KEP Chapter 504

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the new 504 chapter, floating astronomy

The arrival of Eminem completely detonated the restaurant.

Who can think of a promotion of Korean food, can actually attract the top international stars?

Of course, Eminem did not come from the competition, but was brought by his friend Bruno Marsla.

In any case, Eminem’s arrival is due to the face of Seok Jin-soo.

Of course, Bruno Mars and Eminem chose the group a package where Seok Jin-soo is located.

Yoo Jae-seok and others were full of red light, and immediately began to make intense production.

As for the group B of Park Myeong-su and others, it is like a death test, and sighs.

I couldn’t see the opportunity to make a food for Eminem. Noh Hong-chul and Kyrgyzstan ran over and asked to take a photo with the rapper.

Seok Jin-soo After their group finished their cooking, they didn’t use the waiter. The four people personally brought dishes to Bruno Mars and also got a chance to take a photo with Eminem.

With the arrival of such a celebrity, this Korean food cooking competition is not white.

Unfortunately, Seok Jin-soo did not have much time to communicate with Eminem.

But looking at it, Eminem is very appreciative of him, perhaps because of the “uptownfunk”.

In short, the two exchanged their mailboxes and phone numbers. In the future, there will be more channels for contact. Maybe there will be opportunities for cooperation.

In the final cooking competition, the Yoo Jae-seok group took the risk of Seung-ri.

The Park Myeong-su group, despite losing a lot, had to accept this reality and came to the Central Park in New York.

Before and after, I came to New York for a week, and all the shooting plans were finally completed.

In this week, everyone is almost desperately at work. There are only two hours of sleep every day. If you don’t eat well, you can’t sleep well, and your spirit is extremely tired.

So as soon as the filming was completed, everyone didn’t want to delay and quickly set foot on the return back to motherland flight.

Never once, like this time, it’s like an arrow.

It was still a four-hour long journey. When I arrived at Incheon Airport, I smelled the familiar smell and everyone felt that I was alive.

“Everyone, we finally… rely on!”

Seok Jin-soo is full of emotions, and I was going to say something.

The result turned back, good guy, no one, and even vj did not leave him.

A week in New York, everyone has already had enough. What you have to do now is to go home quickly and feel the warmth of your home.

Who cares to listen to him?

Look at the empty surroundings, Seok Jin-soo is helpless. Quickly packed up and quickly set foot on the journey home.

But the place he is most anxious to go is not Yeouido, but Sangam-dong.

Before going there, it has already entered the finishing stage of the renovation. I don’t know how many weeks have passed, how is it here?

Soon after I came to Sangam-dong and stood on my own land, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but be a bit dumbfounded.

This… is this your new home?

This is too beautiful, right?

Although I can’t see the inside inside through the wall.

Even the wall is clearly designed.

The wall of the Bluestone base is long and stretched out. Inside is the phoenix tree that is occasionally probed out.

At this time, it was the early winter, and the phoenix withered, but still can’t see anything. If you wait until the summer, when you are flourishing, it will definitely be here.

Che Yongjian is already waiting for him.

β€œHaha, Mr. Shi, have to say, you said the most irresponsible master I have ever seen.”

Seok Jin-soo is also embarrassed to scratch his head.

“Oh, I can’t do anything. I’ve been busy, there is no time to stop.”

His biggest concern is his new home.

“How, the car room is long, is it renovated here?”

Che Yongjian nodded and could see that he was also very proud of his masterpiece.

“It’s all done, you can stay in a week.”

Newly renovated homes must be vacant for a period of time, ventilated and smell. Otherwise, the formaldehyde in the paint is likely to be poisoned.

But after waiting for three months, Seok Jin-soo naturally doesn’t care for a week.

“That, can I go in and see now?”

He is the master, of course.

Then he was led by Che Yongjian and walked into the yard where he thought about it.

As soon as you enter the door, the first thing that comes to your attention is the beautiful and magnificent villa.

The three-story building is located in the corner of the yard, with an open flat in front. The two sides are black soil, sandwiched by a cement-built path.

β€œThis road can go directly to the front door or directly to the garage. When the land on both sides waits until spring, our company will send someone to plant the lawn for you.”

Che Yongjian provides a full set of services, not that the renovation is over.

Mi-rae will provide Seok Jin-soo with lawn planting and maintenance for three years, as well as pool maintenance.

After all, Seok Jin-soo has spent a lot of money and should enjoy the vip service.

Because it is winter, there is really nothing in the outdoor.

Seok Jin-soo can’t wait to walk inside the house.

According to the instructions of Che Yongjian, after entering the password, the two went smoothly indoors.

As soon as you walked into it, the warm air waves rushed to the surface and completely isolated the cold outside.

Entering the eye is a wide and beautiful living room.

The space in the entire living room is very large, so many decorations can be arranged.

In the principle of warmth and comfort, the colors here are mainly beige, with red solid wood flooring, warm and elegant without losing weight.

The sofa is also a beige suit, enough for ten people to sit and chat.

Facing the sofa wall, the 52-inch LCD TV allows you to enjoy the best visual effects.

Next to the sofa is a wooden shelf filled with a variety of exquisite porcelain vases. Although not an antique, it also adds a bit of elegance.

There are various oil paintings hanging on the surrounding walls. Although they don’t understand, they are very beautiful, obviously used to force the weapon.

Seok Jin-soo looked up and saw that the design of the roof was gorgeous.

The color that blends with the whole is not mentioned, and the grid is subtly designed. A glimpse of Krystal chandeliers was opened by the car, and the entire living room was shining, and the brilliance was brilliant, like a star.

After reading the entire living room, it basically satisfies the three conditions of comfort, practicality and exquisiteness. It is the living environment that Seok Jin-soo could not think of before.

At least in his opinion, his new home is more decorative than Kim Tae-hee’s residence.

As for what is lacking, he can’t say it.

When Seok Jin-soo visited the living room, Che Yongjian led him to another place.

“Mr. Shi, you see, this wall is actually mobile and plays a role in protecting privacy. When it opens, the pool is revealed.”

After the sound of slaps, Seok Jin-soo finally saw the true face of the pool.

The square of about forty square meters, although not very large, is enough. Moreover, Che Yongjian uses the space of the pool very well.

Around, loungers, parasols, wave makers, showers, and refrigerators are all available.

There is also a small bar here, where you can make a leisurely meal.

Seok Jin-soo has been imaginable, how comfortable it will be to stay here during leisure time.

And the design of the pool is completely in accordance with the idea of ​​Seok Jin-soo, which has been completely closed in this cold season.

However, the structure of color steel and glass can enjoy the sun in winter. When night falls, the stars of the sky add romance.

Thanks to the full closure and heating measures, even in this season, you can enjoy swimming here.

Next to the pool is the gym.

Because of the functionality, the decoration here is relatively simple. Try to make room for yourself, so I have a lot of fitness equipment.

Treadmills, spinning bikes, elliptical machines, inverted machines, supine boards, abdominal wheels, multi-function horizontal bars, yoga mats are all available.

Seok Jin-soo noticed that you can even do Pilates here.

This made him very satisfied and knew that it would be much more convenient to want to exercise in the future. After all, his busy schedule, always rushing to the gym is not realistic.

Next is the garage.

Because of enough space, there are enough three cars to stop here. And various maintenance equipment and simple maintenance equipment, Che Yongjian has helped.

“This is a gift from our company and I hope I can’t use it.”

Car maintenance and repair has always been a heavy job, so Che Yongjian will say so.

Leave the first floor and come to the second floor.

This is mainly the bedroom area.

β€œThis is the master bedroom, the place to rest. Look, are you satisfied?”

Seok Jin-soo walked into the master bedroom and was unable to move at once.

The color of the master bedroom is similar to that of the living room, but it is more dark gold. This way, under the soft light, it can make people feel smooth and enjoy the quality of sleep.

As for the most important bed, Che Yongjian has carefully used solid wood panels.

The planks are large and thick, two and a half meters long, three meters wide, and about twenty centimeters thick.

The top of the board is a soft mattress with a thickness of more than 30 cm. This clever combination is similar to the average bed height.

The main thing is that the width of the mattress is about one person narrower than the board below.

“If you feel that the bed is narrow in the future, just replace the mattress above.”

Seok Jin-soo can’t help but say that this is not enough?

A two-meter-wide mattress, sleeping for three people is more than enough. If you use the boards below, you can even sleep five people.

“Enough is enough, I am sleeping alone. This is already very big.”

Che Yongjian smiled.

“We mainly consider the situation in which you may get married in the future. As a husband and wife, it is enough to use.”

Seok Jin-soo exclaimed: “Don’t talk about husband and wife, three couples seem to be fine.”

This bedroom does not have floor-to-ceiling windows, because a set of sofas is placed in front of the window.

This set of sofas is more like a small bed, and there are several drawers underneath that can store a variety of things.

In the rainy weather, people can lie lazily on the top, staring out the window, especially the atmosphere.

Inside the master bedroom there is a small door with a separate toilet inside. You can finish your washing and rest here without leaving the door.

Originally Seok Jin-soo thought it was so luxurious in the master bedroom, and the result was dumbfounded after seeing the side bedroom next to it.

“No, is it necessary to get it so well?”

The space pattern of the deputy bedroom is similar to that of the master bedroom, but the color is mainly light gray and milky white, which is very elegant.

The bed is a regular double bed with a comfortable carpet below.

The same light-colored wooden floor, quietly on the top, feels comfortable on the feet.

In addition, this bedroom also has a separate bathroom, almost no difference from the master bedroom.

Even more so than the master bedroom, it is even more graceful.

Che Yongjian scratched his head and said: “This is what Mr. Lee Dae-gyu asked for. He said that some people will live here and cannot be slowed down.”

Seok Jin-soo is crying.

“Who wants to live in? Why don’t I know? This is all my money. Damn Lee Dae-gyu, you don’t feel bad.”

Thank you for the madness or wind!

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