KEP Chapter 495

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 495 chapter engages in things, floating astronomy

In the beginning, everyone could not see who was a spy.

This requires temptation to discover the falsehood of others through aggressive language.

Park Myeong-su: “There are four gagmans that are not publicly used, and are parachutes.”

Rely, it is not a publicly adopted gagman, not Seok Jin-soo, Jeong Jun-ha, Noh Hong-chul and Ji.

Seok Jin-soo immediately turned his back on his lips.

“Even if it is publicly adopted, it must be a person who has a lot of dissatisfaction with the playback component.”

Who is the most dissatisfied? Of course it is Park Myeong-su.

Yoo Jae-seok also has a view.

“A guy who rolls in like a stone but knows the future is not good.”

It was Gil, and no one thought that he would come in. After Haha returns next year, the guy who wants to go out again.

Jeong Jun-ha set the eyes of doubt on Yoo Jae-seok.

“People who need money before giving birth.”

Kyrgyzstan aimed at Noh Hong-chul.

“Friends with different hair color.”

The only yellow hair in the room is Noh Hong-chul, which is very eye-catching among everyone.

Noh Hong-chul feels that Seok Jin-soo is more dangerous.

“Young guys will not be so determined.”

Seok Jin-soo saw himself and immediately attacked Yoo Jae-seok.

“Suspicious gray dress.”

The seven people present, only Yoo Jae-seok, wearing a gray suit, everyone else is black.

Noh Hong-chul is also added.

“Everyone is a two-piece suit. Why wear a three-piece suit?”

But he forgot, he would not make the sound of “s”, which was immediately caught.

“Say threepieces, why do you say shreepiese?”

It’s impossible to see such a circle attacking without a head.

For the development of the plot, Yoo Jae-seok said: “From now on, we seven people must not fall behind. The man who took the yellow flowers under the Brooklyn Bridge, is the first clue. Let’s go together.”

Of course, I have to go together.

In order to find out who is a spy, you must not miss this clue.

As said, the seven people held their arms together, and it really seemed that they could not be separated.

In the gloomy and inexplicable atmosphere, the New York gang started.

Seven people walked on Brooklyn Avenue, suspicion, and supervised each other, heading for a common goal.

The location of the recording was originally under the Brooklyn Bridge, so just a few minutes walk, everyone saw a man sitting in a chair with yellow flowers in his hand.

After the meeting, the man took out an object and Jeong Jun-ha immediately took it.

It is estimated that this is a clue.

Open it and see it, it is full of English.

“In the nightclub camel where 28w and 33thst are located, there is a clue about spy identity in the kitchen fridge.”

It turns out that this connector person is just a clue.

“Only where the clue is.”

As long as you find this clue, the identity of the spy will be exposed. For a time, some of the seven guys had an eager look.

“I really want to go soon.”

When I heard Jeong Hyeong-don, Noh Hong-chul immediately grabbed it.

“Brother, don’t be too anxious, do you have any other purpose?”

Jeong Hyeong-don also knew that his performance was suspicious, and quickly sat down on the chair and pretended to be laid-back.

“I am looking at the Hudson River here.”

Noh Hong-chul did not let him go.

“Want to call?”

In order to prevent identity from being exposed, the spy must take care of everyone and inform the accomplices to destroy the clue before everyone arrives.

So at this moment, the spy is definitely the most anxious.

Did not say, I learned that the clues, there is no reason not to go.

Noh Hong-chul is very talkative.

“Brother, I will tell you. I know who it is now.”

Seok Jin-soo, this helpless, immediately yelled at him.

“What do you know? Who is the most talked about now, who is the most like? If you don’t want to be suspected, just shut up.”

Noh Hong-chul was surprised.

“Oh, maknae, why don’t you let me say it? Are you guilty?”

Seok Jin-soo is too lazy to care for him.

“Then let’s talk. Now say, you must designate a person. If you don’t say it, then you are the most suspicious.”

Yeah, you are still coming, right?

Seok Jin-soo’s temper is also coming up, and Noh Hong-chul, now you can’t say no.

Noh Hong-chul did not think that Seok Jin-soo was so tough.

When I was shocked, I quickly said, “Why are you so fierce? Why are you so tight?”

Seok Jin-soo sees everything.

“Look, what am I talking about? This guy is the most suspicious. He just wants to mess up the situation and then fish in the water. I really want him to say that he can’t say anything.”

Noh Hong-chul was a little confused and tried hard to defend.

“No, no, I really know.”

Yoo Jae-seok also saw him.

“Let’s talk big.”

Noh Hong-chul also wanted to regain the disadvantage, and the result was given to Ko in a sentence by Park Myeong-su.

“But your head is really big.”

New York’s embarrassment is also awkward, Noh Hong-chul quickly lowered his head and tried to cover up his shortcomings.

Everyone set out to find new clues and tried to test each other along the way. Games in all languages ​​are endless, and people are trapped everywhere.

Here, you must be careful. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you will reveal your identity.

When everyone walked down the street, Kim Tae-ho suddenly reminded me.

“We are now in the movie.”

As soon as everyone looked back, they noticed that the Brooklyn Bridge had passed through the middle of the two tall buildings. The street in front of you is the scene of the famous “American Past”.

Seven people are lined up like this, and go straight along this road. Behind them is the famous scene of the movie.

But I don’t know, seven people are also creating famous scenes.

Later, this scene became one of the favorite pictures of fans of Infinite Challenge.

You need to take a bus before going to the next place. But seven people could not be evenly distributed, so everyone decided to send one away here.

Yoo Jae-seok: “Who do you think is who, let’s talk about it.”

The first is Jeong Hyeong-don.

“I think it’s too much to say, laughing.”

That was Noh Hong-chul. From the beginning, this guy was very active.

The problem is that this is a spy game. It’s really hard not to be suspicious of people who talk too much.

Noh Hong-chul felt the crisis and deliberately said the names of others.

“Is it Yoo Jae-seok?”

This rude technique made everyone laugh.

Noh Hong-chul is not without reason.

“Yoo Jae-seok is more stuttering than other times, instinctively licking his lips.”

He said that other people are a little awake.

“Yes, really, this kind of behavior doesn’t happen very much.”

“Jae-seok hyeong is not like this.”

When it was his turn to Park Myeong-su, he was always outside the subject and blindly nodded to Jeong Jun-ha.

“He, he, he.”

Jeong Jun-ha This is depressed.

“Don’t always think that it’s just someone you hate.”

Park Myeong-su I don’t know why, just 怼Jeong Jun-ha.

“The acting is also very raw, it seems unnecessary.”

Jeong Jun-ha defended himself.

“I don’t have any acting people here.”

Everyone involved in Jeong Jun-ha, Seok Jin-soo has always been quiet and doesn’t talk, just like he didn’t hear.

It’s still awkward to see Jeong Jun-ha now, don’t want to get close.

But others have not let him go.

Kyrgyzstan is holding on.

“maknae, why don’t you talk? You are not a quiet person, you are so suspicious.”

This has successfully shifted everyone’s attention.

“Yah!! maknae is not a quiet person. You are as treacherous as Noh Hong-chul, why is it so quiet?”

Faced with the suspicion of Jeong Hyeong-don, Seok Jin-soo was retired and eventually had to open his mouth.

“What is not necessary, what are you talking about?”

What is “unnecessary thing”, everyone will look back at the lawsuit of Jeong Jun-ha, all understand.

It turns out that the two people’s embarrassment will not be resolved for a while.

Park Myeong-su’s face flashed a gloom and began to smash Jeong Jun-ha.

“Have you seen a stupid fool like a fool?”

This time it was Jeong Hyeong-don who helped Jeong Jun-ha get around.

He pointed to Park Myeong-su and started the attack.

“Old, drooling, and running nose. The spies are so wiped.”

Park Myeong-su didn’t get the money back.

Jeong Jun-ha finally got rid of the crisis.

“So, I am not a spy, can’t eliminate me.”

Park Myeong-su asked with dizziness: “Can’t you eliminate the gang member?”

Jeong Jun-ha immediately roared.

“Look, he still doesn’t understand the rules.”

But Seok Jin-soo doesn’t look at it like this, like an eagle’s eyes staring at Park Myeong-su.

“Myeong-su brother, why do you want to eliminate the gang member? The person who wants to do this is only a spy.”

Maknae does not say, everyone has not noticed. At this point, it’s really like that.

The only way for a spy to save himself is to eliminate the gang member.

Park Myeong-su wants to do this. Do you understand the rules or disguise it?

Yoo Jae-seok also had to suspect Park Myeong-su.

“Unexpectedly, the acting of Yoo-chun is also possible.”

“It is estimated that it is acting.”

Look around, everyone is skeptical, Park Myeong-su is even more nervous.

He really didn’t think that he would dig a hole for himself and he would not be buried here.

For a time, the old man quickly explained it.

“I know to eliminate the spy, why should I get rid of the gang?”

After hearing this sentence, everyone finally got an idea.

This, I really don’t understand the rules.

Yoo Jae-seok is helpless, and ridicules the same distressed production staff outside the camera.

“Hey, what can you do if you can’t understand it now?”

What can I do?

Cold salad.

Anyway, Kim Tae-ho squinted his forehead in pain, wondering why, faintly felt the charm of the zombie special.

No, you can’t be like a zombie special.

Because of that, he was smashed by the Secretary for three months.

If you come to Park Myeong-su again in distant New York, I am afraid that I am in danger.

For a time, Kim Tae-ho, who felt dangerous, quickly rushed to Seok Jin-soo, hoping that he could save the atmosphere.

In any case, this special feature can’t be finished so soon.

After receiving the look of Kim Tae-ho, Seok Jin-soo smiled and smiled.

But there is no way, big and big, the production team is the biggest.

In order to carry out the intention of the production team, he must do something.

Thank you for the reward of the Korean entertainment ashes, you really came to hang!

Thank you, Christian Rosen Kloz, the unparalleled emperor, and it is the reward for you and me!

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