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KEP Chapter 492

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 492 chapter comes to the door, floating astronomy

When Seok Jin-soo re-engaged into the team, Jeong Jun-ha was just busy with himself.

However, for a while, Seok Jin-soo has already seen it.

This hyeong got up so early, it was originally making kimchi cake.

It seems that the setbacks last night made him suffer, so from the morning, he worked quietly.

It was only the first time that the kimchi cake was baked, and it was still a paste.

Looking at Jeong Jun-ha’s gloomy face, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but sigh.

But he is not prepared to forgive Jeong Jun-ha, naturally he will not talk to him.

Just by talking to Jeong Hyeong-don, I passed the method out.

β€œKimchi cakes must be turned over often, and they should be dripped continuously.”

Jeong Hyeong-don silently remembered that Seok Jin-soo walked away and he approached Jeong Jun-ha.

“Brother, maknae said, kimchi cake should always turn over and drip oil.”

Jeong Jun-ha’s movements were stiff, and then the old face was red, and his head was lowered.

Although it was said by Jeong Hyeong-don, he couldn’t understand it. It was Seok Jin-soo who deliberately let Jeong Hyeong-don convey it.

Obviously, I made a mistake myself, and the result was that so many maknae took the initiative to stand up and settle.

This time, Jeong Jun-ha finally realized his shortcomings.

Silently, he suddenly raised his hand and gave himself a slap.

Good guy, the loud “ε•ͺ” scared everyone to stop.

“Yah!! The king of idlers, what are you doing?”

Yoo Jae-seok thought that something had changed again and asked him.

He is really scared.

It’s hard to get the atmosphere back, and if there is another accident, it’s not good for everyone to collapse.

What he didn’t think of was that after Jeong Jun-ha gave himself a mouth, he suddenly rushed to everyone.

“I’m sorry, it’s all bad for me. It’s my waywardness and mistakes, causing trouble for everyone.”

Everyone was open-mouthed and did not expect that Jeong Jun-ha of Pete Bala would take the initiative to admit his mistake.

Only Park Myeong-su was accepted in the ground, but said: “You apologize and apologize to maknae and seonsaeng-nim, and what do we say?”

After a while, the breakfast was done and everyone sat at the table together.

Seok Jin-soo, as before, silently ate breakfast, not very eager to talk.

He did not notice that the people at the table were gazing at each other and urging Jeong Jun-ha.

Being eager for everyone’s eyes, Jeong Jun-ha had to swallow his mouth. After a few times, I took the courage and coughed aloud.


Seok Jin-soo really didn’t think that Jeong Jun-ha would actually call himself.

However, he did not look up, just stopped the action, but also showed that he was listening.

Jeong Jun-ha became more and more nervous, and the thick lips licked several times before finally bursting out.

“maknae, sorry!”

Although there are not many words, but the short three words, like the waves of waves, washed the heart of Seok Jin-soo.

“Sorry, I did not do well last night. I am a brother, but so capricious. Here… I am apologizing to you.”

Because Seok Jin-soo lowered his head, no one could see his face.

But suddenly, everyone found that the plate under his head became a sea.

It seems that for this sentence to apologize, maknae’s emotions are excited again.

Jeong Hyeong-don hugged him from behind and patted his back.

“Maknae, did you see it? Jun-ha brother apologized to you. It is he is not right, he has no eyesight, he will not do things, but you will forgive him?”

Seok Jin-soo just didn’t talk, this time simply rubbing his face with his hands, crying even more.

However, the atmosphere of this time was different from last night. When I saw him crying, everyone smiled comfortably.

At this time, Seok Jin-soo can cry, indicating that he began to vent his inner gloom and pressure.

The crisis that was triggered last night ended in the tears of Seok Jin-soo.

Although the impact cannot be dissipated immediately, at least the normal work can continue.

When is Seok Jin-soo able to communicate with Jeong Jun-ha as before, it will take time to resolve.

New York trips have limited funding, so it’s important to record as much content as possible within a limited time.

After having breakfast, the next day, everyone started to run for new themes.

It’s hard to come to the fashion capital, Kim Tae-ho, the inner-hearted, self-righteous fashion guy, not a fashion theme, it’s not him.

Although Seok Jin-soo is not very flustered by the so-called fashion, he is still very obedient in doing the program. Pd said let’s do it, then try to run.

It was another day of exhaustion. When I returned to the dormitory, it was already late.

But before Seok Jin-soo settled down, the writers of the production team ran over and looked surprised.

“Yah!! maknae, hurry, someone is looking for you.”

Seok Jin-soo did not move, but carefully observed the writer’s demeanor.

“Who is looking for me? I don’t know anyone in New York. How can someone find me?”

The writer has been so excited that he has a real way: “Really, it’s really amazing. Come on, people are downstairs.”

Seok Jin-soo still doesn’t believe it.

“Oh, let’s say something really. Do you think I can believe?”

The writer was mad and kicked on his ass.

“Yah!! A few steps upstairs and downstairs, do I have to lie to you?”

Even if it was smashed, Seok Jin-soo did not waver.

“Yah!! I don’t know you guys? Even a few steps, you can get a trap of harm. Say, isn’t the bucket ready? I will pour it on my head as soon as I go out?” ”

The writer is going crazy.

“Ah, you guy, why are you so annoying?”

Seok Jin-soo is more confident.

“You hate it. It’s hard to take a break. Why do you want to get this?”

The writer is going crazy.

“Is not saying it, it is really someone looking for you.”

Seeing that the writer was crazy, Seok Jin-soo was a little hesitant.

β€œIs anyone really looking for me?”

The writer has been stunned and answered with anger.


“you swear?”

The writer jumped up and wondered when he had a pair of scissors in his hand. Just standing there dancing and dancing, the knife flashed and caught the eye.

“Yah!! liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, you love to go, I am fed up. If you dare to ask, I will kill you.”

Seok Jin-soo is full of cold, and he is far away from hiding.

This writer usually listens to Wen Liang’s familiarity. How can it explode at this moment?

It seems that it is not a fake, Seok Jin-soo began to move downstairs.

He first slammed the door open, but the man hid to the side.

After waiting a few seconds, I was sure that there was no danger before I slowly went out. I looked at it all the way up and down, and after I was sure that it was really safe, I slowly went out.

Each time he passed a door, he would slow down and test his temptations. After he was really sure, he would go.

The writer behind him looked at his bear, and he was so depressed.

Forbearance and forbearance, until Seok Jin-soo went to the stairs, still looking around.

The writer can’t stand it anymore.

“Yah!! Are you going on yourself, or am I going to you?”

Knocking down the stairs?

Seok Jin-soo was so cold that he was scared and said: “Don’t stop, I will go on my own.”

When I first came here yesterday, because of Ji’s nonsense, everyone sat down the stairs.

Good guy, the stinging from the Anwei vertebrae is hard to eliminate until now.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t dare to go through it again, but he quickly stepped up and ran down the stairs.

I found out that the good guys, the people in the living room are quite a lot.

Not only Kim Tae-ho, but also Yoo Jae-seok and Kyrgyzstan.

In addition, there are two strange European and American men, and several people are talking about something.

Seeing Seok Jin-soo coming down, Yoo Jae-seok immediately shouted excitedly: “Yah!! maknae, come over and see who it is.”

Hearing his call, the two European and American men also looked over.

Only one glance, one of the men with obvious Latin bloodlines stood up violently and shouted excitedly.

“ohmygod, man, I finally found you. God, God bless.”

Although it is a man of Europe and the United States, but his character is very short, the visual inspection is only one meter and sixty. But the character is very outgoing and has the enthusiasm of the Caribbean.

Compared with him, another white man is much quieter.

“Hello, I am Mark Rosen.”

Seok Jin-soo, I can’t believe my eyes.

In front of these two people, he actually knows.

Nonsense, I just sang a famous song yesterday. The information provided by the voice is so perfect, can he forget it?

The man who first greeted him was obviously the original singer Bruno Mars of “uptownfunk”, known as Mars.

As for Mark Rosen, the producer of this song has been famous for a long time.

Kim Tae-ho, Yoo Jae-seok, etc. are so excited, also because of Mark Rosen.

After all, Bruno Mars was just signed by Atlantic Records, mainly at the stage of creating for others, far from the famous Mars brother.

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t think of it, how could these two people come to find their own.

Has “uptownfunk” been created?

The two people know that they sang, so come to find out for themselves?

The brain was messy, but he still said hello.

“Hello, I am Seok Jin-soo. Don’t know what it is to find me?”

Mark Rosen is quiet, but his companions are different.

Bruno Mars took the hand of Seok Jin-soo directly and said in a very exaggerated tone: “God, man, do you know? How hard I am to find you. Finally, the guy of God is still Eun-hye. Finally let me see you.”

After listening to Bruno Mars’s explanation, Seok Jin-soo understood the matter and was relieved.

It turned out that when he was performing on the radio station on Wall Street yesterday, Bruno Mars was just watching TV.

After hearing the singing of Seok Jin-soo, Bruno Mars was shocked and immediately conquered by this song.

There is only one idea in his heart, that is, he must turn this song into his own.

He heard that Seok Jin-soo said that the song was just an idea and the songs were not made.

The impulsive Bruno Mars quickly contacted the TV Station and hoped to get the information of Seok Jin-soo.

But Seok Jin-soo, they recorded the program is only temporary, TV Station only knows that they are Korean. As for who it is and where it lives, it is not clear.

Bruno Mars had no choice but to intercept the performance of Seok Jin-soo and ask the Koreans who knew it.

Fortunately, the popularity of Yoo Jae-seok was there, and finally he was able to find a channel for contact.

Bruno Mars first sent a fax to mbc to explain his intentions and got the contact information of the Infinite Challenge production team.

After talking with Kim Tae-ho, after learning about their address, this guy didn’t want to delay for a moment, and he got his friends and rushed over.

And all this is for the song.

Thank you for the dyeing of the flowers, the unparalleled emperor’s reward!

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