsaeng-nim has chosen, and the next is the formal discussion time.

The Liu team is concentrated in the restaurant of Myeong Hyeon-ji.

“There are many situations in making food overseas, and it’s easy to sell it simply.”

Yoo Jae-seok first gave the tone to the decision of this dish, which is simple and easy to sell.

After all, in addition to Seok Jin-soo, there are few other people who have no technology. It is good to do well.

But for the Yoo Jae-seok team to choose this, Ming chef is still very happy.

“Before your duel, I have a good look. Wow, I really didn’t think that Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is qualified as a chef.”

At this time, Seok Jin-soo was modest.

“Ani ~ yo, I am just a wilderness. I usually cook more and eat more. I am more skilled.”

Ming chef knows that he is the main force, so he took the initiative to understand it.

“What kind of food are you better at?”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and honestly replied: “Korean, Chinese, and Japanese will be a little bit.”

Knowing that he would have foreign cuisine, Ming Chef was even more excited.

“What about Western food?”

Seok Jin-soo is sorry.

“I don’t know anything except grilled steak.”

The environment in which he lived from a small life was more insulated from Western food, and his taste gradually developed. He was not very cold with Western food.

Next, everyone discussed the menu, the first is bibimbap.

“Bibimbap is the most important thing when you have a bibimbap.”

Jeong Jun-ha is very authentic and begins to show the true colors of the god of food.

But Seok Jin-soo is worried.

“Chilli sauce is very important, but the irritating aspect is a difficult one for foreigners.”

“Yes, yes, Westerners, especially Americans, can’t eat spicy food.”

The chef of Ming informed of a situation and hoped that everyone would pay attention.

Yoo Jae-seok said with a slight regret: “In the past, letting foreigners know about traditional foods gave them a taste of spicy flavor.”

Ming chef summarized it.

“In all the spicy flavors of the world, let them appreciate the unique spicy taste of our country.”

Next is the kimchi cake, everyone asked about the chef’s opinion.

“Foreigners like cakes very much, and if they do, they should be welcomed.”

Unexpectedly, the chef agreed with this idea.

In short, after discussing it with the chef, everyone noticed that fortunately, with the help of experts, you can understand so much.

Otherwise, if a few people blindly rush to New York, they will definitely return.

In the end, the Jae-seok team decided on the menu they wanted to make. Bibimbap, miso soup, honey cake skewers, pickles and kimchi cake.

Although I don’t know, it is estimated that the Myeong-su team should be ready.

Everything is ready, and finally it is time to start.

Outside Incheon Airport, everyone gathered again, all with a lot of luggage.

Everyone is very excited when they come up. After all, I have to go to New York, the most famous city in the world.


Team Leader Yoo is even more capable.


Everyone immediately accused them.

“Because I am very happy to go overseas!”

Seok Jin-soo also digs holes.

“Is it tired now? sister-in-law is pregnant. It seems too tired, so want to escape?”

Jeong Jun-ha is also bad.

“The husband of a woman is not a joke, go overseas.”

In the face of the crisis, Yoo Jae-seok Lima others into the pit.

“Only us? This is not another one.”

Park Myeong-su is only dissTeam Leader Yoo.

“Je-seok said this a few days ago, let’s play once, let’s go to the night store. Let’s prepare the suit.”

Yoo Jae-seok panicked.

“I said?”

Park Myeong-su is pressing hard.

“Not what you said, you made it ready.”

Team Leader Yoo is not afraid, only one sentence has regained the disadvantage.

“Do you want to say that?”

Apparently, Park Myeong-su had any handles that fell into the hands of Team Leader Yoo. At this time, he was taken out and used as a counter-attack weapon.

Park Myeong-su was originally planning to reluctantly, suddenly felt that the situation was wrong, and immediately reached out to Yoo Jae-seok.

“We will reconcile.”

Sure enough, there is a lot of Secret between Dad and husband.

Because I went to New York, everyone was very passionate. Among them, Kyrgyzstan is the most illusory.

“I am very curious, can I call an artist friend in New York?”

Seok Jin-soo immediately started to spray him.

“What kind of artist friend are you in New York? You don’t have it in Korea.”

Kyrgyzstan ate a sly, angry and angry.

“Yah!! Are you looking down on me? Are you ignoring leessang?”

Seok Jin-soo’s mouth is not covered.

“It’s all by Gary, no Gary, you have to owe debt.”

Kyrgyz can no longer speak.

But everyone is still very curious, he has friends in New York.

As a result, this guy really got a rumor, and Zhangkou came.

“Buffalo, Beyonce, jay-z, can you call it out?”

Seok Jin-soo really couldn’t listen, and started a new round of attacks.

“Yah!! The bald honey jar, not bragging, knows the bragging.”

Killing Ji’s arrogance, the production team sent the ticket up.

At the same time, Park Myeong-su also began to punish New York diners.

“The team that lost, the team member Jae-joong Central Park took off his shirt and ran.”

It seems that the last time I lost, Park team is very dissatisfied, Noh Hong-chul also deliberately stressed.

“You can only wear tight-fitting panties.”

No pick, no big ones are not without a pick.

In the face of the fierce proposal of the Park team, the Liu team did not fear, and immediately agreed.

Anyway, this team has a ace Seok Jin-soo, the hope of winning is bigger than losing.

Not much to say, the opening was finished, except for Jeong Hyeong-don and Hong-chul, the other five people set off first.

On the long flight, Seok Jin-soo wakes up and sleeps, eats when he is hungry, and feels very slow.

This is the first time he has gone to such a remote place to record a program. In the past, he only learned about New York in other ways, knowing that it is great.

Now that you have actual contact, is New York really like the legend, is it the real dream capital?

Where are you waiting for yourself?

Everything is unknown, but everything makes Seok Jin-soo very excited.

The meaning of life may be the process of constantly recognizing new things.

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