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KEP Chapter 502

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 502 chapter damn Korean, floating astronomy

In the impression of many Westerners, the Orientals are unassuming and timid.

Just scare you and just give in.

However, what Bruno Mars and others could not think of was that Seok Jin-soo was so arrogant.

In the face of Townsend’s doubts, he directly made a bet.

Although Westerners are more open, there is nothing to play with. But as long as he is a normal person, no one likes to be assaulted by a man with a dart.

Especially when it is tied by a man, there is no such thing as a minimum of fun.

The rest, only a strong humiliation.

So when Seok Jin-soo uttered a bet and stared at Townsend with a gaze, the guy couldn’t help but be timid.

First, the eyes flashed, and then coughed, I dare not accept.

“Hey, will I have a general knowledge of madmen?”

Anyone heard it, this guy is afraid.

Seok Jin-soo stretched over and hugged his neck, and he held his head on his head.

“Give me the memory, don’t be crazy when you don’t know anything. Otherwise, there is no annyeonghaseyo fruit to eat.”

Townsend had a cold sweat on his forehead, but this time he did not dare to return. Instead of silently doing his job, there will be no more doubts.

Separating Townsend, Seok Jin-soo finally established authority.

Seeing Bruno Mars and others all here, he took a deep breath and shouted: “Ok, now, let’s arrange the music. Remember, be sure to do what I said.”

After Mark Rosen turned on the recording device, Seok Jin-soo took a keyboard and put the microphone on his lips.

After a little recall, I started recording.

As soon as he came up, he did not move the instrument. Instead, he put both hands on his mouth and used the cavity in his mouth to make two sounds.

“Bruno, drumming, slow eight beats, help me make two subsections.”

Bruno is also a master, grabbed the instrument, and did it according to the words.

This is the guide for the beginning of uptownfunk.

Seok Jin-soo found the drum sound given by Bruno Mars in the computer and merged with his own mouth, then the beginning part was completed.

Seeing him three or two will have an effect, a group of people shocked as heaven.

At the same time, I understand why he would say that it took only half a day to get the arranger.

Nima does not need to debug and correct, all the way to unimpeded, and of course it is fast.

Next, according to Seok Jin-soo’s instructions, others began to add a variety of sound effects, laying the foundation for the entire song.

Then the importance of Townsend is reflected, he will use the machine to synthesize the various instrument sounds needed according to the instructions of Seok Jin-soo.

In some parts, the sound of computer synthesis is not realistic enough, and Seok Jin-soo plays the instrument himself.

For four consecutive hours of busy, Seok Jin-soo didn’t even drink a sip of water, and turned the other people’s support.

And in the course of his work, he also thoroughly let Bruno Mars and others see his horror.

“Damn Bob, are you making drums with your ass? The rhythm is too fast, then slow down two more shots.”

Bob is holding a black cloud and improving the wrong place.

“Mark, this keyboard should be accented and use your strength.”

Mark Rosen couldn’t help but grin, and found that the Oriental was also very rude. But the hand is not slow, and quickly follow the instructions of Seok Jin-soo.

A song, heard by ordinary people, more than three minutes, soon passed.

And what they can feel is that this song is not awkward, so listen to it. But on the producer side, it is a very complicated project.

Rao is a complete song in Seok Jin-soo’s mind. It really needs to be completely restored, and there are still some omissions.

First make the basics, listen to it, record the wrong place, and then add.

Then listen to the second time, find out the place that does not match the original version, and then modify it.

During this time, he also had to endure the harassment of others.

How do damn Americans be so good at expressing their opinions?

Bruno Mars said that he would use this instrument for a while, and Mark Rosen said that it would be better to speed up the rhythm.

It’s hard to settle the two. Bob said that the synthesized sound is a bit thin, is there any effect?

Even if Thomson, who had been taught by him, had enough reggae, he needed to clarify the style of the song.

Fortunately, Seok Jin-soo is composing the original version, knowing what to do is the best, not at all.

If this is a normal arrangement, it is only for a period of ten days and a half that these people discuss and argue.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, after more than five hours of unremitting work, the preliminary arrangement was finally completed.

Seok Jin-soo put it on the computer and sang it with the song.

Bruno Mars and Mark Rosen listened to their ears and their eyes lit up.

That’s right, this is the song they heard on TV that day. Only there was no accompaniment at the time, but now there is.

After having the accompaniment, listening to the song, the atmosphere is different.

Bruno Mars can already think of it, if the song is ringing at a party or nightclub, it will definitely make people more enjoyable.

However, this is only a basic arrangement. If you want to become a real full version, you need to be careful.

After a short break, five people were in the rudimentary studio and called the takeaway.

Damn pizza and burgers, there is no nutrition at all. However, Seok Jin-soo is tense and naturally unsuccessful.

After eating and not giving everyone a break, Seok Jin-soo patted the slap and shouted: “Okay, guys, start work.”

I heard that I have to work after eating, everyone is crazy.

Mark Rosen, the original British gentleman, opened up.

“Damn Korean, are you doing it with your machine? Don’t you know what to rest?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and didn’t let him go.

“Mark, you know? I have been in New York for four days. In these four days, I have only slept for seven hours. You look at my state and can still live, why can’t you?”

I heard that he slept for seven hours in four days, and everyone picked up his hair.

“Oh, damn it, after this time, I will never cooperate with the Koreans again. My Martell, my beauty, are all wasted because of this damn work.”

Bob sighed while beating the keyboard.

He is a person who likes to enjoy, a typical person who is drunk.

He will come to work just to make money and continue to enjoy it. The result is now being held by Seok Jin-soo, who must work hard and hard, which is inconsistent with his outlook on life.

But no way, the money he made last time has been squandered. So at this time I had to be forced by Seok Jin-soo and I sat down again.

Then there was another three hours of busyness, and it was already dark outside, and the overall arrangement was finally completed.

For eight consecutive hours of work, Rao is the most enthusiastic Bruno Mars can not stand, the first jumped up.

“Hey, guys, we are finally finished. I propose that in order to celebrate this hard-won success, let’s go to habutt y how? I will be a few models, I will be very happy.”

I heard that there are play, there are beautiful models, others are naturally excited, and they are clamoring to start.

Only Seok Jin-soo was unmoved, holding his shoulders and watching them screaming.

Finally, he is a big living person, and everyone can’t ignore him.

When I saw him look calm, everyone instinctively felt bad.

“Hey, stone, not all done. We admit, you are a genius. It took only eight hours to make an arrangement. Now it’s time to rest, let’s have fun?”

Bob looked around and estimated that he was looking for weapons for pickpockets.

“Damn Korean, I told you that if you still want to force us to work, I don’t mind taking the crime of attacking international friends.”

Hey, how terrible is it that the honest man is in a hurry.

Seok Jin-soo He smiled and spread his hands, just looking at Bruno Mars.

“Of course everyone’s work is done. If you want to go back to rest, it’s natural. I am still very tolerant and will not crush everyone like a capitalist.”

Hearing that he was very submissive to the public, everyone finally got a good look.

Unfortunately, the good times are not long, Seok Jin-soo refers to Bruno Mars.

“But other people can rest, Bruno, but you can’t. Don’t you want to learn the dance of this song? You know, the people who perform at the time are you.”

“Ah? Still learning to dance?”

Bruno Mars was a bit dumbfounded and didn’t expect his work to be there.

Others have heard that he is alone, and he immediately wakes up and knows how to make a choice.

“Hey, Bruno, we all know that you are a diligent guy. Come on, we are optimistic about you.”

Hey, Mark Rosen said how good it is. Just the pace of your fast move outside, is it something that has been sold out?

“Bruno, I want to see you tomorrow, you will be surprised by the dance. Yes, I am sure.”

Bob did not make much more, the bottom of the smoke, people are already outside the door.

Townsend also caught up with his fascination, and left the voice in the air.

“Bruno, you will definitely become great, come on!”

Seeing these guys run fast one by one, leaving only one person to suffer, Mars brother is going crazy.

“Oh, damn, all have no loyalty.”

Looking back, looking at Seok Jin-soo, who looks like a smile, Mars brother obviously does not want to continue to abuse himself.

“Hey, stone, I have Latin blood. Dance is my talent, should it be better than annyeonghaseyo?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his fingers and didn’t listen to his persuasion.

“Bruno, I admit that your dance is definitely better than me. But this song, I know how to jump is the best.”

Mars brother’s shoulders, knowing that he said nothing.

People are producers, and the whole song is in the heart. Of course, it is clear that such a song is best matched with what kind of dance.

And have to say that Bruno Mars also admire Seok Jin-soo’s dedication.

Obviously very tired, and only a music producer, actually worried about his dance problems.

He is equal to the production fee of 500,000 US dollars, but he has received a double gift of music and dance.

Bruno Mars, who has a heart and a longing for fame, no longer complains.

In the quiet studio, Seok Jin-soo asked him to set up his camera, then followed the music and danced the original dance.

Although he does not have any dance foundation, it does not look good. But Bruno Mars is an expert and knows what is going on at first glance.

Excitingly yelling and screaming, while imitating the movement of Seok Jin-soo, but jumping more charm.

Damn Latin, dancing is a gift from God.

Anyway, Seok Jin-soo is a hot eye, but can’t learn it at all.

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