KEP Chapter 493

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 493 chapter cooperation, floating astronomy

Unexpectedly, Bruno Mars is actually a saying.

Seeing the Seok Jin-soo deity, the scorpion has not stopped.

“Hey, man, the song you sang is really great. I understand, you haven’t released yet? How, can you sell it to me?”

Seok Jin-soo is a little confused, not too straightforward for Americans.

But the other party’s meaning he still knows.

It must have been watching TV yesterday, and I just saw my performance on that small radio station. The result was attracted by my own singing.

Think about it too, this is the original singer of “uptownfunk”, especially sitting next to the original producer Mark Rosen.

Musicians are all in common, especially the music that belongs to them, and they can certainly awaken the factors in their bones.

However, Seok Jin-soo is a little hesitant to hear that the other party wants to buy a song.

After all, he knows the score of this song. If he sings by himself, then all the honors and interests will be obtained by himself.

“This… sorry, I need to consult my company.”

Seok Jin-soo did not immediately reject it, but instead exchanged a statement.

Specifically, he also said that he did not know.

It’s just instinctively felt that if you publish this song by yourself, it doesn’t seem so smooth.

For things that you don’t understand, of course, it is better to consult an experienced sunbae-nim.

He asked Bruno Mars to sit down, took the phone and left the living room, and called Yoon Jong-shin.

At this time, South Korea is already in the morning, the elderly are light, and Yoon Jong-shin has already gotten up.

“Well, Jin-soo, are you not in the US? Is everything going well?”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

“Everything is fine, brother, don’t worry. Right, what about 93line?”

This time I changed to Yoon Jong-shin Haha and laughed.

“Is it still worrying? The combination you planned, the songs you made. You don’t know what they are like now. So far, they have got three ones. I and leon, sm After discussing it for a while, I feel that it is almost the same, and I plan to let them end the activity next week.”

After hearing this good news, Seok Jin-soo was finally relieved.

Think about it too, the power of 93line and “Magic Girl”, if there is no gain, it is strange.

However, Yoon Jong-shin’s idea is also correct. After all, myMystic89 company has had too many moves recently, and people who are overwhelmed are overwhelmed.

Even if leon and sm help to share the pressure, it is not good to do things.

What’s more, after a month, t-ara will still have the last comeback of the pure trilogy. In general, to give others a way to live, it will not become a target of public criticism.

After learning about 93line, Seok Jin-soo informed Yoon Jong-shin about the situation here.

“Brother, I have two American musicians here, they want to buy my songs. But I want to distribute them myself. What do you think?”

The phone was quiet at the moment. After a while, Yoon Jong-shin asked with amazement: “Buy your song? English?”

Seok Jin-soo has already said that it is a musician in the United States. Then people don’t have to buy Korean songs, and they can’t sing.

“Well, yesterday I participated in the recording of a local program in the United States, and then performed an English song. That was my creation, but I haven’t made it yet. I didn’t expect it to be seen by local musicians. I like it very much. I am here, I want to buy it.”

I heard that American musicians like Seok Jin-soo’s work, and Yoon Jong-shin is really envious.

“Yah!! Is your kid going to the world?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and asked: “Brother, you haven’t told me yet. This song is very good. Can I release it myself?”

“Of course… no.”

Yoon Jong-shin was a big gasp and almost flashed the waist of Seok Jin-soo.


Yoon Jong-shin makes a lot of sense.

“Yah!! Kid, no matter how good your song is, I ask you, do you have distribution channels in Europe and America? Do you know publishers in Europe and America? Don’t you know? How do you promote and publicize, how do you distribute goods? And you There is no such popularity in Europe and America. If the work comes out, who will notice?”

Yoon Jong-shin raised several questions and completely dispelled the enthusiasm of Seok Jin-soo.

Because he knows that Yoon Jong-shin is telling the truth.

Just as he had just stepped onto the path of music producers, he was a man of nothing in the European and American music circles.

In such a situation, it is absolutely a joke to want to count on a good song.

“Kid, listen to me, since someone wants to buy, you will simply sell it. Not only can you get huge production fees, but you can also use others to make a name in Europe and America.”

Europe and the United States protect copyright more than South Korea, so here, big-name music producers are very powerful.

As long as Seok Jin-soo can use the song to help Bruno Mars, the number of people who come to the door to help him write songs will never be less.

Over time, after the establishment of the network of contacts and networks, he himself released the albums in Europe and the United States.

Seok Jin-soo is not a greedy person, so he has always been sensible. After listening to Yoon Jong-shin’s analysis, he knew that this is the best practice at the moment.

However, “uptownfunk” is originally the song of Bruno Mars, and now it is considered to be the original owner.

Going back to the living room, Seok Jin-soo made up his mind.

“Bruno, I am very glad that you can like my song. Although we are not very familiar, I think we may have a pleasant cooperation.”

Seeing that he reached out his hand, Bruno Mars and Mark Rosen finally got up.

With Seok Jin-soo, Bruno Mars is excited to dance.

“Man, I don’t know how to thank you. Thank you for recognizing me. You know, I am still a newcomer, I am eager to be famous as a woman.”

His witty words made everyone smile.

Since it was clear that both sides had the idea of ​​cooperation, Seok Jin-soo did not turn around and began to enter the theme.

“So Bruno, let’s talk about business. If you want to buy my song, what kind of price is it going to give?”

This is really an important business.

Bruno Mars and Mark Rosen worked together for a long time, and Bruno made a sincere face and said his own thoughts.

“Man, maybe you don’t know. Although I like this song very much, I don’t have much money. If I can, how about $500,000?”

Bruno Mars really liked this song. When I first heard it, I instinctively felt that this song would definitely be red.

He then recommended the song to Mark Rosen, the famous producer, who also had the same view that the song had the potential to burst red.

Then next, the problem has arisen.

Bruno Mars has no money.

At this time, he is not the later Mars brother, or a newcomer who has just signed a contract with the record company, and is still at the stage of writing songs to others.

So Bruno Mars turned over his home and was able to pay up to $500,000 in purchases.

Although there are already a lot of $500,000, it is worth 500 million if it is converted into Korean Won.

At the very least, Seok Jin-soo is now popular in South Korea, and making a song can’t reach this price.

But don’t forget, here is the United States, the market size of popular music is not comparable to that of South Korea. Moreover, the producers here are in a high position, and the cost is naturally rising.

500,000 US dollars, that is only the price of the primary producer.

However, Seok Jin-soo has already made a name for itself in Asia and has received great recognition. It is not a newcomer.

And this song is expected, as far as the cost of 500,000 US dollars is too small.

Because of this, Bruno Mars was very embarrassed and ashamed, and did not know how many times he had asked for God, hoping to witness the miracle.

It is a pity that the miracle did not appear and Seok Jin-soo was very calm.

“Bruno, I believe that you really like this song. But I have to say that the cost of 500,000 US dollars can’t show sincerity.”

This is what it should be, Bruno Mars also knows that his look is even more bleak.

“Hey, man, don’t you, give me some time, I will raise money. I only hope that you can leave this song, don’t sell it to others?”

He has made up his mind to make a desperate attempt to win this song.

Since your own money is not enough, then you can borrow it.

Don’t look at his own money, but he knows a lot of power in the circle, those who are rich.

Seok Jin-soo can wave his hand and stop his thoughts.

“Bruno, listen to me. I don’t have much time to stay in New York. Maybe I will go back in a few days. If that, running back and forth for a song is too much trouble for you.” I have to think of another way to be able to do both.”

Bruno Mars and Mark Rosen face each other, they really can’t think of it, there are two ways to make the best of both worlds.

Seok Jin-soo smiled and took out his own ideas.

“In this way, if you have $500,000, it can be counted as my production fee. I will help you make the song in the shortest time. As for the copyright fee I should get, it is not like this. After the song is released, Of which 10% belong to me.”

Seok Jin-soo is completely unseen in the production of millions of dollars.

Because compared with the income of this song, this production fee is nothing.

To know the sound information, I told him that this song has set an amazing record of total sales of 1258.8.

Ten percent of this sales, what will it be?

Seok Jin-soo can’t be calculated because his mathematics is limited.

However, he is very clear that once this agreement is reached, he will not even be able to work for ten years in the future.

I heard that Seok Jin-soo is 10% of the income, and Bruno Mars and Mark Rosen look serious.

The two got together and kept talking about it. I nodded for a while and shook my head for a while. Obviously, the conflict of opinion was very serious.

However, I saw the whole process of negotiation, and Yoo Jae-seok and others were amazed.

Taking advantage of the two foreigners negotiating, Yoo Jae-seok came over and carefully said: “Yah!! maknae, $500,000, isn’t it enough?”

I think that maknae can earn more than 500 million between a few words, and Yoo Jae-seok and others can be envied.

It is estimated that if they are replaced, they must have promised.

What they didn’t think of was that Seok Jin-soo was still not satisfied and asked for more.

In good deeds, Yoo Jae-seok was afraid that Seok Jin-soo would talk about the collapse, so he advised.

Seok Jin-soo smiled a little and gave Yoo Jae-seok a peaceful smile.

“Brother, you don’t know the value of this song. Don’t say that 500,000 dollars, that is, five million, I am not too willing.”

In the current negotiations, Seok Jin-soo is an absolute initiative, and can wait for the price.

Anyway, no one buys it doesn’t matter, he can keep it, and wait for the future to be right, and he can’t sing himself.

For him, there is no loss at all.

But he knows that Bruno Mars can’t wait.

Because he doesn’t know when he can have enough money to buy, and he doesn’t know if he will be bought by others.

More importantly, Bruno Mars is very eager to become famous, as mad as a desire.

Therefore, Seok Jin-soo knows that he will definitely agree to his own conditions.

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